North Philly Native Elliot Broaster’s Business Destroyed During Riot

Philly Black Owned Business Destroyed During Riot

Elliot Broaster, 23 Year Old Black Entrepreneur, and Owner of Smoke N Things

Meet Elliot Broaster, a 23-year-old North Philadelphia native who took the idea of “buying back your neighborhood” to the next level.


Elliot was only 22 years old, and still a student of Temple University when he opened his first business in the neighborhood he grew up in. Only 5 minutes away from Temple’s campus, Elliot opened the doors to Smoke N Things on 1723 Cecil B Moore.

Philly Black Owned Business Destroyed During Riot

A photo of a busy day at Smoke N Things.

“I started this business at 22 years old, while still in college! I remember one time I had no employees at all. I had to run from class back to my business and handle the workload of the classroom from there! The amount of time, energy, and tears I put into turning my first born business into a successful company out ways any amount of money and damage caused!” says Elliot via Instagram. (Its__ELL)

Elliot has been a proud supporter of the Philadelphia community for as long as he has walked this earth, especially the black Philadelphia community.

Unfortunately, Elliots business had been broken into and looted amongst the Philadelphia riots that sparked after the protest for George Floyd.

Philly Black Owned Business Destroyed During Riot

Smoke N Things after the looting took place.

The windows broken, content stolen, and Elliots heart left heavy after the symbol of black success he planted in his neighborhood had been destroyed.

While this has been a rough time for Elliot, he remains positive letting his customers know “We will be back, and we will be better!”

Elliot has started a gofundme for the business and is asking that those who are able to donate to help restore this business do their part. Any donation helps. The link has been provided below.

Elliot also has another business that you can support. The 211 Hookah Lounge, located at 211 N. York Road, Hatboro PA 19040.

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Pardison Fontaine Loves Collaborating With Powerful Female Artists



Pardison Fontaine has released his debut album “UNDER8ED”. The New York native is most known for his contribution in writing for  Cardi B. Pardi’s album has appearances from stars such as, City Girls, Offset & of course Cardi B.

During his recent stop in Philadelphia, Pardison spoke to DJ Aye Boogie on how important it is to collab with other powerful female artists. Following his recent success with his song ‘Backin It Up’ that featured mega star Cardi B on there it was a no brainer to continue that same formula, but this time with City Girls artist Yung Miami.

Pardi also speaks on his experience writing with one of his idols Kanye West. Watch the full conversation above!

Interview: Philly’s Hottest Rapper, Rocky, & Mina SayWhat Talk About Why She’s Turned Down Label Deals

Mina SayWhat did Philly’s own Rocky’s very first interview ever.  She had just released her first mixtape and her street cred was building.  She still had a full time job.  Mina saw her rapping on Instagram and decided to bring her in for an interview. Fast forward a couple of months and Rocky is now the hottest thing in Philly.  The crowd knows every one of her lyrics and she has opened up for Meek Mill and many other more established artists. Mina sat down with Rocky after her performance at the Boom Block Party to follow up with what’s been going on in her life since their first interview. She talks about Meek Mill tweeting that she is the hottest right now and the label deals she has received and why she’s turned one down. These labels better come correct!Watch it below.

This Is How Paris Nicole Knew SimXSantana Was Philadelphia’s Next Big Star


Sim Santana

Source: @JustInMyView / R1 Digital


Columbia Records just released part II of their documentary with SimXSantana No Love In The City, which highlighted our very own Paris Nicole (Program Director and on-air personality of Boom 103.9) & DJ Aye Boogie who where some of the first to discover Sim as things really started heating up.

Santana is arguably Philadelphia’s biggest rising star and became a Philly sensation after his viral dance & song “Flexin’ N Flashin“.

Paris Nicole saw the energy of Sim Santana and immediately started showing Sim & the record spins, and we had him up for his first radio interview ever.

From rotation, mixes on the 12’o Clock Day Party with DJ Aye Boogie, our Boom Block Party, Boom 103.9 has been supporting Sim Santana from the start.

He became an icon to the youth of Philly under the management of Mont Brown and was recently signed to Columbia Records.

Sim became an icon for kids all across the city and before you knew it, you couldn’t walk into a bar, party, college scene or turn the dial of you car radio station without hearing Sim’s voice.

