See How Nick Cannon Covered Up His Big A$$ “MARIAH” Tattoo On His Back!!! [PICS]

No More Babies For Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon (thumbnail)

Welp, Nick Cannon joined the long list of regretful celebs, that had to get a tattoo cover up of a name of someone they once adored!! I’m not sure what I’m looking at here but maybe you can tell me exactly what this cover up tattoo is suppose to be?!

nick cannon

NFL’s First Deaf Offensive Player Derrick Coleman Gives Hope And Inspiration To All! [VIDEO]


I thought this was an amazing and beautiful story to share, they’re are many children who suffer from disabilities daily but it’s great to let them know, they can still accomplish huge things. Watch video below to hear about Derrick Coleman’s story on how he surpassed many adversities in his life!

Keep August Alsina In Your Prayers!!!!

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Due to dehydration and exhaustion the loved R&B singer, August Alsina has suffered from multiple seizers during one of his show performances. My question is where is his team of people who need to make sure he is taking care of himself personally while on this rigorous tour? Touring can take a toll on your body and water is essential, he’s a young artist, who is putting his grind and hustle before anything else but needs to remember his health matters more! He will remain in my prayers and I wish him continued success and great health! For more details on this story click HERE!

New Couple Alert: Is Mila J And Trey Songz Dating?

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Well the rumors are circulating about these two R&B singers Mila J x Trey Songz, are they dating, are they a couple? The people want to know! lol I personally think they make a cute couple but I’m sure there will be plenty of upset fans from both parties! These two have collaborated on Trey’s new album “Trigga”, on the song “Disrespectful” (One of my fav tracks btw), caught social media flirting, and being sighted out and about together in public and kissing! For more on this story click HERE!

“Standin Cannon” Does It Again, Reppin Philly With New Song “Pray 4 Philly”[VIDEO]


We are faced with the harsh reality of all the violence surrounding our city of Philly. What happened to “The City of Brotherly Love”? We have to get back to that, protect our youth and start looking at each other as brothers and sisters and not as enemies. It’s great to see this young up and coming rap artist “Standin Cannon” use his voice as a positive tool for change in our city and worldwide. Listen and watch his new song below #PRAY4PHILLY @standincannon @Darcel215

Rapper Young Thug Rocks Red Nail Polish In Photos!!! [PICS]

Young Thug has always pushed the limits with his fashion style in my opinion. I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place because I’m all for people expressing themselves as they see fit, but a rapper in red nail polish just throws me for a loop. He reminds me of the black version of Marilyn Manson a rock star who dressed quite feminine at times, if you ask me. Check Out the Photos below and click HERE for more details on this story!!



New Music: Keyshia Cole-She [VIDEO]

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 10.27.04 AM

My girl Keyshia Cole has done it again! Enjoy her new song and video “She”, from Keyshia Cole’s new album “Point of No Return”, release date TBA!!

Def Jam Drops Trinidad James From Label…Are We Really Surprised?!

trinidad james

Rapper Trinidad James who is known for his hit single “All Gold Everything”, recently tweeted this to his fans “I should tell y’all, I got dropped from the label. My album is now free. If you hear your beat or verse on it, I hope you want dap cuz I got no money.” I’m sure that was a hard pill for him to swallow, if in fact his statement is true that he was dropped from Def Jam. He was signed and given a 2 million dollar deal,  people are probably asking what has happened to all that money but usually an artist has to pay the label back, if that is the case he just might be dead broke. Though I’m not a fan of his music, I truly hope he bounces back from this and finds a way to make it as an independent artist. Source: VLADTV

Is Tiny’s New Song About T.I??!! Check It Out For Yourself!! “What The F#c% You Gonna Do?” [VIDEO]


Some you may be to young to remember Tiny from when she was a member of the girl group “Xscape”, but she still continues to song write and obviously sing! All I can say is my girl still got it!! She sounds amazing in her new song “What the F#c% You Gonna Do?”. Do you think she is throwing shade in the direction of her hubby?…Wait don’t answer that until you see the video and then you will know what I mean! Watch Below!

Black Man Eric Garner, Killed By Police Using Excessive Force! He Was Only Breaking Up A Fight! SMH!! [VIDEO]

eric garner

This is such a tragic situation for Eric Garner and his family, they will forever be scarred by the video of their loved one being attacked by police for no reason. Police brutality must stop, what is the punishment that these officers will get for killing an innocent man? How can we fix this problem? We need answers?!! The video is tragic and upsetting, consider yourself warned.

50 Cent Takes Shots At Diddy “Puff Daddy” On IG! They Seem To Always Have Beef! [VIDEO]


50 Cent holds his tongue for NO ONE!! He will let you know in a heartbeat, if there’s beef! Check out his latest video taking shots at Diddy “Puff Daddy, or whatever he is calling himself these days! It’s more funny than serious if you ask me… but I’ll let you be the judge!



Amazing Spoken Word Poem “New Jordans” In Reference To People Killing Each Other Over Sneakers SMH! [VIDEO]


View video below…

Erykah Badu Attempts To Kiss A Reporter And Gets Pushed Back!! [VIDEO]

Erykah Badu Spills Guts In Two-Hour Red Bull Interview (thumbnail)

Erykah Badu has been laying low these days but when she is ready to resurface, she always does something strange. It doesn’t’ get any stranger than this video, check her out below!


Would You Sign A Dating Contract To Date Reality Star Kaylin Garcia? Watch As She Shares Details From Her Dating Contract & More!! [VIDEO]

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Reality Star Kaylin Garcia may have the right idea, she has created a contract for anyone she is dating to sign. When you are in the entertainment  industry and dating rappers who can be vicious with their lyrics against you in a song, a contract does make sense! Look at her video below for the full interview!