Bullying In South Philadelphia School Takes An Obscene Turn

South Philadelphia’s Abigail Vare elementary school, is the subject of heated controversy after another bullying incident at a Philadelphia public school turns obscene. On February 3rd a 6th grader, who attended the school, was thrown to the ground by a group of fellow students, and was kicked and subjected to “Teabagging,” which involves assault of an individual with their genitals. The parents of the 6th grade student are outraged at the incident that could take place at the local school. The parents of the student are convinced that the principal was trying to cover up the assault, based on the fact that the incident occurred on February 3 and the parent’s didn’t find out to February 13th. This past Wednesday, the students involved in the incident were suspended after a post Parent-Teacher meeting that took place, that victim’s parents knew nothing about as well. What are your thought on how we can prevent another incident like this from happening in our school system?

words by: @TaeSmith

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