Sources Say A Shocking Allegation About Porsha Williams Will Come Out At The RHOA Season 9 Reunion

Porsha Williams in Beverly Hills

Get ready for your jaw to hit the floor.

As revealed by Bravo host Andy Cohen on Instagram, some crazy sh-t went down at the Real Housewives of Atlanta season 9 reunion, which taped last week. Now, insiders have come forward to spill the tea on exactly what went down.


According to an anonymous source who spoke with, the major bombshell is that Porsha Williams slept with former cast mate Apollo Nida before he went away to prison for money laundering. This is a huge scandal, considering Porsha and Apollo’s ex-wife Phaedra Parks are currently BFF’s on the show. The bomb was apparently dropped by Todd Tucker, husband of Porsha’s arch enemy Kandi. Considering how close Apollo was to all of the RHOA husbands, it’s very possible that Todd to be a credible source of this rumor. But as we all know, we can’t be sure until we see the actual receipts.

The dirt on Porsha allegedly isn’t the only juicy part of the reunion. This secret source also says Kandi verbally annihilates Phaedra and Porsha over those pesky lesbian rumors. Peter Thomas gets so emotional over his divorce from Cynthia Bailey, he storms off the set.

Get your popcorn ready…it’s going to be an epic night and we can hardly wait!



Khloe Kardashian Actually Compliments Amber Rose, Reveals She Made A Sex Tape With Lamar Odom

One thing we’ve come to love Khloe Kardashian for is her tendency not to hold anything back. And during a recent interview on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, the reality star did not disappoint.

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It’s no secret that Khloe and Amber Rose had their differences in the past, but when a viewer tasked her with offering three nice things about Amber, she responded: “I think she has great style. I love how confident she is, and I think she has an adorable child.”

During the sit-down with Andy Cohen, Khloe also confessed that she made a sex tape with estranged husband Lamar Odom“I’ve definitely recorded myself having sex with my ex-husband. But not like talking to [the] camera.” 

And things got really interesting during her third round of Plead the Fifth. Watch it go down in the video below.

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Her new show Kocktails With Khloe premieres tonight on FYI at 10/9c.

SOURCE: Gossip Cop | VIDEO CREDIT: Bravo, YouTube

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Aunt Viv Comes For Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith And Andy Cohen

Janet Hubert is fed up, and she wants the world to know it.

More specifically, at Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Andy Cohen.

After Jada began spearheading the “Boycott the Oscars” movement, Janet, the former Fresh Prince cast member, decided enough was enough and posted a video on Facebook speaking her mind.

According to Janet — the original Aunt Viv — she believes there are bigger issues in the world than boycotting the Oscars — the Black Lives Matter movement being one of those things, along with what condiments she should add on her Oscar Meyer Weiner.

She also went on to add how instead of protesting and encouraging people not to watch the Oscars, the celebrities should join the frontline of some the fights for equality going on across the world right now.

If you haven’t seen Janet’s video, check it out above.

And, here’s Janet response to Jada’s original Facebook post:

Along with Janet taking a shot at Andy Cohen:


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Amber Rose Deemed The Worst “WWHL” Guest Ever For Refusing To Talk About Kanye & The Kardashians

After years of Twitter beefing and shady interviews, Amber Rose is not here for the Kanye/Kardashian talk.

During her appearance on Sunday night’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Amber played a round of “Plead The Fifth” and stayed true to the game’s title by not answering any of the questions, which were all about her ex Kanye West and his next, Kim Kardashian.

When Cohen asked her to rank the Kardashians from least to most interesting, the model became annoyed. “I’m not talking about Kanye or the Kardashians at all!” she insisted. When asked to say something nice about a person she’s had a feud with, Amb awkwardly answered that Kim “makes beautiful babies” and that Kanye “makes really good music.”

At the end of the game, Andy congratulated Amber on “doing the worst job on Plead the Fifth and not answering any of the questions.”

Clearly Amber wasn’t kidding about being a bad bitch.

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly | PHOTO CREDIT: Youtube 

Are Robin Thicke And Paula Patton On Speaking Terms? Does He Regret Naming His Album After His Ex-Wife?

Robin Thicke Performs Live On NBC 'Today'

Source: Gilbert Carrasquillo / Getty

Six months after a very public divorce from actress Paula Patton over alleged drug use and cheating, Robin Thicke is opening up about their current relationship.

