Are You Ready For A New ‘Super Mario Bros’ Movie?

Reports are swirling that Nintendo has made a deal with Illumination Entertainment to do an animated Super Mario movie. Illumination Entertainment is the animation team behind the ‘Despicable Me’ movies, ‘Sing’ and ‘The Secret Life of Pets.’

The two companies have reportedly been in the negotiation phase for almost a year.

The animated Super Mario Bros. film is currently in “early development.” The last and only movie based on the video game was a live-action film from 1993. Animated films tend to take a long time to make, so don’t start holding your breath yet.

Are you excited for you childhood to hit the big screen again?


Grand Theft Auto 5 Gets A New Look! (Video)


So Grand Theft Auto 5 just got a face lift. The game will now feature a “first person mode”(basically like call of duty). This should be fun! Check it out below!

New NBA 2K15 Trailer!!! [VIDEO]

nba2k15 trailer

Courtesy of 2K Sports

Another installment of the NBA 2K franchise is set to hit the stores and it features cover athlete Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma Thunder.  Check out this amazing trailer for NBA 2K 15.  The game look so real!  NBA 2K 15 will be released Tuesday, October 7, 2014 for a retail price of $59.99.


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Grand Theft Auto 5 Coming To PS4, Xbox One, & PC! (Video)

XBox and Playstation signs at Electronic Entertainment Expo

All my Playstation 4, Xbox One, & PC gamers are you ready for GTA 5?! I’m extra hype for this to come out this fall! Rockstar released the first trailer today. Check it out below!


Although the new video game Batman: Arkham Knight has been pushed back until 2015, they’re continuing to keep us hype by showing the new gameplay trailer at E3! Check it out below! The Batmobile looks crazy!!!

Sidenote: If you pay attention, you’ll see other cars out there on the road as well…. that’s a new addition. It seems that they’re trying to make Gotham feel more alive than in previous games!

New Madden 15 Trailer (Video)

madden 15

Its about that time! Madden 15 will hit stores on August 26th but you can check out the trailer right now!

Daz Dillinger Wants Grand Theft Auto V To Stop Using His Music In-Game


Courtesy of SOHH Dot Com

The most popular video game out right now is Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto 5 and one thing that draws fans to the game is its authentic music from a plethora of artists.  One of these artists that are being represented in the game’s soundtrack is rapper Daz Dillinger, but not legally.  According to Daz, the maker of the game Take Two Interactive and Rockstar Games have used his music without his consent and are profiting off this contribution.  He was offered about $4,300 in cash to use classics, C-Walk and Nothin’ But The Cavi Hit, but he declined and they were still put in the game. Now, Daz Dillinger and his lawyer have given them an ultimatum, either increase your monetary offer or take all current copies of the game that haven’t been sold off the shelves.  The game has sold about 15 million copies and made over $1 billion dollars already.  I wonder what will happen next, but $4,300 is definitely chump change to a billion!


Gamer Community Calls For Online Cease Fire For Sandy Hook December 21st [VIDEO]


Gamer Fit Nation’s CEO, Antwand Pearman, calls for a “Day of Cease Fire” on December 21st, 2012.  On that day, all gamers are asked to cease fire from all online shooters.

“We are NOT blaming video games”, says Antwand Pearman of NYC.  “There has been an attack on video games because of these incidents, and I feel it is because the gaming community is always on the defense about these situations.”  He continues, “Just one day, just show that you have a heart, and that despite what people might portray you as, you give a damn.”

The events of last friday’s school shooting in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, have inspired not only members of to support, but also many others around the world.  It’s time to discuss ways to thwart the violence that has escalated in our country.  To learn more visit here.  #OSCEASEFIRE

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Madden NFL 13 Review PS3 – An Incredible Game

Madden NFL 13
Publisher: EA Sports
Developer: EA Tiburon
Platforms: PS3, Playstation Vita, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360 
Release Date: August 28th, 2012
Genre: Sports
Price: $59.99 (PS3, Xbox 360) – $49.99 (Wii) – $39.99 (Playstation Vita)

I finally got my hands on this year’s Madden NFL game: Madden NFL 13.  I had the chance to play it on the PS3, and as former Arizona Cardinal head coach Dennis Green might say, It is what we thought it would be— an incredible game!

