Black Dad’s Are The Worst: America’s Biggest Lie [Opinion]

black-dadsAdrian Harrison & son Malcolm X. Harrison

How can you tell when someone is lying to you? Can you read it in their face, see it in their movements or speech? What if you can’t see their face or aren’t in their presence; can you still tell if they’re lying? What if they presented an idea to you that wasn’t real, could you poke holes in it? What if society constantly bombarded your mind with this same lie, legitimizing it with TV shows, movies and statistics which misrepresent reality, could you then see the deception?

If I told you that black fathers are statistically the best dads in America would you think that it was a lie? If you didn’t think I was lying to you, you’re probably assuming the statement is stretched from the truth, but in actuality it is not. According to a study released by The National Center for Health Statistics, black fathers are involved in the day to day lives of their children more than dads in Hispanic households as well as their white counterparts. So where did we get the “Black Dad’s are the Worst” idea from? Stereotypes and statistics geared towards making black fathers believe they are some how inadequate at being a good dad.  As you read this article, it will touch on some new facts  to change the perception, but will not dive deep into all the numbers. I leave it up to you to continue your research and find more for yourself.

To all black fathers who have done everything in their power to be good role models to their children despite all the stereotypes and statistics to prove otherwise, I SALUTE YOU. We have created a culture that hates and despises you. It depicts you as deadbeat, it throws you to the fire through media and movies, and rarely shows you as having any worth in our communities. Worst of all, our community believes it to be fact. Let this be a testament on your behalf, YOU ARE GREAT and the rest of this article will prove it. But you also need to understand that you can be better and there are things we can do as a community to help our fathers become better dads.



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Are Good Looks Overrated in Maintaining a Relationship? [Original]

couple together

In American culture good looks seem to be idolized more than personality or intelligence to the point that some of people’s biggest fear is being seen as ugly. We are constantly swarmed with advertisements, billboards, commercials, television shows, movies, and other forms of media that make us feel that we always need some type of product that can enhance our appearance. The media continues to show how much America glamorizes good looks, and these values have influenced peoples’ behavior and feelings. The problem with this is that as looks are placed on a pedestal, other more important traits such as personality and intelligence have been left on the floor.

This swayed type of thinking has even caused some to believe that looks are more than enough to maintain a relationship, and now more than ever have I seen so many good looking females who can’t maintain a relationship, and out of confusion they continue to ask their self “Why?” The thing is everyone notices good looks as these are what will usually attract two individuals to one another at first. Without knowing much about a person and before getting to know them all you really have to judge them by is what you hear and what you see. It is then through getting to know a person that you decide whether or not they’re enough of a match to take that next step.

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The problem is that during this “getting to know a person” period if two people already find the other as very attractive they let this blur their judgment, letting some of the person’s faults slide. Also, each of the individual’s friends who know little to nothing about the person their friend is talking to will judge them based on how appealing they are, and if they are good looking enough they’ll influence them to not let that person get away. This is what will sometimes contribute to two people getting into a relationship with good looks as the relationship’s foundation.

This becomes problematic as one can’t turn to good looks as the answer for the many issues couples face in a relationship. Common problems that may arise are lack of communication, trust issues, distance, lack of quality time, jealousy, and troubles dealing with one another’s insecurities, etc. Addressing all of these issues are imperative in helping maintain a lasting relationship and not one of these issues can be solved with good looks. Also, whether we like to admit it or not no matter how good looking our significant other is there will always be someone more physically appealing; therefore if your relationship is based on looks you will soon want to move on to someone more attractive. This is why judging someone on their inner beauty is more important that their outer beauty. It is through finding someone attractive in all aspects that you can walk through a public location and not even flinch for anyone else, even if they are more physically appealing than your significant other.

America’s media makes us believe good looks are everything, but their incentive is based on bringing in money through selling products. Yes, everyone loves appeal but if you’re goal is to maintain a long-lasting, healthy relationship than how much of a factor are you really going to let good looks play in helping you choose the right one?

words by: Giovanni Waters


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5 Reasons Athletes Should Stay Away From “Gold Diggers” [Original]

athletes and gold diggers

So far, 2012 has been notorious for athlete downfalls at the fault of gold-digging women! As if it isn’t painfully obvious, here’s 5 reasons athletes should stay far away from gold diggers! When will they ever learn?

