Black Man Shot & Killed In North Philly By Police

Comcast - Philly Speaks

Source: Comcast / comcast

According to nogunzone a black man was shot and killed by police today in North Philly (Jasper and Hart Lane). The people of Philadelphia demand answers around the second murder by a police officer within a month.

The video of the victim’s body on the street park has surfaced online. There has not been any confirmation on what made the police officers shoot the victim.

More news to come as the story develops.

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Your Vote In Philadelphia Could Be At Risk If You Don’t Check This List

The Philadelphia Board of Elections is trying to reach over two-thousand Philadelphia voters whose mail-in or absentee ballots need to be verified in order for their votes to count. If you are one of those voters, you have to send in proof of ID by midnight tonight.


The ballots are at risk of being discarded because in some cases the voter didn’t submit proof of identification with their application. In other cases, the Board can’t verify the voter’s identity because of a technical issue. In either case, this can be fixed so that the votes count. Here’s what voters need to do.


Click here to find out if you are one of the voters who are affected by this. Once there, click “link to file.” The names of affected voters are listed in alphabetical order. If your name is on the list, here’s what you need to do.


Email a picture of your acceptable photo ID to, or fax it to (215) 686-3398. The ID must have a name, photo and it cannot be expired.


Acceptable forms of ID include federal or state-issued ID’s (including Driver’s Licenses), a city employee ID, or an ID from a state care facility, including long term care facilities, assisted living residences and personal care homes.


Go to for more information. 

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Country Cookin’s Saudia Shuler Tests Positive For COVID-19

Updated 11/14/20 3:00pm

Philly’s own Saudia Shuler has recently been checked into a hospital after a few days of bedside. Country Cookin’s owner has recently given us an update and Saudia has tested positive for COVID-19.

Two days prior Saudia Shuler made a video in her bed saying “When God say sit down, he mean sat down”.

We pray for Philly’s favorite auntie Saudia Shuler to have a speedy recovery! More news to come as the story develops.

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Multiple Fire Crews Respond To Smoke From Denzel Washington’s LA Home

'Roman J. Israel, Esq.' New York Screening - Red Carpet

Source: Jamie McCarthy / Getty

Wednesday night fire crews responded to reports of smoke coming from a home that as far as the property records show, belongs to actor Denzel Washington.

Smoke could be seen coming from the second floor of the multi-level mansion of Beverly Park Circle and 911 was called, according to authorities.

After a thorough search of the home with thermal imaging cameras, the Los Angeles Fire Department said have confirmed that there is no active fire, only smoke.

The L.A. Fire Department determined that the smoke on the second floor was from one of several furnaces in the home that was recently serviced and was taken offline.

We are not aware if the Washington family were at the home during this time.

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Report: Mo3 Shot and Killed In Dallas

Mo3 LIVE At #979CarShow (PHOTOS)

Source: Radio One

Multiple outlets are reporting that Dallas rapper Mo3 was allegedly shot and killed on I-35 in Oak Cliff on Wednesday (November 11). The aftermath of the incident was shared on social media with numerous fans offering prayers for the Mo3 Badazz artist.

Check back for updates as more details are confirmed.





OJ Simpson Says Ex-Wife Nicole Brown Simpson’s Mother Has Died: ‘God Bless Her Family’

Juditha Brown (C), the mother of murder victim Nic

Source: TIZIANA SORGE / Getty

The mother of  Nicole Brown Simpson — the ex-wife of O.J. Simpson who was killed in a murder that he was infamously acquitted of more than 25 years ago — has died, the former football star-turned actor-turned commercial pitchman said in a video he tweeted Sunday night. Simpson said Juditha Brown died Sunday.

Simpson made the announcement during a video that began with his camera trained on a photo of him and some of his football teammates, many of whom he said had died. That led him to talk about Juditha Brown’s death.

“Today I lost someone that was incredibly special to me,” Simpson said. “Her name was Juditha Brown, the mother of Nicole Brown.”

