Barack and Michelle Obama Sign with Netflix

Obama Recieves JFK Profile In Courage Award

Source: Boston Globe / Getty

Barack and Michelle Obama have signed a production deal to create content including scripted and unscripted series, docu-series, documentaries and features for Netflix.

The Obamas will be working in front of but mostly behind the cameras for the multi-year deal.

The first project by the Obamas is expected in 2019.

Happy Birthday to Barack Obama, Marques Houston and Youtuber Jackie Aina.

German Media Award 2016

Source: Isa Foltin / Getty

Leo Season is in full effect and we have to send a special birthday shoutout to our previous president Barack Obama, singer Marques Houston and Youtuber Jackie Aina.

Obama, the first African-American president, is celebrating his 56th birthday today. We appreciate everything he did for our country and hope he enjoys his birthday.

Marques Houston, founding member of R&B group IMx, is celebrating his 36th birthday. He is also known for his role as Roger Evans in the 90’s television comedy Sister, Sister as well. We wish him a special happy birthday!

Jackie Aina, Youtuber and Makeup guru, is one of the best Youtubers in the game and has more than 1.5 million subscribers. We wish her a special happy birthday!

Another Film Inspired By President Barack Obama Is Being Made

President Obama Holds Final News Conference At The White House

Source: Chip Somodevilla / Getty

For those of you in need of an Obama fix via the big screen, there’s a new project on the way.

A film adaptation of a book proposal, “From the Corner of the Oval” is coming to the big screen. The book was written by Beck Dorey-Stein, a former White House stenographer in the Obama administration who wrote a light take on working there day to day.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, “From the Corner of the Oval” follows a young woman living in Washington D.C. who is at an all-time career low when, through a twist of fate, she goes from serving cocktails to lobbyists to being hired as a stenographer in the Obama White House. The ultimate fish out of water, she stumbles into an elite world and finds herself navigating a series of misadventures in life and love.

No word on when the film will hit theaters but this will be the third film inspired by the presidency of President Barack Obama— in addition to Netflix’s Barry and Southside with You.


Barack Obama Named Recipient Of JFK Profile In Courage Award

Living His Best Life: Barack Obama And Malia Had A Daddy-Daughter Date

11 Reasons We Are Thankful For President Barack Obama

Obama Hanging With Hollywood Stars? Former President Lands In French Polynesia

Former president Barack Obama recently landed in French Polynesia for a month-long stay at a luxury resort without wife Michelle Obama or his daughters Malia and Sasha, according to local TV channel Tahiti Nui TV, reports AFP.

From AFP:

The former US president landed on the tourist island Tahiti without his family before going to Marlon Brando’s privately owned retreat Tetiaroa atoll, which the Oscar-winning actor bought in the 1960s.

Obama has checked into the eco-friendly Brando resort, whose villas boast their own plunge pools and cost between 2,000 euros ($2,150) and 12,300 euros per night.

No political meetings have been announced during Obama’s stay and it is not clear what he plans to do during the sojourn or whether his family will join him.

Obama is supposedly writing his memoirs after he and Michelle signed a $60 million book deal with Penguin Random House, reports The Telegraph.

SOURCE: Yahoo NewsThe Telegraph


Barack & Michelle Obama Look Refreshed On Their British Virgin Islands Vacation

Watch: Barack Obama & Richard Branson Enjoy A Kitesurfing Battle On Vacation

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Donald Trump Strikes Back At Snoop Dogg Over Music Video

Donald Trump

Source: MANDEL NGAN / Staff / Getty

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Looks like Donald Trump has a new person to aim his morning Tweets at and it’s legendary rapper Snoop Dogg. #45 is upset at the Uncle Snoop over a video showed him aiming a toy piston at a clown version of Trump.

Watch: Snoop Dogg Takes A Shot At Clown Caricature Of Donald Trump In Latest Music Video

Trump says the rapper would have faced ‘jail time’ had he pretended to aim a gun at Barack Obama in a video.

Will Snoop respond to #45 tweets? Looks like things may get interesting with the rap community and our y’all President.

