Is Chris Brown Taking Shots At Meek Mill?

Chris Brown released is Theraflu Freestyle  ‘(Theraflu’  Way Too Cold’) in the we hours of the night and sources tell us he could be taking shots at Meek Mill. The blogosphere has been going crazy ever since photos were leaked suggesting Rihanna & Meek Mill’s were dating.  Apparently Chris Brown didn’t take too kindly to the rumors and released his Theraflu Freestyle, which seems to take shots at both Rihanna & Meek Mill.   It’s been rumored that Meek Mill references Rihanna on Dreamchasers 2.  Listen to the track yourself and you be the judge.  Is this the beginning of a Chris Brown Meek Mill beef?  Lets see how this turns out… Diss lyrics start at 1:10 into the Theraflu freestyle.


“Don’t f*ck wit my old b*tch it’s like a bad fur, every industry n*gga done had her… Trick or treat like a pumpkin just to smash her, b*tches breakin’ codes, but i’m da password…

At 10:00am Thursday monrning, May 10th, Chris tweeted.

[ione_embed src= service=vimeo width=600 height=400]

He also hops on Mercy too. Damn Chris, do you ever stop making music??

[ione_embed src= service=vimeo width=500 height=281]

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28 thoughts on “Is Chris Brown Taking Shots At Meek Mill?

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