Erykah Badu Sings In NYC For Almost An Hour, Earns Less Than $4! [VIDEO]

Erykah Badu Says R&B and Hip-Hop Is "Pop Techno Cornball A** Music" (thumbnail)

Courtesy of You Tube

The music business can be a difficult profession to make money in, especially if your not an established artist.  RnB singer Erykah Badu doesn’t have that problem with multiple award winning albums and plenty of accolades.  However, on the streets of New York City, singing on the street may not be the best route to make a living.  She was recently in Times Square singing for a total of 40 minutes, pedestrians gave her a whooping $3.60 for her effort.  Talk about the struggle being real, check out the video below at the 5:55 mark as she counts her effort!

[ione_embed src=// service=youtube width=854 height=510 type=iframe]

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