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1. Hello, Distraction!

athletes and gold diggers

When serious athletes get themselves involved with high-profile women from the media, they become a distraction for their entire franchise/team as well as causing a personal distraction tearing them away from what’s really important: their sport!

Ex. Some people may argue both Kris Humphries AND Reggie Bush’s athletic talents suffered as a result of her media-craze!

2. Negative Attention

athletes and gold diggers

While I’m sure Brooklyn Nets’ forward Kris Humphries was excited for people to actually know who he was (for once), unfortunately, it wasn’t for his skills on the court. Instead of ignoring Humphries when he entered the court (like usual), after their divorce went public, fans (mainly Kim Supporters/Hater) actually “BOO-ed” him!

I guess all publicity is good publicity, however, I’m sure the Nets didn’t appreciate having their own players BOO-ed in their home stadium!

3. Reputation Risk

athletes and gold diggers

Messing with the wrong Gold-Digger could cost you your reputation! We all remember the release of Karrine Steffans’ book: “Confessions of a Video Vixen,” in which she painted Shaq as a crazy and manipulative man! I don’t know about you guys, but I couldn’t look at Shaq the same way after reading that!

4. Pay Cut?

athletes and gold diggers

Whether it be through law-suit or prenup, too often, gold-digging women walk away with half of their partner’s (hard-earned) money! Like Drake said: “You wasn’t with me shooting in the gym!” But, according to the law, they never had to be!

5. Lose Career?!

athletes and gold diggers

We all know gold-diggers are more often than not, attention-craving drama queens. One small incident (alleged “domestic violence”, for example)  could turn into a huge incident resulting in negative media attention and ultimately a dismissal from the athlete’s franchise or team!

Ex. Miami Dolphin’s coach couldn’t risk the media spinning the story and saying he condones domestic violence had he decided to let Ochocinco keep his position on the team, so, he had to go!

When will they ever learn?

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An Old White Man’s Burden: Keep The Change [Original]


When I was growing up, my parents never shied away from teaching my twin brother and I about how the world worked and how we ought to be very careful in a society that wasn’t too keen on young boys who looked like us. However, in my short lifetime the world has been flipped upside down and what we used to look at as something not of the norm, is now commonplace in almost every city in the country. That normality is called “acceptance,” and it’s spreading like wildfire. Issues that were taboo in the 80’s and 90’s have turned into civil rights battles for freedom, love, and liberties. Like before, with any change comes resistance. The old white man’s burden begins.

Unless you live under a rock, it’s hard not to notice the major changes happening around the world. The United States of America not only elected it’s first African American president this decade, but also shed light on Gay rights as a major issue and even look to elect their first woman president in 2016. With all of this change going on, the old white man, with his arrogance and superiority complex, finds himself surrounded by a world totally different from the one he grew up in, but even he is starting to see the light.

Over the past weekend I took a mini vacation to Washington D.C. to clear my mind of the stress I’m sure we all go through. Before I left the hotel, I made a conscious decision to take a taxi cab. I wanted to enjoy my night, so driving seemed out of the question since alcohol was going to be my best friend on the dance floor. I had heard all the stories about how taxi’s don’t stop for young black men from my father, so I was slightly hesitant when I stuck my hand in the air to hail a cab. I even let the beautiful young woman who accompanied me to stand a little ahead of me as we both flagged down the cabbie. I was shocked when a nearly 80 year old white man pulled up, unlocked the door and asked us where we wanted to go. He was a partially bald old man, with a few strands of grey poking from his old baseball cap. His voice was raspy, but that didn’t stop him from starting conversation. Unlike the cab I took the night before, the old man turned around to get us to our destination faster, and I appreciated that. That’s when the convo got interesting.