In the documentary interview on the rise of Sim Santana, produced by Columbia Records,  Paris Nicole says, “You can’t mention the Philly music scene without mentioning SimxSantana”.

Watch the full documentary on his YouTube channel and see some of our favorite moments with Sim below!


Dave East Explains Why “Survival” Sums Up Everything In His Life & Career To This Moment


Dave East is a survivor, and his new album Survival sums up his career & life up to this moment. He tells DJ Caesar that every album he’s released the title reflects an aspect of his life.

Throughout the past few years, Dave East has crossed over into the acting world, and had one of his biggest roles of his career happen in the past few months portraying Method Man in Wu-Tang: The American Saga which debuted on Hulu. They broke down how Dave was picked for the role, and what Method Man told him regarding playing that role.


To kick off the roll out of his album, East dropped a few records with some major features like Max B, Jacquees, and Nas.

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They broke down each record, and gave some back story on how each came about. He still doesn’t know how Max B got his verse out, and why what Nas said on his verse was one of those “I made it” moments for him.



They also touch on the Las Vegas incident which was dropped – “shoutout his lawyer”, his relationship with Nipsey Hussle and how their relationship was beyond just music. It seems like his Wu-Tang role will have a Season 2, and he lets us know he does have some roles in the future, he just can’t reveal what at the moment.

Check out the full conversation between DJ Caesar and Dave East and let us know @BoomPhilly which songs you are feeling the most from Survival!


Meek Mill Wants To Build A “Super School” In Philadelphia

Fast Company Innovation Festival - Day 2

Source: Brad Barket / Getty

Meek Mill continues to fight for systematic reform, and this time his focus is in the Philadelphia school system. On November 5th, Meek tweeted:

“Since they got like 30 abandoned schools in Philly…. Can we buy one and build a super school in our own neighborhood!” With over 16.1k likes on the single tweet, it seems plenty of people agree with Meeks idea.

Senator Vincent Hughes replied to his tweet, stating, “Let’s talk! @SenatorHughes would love to discuss ways to improve the Philadelphia school system.”

Chris O’Connell from Fox 29 also retweeted Meek’s tweet, “I’m hoping the stakeholders reach out and have this conversation with @MeekMill. Bold ideas get bold results. Think differently. #investinschool

More Meek Mill News: Meek Mill Wants Police Accountability

As he continues to fight for reform, along side (as he puts it) his billionaire friends, Meek has the power to not only finance an idea this bold, but also use education has a way to help the community and give children more opportunities to flourish.

The Philadelphia School District has also been plagued by major budget cuts over the last couple of years, and this has sparked debates and protests in the most severely affected areas. This continues to be a major issue in Philadelphia, and there needs to be BIG and BOLD ideas to start finding real solutions.

Meek Mill didn’t specifies on what a “super school” would consist of, but with his notoriety, connections, and a blue print from someone like LeBron James, this could be just the start of something huge.


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K Camp Explains What Really Happened With Prairie View A&M Homecoming



K Camp stopped by The Afternoon Wave with DJ Caesar to promote his upcoming project KISS 5. On October 25th, K Camp tweeted that he will drop the project if he gets a verse from J. Cole. His fans went crazy tagging & tweeting at Cole, but with Cole recently saying he’s on a feature hiatus, K realizes it may be a tall task. He breaks down what record he wants Cole on, but assures us he has some other major features lined-up just incase Cole doesn’t come through.

Being K. Camp is from Atlanta, the conversation of Tyler Perry’s new studio came up. They discuss if he would ever like to do any acting, and what film would he want to create. Tyler Perry isn’t the only one building their own space, as K. Camp explains he just finished building his own studio in ATL.

While on the topic of new music, they had to talk about the new “Homecoming” freestyle over Da Baby’s”Intro” instrumental that Camp just dropped. If you weren’t familiar, K. Camp began trending quickly after some students from Prairie View A&M expressed their issues with him being named the homecoming performer. K Camp decided not to do the show, and leveraged the whole incident into a win for himself by trending on Twitter and increased streams in his music.

Watch the full interview with DJ Caesar and K Camp and be on the look out for KISS 5!

Deeper Than Rap: SIR Explains How He Formed An Instant Bond With DJ Jazzy Jeff


Sir of TDE stopped by The Afternoon Wave with DJ Caesar to break down his latest album Chasing Summer.