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Michelle Obama Shows Us How To Power Lunch In Style

Michelle Obama gave us a corporate look while in New York City with husband, Former President Barack Obama. The power couple were spotted serving some serious corporate streetstyle while having lunch with Bono at Upland Restaurant in the Gramercy area of New York City.

While Barack looks fantastic, we can’t get over how fabulous Michelle’s ensemble looks and is so perfect for a slay day in the office.

Celebrity Sightings in New York City - March 10, 2017

Source: James Devaney / Getty

She donned a white and blue button down and paired it with a denim colored jacket and black high waist pants. Cute! She kept it simple with black heels and an Alexander Wang black bag. I’m feeling her oversized black earrings. Check her out stopping the busy New York streets!

Celebrity Sightings in New York City - March 10, 2017

Source: James Devaney / Getty

Michelle Obama is the idea of goals with this no makeup, makeup look. The soft makeup includes a pink lip to add a little color to her face. We show you how to get the look, here.

This corporate style is certain to close deals. Talk about a powerful lunch look!


#BlackGirlMagic: Michelle Obama Wrote Yara Shahidi’s College Recommendations!

George W. Bush Opens Up About His Affection For Michelle Obama

GET THE LOOK: Malia Obama’s Stylish Winter Wear

Obama Returns To Chicago To Lay Groundwork For Presidential Center

After some glorious and much-needed time off, Barack Obama returned to his adopted hometown of Chicago for the first time as ex-president on Wednesday, mapping plans for his Obama Presidential Center.

The Chicago Sun Times reports that Obama had four meetings on the South Side: One with community leaders at his Foundation’s Hyde Park offices, and three others relating to what will be a massive fundraising drive to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for the Obama Center, a museum, library and event complex.

Michelle Obama did not join her husband in Chicago.

Former Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett said, “There was great enthusiasm from the civic leaders about the opportunity to work with the Foundation.

The South Side is the President and Mrs. Obama’s home so he intends to not only build the Center there, but also bring opportunities to the area. The President was very eager to hear suggestions from the community members and encouraged them to continue the dialogue with his team after he left,” said Jarrett.

Obama was last in his adopted hometown on Jan. 10 to deliver his farewell address before hundreds of thousands at McCormick Place.

SOURCE: The Chicago Sun Times


Barack & Michelle Send The Sweetest Valentine’s Day Messages To Each Other

Guess Who’s Bizzack? Barack & Michelle Obama Relaunch Website

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Black Excellence: Top Moments From 48th Annual NAACP Image Awards

47th NAACP Image Awards Presented By TV One - Red Carpet

Source: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty

The NAACP celebrated all of the amazing strides that people of color have made over the past year at the 48th Annual NAACP Image Awards. If you didn’t get a chance to tune in, check out our rundown of the evening’s top moments.


Thanks, Obama

The 48th Annual NAACP Image Awards started out with a tribute to President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. Given the recent changes in Washington, it’s safe to say we all have a case of OSA (Obama Separation Anxiety).


Anthony Anderson’s Gives Us All The Giggles

He touched on everything from the Obamas living their best life on a well-earned vacay and Chadwick Boseman’s run of biopics (we laughed waaay too hard at that one) to the need for perseverence in the current social and political climate in the wake of the 2016 election. He also made sure to give a shoutout to the ladies who shined all of their Black Girl Magic for the world in 2016. He even had to give it up for Viola’s tearful performance in Fences.

Et tu, Anthony?!

We’ve been ripping on presenters at the Golden Globes for mashing up Hidden Figures and Fences into Hidden Fences. That’s been a satisfying cackle. But then Anthony did it, too! Bruuuuhhh. He halfway redeemed himself by coming up with an interesting prospective plot. Hollywood needs to get on it.


Denzel Washington Inspires Us All

Denzel Washington reminded everyone that greatness does not come easy, and you need to be willing to put in the hard work. If it were easy, your faves would not be who they are. And he urged us all to keep pushing to achieve our goals no matter the obstacles because, as he said, “Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship.”