How Bullying Will Change The NFL Forever [Opinion]

nfl-bullyingThearon W. Henderson/Getty

I think we can all agree that football is one of the most physically grueling professions in the entire world. Players are paid millions of dollars to put targets on their opponents backs and crush them like pesky flies flying over your dinner. Even practice calls for teammates to put aside their common bond of playing for the same team to crush one another while preparing for the gridiron war that takes place every sunday. Because of the sports physicality and brut-ness, finding NFL players being bullied is almost as tough as that overused cliche about a needle in a haystack.

The Miami Dolphins just found that needle not in a haystack, but in their locker room. The dolphins suspended guard Richie Incognito after his teammate, Jonathan Martin left the team last week because of emotional issues caused by the bullying of Richie Incognito. Bullying has been a hot topic in popular culture over the past few years. Numerous entertainers including some athletes have taken a stand against bullying, starring in commercials and PSA’s to bring awareness to people affected by it’s ugliness. But this is the first time in NFL history, that a player has accused his own teammate of bullying. By now you should be asking yourself, how in the world does a 300 pound NFL lineman get bullied? The better question you should ask yourself is how will this change the NFL. Well, let me be the first to tell you, the NFL will never be the same.

In a sport where bullies on the field get celebrated and treated like gods, a certain edge is needed to remain the big dog or head honcho. Now, with the Miami Dolphins bullying allegations the NFL will have to do some serious policy changes to ensure this will never happen again. Hazing has been a popular tradition in NFL locker rooms all over the country. Rookies come to camp expecting to be tapped to goal posts, or get outrageous haircuts, or have to sing embarrassing songs for the whole team. This tradition will soon have to come to screeching halt. The NFL will likely have to ban hazing from all locker rooms. NFL teams might also have to keep a better eye on their players and their locker rooms. Imagine owners issuing team cell phones in order to keep the records of calls and texts just in case something like Incognito happens again. Or don’t be surprised if Roger Goodell creates guidelines around players lending other players money. Will they have to show the league receipts? Also does Goodell force the players association to have mandatory bully classes, to keep the appearance of a healthy locker room and team? I’m not sure what is to come from this Incognito bullying tirade, but I do know that one player has single handedly forced Roger Goodell to make some serious rule changes, and don’t be surprised if they are changed before the end of the year. NFL football will never be the same, and neither will the NFL locker room.

words by: @blogzworth

Cowboys Teach Nick Foles & Eagles Fans A Valuable Lesson [Opinion]

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia EaglesDrew Hallowell/Getty Images


There is no such thing as a dumb question.

That’s a lie. Just this past week people we’re asking should the Philadelphia Eagles start Quarterback Nick Foles even if Mike Vick is healthy? Do you see how dumb that question is. The bad thing about it is, it took an unnecessary 17-3 loss to the now 4-3 Dallas Cowboys to show how out of touch people are for even asking this question.

Being a fan of the Eagles means I support every player on the field. There are some fans, based on media portrayal, that only support Foles or any Eagles quarterback other than Vick. This has created a rift it the Eagles fan community and unfortunately it won’t stop until Vick is not on the roster. To these fans I say lets state the facts. Nick Foles is 2-7 as a starter, with both wins coming against the Tampa Bay Bucs. I don’t consider the Giants game a win for Foles because Vick left the game with a comfortable lead for Foles. With a record that dismal can we please stop asking for Foles to be more than what he is, a backup.

It would be acceptable if people would just say “I don’t like, or can’t ever support Mike Vick” that would at least be honest, but this campaign to make Foles seem better equipped than Vick, to lead this Eagles team is a joke.

On Sunday we saw what Nick Foles can do in a game where he has the odds in his favor. The Cowboys came to Philadelphia without their best defensive player, DeMarcus Ware and top running back, DeMarco Murray. Foles did nothing to help win the game for us. The defense even stepped up and held the Cowboys to 3 points in the first half.

The question that we need to ask is, Do you still have faith in Nick Foles or should the Eagles re-sign Mike Vick immediately?

Your thoughts


Dear America: Open Letter From An Average American Black Guy [Original]

Dear America,

First let me start by introducing myself. I am a 29 year old African-American man. My name is not important. You might as well call me Trayvon Martin Oscar Grant Emmett Till III.