While in Philadelphia, he had to share some stories about DJ Jazzy Jeff and the impact he’s had own his own professional career. The way Sir describes Jazzy Jeff, Jill Scott, and Dre, it really goes to show the impact the Philadelphia music scene has on the world.

Make sure you go stream “Chasing Summer” now, which features Jill Scott, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, and more!


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Did You Know Q-Tip & Ali Have Writing Credits On “Sicko Mode”

Bestival - Day 3

Source: Tabatha Fireman / Getty

“Sicko Mode” was arguably the biggest song of 2018 from Travis Scott’s Sicko Mode project featuring Drake.


I don’t know why we didn’t know this (or maybe we did, I just missed it), but after doing some scrolling through Instagram today, I come across a post from Q-Tip that was the following:


So, I hop on the phone, type in “Sicko Mode” writing credits, and according to the ever so reliable source, Wikipedia, low-and-behold not only is Kamaal Fareed (Q-Tip) listed among 28 other song writers credited, but so is A Tribe Called Quest‘s Ali Shaheed Muhammad is also mentioned.



So now it makes sense that we randomly see Q-Tip (@QTipTheAbstract) randomly share a “Sicko Mode” plaque on his timeline in the middle of a Friday.

The song was already an undeniable hit, and helped Travis Scott Astroworld Tour grossing over $35 million, but knowing that the legends played some sort of role in the song, makes it even better to us hip-hop heads.


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Young M.A Tells Us What Took So Long For Her To Drop Her Debut Album “HERStory In The Making”


Young M.A blew up onto the scene in 20 with her hit single “Ooouuu” in 2016, and finally on September 27th we will finally get to hear HERStory In The Making.

She came by to chop it up with DJ Caesar about why it took so long for the world to get her debut album, and what type of pressure does she feel that it’s finally here? DJ Caesar and Young M.A go way back, even even DJ’d for her out in Beijing two years ago, so he’s seen first hand the amount of work M.A has put in to get to this point. But he’s not to happy about not getting a call from her when she had Bernice Burgos in her music video!

They also go into some of their favorite #SoBrooklynChallenges and more! Peep the full interview above and make sure you check out HERStory In The Making drops tomorrow!

Watch: Dr. Uma Johnson and On Air With Sir Discuss Making Change, Education, Love, and More


Dr. Uma Johnson stopped by Boom 103.9 in Philadelphia to sit down with On Air With Sir to discuss a variety of topics from education, change, love, and much more. Check out the full video interview right now and let us know your thoughts!

A personal message from Sir:

“I am so excited to bring you this exclusive interview! Hope you enjoy. If this is your first time coming across On-Air with Sir. It is a pleasure to have you. Thank you so much for reading and watching 🙌. In all of our interviews, I encourage viewers to listen without judgment and seek to understand. No matter the gender, race, sex, lifestyle, belief, etc. We all must live on this planet 🌍 together. We must consciously seek to understand each other. I hope you enjoy 😉! Have an awesome, amazing, and productive day! Always remember to #loveonpurpose ❤️! We are not here to agree or disagree. But, only to listen and understand. Treat others as you wish to be treated.”

Check out this exclusive behind the scenes footage of the Spiritual interview w/ Dr. Umar Johnson. Live from @BoomPhilly studios in Philadelphia. Hosted by @OnAirwithSir!

Which Celebrity Couple Would Blac Youngsta Want To Marry Now That He Is A Pastor?!


Black Youngsta x DJ Caesar

Source: @JustInMyView / R1 Digital

Blac Youngsta joined the Afternoon Wave with DJ Caesar on Boom 103.9 while he was in Philadelphia to share details on his upcoming project No Church On Sunday. They dive into his recording & song picking process, and how it was when he had one of the biggest club bangers last year with “Booty”.

After such a big record, Blac Youngsta didn’t want to follow up with the same exact record, but he said when he recorded “Cut Up”, he knew he had to push it as his next club record.



If you didn’t know, Black Youngsta is now an official Pastor. Yes, you read that correctly. He tells DJ Caesar how that all came about, and was posed with the question – out of these 3 celebrity couples – Megan Thee Stallion/MoneyBagg Yo, YG/Kehlani, and Saweetie/Quavo – would he want to be the pastor for the wedding ceremony and why?

He wraps up the conversation with a few of DJ Caesar’s ‘Question Of The Day Topics’ and lets it be known he will be back in Philly real soon! Check out the full interview in the web player below!