Megan Thee Stallion Drops First Album “Good News”

Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

Megan Thee Stallion dropped her first debut studio album, Good News, late Friday night.

Megan’s first track on Good News is called “Shots Fired,” a song that samples Biggie’s 1994 “Who Shot Ya.” Respectively, she goes in on Tory Lanez and her supposed former best friend, Kelsey Nicole.

Besides that,  the other 16 tracks shows a commitment to having fun and being the Hot Girl she is.  Megan has  a variety of new collaborations such as with City Girls (“Do It On The Tip”); SZA (“Freaky Girls”) Big Sean and 2 Chainz (“Go Crazy”).

Along with the album, Meg also dropped a new music video for her song “Body”,  featuring cameos from Taraji P. Henson and Blac Chyna.


Teyana Taylor, Summer Walker, Jhene Aiko, and Kehlani Talk The Strength Of Being A Women In Billboard’s Power Player Issue


Street Style - Paris Fashion Week - Womenswear Fall/Winter 2020/2021 : Day Three

Source: Edward Berthelot / Getty

R&B music has shifted in such a soul-baring way. Musicians like Summer Walker, Teyana Taylor, Jhene Aiko, and Kehlani have created a sound that resonates with today’s woman. Because their voices belt out sultry tunes about love, exploring sexuality, confronting toxic relationships, healing and so much more, women across the globe are able to fully identify and embrace themselves through their music.

Billboard’s annual R&B/Hip-Hop Power Players issue featured four extraordinary talents who have made serious waves in the music industry. Teyana Taylor, Summer Walker, Kehlani, and Jhene Aiko discuss social media, working in a male-dominated industry, and how music has changed over the years.

Teyana Taylor, a married mother of two who has been singing, dancing, and acting since the age of 15. She is a musical phenomenon who can belt out the most raspy, tantalizing songs that’ll take you to another realm. To me, she is one of the most underrated artists of our time.


Sometimes being a strong woman comes with it’s own consequences. Teyana’s tough-girl persona has earned her a reputation. “If we’re too soft, people feel like they can treat us any type of way. But if we’re too hard, then it’s, “Oh, she’s too much.” Sometimes you have to be like that — especially with me being a Black woman in the industry since I was 15. Like Jhené said, producers might think you’re vulnerable. When I walk in the room, I’m like, “What’s up, my n—a? What we doing?” Then they tell you it’s not ladylike. I don’t care what’s ladylike to you. Sometimes you have to be like that so n—s don’t bother you,” Teyana told Billboard.

Summer Walker, an extremely talented, socially awkward singer who has captivated the music scene with her very raw, real lyrics and her therapeutic voice. Summer’s transition into the music industry was pretty bumpy. Her opinions often left her criticized and ridiculed on social media. Despite the critics, Summer is going to keep on talking!

“But as a woman who likes to speak her mind, I do think it’s kind of weird that if I show my ass or post a half-naked picture, it’s totally fine. But if I want to speak on systematic racism, religion or politics, then it’s like, “Wait a minute, you’re doing too much.” They kind of want you to just shut up and sing, which is an issue for me,” said Summer.

Kehlani, is a new mother who like Teyana Taylor, didn’t allow pregnancy and childbirth to stop her hustle. The 25-year-old artist debuted at No. 2 of the Billboard Top 200 with her studio album, It Was Good Until It Wasn’t. Success and motherhood has given her a different outlook on the direction of her career.

“It provides a perspective that you don’t get from anything else in life. There are moments when I want to bring [19-month-old Adeya] with me all the time. But I know that having her with her toys and being in her space might be better for her at a particular moment. Those moments are really hard, but I have to ultimately decide what’s better for her. I also don’t get swept up in things anymore — moments where I’d think, “I’ll quit this shit, shave my head, buy a one-way ticket out and not talk to nobody.” I don’t have the opportunity to think like that anymore, and I don’t want to. I have something that keeps me grounded. If all this disappears and I can’t do this anymore, I still have the most beautiful life in the world. As much as people think parents give to children, I think children give us 10 times more,” Kehlani said.


Last but certainly not least, Jhene Aiko, a mother, singer, songwriter and spiritualist, who pours every single emotion in her Piscean body into her music. Jhene’s music is for the self-aware. Want to confront healing? Listen to a few Aiko songs. In fact, for her latest album Chilombo she identified the songs that will respond to – and balance your chakras.

