Is Samsung Stepping Up to TIDAL?

TIDAL X: 1020

Source: Taylor Hill / Getty

Samsung is stepping up their music game, according to a report from The New York Post.

In the report, Samsung are in talks with Jay Z to buy TIDAL, the streaming service the Roc Nation founder purchased in of 2014 and re-launched in March of last year.

In addition to Samsung, Google and Spotify have expressed interest in the company. So far it seems that Samsung has made itself appear to be the strongest of the suitors thanks to “really big” plans that have yet to be revealed.

No report about what Hov’s involvement would be (if any) should he decide to sell TIDAL. This isn’t the forst time the mogul has had dealing with Samsung. In 2013, Jay Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail album was certified platinum before its retail release thanks to Samsung’s pre-sale purchase of 1 million copies of the album, which it distributed to Samsung mobile users across the globe.

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