Madden NFL 13 Review

First off, lets start by getting at the “issues”.

There’s been a ton of commotion about the lack of compatibility with NCAA 13.  A lot of die hard fans took it personally when EA decided to take that feature out, a feature that allowed users to import their NCAA 13’s Road to Glory player into Madden 13.  On paper, this does seem ludacris.  I was very sceptical about this decision and went into playing the game a bit jaded because of the idea.  But after I introduced myself to the NEW career mode, I began to understand why that feature was left out.  It just wasn’t needed this year.  Madden 13’s new Connected Career mode is so deep and such a unique experience, trust me, you will get over it.  I’m huge fan of RPG games, and I mention RPG’s in a sports game review because Madden has managed to give me an RPG experience.  I create my player, implement his backstory, and follow the league follow him!  Literally, a twitter feed will show what the media and former NFL players have to say about my character, as well as other news around the NFL.  Kudos EA, you got me.

Another omitted feature that may be tough to swallow is the single season mode.  There is none.  No fantasy draft, no controlling 32 teams.  Again, my brow was raised as I navigated the menus trying to prove the rumors untrue, but, alas, they were.  However, much like before, this was due to the ever so dynamic Connected Career mode.  You can play a full season, you just have to play as a player or the coach of that team.  You can continue to play season, after season, after season, and even move around to play as different players if you like.  It really was awesome to see the Cleveland Browns sign Donovan McNabb to a one year deal as I started my career, and have the option to ditch my player and play as McNabb before the season started.  If I didn’t like how things were going with McNabb, I could hop back over to my original player choice and pick up wherever the CPU left him during the season.  No complaints here EA, good job at evolving such a deep rooted game like Madden.  NOTE:  This only seemed to work when choosing to play a career as an active player.  Once I retired with created players, they were gone forever.


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Jay-Z Will Executive Produce NBA 2K13

I really wish I could expound on what this really means but I have no idea. I can only assume that Jay-Z will be involved in some music capacity but since he wears so many hats at a time (including minority owner of a NBA team) it could really mean anything.

Check out the commercial (voiced by Michael Jordan):

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Via: HipHopWired

10 Must-Have iPad Games

There are over 425,000 games in Apple’s app store, so how do you know which ones are must-haves? “Angry Birds” or “Plants vs Zombies” are for kids and toll booth workers killing time on their phone. The iPad games listed below are the games that will make your boys go “oh sh*t, what is that??” and take full advantage of the larger screen and enhanced graphics of the iPad.  So if you got gifted a tablet for back to school or anticipate getting one for Christmas these are the iPad games  to get.

10) NBA Jam

EA Sports has created a great port of the 1993 arcade classic for the iPad. Compete in this high energy two-on-two basketball game with a full slate of current NBA players and unlockable Hall of Famers. The graphics are great and the touch screen controls are so responsive that you’ll be “on fire” in no time. EA tends to run sales on the holidays so you might be able to grab this one for .99 cents!

9 Starfall

Tower Defense  is one of the most popular game genres and this space-based TD from Digital Concepts is worth every penny. Try to thwart waves of flying enemies with a mix of strategy and ruthlessness. Timely upgrades of your concussion based weapons and technology (use the Neural Network to hack enemy’s navigation, trust me) mean the difference between success and death by plasma burn.

8 Asphalt 6

If you’ve got a need for speed this is the game to get. Gameloft pulled out all of the bells and whistles in Asphalt 6creating detail so textured you might forget you’re not on your XBox, so DON’T throw this controller! At $6.99 you may balk at the price, but you can get its stripped down cousin Fast Five: The Movie for 99 cents.

7 Spiderman: Total Mayhem

This is the closest you will get to actually playing a comic book. Pummel, kick and swing through a city full of mutated bad guys relying on your Spider Senses to dodge in-coming projectiles.  Not to mention this Spidey is a lot funnier than the one in the movies.

