Top 5 Reasons Why DMX Should Stay Incarcerated

This top 5 list of reasons why DMX should stay incarcerated by Star & Buc Wild is so funny, it even brings a smile to Earl Simmons’ face! Take a listen to this top 5 below, and tune in to Star & Buc weekdays from 6-10 am on 100.3 The Beat!

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4 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons Why DMX Should Stay Incarcerated

  1. this is garbage….why would you wanna keep a black man incarcerated, we got enough in the pen already. DMX aint a threat to society….let the dude breathe and if he down offer him some help….

  2. you fools so stupid you like saying your ass in trouble. smell your ass later lmao if you turn and look in the mirror and the mirror would turn and loo back at you what would it say to you. get your act to together

  3. i call this bull shit and stack injustice, this is depriving of human right holy …………
    when did DMX become a suicide bomber, or Bin Ladin that he is now a threat to the society,keeping him incarcerated will do him no good he needs help stretch your hand to him.

  4. Let him out let him make some money and get his life together, there are worst out in the street walking around,help the brother,he can act give the brother a chance, RP. PITTSBURGH

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