The-Dream Will Not Work With Keyshia Cole


The-Dream will not work with Keyshia Cole. He said this in a recent interview on a New York radio station. He was asked how does he handle artist beef when it comes to working with/writing for them in the studio. He responded:-

I’ve already done records with Keyshia Cole. Right now I can’t work with her and I think she would respect why I can’t, that’s my family [The Carter’s]

Well Keyshia Cole got wind of this and took to Twitter.

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keyshia tweet

So of course The Dream responds…..via Twitter…duh!

dream tweet 1

He also went on to say

dream tweet 2

I do respect his stance as it relates to loyalty. Remember the last chick who messed with Beyonce? ….her name was Keri Hilson

BUT WAIT!!! WE HAVE MORE!!! Enter Lil Mo

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