I’m writing this letter because my story, like so many other African-American men has left me confused and frustrated with society. I’m as American as Apple Pie, but why in 2013 am I still treated so much like an outcast in my own country? Law enforcement assumes I’m guilty, neighborhood watch makes me feel like I don’t belong here, and you cross the street when my friends and I are headed in your direction. Believe it or not, hoodie on or not, I am a human being with feelings and emotions, who just wants to be treated like everyone else. So many men that look like me are treated as if their life has less value than that of their white counterparts.  Just last week, I was pulled over by a police officer who couldn’t tell me why he pulled me over. He just wanted to see my papers. Knowing that I hadn’t committed any crimes or broken the law I just sucked it up and gave the police officer my license and registration. Here is where the conversation gets interesting. The officer then says, “What are you doing here, why you here.” I was immediately taken back by that question. Did I not have the right to travel as I pleased? I never knew I needed the police’s permission to head to the beach on my day off of work. A friend of mine, who was in the passenger seat started to make conversation with the officer. She told him how great of a guy I was and how I wasn’t out to cause any trouble. The officer said he would be the judge of that and walked back to his car to run my paper work. When he returned to my car he looked at my friend and said, “He has no warrants or outstanding child support so I guess he’s ok.” Then he laughed.

CHILD SUPPORT!? Was he serious? I was disgusted, but smiled to keep from snapping back at the officer. Why did he even mention child support? What did that have to do with him pulling me over? I’ve always been told police were supposed to protect and serve; instead I was emasculated in front of my friend, an African American woman, by the very person whose job it is to protect me. If the officer’s job was to make me feel inferior, he succeeded. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first time I’ve been accosted by the police. When I was 15, four police officers put their guns to my face, hands on triggers, because they thought I stole someone’s car radio. Or how about the time I was 22 and some South Jersey police decided to raid my car because my rear tail light was out. (Here’s one more just for fun) How can I forget about the time I was stopped and frisked in New York City (Why you may ask…no reason). If you’re a black man in America these stories are all too common. We all know racism exists, that’s not why I’m confused. I’m confused because when I have this conversation with my white counterparts all I get is dumbfounded looks. “Well you must have done something wrong,” they say. “Police aren’t really like that.” Why can’t my friends or co-workers who aren’t black understand how dangerous it is to be me, or look like me for that matter? The only time I’ve had a gun pointed to my face was by the police, not by a junkie or a drug dealer, or by someone who looked like me, but instead by a cop, more than once. The police have never come to my rescue. I fear for my life, every time I am in the presence of police.  I fear that I could say anything he or she doesn’t like and it’s my life that is taken.

For all the African American moms reading this, I pray for you. To anyone not black who reads this, I hope this starts the dialogue which helps you understand what it’s like to be Black in America. To my young black men, we will prevail through any obstacles.


A Black Guy in America

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What Do Sport’s Salaries Say About America’s Values [Original]


With the NBA Finals in full swing, thousands of fans are intrigued by the dozens of plays that are made on a nightly basis. Whether it’s an alley-oop from Dwyane Wade to Lebron James of the Miami Heat or an ankle-breaking crossover from Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs, viewers are always in for a treat. While watching the game the other night I had a friend ask me how is it that these players whose job is to get a ball into a hoop paid so much. Although undermining the work ethic and abilities of these athletes, this question draws attention to the business end of basketball (and professional sport leagues), another intriguing aspect of the game that continues to cause debate over whether or not professional athletes are overpaid. Is it fair that Lebron James made over 17 million dollars this year?

During the game after having been questioned by my friend, I answered his question with another question. I had asked, “In looking at how much these athletes make, where do you think all of this money comes from?” In sticking with basketball, I found that the NBA averages annual revenue of about $4 billion. This is a large number but what is even more surprising is where this money comes from. The average ticket price for Miami Heat Finals home games have been $570 per ticket. With a seating capacity of over 19,000 one sold out Finals game would bring in over $10.8 million, which doesn’t even include parking costs, food, beverages, and merchandise. Yes, this is a Finals game so tickets would be less during a normal season game but the numbers give an idea to how much one NBA game can generate. Even those who do not attend sporting events are still contributing to this $4 billion revenue if they are watching the games on TV, buying some of their favorite athletes jerseys, or purchasing other types of merchandise with their favorite team’s logo on it.