6 Gangstar: Miami Vindication

Is this a Grand Theft Auto knock-off? Sure. But will you care five minutes into it? Nope. Whether you decide to go on the missions chasing down mobsters in search of your kidnapped little brother, or just rampage through the city in a hi-jacked ambulance, this is one of the best “pickup and play” games on the iPad.

Infinity Blade

Warning, playing this game on the train will have people looking over your shoulder going “WTF?” Infinity Blade game takes full advantage of the iPad’s dazzling HD display making it almost as fun to watch as to play. Battle your way through a legion of  medieval warriors to face the ultimate challenge in the God King.

4. Rage: Mutant Bash TV

I took a chance on this after seeing the commercial for the console version on Monday Night Football and was not disappointed. While only three levels, this “gun-on-the-run” shooterplaces you in the middle of an apocalyptic game show where you kill and dismember mutated humans. While your motion is limited, the flow is smooth as Kane in ’88 and you’ll be pocketing “Bash Bucks” with the pros.

3 Dead Space

Not that I care much about story lines when I have ten minutes to kill, but this feels as much like playing a movie as anything out there. The controls can take a second to get used to, but once you get the hang of it you’ll be slinging that plasma cutter like a champ. Put those Beats by Dre headphones on to hear the monsters sneaking up behind you in surround sound.

2. N.O.VA. 2

It may offend some to call this “Halo” for the iPad but that pretty much sums it up, and that’s a good thing! As part of the Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance you have can shoot, drive and march your mech into hostile territory with no regard for your personal safety. The controls are user-friendly and the graphics are stunning. At press time it’s on sale for a buck so  go and get it now!

1 Street Fighter IV Volt

I’m a little biased here considering that I’ve been playing Street Fighter II religiously since it was on the Super NES. But the idea that I can carry it around with me fighting as any of the 26 characters including Ken, RYU, Akuma or Fei Long gives this ultimate replay value. Yes, the one-button special adds some cheese factor, but for those of us who labored for years trying to pull-off Zangief’s “Spinning Pile Driver” it’s ultimate vindication.


Woman Pays $180 For Fake iPad In McDonald’s Parking Lot

Hands On With Sony’s New PS Vita

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NBA 2K12 Demo Now Available on XBox Live!

We’ve been anxiously waiting for the new 2K12 Game to come out and now we can get a little fore-taste if you head over to XBox Live. We just got word that the demo is now available.

The 2K team is hoping to repeat its success from last year’s title with more iconic playable characters like Magic Johnson and Larry Bird in addition to Michael Jordan. The demo centers around last year’s final between the Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks. The game is expected to drop Oct.4th.

NBA 2K12 Track Listing

Here is the new Momentus Trailer:

More at

Full NBA 2K12 Track Listing!


2K Sports games have always had great music and I think that’s going to be a tradition that the folks over at 2K Sports are looking to continue. In case you were wondering, the game will be coming out on Oct. 4th if all goes well, and will be playable on most consoles including Wii, PS2, PS3, and Xbox360.

The track list includes music from Eminem, Lil Jon, Twista, Q-Tip, Travis Barker, Cee-Lo, Royce Da 5’9″, and more!

NBA2K11 Review here

Full track listing is below:

1. Eminem & Royce Da 5’9” – Fast Lane
2. Travis Barker featuring Yelawolf, Twista, Busta Rhymes and Lil Jon – Let’s Go
3. CyHi Da Prynce – Sideways (2K Remix)
4. Kurtis Blow – Basketball
5. Friendly Fires – Skeleton Boy
6. Machine Drum – Let It (edIT Remix)
7. Aceyalone featuring Cee-Lo – Workin’ Man’s Blues
8. Freddie Gibbs – Look Easy (2K Original)
9. Chiddy Bang featuring Q-Tip – Here We Go
10. Zion I featuring Rebelution- Many Stylez
11. Duck Down All -Stars 2 – Shout The Winners Out (2K Original)
12. Middle Class Rut – New Low
13. Bassnectar – Cozza Frenzy
14. Ancient Astronauts – Still a Soldier
15. Alex K. and D.J.I.G. – Now’s My Time (2K Original)
16. See-I – Haterz
17. James Pants – We’re Through
18. Shinobi Ninja – Rock Hood
19. DELS – Shapeshift
20. Hudson Mohawke – Thunder Bay (instrumental)
21. Mr. Chop – Intermezzo 2 (instrumental)
22. Kid Mac featuring Mat McHugh – Hear You Calling
23. Thunderball- Make Your Move
24. The Freeze Tag – The Shuffle (instrumental)
25. The Death Set – It’s Another Day
26. Project Lionheart -They Come Back
27. Jamaica – By The Numbers
28. XV – Awesome