He did not say what was the cause of her death.

Simpson described a mutual, close relationship between the two no matter what the situation was.” He called her “a kind and considerate person” who was always there to help him, even as a single father “trying to raise two kids by myself.”

Simpson said he was grateful his children got a chance to see Juditha Brown this weekend before she died.

“God bless her family,” Simpson said before adding later: “The world lost a special person. We all did.”

Watch the video below.

The details of the relationship shared between Simpson and Juditha Brown up until her death were not widely known. The Detroit Free-Press reported in June that Nicole’s youngest sister, Tanya, said the murder trial is still “especially hard” for her mother.

For those who may not be old enough to remember, Simpson’s ex-wife and her friend Ron Goldman were both found dead from multiple stab wounds at her southern California home on June 12, 1994. Five days later, Simpson caught the country’s attention by leading police on a slow, lengthy car chase that many found incriminating before he was arrested and taken into custody as the prime suspect for the killings.

He was ultimately charged with both murders before being acquitted on Oct. 3, 1995.

Mother Juditha Brown (R) wipes tears from her eyes

On right, Juditha Brown wipes tears next to daughter Denise during opening statements in the O.J. Simpson murder trial. | Source: POOL / Getty

The Los Angeles Times described in a 1996 report how Juditha Brown during the trial believed Simpson murdered her daughter. While testifying against Simpson, she was “throwing him hard glances as she described him as nervous, upset and so angry he stared right through her when they met a few hours before Nicole Brown Simpson was killed.” She told jurors that “when she asked O.J. Simpson whether he had anything to do with her daughter’s death, he refused to answer the question directly.”

However, one of Simpson’s defense attorneys “played a snippet of a television interview in which Brown says that Simpson had in fact answered her question ‘No,’ then went on to tell her, ‘I loved your daughter.’ After watching the video, Brown agreed that her testimony on the witness stand had been inaccurate.”

According to Simpson’s video eulogy, the two went on to have a good relationship.


Five Things That Suggest O.J. Simpson Killed His Ex-Wife And Ron Goldman

‘Concussion’ Doctor Bennet Omalu Suspects O.J. Simpson Has CTE Brain Disease

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Report: Rapper King Von Dead Due To Injuries After Shooting

Compound Saturday Nights Hosted by 42 Dugg

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Update: Sources have confirmed that King Von has died due to injuries sustained after the shooting.

Two people were killed in a shooting early Friday morning outside the Monaco Hookah Lounge in downtown Atlanta. According to WSBTV, 2 large groups got into a fight outside of Monaco, which escalated into gunfire. One other person was also hit by a car and is in critical condition. The shooting involved off-duty police officers, but no officers were injured in the incident.

Folks on Twitter tied Rapper King Von to the shooting and many folks are saying the Chicago rapper was one of the people shot outside the club, but he was not killed. We are not sure of all the details of the incident, and police say they have no witnesses.

CLICK HERE to read more on the shooting.

CLICK HERE to see what Twitter is saying

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Voting Rights, Criminal Justice Reform And Marijuana Win Big As Biden And Trump Fight For Votes

Across The U.S. Voters Flock To The Polls On Election Day

Source: Ethan Miller / Getty

As much of America experiences a range of emotions anxiously waiting for every presidential vote to be counted, there seems to be a growing sense of satisfaction from civil rights advocates as final results in certain statewide elections have provided somewhat of a silver lining to the national political fray.

The race between Joe Biden and Donald Trump to secure 270 electoral college votes has dominated the news cycle amid an election whose results have been delayed in part because of a record number of absentee ballots cast during a pandemic. But other items on various ballots across the country were decided in no uncertain terms, prompting civil rights groups to rejoice over the bright spots in an otherwise stormy political forecast.

