10 Ways To Find Out If You’re The Side Chick

Valentine’s Day is just a week away and there are ladies everywhere unaware of their status as the side chick. Unfortunately, whether you know or not, the day before Valentine’s Day is side chick appreciation day. Here are 10 ways to find out if you’re the side chick.

Receiving Gifts The Day Before or The Day After a Holiday

Since Side Chick appreciation day is the day before Valentine’s Day, if your “significant other” brings your chocolates, flowers, jewelry, or anything Valentine’s Day related on the 13th, you’re the side chick. Matter of fact, if any holiday celebrated with him is the day before or after the actual holiday, you’re a side chick most definitely.

You’ve Never Seen Where He Lives

If you’ve been dating someone exclusively for at least three to sixth months and you’ve never seen their place of residence, you just might be a side chick.

He Never Answers Phone Calls or Text Messages

You’re out with him and he never answers the phone in your presence? Like ever? What calls are that secretive or “unimportant” you can’t have a short conversation? That’s a bit off.

You’ve Never Met His Friends or Family

Meeting the family can be a major step for people who are dating or in exclusive relationships. But if he’s never introduced you to any family or friends whatsoever, you just might be the side chick.

He’s Hesitant About Introducing You or Doesn’t At All

If it just so happens he does run into a friend or family member and he doesn’t mention you while you’re in plain sight, you might be a side chick. If he hesitates and seems like he doesn’t want to introduce you and it’s awkward, there may be someone else.

Every Date Is At Your House

One of the main components of dating is going on actual dates sometimes. You think it’s romantic because he brings pizza or take-out Chinese from downtown to your house with movies like Love Jones or Jason’s Lyric but has never taken you out. He probably is too nervous he might see someone he knows. You’ve been “dating” for months but no date yet? Sounds fishy.

You Only See Him At Night

If he’s only calling you to come over at night or when you do go out it’s always after 10p.m., you might want to review your position. Unless he’s working 10 to 12 hour shifts daily, there’s no reason why you can only see him at night.

He Doesn’t Ask About Your Life

If he doesn’t care about your personal life like family, job, ambitions, etc., he probably is only interested in other things. Yes, that thing. If you’re constantly trying to get to know him and he’s resisting, he might be hiding something. Like another woman.

You Only Talk To Him At Certain Times

If you can only talk to him during the day or certain times of the day with no real explanation, you’re a side chick. If he has a demanding job like a surgeon or works overnight, that’s understandable. But if he doesn’t and can’t provide you with a reason, you’re the side chick.

You Only Go Out Outside of The City

If you guys do go out but it’s never been in your city, you’re a side chick. He’s taking you to restaurants in northern New Jersey and you live in Philadelphia? Ask him to take you somewhere local and see what his response is.

You’re Not His Friend on Facebook

Social networking is one of the fastest and easiest ways to connect with someone. There’s no requirement for people who date to be Facebook friends, but some don’t mind. If he hasn’t requested you on Facebook or especially if you requested him and he didn’t accept, he might be hiding something. Like wedding pictures.

words by: @valeryeg

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