Top 5 Reasons Why Donald Trump Doesn’t Like President Obama

Some have chalked up Donald Trump’s seemingly endless attacks on President Barack Obama as pure hate, while others believe it’s just Trump’s love of the media that’s making him do it. But Star & Buc Wild have the top 5 reasons why Trump doesn’t like President Obama. Here they are!

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons Why Donald Trump Doesn’t Like President Obama

  1. I am certain that President Obama is spending many sleepness nights, because this blowfish doesn’t like him. I think the real reason is simply because Mr. Obama is better looking, smarter, president, can formulate sentences, and most of all capable of ignoring his ass.

  2. Trump is helping Obama by getting people off of the real issues like JOBS and GAS. They are purposely destroying our country to make us more like Europe. There are no republicans left. They are all DEMOCRATS trying to enslave us. Remember, WHITE people elected this half cracker illegal alien because of white guilt. Instead they chose a MARXIST that is going to ruin it for any legitimate black that rises in the ranks. Boy, all of you thought that blacks elected this fraud. Hah! You think your wallet is hurting now, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Watch as Pharoah Barack taxes the POOR into slavery. The rich just pass it down to us, including the oil company. Suckas, you have been played.

    The Republic of Black Tea…

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