Criminal justice reform advocates were delivered several key victories, including the election loss for a Georgia district attorney who investigated Ahmaud Arbery‘s killing earlier this year. Brunswick Judicial Circuit District Attorney Jackie Johnson — who recused herself from the case of racist vigilantism after it was discovered her office worked with one of the three jailed white men charged with playing separate murderous roles in the killing the Black jogger racially profiled, chased down, trapped and shot dead in the middle of a road in February — came up short against Keith Higgins, an independent candidate who qualified for the race at the last minute. Prior to Higgins’ candidacy, Johnson, a Republican, was running unopposed.

Voting rights advocates saw their hard work pay off in California when the state’s voters approved a measure to allow parolees cast ballots in elections. In addition to restoring the right to vote for people on parole, Proposition 17 also lets parolees run for public office. The measure means that an estimated 50,000 people will be able to participate in the democratic process.

“Let’s not overlook the huge win in California tonight for voting rights,” Color of Change President Rashad Robinson accurately tweeted Tuesday night while most eyes were watching presidential election results tricking in.

Prior to Tuesday’s vote, Californians on parole and in state prison had their voting rights revoked. The Los Angeles Times reported that Proposition 17 earned 59 percent of the statewide vote.

In Mississippi, voters passed a measure to end an electoral system that originated in the Jim Crow era and was designed “to dilute the Black vote and ensure white voters would be able to choose governors and other statewide officials,” the Mississippi Free Press reported. The electoral-college style system was created in 1890 as an amendment to the state constitution because the state’s “constitutional convention was held for no other purpose than to eliminate the nigger from politics—not the ignorant, but the nigger,” Mississippi House Rep. James K. Vardaman — a white supremacist — said at the time.

Trump may have won the state, but election advocates won the right for the state to move to a more conventional system based on the popular vote. In another win for human decency, Mississippi voters also approved a new state flag design that will eliminate its existing Confederate theme.

Lastly, marijuana advocates declared cannabis as the real winner of Tuesday’s elections as voters in Arizona, Montana, New Jersey and South Dakota moved to legalize the plant in some way, shape or form. The move is a significant step in addressing the racial disparities in the criminal justice system as Black and brown people remain disproportionately suffering the brunt of related arrests.

After Tuesday’s election, there are now 15 states that have either enacted or voted to enact adult-use marijuana legalization laws. Thirty-six states have either enacted or have voted to enact medical marijuana access laws, too.

Erik Altieri, the executive director of NORML, said the federal government needs to listen to what voters are saying about marijuana.

“The public has spoken loudly and clearly. They favor ending the failed policies of marijuana prohibition and replacing it with a policy of legalization, regulation, taxation, and public education,” Altieri said in an emailed statement. “Elected officials — at both the state and federal level — ought to be listening.”


Results Trickle In As Data Show Roles Black Voters Are Playing In 2020 Election

Jaime Harrison Falls Short In Historic Bid For Lindsey Graham’s South Carolina U.S. Senate Seat

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LeBron James Officially Endorses Biden

LeBron James

Source: Nike / NIke

LeBron James has made his official presidential endorsement – and it’s not exactly a surprise choice.

LeBron endorsed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in an Instagram post, writing “We need EVERYTHING to change and it all starts tomorrow”.

King James has been openly critical of Trump during his presidency.  Meanwhile, Trump took a jab at LeBron at a Pennsylvania rally on Monday, poking fun at low ratings for the NBA Finals, which prompted the crowd to chant “LeBron James sucks!”

Police Shoot Black Man In Front Of Loved Ones In West Philly

Protesters gather for Sean Reed

Source: Wildstyle Paschall / All317Hiphop

A video has surfaced of a police shooting in West Philadelphia. In the video, it appeared two white police officers gun a black man down in front of his loved ones in broad day light.

The reasoning behind the West Philly shooting is unknown. More news to come as the story develops.

