Listen: Tru Frazier – They Dont Love You No more Freestyle (EXPLICIT)

I’ve been following Tru Frazier for a little second now & I might be impressed by his flow. Tru  is a 21 year old aspiring artist born and raised in Philadelphia. He is a rapper, singer and songwriter and has been considered a triple threat among his peers because of his many talents. Keep up with Tru on social media HERE!

Idris Elba Raps And You Are Gonna Be So Surprised!

So I guess this man can do anything and still be fine as wine lol.  Check out Idris blessing this “Selfie” remix from Ghanaian Hip Hop group VIP and he is actually rappin! Listen and tell me what you think!

Chill Moody Lands Another Gig On MTV And This One Is Hilarious!

Well lookie here.  Look who just nailed down a new MTV show theme song!?!?  Our little brotha Chill Moody of course and Hank McCoy produces the track!  Not just any show, “Hood Fab!”  Biggups to my fellow  Clark Atlanta University alum, Damien Lemon who is serving as the new host!  It looks hilarious!  Watch the first episode with Fat Joe….

[ione_embed src= service=mtv width=512 height=288 type=iframe]

Listen/Download: Lil Boosie – Life After Deathrow Mixtape

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Dear White People Filmmaker, Justin Simien Chats College Experience At Predominantly White School & Has A Message For The Critics


Dear White People Writer & Director, Justin Simien stopped by Philly’s Morning Show to chat his college experience at a predominantly white school & also has a message for critics of the film. Dear White People is on the big screen NOW

Jusin Simien chats making the movie, Dear White People

Justin Simien chats, ‘I never looked like the black people on tv’ :47 mark

Justin chats, supporting ‘Dear White People’ – ‘little black movies come & they go’

Mary J Blige Chats Her Thoughts On Being Too Old For Radio Play [Exclusive Video]


Yo it’s always a good time (nervous time too) chatting with Mary J Blige. Mary’s an icon & I so believe that’s the last thing on her mind as an artist. Since I’ve been a fan, it’s always been about her fans & helping those who might find themselves going down that same path in life that perhaps she did.

The London Sessions (Documentary/CD) is scheduled to be available Dec. 2nd. I gotta admit at first, I didn’t know where Mary was taking us this go around BUT after listening she totally hooked friend & hopefully she’ll hook you too!!!!

Mary J Blige chats her journey to London something I’m calling a ‘rediscovery of self’ moment for her

Mary J Blige chats working with Disclosure, Sam Smith, Emeli Sande….she also breaks down the songs on the upcoming London Sessions

Mary J Blige chats her thoughts on being too old for radio play :43 mark


NFL Wife: Michel Sproles Chats Being A Cancer Survivor & More!

Really cool meeting Michel Sproles wife of Darren Sproles (Philadelphia Eagles) because I have my own thoughts on how most wives to ball players act….I’m so blaming reality tv.!

[ione_image_credit width=”679″ caption=”0″ align=”alignnone” text=”wphi”]sproles[/ione_image_credit]

Super excited to say that Michel totally took all the mean thoughts out of my head. Mrs. Sproles to me is a wonderful wife, good mother & a cancer survivor! Listen to her story below!

How did Michel realize her breasts weren’t right & she needed a check up? Sheesh, how does a doctor tell you that all is well, only to find it otherwise……

Michel chats, ‘didn’t make sense what the first doctor had told me’

Michel has an important message for women……