The Yamean Report (5:30p Edition)

Floyd Mayweather does not have to report to jail until June 1st. His lawyer asked the judge to postpone his sentencing so he could train and fight on May 5th. Apparently Floyd brings in THAT much money to Las Vegas. The lawyer estimated that Mayweather’s last seven fights in Las Vegas generated $1 billion in business to the community. He projected the economic boost from a May 5 fight at more than $100 million. It is still a secret as to WHO Mayweather will be fighting on May 5th. Story from and

Yesterday I told you about BMF Wives the reality show. Well Big Meech mom has released a statement via Twitter (of course) I don’t know what is more concerning. The fact that Big Meech mom is releasing a statement via Twitter or is it that her Twitter name is RealBigMeechMom. Story from

At some point, rappers simply have too much money!!! Lil Wayne is tired of making it rain in the club so he decided he would prefer to pay $1,000 to watch strippers…*wait for it* FIGHT!!!  Sources say that Lil Wayne spent $30,000 in 3 hours at King of Diamonds watching the strippers fight. Dang Wayne…can I get $20.00? I know you find this story hard to believe so you can see for yourself.

Nick Cannon tweeted

I don’t know about ya’ll but the last time I had surgery the LAST thing I was thinking about was sending a tweet! BUT I am very happy that Nick is doing well!

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