“[We’re] on the best terms. The good thing is when you have that long of a friendship and you have a child that you can put first, the most important thing is giving him a healthy happy life” he said on an episode of Watch What Happens Live.

Host Andy Cohen also asked the “Blurred Lines” crooner if he regrets publicly begging for his wife to forgive him as well as naming his last album, Paula, he says, “…As an artist I have no regrets, because as a writer, you write what you feel, you have to express yourself and give it away.”

He added, “But, as an entertainer, I felt I should have just given [the album] away for free, instead of promote it or try to make it part of my entertainer’s process. I felt like it was so pure and personal that if I had just given it away then it would have kept the purity of the feeling.’

Click here to watch the clip and let us know if you’re here for Robin’s return to music?


Paula Patton Is ‘Doing Really Well’ Since Divorcing Robin Thicke [VIDEO]

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All The Reasons Amandla Stenberg Is Your New Shero

Amandla Stenberg

Source: Michael Buckner / Getty

Many of us first came to the acquaintance of the adorable Amandla Stenberg as “Rue” in The Hunger Games. And while the world hated that she was cast (gasp, how dare they put a Black girl in a Black girl’s role), we were living for it.

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Amandla is only 16 and she’s been able to shift the world’s perspectives with her refreshing since of culture and racial appropriation. She put out a video entitled: Don’t Cash Crop My Cornrows and that video went viral, exposing a teenager’s frustration with our culture being made into a trend.

Amandla asked, “What would America be like if it loved Black people as much as it loves Black culture?” An interesting and thought-provoking question from an amazing teen who just wants Black people to be celebrated.

Amandla’s voice has quickly become one that champions for Blacks. She continued her cultural appropriation dialogue when she took cornrow-wearing Kylie Jenner to task. Many celebrities came to the defense of Jenner, including Justin Bieber and Watch What Happens Live host, Andy Cohen.

On his show, Andy called Amandla a “jackhole” for her Kylie comments and what’s most shocking is that Laverne Cox and Andre Leon-Talley, who were both guests on the show let it happen. They did not defend Amandla, nor did they chastise Cohen for giving the 16-year-old the horrible label.

But, as expected, Amandla had the classiest response ever.

Gosh, we just love her and here’s why.

1. She Knows Exactly How To Respond To Haters (Who Call Her A ‘Jackhole’) With Grace


Instagram Photo

2. She Wants The World To Know Black People Are Beautiful


“when u appropriate black features and culture but fail to use ur position of power to help black Americans by directing attention towards ur wigs instead of police brutality or racism #whitegirlsdoitbetter.”

3. She Said This To Kylie Jenner


4. She Comes With A Powerful Message: Don’t Cash Crop On My Cornrows


Instagram Photo

5. She’s Bold Enough To Go To Prom With Jaden Smith…In A Dress


Instagram Photo

6. She Makes Time For Her Girls


Instagram Photo

7. She’s a Trend Setter


Instagram Photo

8. She Rocks Bantu Knots (#NoAppropriation)

Why do you love Amandla Stenberg?


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Is Porsha Williams Returning Full-Time To The Real Housewives of Atlanta?


Could Porsha Williams be back on The Real Housewives of Atlanta in a full-time capacity? She seems to think so. While Porhsa in on the canvas during the current season of RHOA, she was demoted to “friend of a housewife”status as a last minute decision by Bravo. Sources  claimed even after Porsha’s brawl with castmember Kenya Moore, producers were going to bring her back full time of the hit series, but became irked by Porsha’s behavior.  Once cameras started rolling, Porsha started to butt heads with newbie Claudia Jordan and refused to work things out with Kenya at Bravo’s behest. Word is, Porsha tried to mollywop her yet again! The last straw came when apparently Porsha declined to spill the tea on her romantic life, prompting producers to have no story to illustrate with her.

MUST READ: Andy Cohen Explains Porsha Williams’ ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Demotion

Many wondered if Bravo really did cave to the backlash regarding last year’s reunion fight between Porsha and Kenya. RHOA’s showrunner Andy Cohen has gone on recording denying the claims. According to Cohen they just didn’t have enough to justify Porsha being a full housewife. Now, Porsha is letting everyone know she just may be back to holding a peach front and center. In an interview with Radar Online, Porsha told the tabloid site she was confident she’ll get her spot back. Porsha stated:

It would surprise me if it wasn’t offered just because of the response that I get through all of my social media,” Williams tells Radar. “I see a lot of people who are very vocal about [the fact that] they want to see more of myself, more of my story, where’s my life now, what I am doing with my businesses,” she says. “They’re very interested and I think that’s a great thing.”