“It’s true self-expression. R&B has roots in blues, so it’s not just singing about the good times. People are digging into the depths of what they’re going through [more than ever]. With a lot of the R&B I listened to growing up, I didn’t feel like I was getting their true personal stories.”

It’s dope to witness these 4 women come together and share their truths about their music, and the challenges they’ve encountered. The camaraderie is beautiful and encouraging. “Everyone has their own style and thing going on, but it’s all the same truth,” says Teyana Taylor. “We’re still women who have experienced love and heartbreak. It’s dope to hear everyone express that truth in their different ways.”

You can read the rest of the interview here.


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A Look At Nelly’s Most Iconic Moments Through The Years

New Kids On The Block Perform At The Tacoma Dome

Source: Mat Hayward / Getty

There is a lot to celebrate as Nelly turned 46 years old yesterday Nov. 2. The St. Louis rapper has given us undeniable hits across genres that have climbed the Hip Hop, R&B and Country charts. It is no doubt that he has not missed any checks as he is currently featured on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars and received a major partnership with Budweiser. His personal life seems to be going well as there may be a potential engagement to long time girlfriend Shantel Jackson. Let us take a look at some of his most successful moments through the years to celebrate another year of Nelly.

1. Nelly’s Debut Album Country Grammar Changed His Life

Nelly prepares to release the deluxe version of his debut album Country Grammar in November. He recalls a moment where he was able to retire his mom from their local Rally’s. A gratifying feeling that must have been and the blessings continue to roll in. The album went platinum in 2016.

2. The Iconic Tip Drill Video 

This historical moment that many children should not have witnessed is that of the iconic “Tip Drill” video. The song recently celebrated 20 years of wild and unadulterated success. This video could only be viewed late nights on BET Uncut, but it was certainly the talk of every fan during those times.

3. Nelly’s Hit Song “Dilemma” Featuring Kelly Rowland

In 2002, Nelly released “Dilemma” featuring Kelly Rowland which sampled Patti Labelle’s “Love, Need and Want You.” This song and video was legendary for a number of reasons. One being that the icon Ms. Patti Labelle was actually in the video as well, and two Kelly Rowland texts Nelly from an excel spreadsheet on her Nokia. The release of this single led to many rumors of the two dating, but both camps denied the rumors to be true.

4. Nelly Takes Over The Country Charts

Nelly made an introduction into Country music with his single “Over and Over” featuring Tim McGraw in 2004, which went platinum selling over a million records. He has continued to collaborate with the Country music community recently releasing a single with country duo Florida Georgia Line entitled “Lil Bit.”

5. A Budweiser Partnership

Nelly collaborated with Budweiser for a new limited edition Budweiser tall boy can to celebrate Country Grammar’s anniversary. He also shows his St. Louis pride with an ode to his city on the front of the limited edition can. St. Lunatics all over are celebrating their hometown hero as they go out to purchase in support of Nelly.

6. Nelly On Dancing With The Stars 


Nelly has made quite the fashion statement on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars when he went viral for sporting a the Jordan Cement 3’s with a heel. He has certainly been a huge contender as a winner for this season of Dancing With The Stars as he graces the stage each night with charm and grace. This week’s episode Nelly and his dance partner paid tribute to his late sister who passed of leukemia in 2005.

7. Nelly Has Kept It Player

Fans discuss their favorite Nelly tracks and we quickly realized he has a long discography to choose from. He has continued to uphold his legacy of making classic records that last a lifetime. Nelly is amongst the celebrity population that clearly found the fountain of youth or something, because he does not look 46 years of age. He actually looks as fine as he did with the iconic bandaids on his face.

Cheers to more life for the legendary rapper as he continues to embark on a successful journey ahead. Happy Birthday, Nelly!


Dave East Says Mary J Blige Is The Reason Why He’s Dropping An Album

Dave East

Source: Victoria Said It / C.McGraw/Victoria Said It

Dave East chops it up with our very own DJ AYEboogie upon his upcoming release ‘Karma 3‘. The Harlem based rapper has been no stranger to the pain, in fact, he was getting a tattoo in the middle of him talking about the new album!

