12 Reasons Why A Cold Shower a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Stethoscope and EKG Representing Cardiac Checkup

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12 Reasons to Take a Cold Shower and Health Benefits:

1. Promotes fat loss
– Pouring ice cold water to the body can help cut weight
2. Improves immunity
– Cold showers trigger an increase in the metabolic speed rate, as well as increases white blood cells, which help to fight infections
3. Gives better circulation
-Among the benefits of taking cold showers is a good blood flow
4. Drains lymphatic system
– Cold Showers reduces the waste of cells, which then reduces the risk of infections.
5. Promotes emotional resilience
– Cold showers can help develop a nervous system that is resilient to stress
6. Lowers stress
– cold showers could also help cut the levels of uric acid and boost glutathione in the blood
7. Lowers chances of depression
– Cold showers stimulates the blue spot on the mind, Noradrenaline, a chemical which plays a role in alleviating depression
8. Increases testosterone levels
– A small amount of heat can affect the DNA, RNA and protein synthesis in the testes
9. Improves fertility
– Cold Showers boost sperm count and increase fertility
10. Promotes faster muscle recovery
– If you are very athletic or workout a lot, you may experience muscle aches but ice cold baths improves circulation and helps remove some lactic acid
11. Enhances skin and hair
– Cold showers lessens the risks of losing too many natural oils on the skin and hair
12. Ensures better sleep at night
– 10 min ice bath helps you sleep better at night


The wait is over! Falling Tears is finally here! Suzann Christine teams up with Proto, Monster Keys, and Khalid Berry for this hit single, Falling Tears. The official video shot and directed by Rocki Jean formerly known as Shannon Muir. Executive produced by Suzann Christine. Actor Latif Burnett #SuDat


Philadelphia singer and songwriter Suzann Christine has an unmirrored sound that distinguishes her from her coequals. Her idiosyncratic, retro-like approach to music resurrects a sound that music lovers have coveted for nearly a decade. Known for her soulful and audacious style, Suzann has been making her rounds in the industry. In addition to being highly scouted on Philly’s ferocious scene, she graced stages in some of the nation’s renowned cities, including New York, Atlanta, Baltimore, Miami, Los Angeles and Toronto. Additionally, she has opened up for some your favorite artist such as Keyshia Cole, PnB Rock, T.I., SWV, Wale, Dj Khaled, Babyface and more. It won’t be long before Suzann Christine becomes that household name that resonated with listeners nationwide. Check out her new single “Falling Tears” available on all digital media outlets.

Song available on all digital media outlets.

Follow Suzann on IG at @suzannchristine

8 signs of TRUE LOVE

Essentially, true love is an unwavering, unbreaking, incomparable and intense feeling of passion and devotion for a person. It’s a connection that runs deeper than merely physical attraction, and instead encompasses an emotional and spiritual connection. Simply put, it’s feeling something so strongly for a person that life without them is practically unimaginable.

But again, how can you tell if what you’re experiencing is true love or just a fleeting lust or infatuation with someone? Well, here are eight signs to look for.


1. You care about him unconditionally.

Through good times and bad, you and your man always come out on top. You trust each other and would do anything to make one another feel loved.

When you find true love there are no stipulations or strings attached. You love him from his core, even when he’s moody or not at his best. Why? Because you know that the two of you have something special.

2. You love him for who is he.

When you find true love, you have zero desire to change that person. You’re proud of who he is as a person and you never worry about introducing him to your friends or loved ones – in fact, you enjoy doing so because you realize what a prize you’ve found.

You don’t compare him to others or wish he was more like so-and-so, you love him for who he is, quirks and all!

For tips on making your man desire you on this level of true love visit my site, http://www.coachnorth.com and watch the free video presentation. There you’ll learn tricks for unlocking that unwavering desire inside any man’s mind, and my Devotion Sequence, which is a set of words strong enough to make him feel an emotional connection to you so powerful that his heart will be bound to you and only you. Believe me ladies, you don’t want to miss out on this one!

3. You’re not afraid to truly be you.

They say that true love will bring your walls down… not literally, obviously, but emotionally, mentally and even spiritually. This means that when you find true love you’ll be willing to share yourself fully and completely with your man.

