Beyoncé Talks The Secrets To Success, BLM, & More During Graduation Speech


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Queen Bey has done it again and this time she shut down the Class of 2020.

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Over the weekend, The 38-year-old singer appeared on Youtube’s ‘Dear Class of 2020,’ where she gave a virtual commencement speech for graduating seniors.

In her Speech, Bey tackled issues concerning the Black Lives Matter movement, the keys to being successful, sexism, and more.

“You have arrived here in the middle of a global crisis, a racial pandemic, and a worldwide expression of outrage at the senseless killing of yet another unarmed Black human being. And you still made it. We’re so proud of you.”

Other special guests from the virtual event included appearances from President Obama, Michelle Obama, and more.

To see the entire speech from the event, check out the video below.

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T.I Calls For National Shopping Blackout In Response to George Floyd’s Death

Rhythm And Flow on Netflix

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Rapper, T.I is one of the many public figures stepping up to address police brutality after the senseless killing of George Floyd.

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On Monday, videos surfaced of the 46-year-old African American man being strangled to death by an ex-officer — who is seen on camera with his knee in Floyd’s neck for allegedly forging a check.

Although officers say Floyd resisted arrest, the video shows him pinned down to the ground with multiple police surrounding him as he screams, ” Please, please. I can’t breathe.”

The video has since sparked national protests with the latest coming from T.I, who is no stranger to advocating for African American rights.

The rapper is calling for Americans of color to come together to boycott retailers nationwide on July 7th in efforts to show the importance of losing the African American dollar.

T.I took to Instagram to announce what he is calling #BlackOut2020 by stating, “Nobody spends sh*t on this day. If you give af about the murders, lynchings, and oppression of people of color!! #USorELSE

While we cannot put a price on black lives, this movement is an act of solidarity meant to show legislators our power in numbers.

Stand up against police brutality on July 7th by refraining from making any purchases for the entire day.

How do you feel about T.I’s latest boycott against police brutality? comment below.

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Tierra Whack Surprises Philadelphia School With $10k Music Grant

Tierra Whack x Unemployed

Source: Interscope Records / Interscope

Tierra Whack is putting music back into her community one Public school at a time!

The Philadelphia native changed the game in 2018 with the release of Whack World and is now using music to give other children where she is from the same opportunity.

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Early Thursday morning, Whack popped up to Samuel Fels High School to surprise students and faculty with $10k for their music program.

“I’m really excited. Growing up in Philly, I went to a music school and we didn’t always have proper funding so for me to be able to do this with Vans is amazing,” said Whack.

The 24-year-old rapper is doing this as part of the Vans “Give a Band!” program, where she plans to surprise five Philadelphia School District high schools with grants of up to $10,000 each.

The Whack World rapper received much of her education from The Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush before moving to Atlanta.

Check out the video of Tierra Whack surprising student from Fels High School below.

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Lena Waithe And Melina Matsoukas’s ‘Queen & Slim’ Is Modern Day Shakespeare


Queen & Slim Brooklyn Screening

Source: Jennifer Johnson / Universal

Queen & Slim is the epic new-age love story of our time that comes once every few decades. 

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The romantic suspense is a modern version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet illustrated with compelling images of black love and community told through a poetic-like structure. 

“I want him to love me so deeply I’m not afraid to show him how ugly I can be. I want him to show me scars I never knew I had.”


Although Ernest”Slim” and Angela “Queen” are often referred to as the black Bonnie and Clyde throughout the film, their characters are far from outlaws rebelling against the law. 

These two star-crossed lovers —played by British actors Daniel Kaluuya and Jodie Turner-Smith —are drawn to each other in their attempts to escape the injustices found in America’s justice system after a deadly encounter of police brutality. 

Kaluuya and Turner-Smith bring themes of love, community, and mindfulness to life with their on-screen chemistry.

She’s a loner moved only by fact, and he’s a family man driven by faith. Yet, their opposition is the main factor that drives them towards psychological healing and freedom. 

The film does a great job of stressing the importance of finding joy in the journey to one’s destination— making the characters’ run from the law seem like a spiritual road trip destined by fate. 

Watching the lovers relish recklessly in present time as they stop to ride horses and dance at neighborhood juke joints, leaves you wondering when was the last time you lived in the moment. 



The tragic love story ends with an expected yet surprising slaying of the film’s protagonists that startles viewers in true horror film fashion as they are forced to mourn the characters that everyone grew to love.

Lena Waithe and Melina Matsoukas call this film a form of “protest art,” nearly hitting theaters on the 5th anniversary of Tamir Rice’s death. 

12-year-old Rice was shot by 26-year-old police officer Timothy Loehmann in Cleveland, Ohio for playing with a toy gun. 

Although the film has a slow build-up, the female powerhouse does an excellent job of capturing an iconic black love story in a film that showcases what it means to be black in current-day America. 

That’s why we’re giving this film 4 out of 5 stars. Catch Queen & Slim in theaters now! 

Fly Chick Friday Featuring Dana Chanel


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Dana Chanel

Source: @JustInMyView / R1 Digital

Dana Chanel joins Paris Nicole on the latest episode of Fly Chick Friday. She owns multiple business’s, as well as using her huge platform to help, inform, motivate, and teach. She talks about her tour, leveraging social media successfully for your business, and much more!

If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, college student, or someone just unhappy with their job, Dana is someone you need to check out! Learn more at, and follow @danachanel @jumpingjacktax @alakazamapps @creditexterminators.

