Are These The Leaders Of The New School?

My, How things have changed. I remember looking at an interview of Jerry Rice talking about the NFL Pro Bowl and what it meant to him. He talked about how when he showed up he worked the hardest of any athlete on the field to make them aware of what it would take to be able to compete with him. Even though you may think he was putting on a display on how to be a professional, he was letting the younger guys know that they really couldn’t mess with him. It was never a friendly gesture, but more of a way of him marking his territory and making sure you knew he was the G.O.A.T

Turn to the 2012 Pro Bowl and the effort shown by the players sucked. Scoring points doesn’t matter. Challenging the man in front of you is what the game is about. I know it’s hard for the players to get excited about a meaningless game, but you’re a professional athlete and lack of effort is never acceptable.

The NFL just signed a TV deal that will pay the NFL and its players upwards of 6 Billion dollars a year. Let me help make that a little more clear for you; 6,000,000,000. It amazes me that the NFL focuses so much on how it’s product is presented that it could continue to let a game featuring its best players look worse than a preseason game.

How do you feel about our very own LeSean Mccoy jogging to the line when they gave him the ball on the NFC’s first offensive possession?

Where does the Pro Bowl rank in professional sports All Star games. Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Football?

words by: @Philly_Ron

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