DJ Mister Cee’s Hot 97 Coworkers Come To His Defense

The news about the legendary DJ Mister Cee being arrested while engaging in oral sex with a male in public has shocked many to the point of disbelief, and this is the case of some of his Hot 97 coworkers. Night show host Funkmaster Flex’s blog refers to the report as a “rumor” that is “not true.” Take a look at what else is said about the news on Flex’s blog here.

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Entertainment reporter and blogger Miss Info didn’t completely deny the validity of the DJ Mister Cee rumors. Here’s what she said via Twitter: “I don’t kno bout any rumors. Wht I do kno is I respect Mr.Cee n am honored 2 b his coworker. So any crazy talk, take elsewhere.”
While it’s honorable to see Calvin “Mister Cee” Lebrun’s Hot 97 family defend him, it hard to dismiss the official paperwork from the state of New York below…

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