Melanie Fiona’s Reaction To The Mister Cee Sex Scandal

Melanie Fiona has been busy traveling the country with Marsha Ambrosius for the BET Music Matters Tour, so she wasn’t on top of the latest gossip. But 100.3 The Beat’s Kendra G quickly got her up to speed when she told her about Hot 97’s DJ Mister Cee getting caught receiving oral sex from a man.

Take a look at this video to see Melanie Fiona’s reaction, and find out if she thinks this act makes a man homosexual.

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2 thoughts on “Melanie Fiona’s Reaction To The Mister Cee Sex Scandal

  1. This the problem I have with NIGGA’S, they say he was “ALLEGEDLY” charged with having sex with a man. Is the shit true or not because if it’s not then why are you even speakin on the matter? Now if it is true then just put it out there the way it’s supposed to be and stop all the “Bullshit gossip”!

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