Listen to the full podcasted interview in the video player above, and check out some gems in the video below! Use the #FlyChickFriday and let us know who we should check out next!


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Black Music Month: Drake’s So Far Gone Spoke To Paris’s Younger Self!


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For Black Music Month, Radio One Philadelphia is paying homage to some of our favorite artists with our “The Impact Of The Mixtape” series, brought to you by the PA Lotto.

Paris Nicole breaks down her all time favorite mixtape So Far Gone, how she felt like the album was speaking to her younger self, and where it ranks all time!

What is your favorite mixtape of all time? Let us know on social @BOOMPHILLY!

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Fly Chick Friday Featuring J’Alex (Joslyn Perez) with Paris Nicole


17-year-old Philadelphia rising artist J’Alex (Joslyn Perez) is on the fast track to becoming one of the biggest stars to emerge from Philadelphia in the past 10 years. Fast forward from her humble breakout on YouTube with her ‘Switch Up’ cover J’ Alex has since amassed more than 650,000 followers across her combined social platforms.

Recently signed to Tandem Records via Jahlil Beats J’ Alex is currently working on her debut EP and will be hitting stages up and down the east coast this summer with dates to be announced soon!


Ari Lennox Is Obsessed With The Sims 3 And Her Sims All Have Afros [Exclusive Interview]

Roots Picnic 2019

Source: @JustInMyView / R1 Digital

Ari Lennox is a nerd and her obsession with the video game Sims 3 is something she doesn’t hide. She’s talked about it in interviews and on stage while headlining her first national tour, the Shea Butter Baby Tour. The Dreamville artist sat down to talk about her perfect Sims 3 life.

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How Does Ari Lennox Keep Her Natural Hair Looking So Beautiful? [Exclusive Interview]

Ari Lennox

Source: Radio One / Radio One Digital

Ari Lennox is enjoying success with her hit single “Shae Butter Baby” and her first national tour of the same name. In addition to her sultry voice, Ari Lennox is also becoming a public face for the natural hair movement. Ari gives us her best natural hair recipe that she uses to maintain her luscious mane. Check out the video below…

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SpeakHER Podcast: Season 2, Episode 4, Elecia Dexter & The Democrat-Reporter

SpeakHER Podcast, Season 2, Episode 4

Source: iOne Creative Services

On this very special episode, host Charise Frazier has a candid discussion with Elecia Dexter, the former editor of The Democrat-Reporter, a local publication ran out of Linden, Alabama. Dexter was thrust into the national spotlight when her former employer, Goodloe Sutton, stepped down due to a racist editorial he wrote during Black History Month, titled, “Klan Needs To Rise Again.” The article called on the Klan to descend upon Washington to wreck havoc on Washington Democrats. The imagery of terror and pain that the Klan evokes for Black people in America cannot be denied.

But things became more complicated after Sutton asked Dexter to run the paper in his place. Dexter ended leaving her post weeks later near the end of March. In this episode we break down what it means to change the narrative and the importance of Black women knowing our worth and value in the workplace.

Rhyming With DJ Caesar: K. Price | Episode 12


2019 Events

Source: @JustInMyView / Radio One

Philadelphia’s own K. Price (KP for short) joins DJ Caesar for Episode 12 of Rhyming With DJ Caesar. KP kicks game over the Meek Mill “What’s Free” instrumental.

Follow K. Price at @TheFakeKP and use the #RhymingWithDJCaesar for us to look out for future artists to feature.

Catch Up On Previous Episodes:

Rhyming With DJ Caesar – OT The Real


OT The Real joins DJ Caesar for EPISODE 11 of Season 2 of Rhyming with DJ Caesar.

Watch, comment, like on YouTube and social media. Use the #RhymingWithDJCaesar if you are looking to be featured.

Have you missed any of our old episodes? Watch them all on our YouTube channel – Boom Philly right now!


OT The Real

Source: @JustInMyView / Radio One


Follow @DJ_Caesar, @OT_thereal, and @BoomPhilly on social media.

Video Credit: @JustInMyVIew

More Episodes

Voices At Urban One Honors: What Does Jermaine Dupri Mean To Da Brat

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Da Brat is the first female rapper to go platinum. She herself is a legend. This may not have happened if Jermaine Dupri doesn’t discover the rapper at a talent show. Da Brat shows her gratitude any chance she gets to her mentor and the man who helped her become one of the greatest women rhymers in history.

So of course if Dupri is getting honored with the Living Legend award at Urban One Honors, who better to inducted him than Da B-R-A-T.

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Da Brat talks about what Dupri means to her career and as a person in Voices at MGM National Harbor presents Urban One Honors.

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Voices At Urban One Honors: Brandy Honored & Ray J Breaks Down Nursery Rhymes At Urban One Honors

[anvplayer video=”4549193″]
The sibling love between Brandy and Ray J is amazing to see and it was on full display at Urban One Honors. Ray J presented his big sister the Cathy Hughes Excellence Award at the inaugural event. Brandy’s career achievements including being one of the best-selling female artists of all time, acting and Broadway stint was on full display and the singer’s receiving the award named after the CEO of Radio One was not lost on the triple threat.

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Ray J speaks on what it meant to present his sister this prestigious award and why African-Americans should invest in the tech industry. We also get the details on a brand new album from Ray that your newborn baby will love in Voices at MGM National Harbor Presents Urban One Honors.

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Voices At Urban One Honors: Jermaine Dupri Breaks Down The Moment He Created So So Def

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