You won’t worry about trying to impress or win him over, and you won’t have to think before you speak or act. Of course this doesn’t mean you should just say whatever you want whenever you want, but rather that you’ll be able to simply be yourself without over-thinking your every word and move.

Best of all, once you let him into your world you’ll have someone to share all your funny little thoughts and ideas with, your dreams and goals.

4. You stick to your word.

Not only do you mean what you say and say what you mean, but when you make a promise to your man to stick to your word. In fact, the idea of letting him down is just about as devastating as a worldly apocalypse to you.

Even if you know that he’ll never find out the truth, the idea of lying to him or betraying your man is unthinkable to you. Why? Because your moral conscious is strong when it comes to him, to the point where the idea of letting him down means letting yourself down, too. When you feel this way, well that’s true love.

5. You respect one another completely.

When you find true love you’ll have a relationship where you respect each other the utmost. Now, this doesn’t mean that you’ll agree on every single thing, but rather that when you don’t see eye to eye, you’ll do so in a mature and gracious manner.

You won’t call names, put one another down or belittle each other’s opinions. You care about each other too much to do that. Instead, you’ll learn how to argue in a way that is constructive and kind. After all, you will never want to be the reason your lover is upset.

10 Signs You’re In LOVE

Love. The world revolves around it, and everything from movies to music express the meaning of it. But, how can you be sure that you have found love in your life? From not being able to get them off your mind, to planning your walk down the isle, these are 10 signs you are in love!

Kim Says Kanye Wants More Kids

Kim Kardashian says that Kanye is bringing the topic of kids back up. In fact, she says that he’s “harassing her to have seven kids.”

On a recent episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” Kim said to her friend Larsa, “He’s stuck on seven.”

Keep in mind that the scene with Larsa was done back in March, a mere two months after they had Chicago via a surrogate.

Kim says that she doesn’t want more kids, and gave raising kids in the present state of the world as an example of why she doesn’t want anymore, but things can change.

Do you think Kim and Kanye will have more kids? Ladies, has your man expressed interest in more kids? Did you oblige?

Reese’s Is Giving Away 10,000 Peanut Butter Cups on Halloween

Reese’s is exchanging the bad candy people get on Halloween for some delicious peanut butter cups.

The Reese’s Candy Converter vending machine will take the nasty candy and exchange it.
Sadly, this is only happening in New York City from 4 pm until 9 pm this Wednesday. Reese’s said to get there early because they have 10,000 free candies to spare.

Promotions Idea – You can do this in your area the day after Halloween. Get some of the really good candy and set up an exchange somewhere! What’s the candy you hate the most?

Twitter removing the “LIKE” button????

Twitter Reportedly Removing The “Like” Button

In a move that could change how we use Twitter, the company’s founder is talking about removing the “LIKE” button.

Jack Dorsey said at a Twitter event last week that he’d like to get rid of the feature “soon.” The Telegraph reports that Dorsey was “not a fan of the heart-shaped button.”
Sources say the removal would hopefully encourage real debate and conversation instead of mindless liking of something someone tweeted. This might be one step in an overhaul of the social media platform.

Users responded to the potential change by saying there are many other things Twitter needs to fix other than getting rid of the heart.
What do you think? Do you like this potential change? What would you fix about Twitter?

5 tips to have better conversations!

The quality of our communication is the quality of our life. Here are the best 5 communication tips I learned from interviewing hundreds of experts over five years.

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What’s the coldest it’s ever been in Philly?

That temperature is the coldest mark recorded in Philadelphia since Jan. 20, 1994, which had a low of 1 degree, according to the National Weather Service.

Record-low temperatures for the date were set, however, in Wilmington and Trenton overnight.

Wilmington’s low of 2 degrees broke the previous record of 5, set in 1978, while Trenton’s low of zero broke the old record of 6, set in 1936.

Even colder, though not record-breaking, temperatures were recorded overnight in Allentown and Reading, which had lows of minus 1, as well as Mount Pocono, where the mercury dipped to minus 10.

The weather service is calling for a high of just 17 degrees in Philadelphia.