Taraji Wins Twice

Taraji P. Henson, who had won 13 NAACAP Image Awards before tonight, was nearly speechless when she won Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series for her role as Cookie Lyon on Empire. After facing off against the likes of Viola Davis, Kerry Washington, Rutina Wesley, and Jurnee Smollett, she had nothing but words of encouragement for her fellow nominees. The competition was tough, but Taraji came out on top, and she used her victory speech to share the shine. Later on in the evening, she also snagged the award for Outstaning Actress in a Motion Picture for her starring role in Hidden Figures. This time, Taraji had a clear idea of what she wanted to say, explaining why taking on the role was so important to her and what it meant to her.


Shade On The Stage

Angie Tribeca co-stars Rashida Jones and Deon Cole had some tense moments while presenting the award for Outstanding Comedy Series. Oh, sure, things started out light and funny…but then their exchange got really real in a hilarious way.


Black-ish Has (Another) Big Night

The Johnsons better clear a little more space on their trophy shelf because Black-ish had yet another big night, after sweeping all of its categories for the night. Tracee Ellis Ross won Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series. Likewise, Anthony earned the Outstanding Actor in a Comedy series. The show locked up the night with Outstanding Comedy series to no one’s surprise because the show is a must-watch.


John Legend Gets Jazzy

John Legend came through to slow things down and add a little more soul to the night with his debut of “Surefire.” We fully expect some director to use this cut.


Hidden Figures Wins

With two wins under her belt for the evening, Taraji P. Henson took a step back once Hidden Figures won the award for Outstanding Motion Picture. After welcoming her co-stars Janelle Monae and Octavia Spencer to the stage, Taraji made way for Janelle to give the acceptance speech.


Dwayne Johnson Is Entertainer Of The Year

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson closed out the night with his win for Entertainer of the Year. Considering he was up against the likes of Viola Davis, Beyonce, Regina King, and Chance The Rapper, this was a bit of a surprise. Still, he is a hardworking entertainer that has been in the game for years–and he’s taken his craft way beyond the wrestling ring. He’s also been in some movies we love, including Moana. Kudos!



Andra Days Tribute To Barack Obama At the NAACP Image Awards Left Twitter In Tears

‘Moonlight’ & ‘Birth Of A Nation’ Lead 2017 NAACP Image Awards 5 MCs Who Used Trap Rap As A Gateway To Social Activism

Killer Mike Speaks About Race At MIT

Georgia Tech University is currently offering a course on the connection between Trap Rap and activism. Considering the many MCs who’ve evolved into social justice warriors over the years, the professor who created this class is clearly on to something.

Dr. Joycelyn Wilson’s course, “Exploring The Lyrics of Outcast and Trap Music to Explore the Politics of Social Justice,” kicked off January 13 at the Atlanta-based University and will hopefully continue for many semesters to come.

In 2015, Dr. Wilson shared the original theory that inspired her new class in a TEDtalk, which she opened with a quote from OutKast‘s classic 1994 “True Dat (Interlude),” performed by gruff-voiced Dungeon Family spokesman Big Rube.

“Operatin’ under the crooked American system too long

OutKast, pronounced outcast;

Adjective, meaning homeless, or unaccepted in society.

But let’s look deeper than that;

Are you an OutKast?

If you understand and feel the basic principles and

fundamental truths contained within this musik, you probably are.

If you think it’s all about pimpin’ hoes and slammin’ Cadillac doors;

You’re probably a cracker, or a nigga that thinks he a cracker.

Or, maybe just don’t understand.

An OutKast is someone who is not considered to be part of the normal world.

He’s looked at differently.

He’s not accepted because of his clothes, his hair;

His occupation, his beliefs or his skin color.

Now look at yourself, are you an OutKast? I know I am.

As a matter of fact, fuck being anything else.

It’s only so much time left in this crazy world.

Wake up niggas and realize what’s goin’ on around you;

Poisoning of the food and water;

Tampering of cigarettes;

Disease engineering control over your life.

Take back your existence or die like a punk!”

– Big Rube, “True Dat (Interlude)

We couldn’t agree more with Big Rube’s manifesto or Dr. Wilson’s logical conclusion about trap’s potential to wake the masses.

