Has Andre Iguodala Finally Proven Himself As A Sixer?

You come to Hot1079philly.com because we do things a little different, a little smoother, with a little more swag, so vibe with us right now and let’s think back to that amazing feeling from the Sixers game 6 win over the number 1 seed Chicago Bulls to advance to the second round of the NBA playoffs.

To really appreciate the magnitude of the Sixers game six close out win over the number 1 seeded Chicago Bulls you have to ask yourself a simple question, What if? While writing this I got 50 cent “What if” on repeat in the back ground and it provides the mood and story line of our entire NBA season as Sixers fans and the frustration that many have expressed with our teams controversial leader, Andre Iguodala.

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So, What If? What if we went into the game with the knowledge that Andre Iguodala would have the last shot of the game and we would be down by 1 point. Would you assume the Sixers would win or loose?

There have been many fans and even some people in the local media that constantly blame Andre Iguodala for anything bad with the Sixers. Wether you were a supporter of Iggy or a critic of him, last night with 2 seconds left on the game clock he was going to sway the scale for one side or the other.

Athletes can say they don’t worry about the criticism from the fans but I know for a fact that those voices of doubt creep into your head when the game is in the balance. The great athletes can ignore the voices and conquer the moment. For the majority of this NBA season Andre Iguodala wasn’t consistent from the free throw line. Knowing how every sporting event in Philadelphia has to fit into a storybook ending, it came as no surprise that Andre Iguodala would have his chance at redemption with the game on the line and our chance to advance to the second round of the NBA playoffs resting on two foul shot attempts.

Shot attempt number 1. Im pacing back in forth in front of the tv and saying this is your moment while pointing at Iggy as he starts his free throw attempt sequence. The ball leaves his hand, CSN cuts to a different camera angle just as he release the ball and it looks to be short but……….swoosh.

Tied ball game, now Im screaming Let’s gooooo, while getting text messages from my wife asking me to quiet down because the kids are sleep.  “Cmon Iggy, win this sh#t right here”

Shot attempt number 2. Still talking to the TV as most fans do when watching clutch moments of their beloved teams. “You have to hit this shot, no OT, handle your B. I. right here Iggy.” The ball leaves his hand……….Swoosh.

words by: @Philly_Ron

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