A wind chill advisory was in effect until 11 a.m. due to winds of 15 to 20 mph, with gusts of up to 30 mph.

“Bitterly cold air combined with wind will result in dangerously cold wind chill values this morning,” the advisory says.

Code blue alerts are in effect throughout the area in an effort to get the homeless out of the extreme cold.

The cold has been blamed for at least six recent deaths in the region, with several other weather-related deaths reported in other parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

SEPTA was warning riders that Regional Rail passengers could face delays due to the extreme cold. Service on the No. 11 trolley also was disrupted by downed wires, a common problem in extremely cold weather. You can get up-to-the-minute reports on Twitter by following @SEPTA.

The Cape May-Lewes Ferry has canceled all trips for Friday due to heavy ice conditions, with the first trip in each direction on Saturday also canceled.

People spending time outside are urged to cover exposed skin and take other precautions to prevent frostbite and hypothermia.

Friday night is expected to be cold as well, with overnight lows into Saturday again in the single digits. But winds will not be as strong, forecasters say.

Forecasters are expecting a wintry mix of snow and rain for Saturday afternoon and evening, creating the potential for slick travel conditions Saturday and early Sunday.

The weather service says one to three inches of snow is possible, with the potential for slightly higher amounts north and west of Philadelphia. Some ice accumulation is possible as well, the weather service said.

This week’s temperatures have been far below normal for mid-February: Typically, highs are in the mid 40s and lows are in the high 20s this time of year.

LOCAL MUSIC: Zentell Harris drops her new single “TRIP”


Make sure you check out Zentell Harris with her new single “TRIP” and don’t forget to check out On-Air with Sir every Sat & Sun at 12pm only on BOOM 103.9!

Zentell Harris was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. Zentell attended John b. Kelly elementary school, Germantown Settlement charter school, Finletter middle school, Swenson arts and technology high school and Harcum college. She grew up with many talents such as modeling, acting, and even doing drill team. She began singing at the age of 5 and became serious at the age of 12years old as she would go to Bat Cave studio with J.I the hook king making hit records. Later down the line she would go to McFadden and whitehead studio and discuss business with Darryl McFadden who is the son of the singer Gene McFadden of the late group “McFadden & Whitehead”. At the age of 16, she was offered a deal to move out to Atlanta to do records with other artists such as T-Pain and Usher. Her mother wanted her to finish school so that she would be well educated instead of chasing an unpromising career. Zentell later finished high school and had a hit song named “Number 1” she didn’t stop there as her career was blooming from other songs she had recorded. Later when she went to college and taught herself how to play the piano on her downtime. Zentell then had performances at the Millcreek located in the West Philadelphia area and the crowd loved her original songs including local Philadelphian artist Reed Dollaz. She then met a guy named Whoa through a mutual friend in college who would find her some gigs in New York along with her manager at the time. That’s where she began to receive love from many people including Dj Don DeMarco after being on his radio show. In 2011-2012, she received bad news back at home which put her career at a hard pause so she decided taking care of her mother was more important to her. It wasn’t until 2015-2016 where she met up with a long time friend from high school named LG who pushed her to continue to reach for her goals and to keep going no matter what. Zentell then began to gain her confidence with her music again and began making hit records with LG and became apart of “Teamgenius”; things were blooming from that day forward. She had grown fans on Facebook like no other having many viewers watching her videos. Later down the line, she met a guy she loved deeply. During this time Zentell would still post certain covers to original songs but she was not focused on her music like she had been before. After a few months into the relationship, she found out her boyfriend who was motivating her to do her music was also behind her back motivating other girls as well. She then became upset when she found out one morning and even went to work crying, while at work she sat in the basement and listened to many instrumentals and came across “TRIP“ and began freestyling. She then began writing and expressing her inner thoughts about a man who she loved and thought loved her. Next thing you know she went to work with Jmogul in the studio to record the song and had Jay out NYC mix the song. Later she met a guy named Phil Meyer who directed and made a video for the song “TRIP” which was based on her life. Today, Zentell has her hands in a lot of things that she can’t wait to share with you all!! Follow her through her journey on social media as she is the next thing rising from the city of brotherly love!!

Follow Zentell on IG @Zentellharris_