Since it’s too late to enroll in this semester’s course, Global Grind is submitting our list of guest lecturers who could help Dr. Wilson break down the science behind trap rap and social activism’s magnetic bond.


Antwan “Big Boi” Patton

OutKast’s Big Boi introduced much of the world to the term “trap” on the duo’s 1998 classic “SpottieOttieDopalicious.”

“United Parcel Service and the people at the Post Office didn’t call you back because you had cloudy piss/So now you back in the trap, just that, trapped/Go on and marinate on that for a minute.”

– Big Boi, “SpottieOttieDopalicious”

In his buttery spoken word flow, Big defined “the trap” as the oppressive state of reality those in America’s stagnant urban and rural settings survive daily without legitimate resources or reasonable hope of a better future.

Though Big and rhyme partner Andre “3000” Benjamin rarely kept their rhymes confined to the bleak realities of the trap, social wokeness was always the theme underlying each of the group’s five otherworldly studio albums.

Kast’s trap-conscious lyrics undoubtedly planted the seeds that inspired future trap stars T.I., Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane, all of whom have continued rhyming about the bleak circumstances they overcame in hopes of freeing more of the countless souls trapped in the American nightmare.

In the years since OutKast’s retirement, Big Boi has been outspoken on social media and in person about various social justice issues including police brutality and mass incarceration. Dr. Wilson would be wise to reach out to Mr. Patton to ask that he school her students on how to turn society’s outcasts into soldiers for social justice.

Bernard “Bun B” Freeman

Bun B is another pioneer of southern hip-hop and early purveyor of trap music who has transformed into a respected academic and activist before our eyes.

Bun and his UGK partner Chad “Pimp C” Butler were two of the first MCs to represent America’s southern states on the national hip-hop scene in the late 1980s and early 1990s. And while classic albums like Riding Dirty showcased the highs and lows of the trap life for fans from all walks of life, it wasn’t until years after his partner’s tragic passing in 2005 that the long-renowned lyricist fully embraced the role of intellectual and began schooling college students on the spiritual and political potential of hip-hop.

Bun has been lecturing students at Houston’s Rice University since 2011, so Dr. Wilson should have no problem convincing him to give her class a hot 16-minute take on the many ties that bond trappers and activists.

Clifford “T.I.” Harris

T.I.’s 2003 album Trap Muzik established trap as a legitimate sub genre of hip-hop and helped make the word a household name. As the fiery MC spit traditional street tales over the futuristic 808’s of seminal trap producer DJ Toomp, it became clear that he was leading a new movement in southern hip-hop

As his rap career has progressed, Tip has shown an increasing interest in social justice both online and in person. The Rubber Band man was one of the loudest celebrity voices supporting the #BlackLivesMatter movement following the murders of Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown, and he even went so far as to pen an open letter schooling friend and collaborator Lil Wayne on the importance of supporting the young activists behind the controversial hashtag.

Tip’s political passion was on full display earlier this month when he penned a heartfelt letter thanking Barack Obama for the powerful example the former president set for himself, his children and the entire world.

Michael “Killer Mike” Render

The longtime OutKast affiliate and outspoken Bernie Sanders bro is more recognized today for his political activism than his thrilling action on the mic. Mike’s recent releases, including the current #1 album on the Billboard Hip-Hop/Rap charts, have earned critical acclaim and high praise from underground rap fans, but it’s his sharp political wit that’s earned him global recognition on shows like HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher.

Mike’s effectiveness as a social justice warrior is so great that 2016 Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders hired him to lead his campaign’s outreach to urban and minority voters.

There’s no doubt that Mike’s future in rap remains bright thanks to the success his duo Run The Jewels has had lately, but his ceiling as a politician appears to be even higher, given his strong showing through the recent campaign season.

Lavell William “David Banner” Crump

David Banner made his mark in 2000s rap’s mainstream with R-rated bangers like “Like A Pimp” and “Sweat.” But in the years since, the Mississippi rapper and producer has found a way to balance his raw rhymes with even rawer political commentary and action.

