Is Philly Hip-Hop’s Sixth Borough?

Philadelphia has a rich hip-hop history, and this musical legacy has led to respect from hip-hop circles in other cities. Because of Philly’s proximity to New York and it’s impact on hip-hop in its early years, some have referred to our city as the sixth borough of NYC. But is this a compliment or disrespect? Take a look at this clip of 100.3 The Beat’s panel featuring various figures from Philly’s hip-hop community to find out what they had to say.

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3 thoughts on “Is Philly Hip-Hop’s Sixth Borough?

  1. I Truly Think Philly Is Philly And NYC Is NYC They Our East Coast Brother You Can Say Vice Versa Cause At The End Of The Day It’s East Coast Music Buve.t Philly Rappers Are Different From NYC Rappers From Flow’s And All Of That. But I’m From Brooklyn And I Have Family Out In Philly So It’s Nothing But Love For Philly.

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