5 Signs You Are Addicted To Social Media

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Whether or not this applies to you, some people have a hard time admitting that they struggle with social media addiction. You know, the people who eat, sleep and s**t with their phones in their hands at all times or the friend who calls everyone by their social media name.

Below are 5 signs that can help you determine if you spend too much time checking timelines and posting selfies every other hour.

1. Whether you’re at home or even worse out at dinner, you snap a pic before you taste the food or even say your grace.
2. You’re logged in to a social media account on every device you own, phone, laptop and iPad.
3. The first thing you do when you wake up is scroll your TL to the last post you saw before you went to bed.
4. The last thing you do before bed is check your timeline. Did you brush your teeth though?
5. You spend more hours each day tuned into other people’s lives than being productive. Try a new hobby for once.

Don’t worry, if you find majority of the list applies to you or someone you know, there are some ways to help overcome this addiction. Apps like Moment or Cheeky are used to help you calculate how much you check your phone and how much time you’re spending on apps.

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Sharon Leal, star of the risque flick, was enchanting in a gorgeous white peplum gown designed by Michael Costello and Tyson Beckford shined in a dapper red blazer (with equally as debonair loafers). Boris Kodjoe, who plays alongside Sharon, and his stunning wife Nicole Ari Parker graced the carpet flashing bright smiles. And, when the incredibly handsome William Levy arrived, onlookers clutched their pearls.

#TeamBeautiful was on hand to interview the stars and dig deep in to their deepest sexual desires. Find out what Tyson, Sharon and William revealed to us about their sex lives, above.

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