Alright not for nothing Porsha but, social media isn’t a barometer to get your job back but, stranger things have happened. Do you think Porsha will return as a full time castmember? Sound off below!


Porsha Williams Explains Most Recent Arrest

RHOA’s Porsha Williams Arrested…. AGAIN!

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Are They Or Aren’t They: Christina Milian Dishes Her Relationship Status With Lil’ Wayne on Bravo’s WWHL

Cropped Christina & Lil' Wayne

Christina Milian isn’t done playing the reindeer games regarding the truth behind her relationship with her Young Money boss Lil’ Wayne. ‘Tina stopped by Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live last night to promote her new reality show, Christina Milian Turned Up. During her visit, a caller phoned in to ask the “Dip It Low” singer if she and Weezy were making more than music behind the scenes. Christina told WWHL’s host Andy Cohen,

Lil Wayne and I are really close. We have a close personal relationship. And I really like him alot. We have a great chemistry. [Laughs] Is that a good answer?

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You already know Andy’s not going to take that answer, and he sure didn’t let Christina off the hook that easily! Cohen grilled the singer on how often does she see Wayne where she coyly remarked:

I just saw him. [Smiles] Maybe a few hours ago.

Cohen may have gotten Christina to snitch on herself when he jokingly asked if Wayne still does sizzurp. Christina claims Wayne doesn’t partake in the soda, candy and prescription cough syrup with codeine concoction anymore, but drank something else.. According to Christina:

[Laughs] No that’s in the past. He’s got a tall drink of this (starts to touch all over herself), ooh wait! Let me stop! [Laughs]

Watch the interaction below

Christina’s publicity blitz for her reality series (which debuted last night), continued as she visits with the ladies of The Real tomorrow. It seemed like co-host Loni Love was about to get that tea on Christina’s relationship when she asked what would she find on Christina’s phone if she were to steal it from her. Before anyone clutch their pearls, Christina revealed the only thing Loni would find are group messages from her friends talking about big butts. Say wha? Christina remarked:

Me and my girlfriends are always talking about how we want a bigger booty. And I’m like, “How about this butt,” “Oh, how about this butt,” and they’re like “Oh, your butt would look good this way!” Shoot, I will see somebody on the street and take a picture and be like “Girls, look at this butt!” I don’t know if I would ever like go and make it bigger, but I’m definitely counting on everybody saying “cornbread, eat cornbread.” So, I have to eat some cornbread.

Maybe she and Wayne’s artist Nicki Minaj will be aces then? Watch the wacky interview below


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Keep Ya Claws To Yourself: Bravo Tells RHOA Stars No Violence At Reunion Taping


The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast members have been put on notice by Bravo: no fighting or else! The network is not taking any chances with this season’s reunion after the chaos and mayhem they received at the last one involving Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore’s nasty catfight.  Radar Online is reporting Bravo has beefed up security just in case the ladies get a bit rowdy once they are placed in the hot seat by host Andy Cohen as they discuss the highlights and low points of the season. Producers are still not amused by the brawl between Porsha and Kenya, so they are letting every Southern belle know up front the reunion will be a violence-free zone.

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According to the site, the women must sit at their designated seats and aren’t allowed to get up unless there is a break from shooting or they get permission. What is this kindergarten? If the ladies decide to buck from Bravo’s plans and regulations they will be promptly annexed from the taping. Sounds like Bravo ain’t playing with these peaches!

To drive home the point they are trying to make, Bravo has also nixed booze from being served during the filming and also are trying to get the women to sign a contract. Just what’s in this document? Sources tell the site:

Bravo wants the ladies to sign a legally binding document that they won’t engage in any physical fighting. However, several cast members are refusing to sign it because fighting back as self defense isn’t included in the language.

During the last reunion special of the hit reality series, Porsha and Kenya got into a verbal altercation, with the former Miss USA shouting into a bull horn and waiving a scepter in Porsha’s face. A fed up Porsha snatched it away from Kenya with the two participating in a screaming match, resulting in Porsha snatching Kenya’s hair and dragging her down to the floor and attacking her.


RHOA’s Porsha Williams Arrested…. AGAIN!

Girl, Calm Down: Claudia Jordan Comes For Phaedra Parks & NeNe Leakes

Kenya Moore Calls ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Toxic & Debuts New Tagline

RHOA’s Porsha Williams Arrested…. AGAIN!