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In other words, most of us that condemn these athletes for their salaries are contributing to their paychecks by simply turning on the game. This has to make us wonder about whether or not we are debating the right topic. Should the debate be over whether or not these athletes are overpaid, or should it focus more on what their salaries say about America’s values when it comes to sports and entertainment.

words by: Giovanni Waters

Who’s Your Daddy: The Epidemic Of Absent Black Fathers [Original]


The epidemic of absent black fathers in today’s society is vastly increasing and getting worst and worst. According to 2011 U.S. Census, over 24 million children live inside of a fatherless home. Now let’s break it down and divide the pie into the different races in America. 1 in 3 (34%) Hispanic children live in father-absent homes, and 1 in 4 (25%) white children also live in father-absent homes, while nearly 2 in 3 (64%) African American children live in father-absent homes. Anyone see anything wrong with those numbers?

According to the National Fatherhood Initiative, children who live in a fatherless home are, on average, at least two to three times more likely to be poor, to use drugs, to experience educational, health, emotional and behavioral problems, to be victims of child abuse, and to engage in criminal behavior than their peers who live with their married, biological (or adoptive) parents.


Is WorldstarHipHop A True Reflection of the Hip-Hop Culture? [Original]


The infamous website ranks in the top 250 of America web trafficking, aggregating 1.1 million visitors daily. The site provides audiences with a diverse amount of clips including official music videos, commercials, and recaps of important events. Although containing the previously mentioned material, the site is notorious for its street fights and other violent acts caught on camera or cell phones. With these videos reeling in a large majority of the site’s audiences, controversy has arisen over the true purpose of this site and how negative of an impact it may have on its daily visitors. With the name “Worldstarhiphop”, viewers may begin to question how much of the hip-hop culture is really being presented in this site, and whether or not it is altering how America as a society defines and views hip hop.


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When questioned by LA Weekly about the videos being presented on his site the owner of WorldStar, Lee “Q” O’Denat, stated, “[S]trippers, drug talk, violent

talk, fights, animosity, love and hate — that’s just hip-hop culture… It’s very aggressive and in your face.” This statement leaves critics to question whether or not the types of videos being shown on Worldstar really do reflect the hip-hop culture, or if daily visitors are coming to believe that this is how they should define Hip-hop based on what they see.

words by: Giovanni Waters

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5 Things I’ve Learned From The Boston Marathon Bombing [Original]


The Boston Marathon Bombing could be one of the most tragic events in US history. Two bombers, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, set off bombs at the finish line, killing a hand full of people and injuring hundreds.

While watching the aftermath, I couldn’t help but think to myself, “I’ve never seen anything this crazy in my life!” When you think of terrorist attacks, unfortunately you think of an arab man dressed in cloth screaming “Death to Americans.” Or you think of a white man whose anti-government views always seem to make there way into conversation. This one is different. I remember 9/11 and everything that came with it. 9/11 painted a picture of what “terrorists” were supposed to look and act like, but nothing about them said Jay-Z fan.

Here is a list of 5 things I’ve learned from the Boston Marathon Bombing:


1. Terrorists Are On Twitter: The bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has an active twitter page and had been gaining followers by the thousands every hour. His friends and family are even tweeting to him in real time as Police scour Boston trying to find him.

2. Jay Z Even Influences Terrorists – Jay Z was just named one of TIME Magazine’s most influential people and for good reason. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, one of the bombers quoted Jay Z on his twitter page:

Ain’t no love in the heart of the city, stay safe people

— Jahar (@J_tsar) April 16, 2013

He also tweeted Eminem lyrics:

Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got somethin to say but nothin comes out when they move their lips; just a bunch of gibberish

— Jahar (@J_tsar) April 17, 2013



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Why Facebook Is The Biggest Snitch In The World [Original]


We’ve all seen or heard it before, a friend of a friend posts pictures on his or her Facebook page with drugs and alcohol out in the open, or friends posing with illegal firearms. We even hear stories about criminals bragging about their crimes in their Facebook feed. But do these people realize that Facebook is the biggest snitch this world has ever seen? All over the country criminals are posting incriminating information on their Facebook pages, making it very easy for authorities to pick up on their illegal activities. Facebook is the best thing that has happened to the police force since the billy club. Facebook even tells their subscribers via their safety page that they work openly with local law enforcement.