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Cops Kill Unarmed Black Teen Car Passenger In Suburban Chicago Shooting

An unarmed Black teen was killed and his girlfriend was critically wounded in a police shooting Tuesday night in suburban Chicago that has prompted more questions than answers. Marcellis Stinnette, 19, died in the shooting in the Illinois city of Waukegan that police claimed only happened because the car he was a passenger in reversed toward the officer who shot them. However, witnesses said the police officer hit them with his car before he opened fire.

In the end, another unarmed Black man lost his life and his family is demanding answers for an incident that at face value seems like it was completely preventable.

“This is just something that I see on the news or on TV and think it’ll never happen to me. Now I’m a victim of the same thing,” Zhanellis Banks, Stinnette’s sister, told News 4 Jax in Florida, where she lives. “My mother has lost her son. Another African-American family is broken.”

Stinnette’s girlfriend was identified as Tafara Williams, who is reportedly in her 20s and the mother of Stinnette’s young child.

The Associated Press reported that her mother said she and Stinnette “hadn’t done anything to provoke the shooting.”

Local news outlet the Press Herald reported that Williams “and a witness contend the officer rammed the vehicle she was driving and began shooting.”

The Waukegan Police Department issued a press release claiming that the car “fled” once an officer approached the vehicle. The press release never said why the officer approached the car. The press release said that a different police officer saw the car “moments later” and when he walked toward the car, “it began to reverse.”

That’s when the cop “fired his semi-automatic pistol, in fear for his safety,” the press release said.

Police did not recover a gun from the vehicle Stinnette and Williams were in.

Lake County State’s Attorney Michael Nerheim released a statement Thursday morning acknowledging the shooting and announcing his office would be investigating the incident.

“Once I have had the opportunity to review the entire investigation, I will make a determination regarding whether the officers violated any laws,” Nerheim said in part. “Should it be determined the officers violated a law, they will be criminally charged. If laws were not broken, I will write up a detailed statement that will completely review the facts, show the evidence, explain applicable laws, and give our reasoning for the final decision.”

The officers involved were wearing body cameras, but none of the footage has been released as of Thursday afternoon.

“At this point, I’ve cried all my tears,” Banks, Stinnette’s sister, added. “We’re ready for justice. we’re ready for reform. This can’t happen to another family.”

The families of Stinnette and Williams have planned a protest that will begin at the site of the shooting before marching to the Waukegan Police Department on Thursday, according to ABC 7 Chicago.

An online petition is demanding the arrest and firing of the officer who shot Stinnette.

This is America.


Ben Crump Calls For New, Independent Prosecutor To ‘Seek Justice For Breonna Taylor’

Voter Intimidation: Photo Shows Uniformed Cop Wearing Pro-Trump Mask At Miami Polling Place

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Philadelphia Eagles Fans First Game Back In The Stadium Ends With A Brawl [Video]

Eagles Parade 2018

Source: @JustInMyView / R1 Digital

Philadelphia Eagles fans never cease to amaze us. As the NFL has been taking safety procedures due to COVID-19 the first half of the season football teams were not able to have fans in the stands.

Some teams had the ability to have limited capacity. The Eagles got the green light from the NFL to have limited capacity.

Should be a fun time right? No! Or Yes, depending on who you ask. Our birds had a tough game against the Baltimore Ravens where we had a last-second heartbreak to lose the game. Ending off a terrible Sunday, the Eagles fans started beating up the opposing team’s fans.

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Black Woman Says ‘Well-Known’ Pastor ‘Peed On’ Her During Delta Airlines Flight

McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas

Source: NurPhoto / Getty

As if 2020 couldn’t spiral any more out of control, a Black woman airplane passenger said she recently found herself being urinated on by her seatmate during a flight back from Las Vegas. She recalled the horrific experience to Fox 2 Detroit, which reported that the culprit was not immediately arrested for his misdeed.

