Milan, Founder of Milano Di Rouge Is “Just A Philly Girl Trying To Make Her Dreams A Reality” {Exclusive Interview}

Milano Di Rouge

Source: @JustInMyView / R1 Digital

Why do we love this city so much, it’s the hustle & tenacity that is instilled in most of us, and that’s a huge reason you see so many successful people in so many diffrent fields coming out of the city of Philadelphia, and Milano Di Rouge is just another shining example of just that.

Starting off small with just a t-shirt line, Milan spoke with Paris Nicole about her come up, the trial & tribulations it took to get her brand to this point, and where she envisions it next!

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They also touched on the support from celebrities like Meek Mill & Blac Chyna, her foundation & why it’s so important for her to give back to the youth, & one thing she wishes she could tell her younger self!

Watch this and much more from this Boom 103.9 exclusive interview with Milan & Paris below!

Focus on the positive, don’t let that negative noise get in your mind – Milan

Not only do you get an inside scoop on one of the hottest fashions brands in the country, but some authentic motivation for you to be able to get up and achieve your dreams, as long as you have a plan, a vision, and a work ethic that will NOT let you fail!

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