As we anticipate some new music from East he talked about the inspiration behind this new album and how Mary J Blige single-handled was deciding factor between it being a mixtape vs. an album. Some features you can expect are A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Trey Songz, Popcaan & of course the queen herself, Mary J Blige.

Check out the full conversation below!


Summer Walker Releases New EP ‘Life On Earth’

Summer Walker at Z107.9 Summer Jam

Source: Radio One Digital / @Stretchd_34 for Radio One Digital

Although she has vowed to retire, Summer Walker surprised fans with her new EP, “Life on Earth.” The latest work from Summer also features PARTYNEXTDOOR and NO1-NOAH.

Fans got a first listen to the EP on Wednesday, July 8th when a pink flying saucer crashed into the Earth in Atlanta and played the EP for a drive-up listening party.

Fans heard the PARTYNEXTDOOR collaboration, “My Affection,” as well as two songs featuring NO1-NOAH.

The EP has five songs and seems to be the beginning of more to come from the 2019 breakout star. “Life On Earth” is now streaming on all platforms.

Blac Chyna Drops First Single ‘Seen Her’

Blac Chyna attends a friend's birthday party at Project Club LA

Source: / WENN

Blac Chyna is now in the rap game!

The model turned rapper released her first single called Seen Her.

Chyna’s rhymes will have the club vibe with lyrics such as, Trill b****h, I’m the type you wait your whole life for / See, I’m the type of b***h your wifey might just turn d**e for. The type that make your hubbie leave you just for one night.

This is not Chyna’s first try at the music biz. She teamed up with Yo Gotti and Jeremih back in 2018 with the single Deserve.

Meet the Music Industry’s New Black Music Action Coalition

Black Music Honors 2019

Source: Black Music Honors / CR8 Agency

A new Black music action coalition has been formed by Pharrell’s manager, Caron Veazey, Travis Scott‘s manager David Stromberg, Future, Nas, and Gunna‘s manager Anthony Saleh and Post Malone‘s manager Dre London just to name a few.

The purpose of the coalition is “to uphold and actualize the mission of Black Lives Matter in the music industry and reach racial justice not just across labels, publishers, agencies, distributors, and DSP’s but throughout society at large,” the BMAC said in a statement.

“We created BMAC to address long-standing racial inequities in the business, the financial impact of those inequities for both Black artists and executives, and ways we can work with you urgently to solve these problems. Additionally, BMAC will support groups and programs committed to progressing the equality of Black lives around the country,” the statement continued.

Advising the coalition are some of the industry’s most legendary music executives including Clarence Avant, Irving Azoff, Quincy Jones, and Ron Sweeney.

J.Cole Addresses Political Activist In New Song After She Calls Rappers Out For BLM Silence

Dreamville Festiville 2019

Source: @victoriasaidit / Victoria=Raleigh 

Much controversy has ignited since J. Cole has released his new song, “Snow on Tha Bluff” Tuesday night!

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The track tackles issues concerning racism and police brutality, an on-going problem in the black community recently triggered by the death of George Floyd and other unarmed African Americans. 

Listen to Hip Hop 103.9 Live

Cole released his first single of the year after Chicago rapper and activist, Noname called Cole and other rappers out for not speaking up during the Black Lives Movement. 

“There’s a young lady out there, she way smarter than me. I scrolled through her timeline in these wild times, and I started to read. She mad at these crackers. She mad at these capitalists, mad at these murder police. She mad at my n*ggas, she mad at our ignorance, she wears her heart on her sleeve. She mad at these celebrities, lowkey I be thinkin’ she talkin’ bout me.”

In the track, Cole also condemns the Chicago activist for looking down at people like him who were not blessed to be as educated as her.

“Just because you woke and I’m not, that sh*t ain’t no reason to talk like you’re better than me,” raps Cole.

The rapper has since come under fire for his lyrics criticizing Noname, causing Cole to clear the air via twitter.

“Follow Noname. I love and honor her as a leader in these times. She has done and is doing the reading and the listening and the learning on the path that she truly believes is the correct one for our people. Meanwhile, a n*gger like me just be rapping.”

Check out J.coles newest song, “Snow on Tha Bluff” below.

Minneapolis Protestors Set Fire To Police Station Then Set Off Fireworks [VIDEO]

Protests Continue Over Death Of George Floyd, Killed In Police Custody In Minneapolis

Source: Scott Olson / Getty

A third night of protests in Minneapolis erupt, protesting the death of George Floyd. Protestors continued to set fire to more businesses throughout the night as Police were nowhere on the scene.


