Charlemagne & The Breakfast Club Discuss Homosexuality In The Black Community

dj mister ceeDJ Mister Cee was arrested on Wednesday for “lewd Conduct” with a male. While some are concerned with the inappropriateness of a 44-year old man getting “fellatio” in a car, others find trouble with the fact that Mister Cee committed this mild crime with a man; a 20 year old man to be exact! The Hip Hop community is generally homophobic. We see gays ostracized everyday in music, TV and by artists on the “down low.” The Breakfast Club discuss the topic on their popular morning radio show.

“The Industry is controlled by the gays”

Dj Mister Cee mugshot

Is Charlemagne Gay? [Funny Video]

Drake Calls Charlemagne A Nerd & Loser For Calling Him Gay (Whines Like A Baby)

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