Hands On With Sony’s New PS Vita

I was invited out to Sony’s Holiday Season sneak peak and among the items being shown was their all new PS Vita. Unfortunately, I was unable to take video of the unit head on, but we spoke with a bunch of Reps concerning new titles for the PS Vita so check out the vids below as we update them.

I did get to check out a few titles first hand and most importantly, to hold and feel and caress the device. Here are my thoughts.


From a Hardware perspective, the device takes you back to the moment you first laid eyes on the original PSP. It’s slick and visually appealing. It looks better in person than you thought, and has sexy curves. I was surprised by how big it was. That 5 inch screen is totally satisfying and quite beautiful, though I did squint a bit in light even though there wasn’t much of it around as I was in a room with all the windows shuttered. The unit was much thicker than I was expecting, however, it was thin for it’s size if that makes sense. The front and rear facing cameras where there and they were a welcome addition. The rest was standard stuff that you know already – dual analog sticks, 3.5 mm headphone jack, L/R Bumpers, two speakers, etc. I did note two ports on the top of the device. One seemed to be for an SD card, however, I couldn’t make the other one. Seemed to be proprietary. I suspect it will be how Sony plans on selling physical copies of their titles, but we’ll see.


ModNation Racers: This game is shaping up to be a pretty fun title. It’s a racing game at heart, but it gives you the ability to create maps on the fly. Using the touch screen capabilities, this is a lot easier than fumbling around with an analog stick and cursor! An added bonus is Vita owners will be able to play PS3 Maps.

Ruin: If you like dungeons and Dragon type games then this title will definitely tickle your fancy. Pulling a page from Microsoft, the game designers allow for seamless play between consoles meaning you can pause and start exactly where you left off between the Vita and the PS3.

WipeOut: This classic title gets the Vita treatment and it looks great. The game designers used the accelerometer to allow for motion control and the touch screen for different uses such as attacking or charging. They also utilized the Vita’s camera for online game-play.

Hot Shots Golf: One word – “Fun”. We took a look at this title and its looking quite good. Your still playing golf so things haven’t changed that much, however, they have also made changes to take advantage of the Vita’s feature set. You can use the touch screen now to position your player when teeing off as well as some motion control.

Reality Fighters: Really interesting title that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The real kicker is the level of customization you have over your character. You can take a picture of yourself using either of the two cameras and create your character based on your likeness. You can change your appearance to super muscular or super…unmuscular. You can choose different weapons, clothes, facial expressions, and even fighting styles. They haven’t sacrificed too much on gameplay either as the fighting techniques look very polished. You can even play in an augmented reality setting.

One last gem was for the PS3, but definitely worth mentioning. The game was called “Journey“. You play a floaty thingy and you meet up with another floaty thingies to get to the top of a mountain. Sounds bumish, but it’s really quite fascinating. The game is really very visually pleasing. You can go it alone or you can team up with someone and take the journey together, but the clincher is you never know who that person actually is. No gamer tags, no chat, no nothing. Just you and that other person on a journey together. And at any point that person can simply walk away.


This coming Holiday Season is warming up with all these fresh titles in the pipeline. I’ll be in line for my Vita when it launches. The specs are solid and if they can keep innovative games coming, it will easily be the king of portable game consoles. It ALMOST has me wishing it was already the Holiday Season…Almost. I’ll still take as many days of summer as I can get!

You can see more reviews at

Was Michael Vick Robbed?

It looked like the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick was going to get a chance to be on the cover of Madden 2012, making it his second appearance on the cover popular video game. But Peyton Hillis running back from the Cleveland Browns beat out Vick in the last round of voting.

Take a look at how 100.3 The Beat’s Wil, Tyree and Kyle @ The Club responded to the news.

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