Amber Rose Offered Major Sex Toy Deal After Her #BootyFingers Tweet

Amber Rose

Amber Rose could get a cash come-up thanks to her Twitter fingers.

After the Sister Code actress replied to Kanye‘s now infamous rant about Wiz Khalifa by claiming ‘Ye was all about some fingers in the booty action, a sex toy company wants Amber to hawk their prostate massagers. “Sex Toy Dave” of wrote Amber a letter, according to TMZ:

They think Amber would be a perfect fit — the product’s already finger-like — so they want a mold of her magical digit … or as they describe it, “Kanye’s favorite finger.”

Says the letter:

I am prepared to present you with your own line and big percentage in this type of toy. We know there are a lot of people who are now curious what it feels like to be Kanye – We also know that there are many who would like to give him the finger.

Do you think Amber Rose would let them mold her fingers for the check?


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