Some critics may discount Banner’s radical views as too “Hotep-ish” for mainstream politics, but there is no denying his passion for reaching and empowering Black youth through his “The God Box” lecture series.

Banner is currently spreading his message of self-empowerment and creativity nationwide in an attempt to reach America’s forgotten youth, proving himself to be a rare example of action and dedication among even the most socially woke musicians and entertainers.


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Barack & Michelle Obama Look Refreshed On Their British Virgin Islands Vacation


Source: NICHOLAS KAMM / Getty

Our favorite (former) FLOTUS and POTUS are on a BAEcation in the British Virgin Islands and it looks like they’re getting the relaxation and privacy they deserve.

The Obamas posed for a photo with staff at the Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport before being driven to their destination, Necker Island, on a motorcade. The former first family flew into town on billionaire Richard Branson’s plane, BET reports. Talk about luxury.

In other Obama news, if you’re missing the first couple like we are, you can keep up with them on


This Viral Video Of A Young Black Girl Reading Her Letter From Barack Obama Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

Next Steps For The Former First Family? Welcome Obama.Org

This Viral Video Of A Young Black Girl Reading Her Letter From Barack Obama Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today


Source: NICHOLAS KAMM / Getty

A young girl was overcome with emotion when her parents gave her a package that was delivered to her home from the White House containing a personalized letter from former President Barack Obama.

In the viral video, which as of press time has more than 16K likes and more than 2M views, budding young activist Journey Tyner is seen excitedly opening a package filled with signed photos, worksheets and a personalized letter addressed directly to her from President Obama. The letter was a response to one she had sent him earlier, which she tearfully revealed, saying “I didn’t think he was gonna write back.”

Her father, Colby Tyner, who is part of our Radio One family, shared the video on his Facebook page, writing:

Right before the election my daughter sent this picture and a letter to Barack Obama telling him about the day she met him and her concerns about the future. Today she received a response. In light of how disappointed many are about the uncertainty of our country’s current situation I promise this video will make you feel better. #thanksobama

The former president wrote to young Journey and praised her activism and dedication to helping her community. For the last four years, she’s documented her philanthropic endeavors (and lifestyle tips!) on her YouTube channel, Journey’s Style Filewhich include hosting a “philanthroparty” for her 10th birthday, where instead of gifts, she encouraged friends and family to donate to Flint, Michigan to help with the water crisis.

In the emotional video where she reads the letter from President Obama aloud, she’s overcome with joy in an adorable moment that’s sure to lift your spirits.

Her letter from Obama reads:

Dear Journey,

Thank you for writing. Young people like you will play an important role in charting our country’s course and I’m glad you took the time to reach out. One election does not change who we are as people, but our future will be shaped by your generation’s ideas and willingness to dream big. I encourage you to get involved in causes you care about because you have the ability to make a real and lasting difference. Don’t ever forget that ours is a nation where, with hard work, all things are possible.

Can we just go back in time to the days when this type of man was our president?

Check out the adorable video, where you can hear the full letter, below.


Debbie Allen Dancing To ‘Crazy In Love’ At The Women’s March LA Will Give You Life!

A First Hand Account Of The Women’s March On Washington

#BlackGirlMagic: This 22-Year-Old Is Running For Mayor Of Detroit

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Stacey Dash Gets Canceled — Literally — By Fox News

Fox News won’t have their “Black girl” to kick around anymore. The conservative network made the decision not to renew Stacey Dash‘s contract for the new year, leaving her with no soapbox on which to spout her Republican rhetoric.

Dash has been a commentator on the network since 2014, and in that time has taken shots at everything from Barack Obama to Black Lives Matter to the BET Awards. Stacey’s seemingly endless disdain for liberals and Black issues, in particular, came in handy for Fox News when it was trying to expand its audience, but it seems like Stacey might have come up short. She has, however, provided plenty of fodder for Black Twitter over the years.

So far, it seems like Stacey is keeping up the conservative talking points via Twitter and her Patheos blog, but we gotta wonder how long that’ll last now that there’s no check to come with it. It’s never to late to come back, Stacey. Just sayin’.