In a article published on, Dana DiFilippo wrote about Omar Woods of Kensington who confessed on his facebook page that he was on the run for 3 attempted murders. The status update along with photos that Woods later posted of himself with a handgun jammed in his waistband, will help convict Woods in the court of law for a July shooting in Kensington that injured three people.

Police now use social media as a tool to search for criminals who could be leaving clues on their personal social media pages. Police are also using social tools to help find missing persons and people of interest.

Do people even stop to think about what their putting on the facebook pages and how it could effect them in the future? More and more criminals find the need to tell the world the incriminating situations they are involved in, but fail to realize that amongst those people they share information with are police offciers, FBI agents, and other goverement official who use these tools to specifically catch you in the act!  Think people, before you put that gun on your facebook page.


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10 Reasons Why Black Girls Wear Weave

*This article orignally appeared on*


10. Men Like It

It is said that most black men like long hair on a black girls. When in reality most black men would tell you no they don’t like weave they prefer for a black girl to wear her hair out natural.

9. We Can’t Grow Our Own

Some black girls use weave because they simply have no other choice, it’s either that or rock a bald head. Sometimes the lost of hair can be for health reasons, aging, or simply bald spots in certain places.

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8. Protective Hairstyle

Black girls don’t only use weave for the outer appearance, but it can actually help your hair grow and get thicker. If your hair isn’t damaged from perming, dying, etc.

7. Acceptance

Mostly all of the black girls portrayed in the media have weaves. Western society says a black girl isn’t beautiful unless she has a weave, thus, ultimately forcing her to conform to society’s standards by getting a weave.

6. It Looks Better

It is said that straighter hair looks better on a black girl rather than her naturally coarse, kinky hair. This is not true confidence is sexy and a confident woman can rock any hairstyle.

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5. Fashion

Straight, long hair will forever be classic, in style and on the run ways. Not true there are many different styles, not one particular hairstyle fits everybody’s personal style or facial bone structure.

4. Saves Time

For some black girls is not because it’s fashionable or what’s in. It simply is easier and saves them time in the morning rather than trying to manage their own hair.

3. We Feel Naked Without It

Has having a weave become as common as putting on our makeup or earrings in the morning? Do we feel naked without a weave? This is sad but for a lot of black girls this is true.

2. Our Secret Weapon 

A well gone weave can render a black helpless and fooled into thinking that our real hair.

1. Black Girls Don’t Know How To Take Care Of Their Own Hair

With perms, dyes, putting heat to your hair everyday. Is it simply that we don’t know how to take care of our own hair without it breaking off. No, we are aware of the do’s and don’ts with taking care of our, but simply the measures blacks have to take to make their hair manageable.

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7 GOLDEN Rules To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work [Original]


Photo Source:

In this day and age, relationships can be tough. The idea of monogamy is slowly but surely dying out as modern society has begun to blur the lines of relationship life and single life. For those who ACTUALLY WANT to be in a traditional relationship,  the pressure is on!  A “normal” relationship can present its challenges, if you add in the factor of distance, the challenge intensifies.

Long distance relationships are by NO means impossible BUT there are certain factors one must consider. Before you and your partner even think about a long distance relationship, you must first be sure that both of you are ready and willing to put in the work!

So, are you thinking of engaging in a long distance relationship? Or, are you and your lover struggling to make your long distance situation function? Here are seven GOLDEN rules to make a long distance relationship work:

1. Communication is key if you want to make your long distance relationship work.  Maintaining constant communication should be your number one  priority to ensure you are always on the same page as your partner.

2. Think of ways to include each other. Just because you guys are not physically together,  it does not mean you cannot watch a movie together! Schedule a time to call each other while watching the same movie so you can interact as if you were together. A movie is just ONE example of an activity you can plan, it is important to be creative, so put your thinking caps on!