Alicia Beverly told Fox 2 Detroit that all was well as she slept on her Delta Airlines red-eye flight back home to the Motor City n Monday night until she woke up after feeling a warm sensation on her side. Once she became fully alert and understood what was happening, she said she jumped up and screamed, waking up the plane’s other passengers.

“I jump up and I seen his private area out and I screamed and that woke everybody up,” Beverly said. “By that time I actually looked at him and I see him shake himself off and I’m like this man just peed on me! I looked and there was a puddle of pee in the seats!”

Beverly’s seatmate had not been officially identified as of Thursday morning. Fox 2 Detroit would only describe him as “a well-known pastor from North Carolina.” Fox 2 Detroit suggested it knows the identity of the pastor, whose “camp has decided not to comment on the story.” It was unclear why Fx 2 Detriot would conceal the pastor’s identity.

Beverly said she had to sit in wet clothes for hours until the plane landed at the Detriot Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, where the pastor was taken into custody. His fate is up to the FBI, which handles incidents during air travel.

Fox 2 Detroit cited “sources” in reporting that “the pastor had an apparent reaction to a sleep aid.”

Beverly told Fox 2 Detroit that she has been dealing with anxiety issues since the incident.

“I left work yesterday because I couldn’t stay but I had to tell them why I needed to leave. It was a lot,” she said. “My anxiety was really high literally. Since then I have only gotten 4 hours of sleep.”

There was a similarly disturbing incident that took place on another Delta Airlines flight back in April. In that instance, a Black man was kicked off a flight after he used the restroom while the plane was awaiting takeoff during a taxiing period which passengers are supposed to remain seated. Kima Hamilton said he urgently needed to go and the pilot informed passengers that the plane would need to return to the gate to remove him. As a result, the rest of the plane’s passengers also has to de-board.

There’s more to the story — which you can read here in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel — but suffice to say that the alternative would have left Hamilton in the same kind of territory where the “well-known pastor from North Carolina” finds himself today.


Positive COVID-19 Tests Halt Kamala Harris’ In-Person Campaigning, For Now

The Irony: Daniel ‘Sellout’ Cameron Hires Armed Bodyguards To Protect His Own Life As Threats Pour In

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Philly High School Principal Richard Gordon Honored As Nations Best!



Paul Robeson High School in West Philadelphia has been the home for many bright students but today we talk about one of the leaders of the school. Principal of Paul Robeson High School Richard Gordon has been honored as the nation’s principal of the year. Philly stand up!

This award was given to Principal Gordon by the National Association of Secondary School Principles. These impressive accolades go to the Camden bred after years of hard work & dedication to helping children grown.

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Philly Cops Caught On Video Jumping Black Teen, Brutally Beating Him Up

Three Police Officers Shot And Killed In Baton Rouge

Source: Sean Gardner / Getty

Two Philadelphia police officers were caught on video repeatedly striking a young black teen and beating him with a baton. Allegedly the jumping occurred after the police officers found the teenager outside smoking.

Following the video, a man that goes by the Instagram name @majorchangetheworld found the police officers and had a conversation with them regarding the fight.

According to Nogunzone, sources have stated the young man that was beaten up had a gun on him. More news to come as the story develops.

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Coatesville Police Caught On Video Barging Into Black Man’s House & Get Aggressive

Protesters gather for Sean Reed

Source: Wildstyle Paschall / All317Hiphop

Coatesville Police Officer Davis & Kinsmen were caught on video assaulting two young men inside there home. According to Nogunzone, the two young men, Rich Brown & Tyler Rivera were bombarded by police officers. More information around what happened was provided to Nogunzone, “The police officers involved entered Rich Brown’s home without a warrant, then proceeded to escalate this situation to violence. The incident was filmed by multiple people present, and the officers involved can be seen dragging, punching, and kicking the two men, completely unprovoked. None of the officers present explained why they entered their home or why they were being arrested, despite them being asked by those at the scene. Tyler Rivera is facing 7-8 charges, and Rich Brown is facing 9.”

More news to come as the story develops.

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