The protestors eventually set fire to the Minneapolis Police Department’s 3rd Precinct building. According to authorities protestors forcibly entered the Police department, but all personnel was evacuated prior to the incident.  After protestors took the 3rd Precinct, they set off what was seen as celebratory fireworks. Check out the video below…

Violent protests also took place in St. Paul, MN as looters took to the stores and set fires. No charges have been filed against any of the officers involved in the killing of George Floyd, but the officers have been fired.


Man Who Allegedly Filmed Ahmaud Arbery’s Death Charged With Murder

Brunswick, Georgia Community Demonstrates For Justice Surrounding Shooting Death Of Jogger Ahmaud Arbery

Source: Sean Rayford / Getty

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, William Bryan Jr., the man who filmed Travis McMichael and his father Greg McMichael kill Ahmaud Arbery, has been charged with murder and criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment. The 50-year-old was arrested Thursday and booked into Glynn County Jail.


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The police report from the February 23rd shooting stated that after Amaud Arbery turned around and ran away from Greg and Travis McMichael; Bryan, who lives on the street Arbery was running, tried to block him in and was unsuccessful.  Moments later he started recording the video and followed the father and son as Travis McMichael shoots Amaud Arbery.

The attorneys for Arbery’s parents have said, “the family is thankful for the diligence of the GBI and they way in which they tirelessly pursued the evidence in this case.”



Patti LaBelle, Questlove To Headline COVID Relief Concert For Philadelphia

Christmas in Rockefeller Center - Season 2016

Source: NBC / Getty

Some of Philadelphia’s favorite sons and daughters will be a part of a benefit for COVID-19 relief.

Patti LaBelle, Questlove, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and Daryl Hall will headline the virtual concert called PHLove that will take place on May 21st.

The PHL COVID-19 Fund will receive support and awareness from the event.

The fund has already raised $16 million to support over 400 nonprofits in the area.

Teyana Taylor Is Unbelievably Sexy In This Beeombi Fit Inspired By Michael Jackson

Street Style - Paris Fashion Week - Womenswear Fall/Winter 2020/2021 : Day Three

Source: Edward Berthelot / Getty

Teyana Taylor’s moves have earned her a spot as one of the top ten dancers of our generation. When you’ve choreographed for Beyonce and Kanye West, your credentials speak for itself. The world wiped the steam off their glasses when they saw her in Kanye’s Fade video, but the truth is, she’s been killin’ it for years.

Via an Instagram post, the vocalist, actress, designer, producer, and dancer released a snippet of a song from her upcoming project The Album. Bare Wit Me is a sultry R&B hit that gives off the ultimate 90’s vibe. She solidified that with a wardrobe and dance moves reminiscent of Michael Jackson, circa the late 80’s, early 90’s era.

So let’s break this 40 second clip down. Teyana and her team directed and produced the music video. When it comes to the custom MJ-inspired suits by costume designer Beeōmbi, Taylor served as the key stylist. Each dancer wore a full-length jacket, with a matching shirt and tie. They even rocked the high-water trousers with white socks and black loafers. From the wardrobe, to the dance moves (also choreographed by Teyana), I can’t wait to see the full video!

I’m also excited for The Album. Mrs. Taylor has proven herself to be a Jaqueline of all trades.


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Future Unveils Cover For New Album

Future Gunna 'Drip Or Drown' Album Release Party At Georgia Aquarium

Source: Prince Williams / ATLPics.Net

Future will release his High Off Life album on Friday.

He showed off the album artwork on his Instagram page.

Much like the title of the album, Future looks like he is living the life by rocking out to some beat while some young ladies hang out in the background.

Tokyo Jetz: My Sexy Style Doesn’t Define Me As A Mother

Tokyo Jetz

Source: ShotBySed / ShotBySed

Tokyo Jetz was in the middle of a routine wax session when her aesthetician suggested she was pregnant. She eventually took a pregnancy test that would reveal the next chapter of her life. Motherhood.

As one of the baddest female rappers in the game, according to mentor Tip “T.I.” Harris, Tokyo Jetz still carries herself with poise, class, sass and is defining day by day what it means to be a mother in 2020 with the help of her beautiful son, Amir.