The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Porsha Williams has another date with the judge and not the romantic kind. TMZ is reporting the reality starlet was busted by Georgia police today for allegedly driving like a bat out of hell down a highway. According to the site, Porsha was speeding at 78 mph while driving in a 55 zone was she was pulled over by police. You think she was racing to make that Underground Railroad connection? When police ran Porsha’s information, they discovered she was riding dirty on a suspended license! Police immediately snatched her up and carted her off to jail.

MUST READ: Porsha Williams Gets Sugar Daddy Website Offer

Porsha was booked and later posted, $1,726 to bond out of jail.  Viewers of the hit Bravo franchise are all too familiar with Porsha’s first stint in the big house. In April, the former series regular was arrested for assaulting co-star Kenya Moore at the taping of their reunion. During the reunion special, Porsha flipped her lid after Kenya kept taunting her by yelling into a bull horn and waiving around a scepter in her face. Porsha then grabbed it away and then snatched Kenya’s hair and dragged her to the floor, only to be pulled apart by security and Bravo staff members. Under Bravo’s contract, castmembers are not allowed to physically fight and sue each other or will face termination. Rumor has it all of the cast members, minus Kenya rallied together to keep Porsha from being fired. While she still is appearing on the series, Porsha was demoted to a “friend of the show”.  The show’s creator and executive producer Andy Cohen has stated publicly Porsha wasn’t demoted duet to the fight. According to Cohen, Porsha just didn’t have a meaty storyline to allow her to continue being front and center like the other ladies. Wonder if she’ll be bumped back up to a cast regular after this incident?


Porsha Williams Pegged As A Mistress & Dumped By Married Beau?!

Porsha Williams Shoots Down Rumors About Her Sex Life & Naomi Campbell

Is A Feud Brewing Between Porsha Williams & Wendy Williams?! [VIDEO]

Porsha Williams Shoots Down Rumors About Her Sex Life & Naomi Campbell


Coincidently, Porsha had hinted at being with someone new on social media months ago, but there’s chatter that she’s back on the market after their recent split. And she fell out of her chair when Gary asked about rumors that she’s been spotted canoodling with another woman.

Now Porsha doesn’t deny that she’ll give her friends a peck when they meet up, but that’s not the same thing as a full-on smooch session in some secluded corner of a restaurant. “Kissing? That’s just ludicrous! I’m close with my friends and when I see my girlfriends I’m like, ‘Hello…’” she explained while pretending to kiss a friend on the cheek.

We’re not sure how giving someone a small smooch turned into a full-on affair, but whoever’s been peddling that rumor was really reaching.


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Andy Cohen Explains Porsha Williams’ ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Demotion

porsha gifs

Bravo insists that Porsha Williams wasn’t getting punished for her behavior on the last “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion when they cut her season 7 status.

It was a total surprise to Porsha when she found out that she was not going to be a full-fledged member of the “RHOA” cast this season. At first it as assumed that her demotion came as the result of that beat down she delivered to Kenya Moore at the season 6 reunion, but Bravo exec/”Watch What Happens Live” host Andy Cohen insisted that was not the case.

According to Andy, this was simply a delayed inevitability as she didn’t have going on to justify maintaining a spot on the central cast. “It had nothing to do with anything that happened at the reunion last season. Really, it was about the amount of story we got from Porsha this season,” Andy explained during an online “Ask Andy” session.

MUST READ: Instagram Official: Porsha Williams Hints At New Relationship On Social Media

After her first season on “RHOA,” there were whispers that she would be cut from the show entirely because her storyline wasn’t compelling to viewers. As messed up as it sounds, her divorce saved her spot on the cast for another cycle so that Bravo could follow her during her devastating divorce from Kordell Stewart.

With their split finalized and Porsha getting back into the dating scene—and certainly after her attack on Kenya—it looked like Porsha would survive to see another season. Technically she is, but she’s getting the Marlo Hampton treatment this time around.

“We went into it assuming she would be a full housewife, holding a peach,” said Andy. “We just haven’t gotten enough to merit that. She’s going to be in it a lot. We love her. I hope she’ll be on Bravo endlessly.”


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Ashanti And Her Mom Teach Andy Cohen How To Twerk!


Courtesy of SOHH Dot Com

Ashanti and her mother Tina Douglas made a guest appearance on Andy Cohen’s show on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” this week and in his feature Teach Me Your Talent he persuades Ashanti and her mom to teach him how to twerk it.  Check out the video right here!