3. Take advantage of visual technology. Instead of your routine telephone conversations “spice things up,” use free tools such as Skype and FaceTime, this will bring you together in a more intimate setting.  For example, you can eat dinner together, hold a conversation, or even do something to keep your love life exciting. Doing so will ensure that your face to face chemistry remains intact!

4. Always let your partner know when you are thinking about them. Try to send each other “flirty” little text messages throughout the day. Don’t hold back from telling your partner how much you care about them.

5. Keep your partner guessing, when in a long distance relationship it is important to go the extra mile to keep you partner happy. Send flowers,  cards, etc.- for no reason at all.

6.  Try to avoid jealousy and false accusations. Avoiding petty arguments is very important in a long distance relationship. It is vital to remember you “love each other.” Sometimes, the want or desire to be near one another can cause a rift in your relationship. Don’t Let It!

7. Make sure every occasion you and your partner spend together is special. Make it memorable,  so that during the times when you are apart, you can reflect on those unforgettable moments. Having a good time when you are together will also help give you and your partner something to look forward to the next time around.

** Remember,  romance is not always about material things, find out what makes your  partner tick! Investigate the small things, and make your loved one feel special. **
Long distance relationships can be a lot of work, BUT if you feel like the connection you and your partner share is worth it , GO FOR IT!  “Distance is not for the fearful, it is for the bold. It’s for those who are willing to spend a lot of time alone in exchange for a little time with the one they love. It’s for those knowing a good thing when they see it, even if they don’t see it nearly enough…”  (click here for similar quotes)

Thank your “Digital Diva” later!

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Keyshia Cole Tweets About Michelle’s Terrible Super Bowl Performance And Fans React…

KeyshiaColeI have always said social media and some celebrities don’t mix, they never know when they’re saying too much. Keyshia Cole is a singer/performer herself and I’m sure there have been some situations where her routine doesn’t go 100% perfect for whatever  reason, but that doesn’t stop her from bashing singer Michelle Williams via twitter. Apparently Keyshia Cole was saying Michelle once said something negative about her, so I’m guessing this was payback. What happen to girl power, smh? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I do agree with Keyshia Cole on this matter but I think when you’re a millionaire super star you should filter your tweets because it can come back to haunt you. If that were to happen Keyshia Cole can hold her own so “She ain’t got no worries”.

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Did Social Media Help Lead To The Finding Of Missing Philadelphia Girl Nailla Robinson?


On Monday January 14, 2013 at approx. 8pm there was an Amber alert issued for 5 year old Nailla Robinson who was abducted from her West Philadelphia elementary school shortly after her mother dropped her off for school. Nailla was taken from the school by an unidentified women fully dressed in Muslim garb with only her eyes showing. The school did not realize the young girl was missing or something was wrong until the Childs day care came to pick her up from school at 3pm.

Once the Amber Alert was issued and the details of this abduction was shared with the public and social network sites such as instagram, facebook, and twitter was flooded with pictures and a description of young Nailla urging fellow followers and friends to help find the young 5 year old child. Philadelphia, a city once known to have the rudest twitter followers pulled together for a common cause other than the weekly watch & tweet party for Love & Hip Hop and sent a powerful message that we wanted Nailla back safe and sound with her family ASAP! With so much posting and retweeting going on our message crossed state lines and picked up some star power along the way from local product Meek Mill offering to up the reward to $20,000 to actress Taraji P. Henson sending her prayers for the family and child.


As of 4:30am January 15th Nailla Robinson was found in the Upper Darby section of the city alone on a park bench in just a T-shirt.  The investigation is still pending on who and why anyone targeted Nailla but she is back with her family.  Nailla was abducted and found within 24hrs and it was the fast reaction of the media getting the information out to the public and our new generation of social networkers spreading the word and making so much of an impact online that any citizen walking the streets of Philadelphia or our surrounding cities would’ve recognized this young girl immediately. This is a win we can truly be proud of and I urge all of my fellow instagrammers, facebookers, and tweeters to pat yourself on the back and keep your fingers ready to catch the person or people involved with this crime once we get the word.

Check out Meek Mill’s instagram below…


words by: Tyree Gallimore


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