The Grand Hustle rap artist born Shauntrell Pender, is intent on proving to the world that she can do everything that comes her way and slay while doing so. Her son Amir was born on Monday, September 16, 2019, the day before Tokyo dropped a heartfelt single and visual dedicated to his birth which received over half a million views on YouTube. When HelloBeautiful asked Tokyo Jetz what motherhood means to her, she simply responded with, “to not only raise a child, but to also protect and put them first.”

Tokyo Jetz reflects on her childhood upbringing with HelloBeautiful and how it has impacted her as a new mother to baby Amir. “I think I was raised off of survival, and yes that’s important, but I learned that kids need love too. Everyday, I make sure Amir receives a lot of love. Of course coming from a low income childhood, naturally Amir has way more than I had growing up, but when I say I make sure to give him tons of love I mean that both emotionally and physically,” she admits to HelloBeautiful. 

Tokyo Jetz

Source: ShotBySed / ShotBySed

As a rapper, an entrepreneur and a brand, Tokyo is taking complete and utter control of her sexuality and showing people on social media that her confidence and sexy style does not define her as a mother. “I think people feel like once a woman has a child, that it’s supposed to place them inside of a box and completely define her; as if it’s against the norm to be multifaceted and wear different hats,” she challenged. “I am in complete control of my life in all aspects. Yes, I’m a new and amazing mom, but I also am a lot of other things that I’m proud of. It’s up to me to decide when and how I would like to show those different roles; it is not up to the public.”

From Fashion Nova shorts down to Gucci shirts and shoes with bundles and lashes for days, the RollingOut cover star knows how to make an entrance in anything she wears, anywhere she goes. However, she prefers a more chill vibe when it’s just her and Amir kickin’ it. “I’m definitely a sweatpants mom for sure,” she told HelloBeautiful. I love to just relax and be comfortable when I’m in pure Mommy mode.” 

Though she likes to keep it cute and cozy, Tokyo speaks out on the shift in fashion amongst Gen Z and millennial moms since the times of Gen X and baby boomers. “Nobody wants to go out in a muumuu dress and be covered head to ankles,” she posed. “We’re a little more provocative I think, but why not show off? Women are now more free to express themselves visually without being judged on their parenting capabilities.” 

She continued, “I believe that there is a stereotype from the older generations that defines what a ‘mother’ should look like,” she continues about the shame placed on today’s young mothers for their style of dress. “But like anything in this life we live, times change and evolve. I think often people forget that each generation was once frowned upon for doing something outside the norm of what the previous generation was accustomed to. It’s time to just let us live!”

As she redefines what it means to be a hip, fashionable young mother, the first lady of Hustle Gang ignores the trolls and puts her happiness first and foremost. “I’m at a point in life where I’m doing what makes Tokyo happy. I can’t completely focus on my son and love [and] care for him properly if I am unhappy internally. It’s important to make sure you are happy and healthy first and that’s all that matters, which is something I spoke about in my debut book – “Mind Over Matter,” discussing mental health issues that I personally deal and have dealt with,” she shares about her recently sold-out book.

When it comes to implementing self-care as a mom, Tokyo knows that her mental health is a priority and does not play when it comes to her emotional and mental wellbeing. “When I have time away from Amir, I love to cook, workout and have a drink or three,” she jokes. Retrospectively, the birth of baby Amir has impacted Tokyo in ways unimaginable in music, business and her budding brand. “I thought I knew what love was before having my son, but now that he is here, this love is so pure and unconditional,” she gushes about her baby boy. “As far as music , it’s made me be a lot more open and comfortable with expressing myself. Overall brand wise, my son has given me much more motivation to accomplish so many things even outside of music, because I want to be able to provide the best life for him.”


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Chris Brown and Young Thug Reveal ‘Slime&B’ Tracklist

Young Thug - Astroworld Festival 2019

Source: Kevin Rawls / Radio One Digital

Chris Brown is celebrating his birthday with a collaboration with Young Thug. The “Overtime” singer announced the project last week and dropped a tracklist for the “Slime & B” project.

The new release boasts 13 tracks and seems to be limited to him and Thug with no other features involved.

It’s believed that the project was done while Chris and Thug were quarantined due to the Coronavirus, the two artists were seen playing basketball back in March.