SOURCE: The Hill

Malia Obama Earns Coveted Hollywood Internship

As the world mourns The First Family officially leaving the White House, it might be hard to have any positive thoughts, but this good news about the lovely Malia Obama just might help.

Barack and Malia Obama

Source: Getty / Getty

Already on her way to Harvard, smart and beautiful Malia Obama has earned herself an internship that is the stuff of Hollywood dreams. The Grio reports that the 18-year-old is set to intern with Hollywood heavyweight, producer Harvey Weinstein.

This isn’t Malia’s first time interning throughout Hollywood though, as she had a previous internship on the set of HBO’s “Girls” and a job as a production assistant on the CBS show “Extant” starring Halle Berry. There is no doubt that she will excel at this internship just as she has at positions in the past. She is also proving all the naysayers wrong when it was announced that she would take a gap year from college after she graduated last spring.

The internship won’t start immediately however, as the Obama’s are officially headed on vacation in Palm Springs, California. After a stellar eight years and a grueling 2016 election, they definitely deserve the rest. Congrats to Malia and the entire Obama family!


Check out today’s Top Stories here:

We Caught That: 5 Epic Moments Black People Noticed At Trump’s Inauguration

Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America, has officially been sworn into office and there’s no amount of crying emojis or Michael Jordan memes that can convey how we feel.

The day was gloomy and as we watched in complete shock and horror culminating from November 8, social media had a field day with the commentary.

Here’s a recap of the moments that had us doing everything from shaking our heads to crying with laughter.

Michelle Obama’s face when Melania Trump handed her a Tiffany’s box as a parting gift.

We have to give our current First Lady a bit of credit for bringing the Obamas a token of her appreciation. But it was the former First Lady’s facial expression that had everyone’s Twitter fingers moving.

The Barack Obama walk.

So smooth and cavalier. We’ll miss all of his strides to and from the podium.

We officially give Clarence Thomas up in the Black draft.

Thomas swore in Vice President Mike Pence during the ceremony. The justice, whose legacy will forever be linked with sexual assault allegations, recently broke a 10-year-long Supreme Court silence in February 2016 when he posed a question to the court. Thomas is the first African-American justice to swear in a Vice President and according to a press release from the inauguration committee, Thomas used the same bible Ronald Reagan was sworn in with on both of his inaugurations.

Michelle Obama’s expressions during and after the swearing-in ceremony.

Really doesn’t need an explanation. The shade speaks for itself.

Donald Trump’s speech proved he still doesn’t get it.

Several times during his inauguration speech, President Trump again pandered to the section of America that elected him. With coded language, Trump touted his eminent power, forcing us to remember that we have many rivers to cross and much more work to do.



Violent Anti-Trump Protests Break Out Near The Capitol On Inauguration

5 Things Black People Can Do On Trump Inauguration Day

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Steve Harvey Issues iPhone Notes Statement Amid Backlash

The 2015 Miss Universe Pageant - Arrivals

Source: Ethan Miller / Getty

We saw the backlash from Steve Harvey meeting with president elect, Donald Trump, coming like a tidal wave and it hit him hard.

As we reported Harvey, who endorsed Clinton for president last year, spoke to the media about the visit on Friday (Dec 3) saying he connected with both Trump and newly nominated Head of Urban Development Ben Carson.

Harvey explained he was invited by both the Trump and Obama transition teams via phone a week ago. He began his statements to the media saying he discussed golf with the president-elect, before connecting with Carson about inner city housing. Harvey explained he met with the politicians “to see if we can bring about some change and help some of these young people out,” MSNBC reports.

In response to his meeting, social media questioned his qualifications to discuss urban development and why he’s aligning with a bigot. Even his fellow King of Comedy member, D.L. Hughley posted a video to voice his discontent.

“It amazes me that to convince Black people that Donald Trump cares about them, he takes pictures with celebrities,” he said. “If Donald Trump cared about Black people, he would not have denigrated the President with those claims of ‘birtherism.’ He would not have stoked fears and racist fears, saying that this man is less than, or not one of us to become President.”

Adding, “You know why you have a comedian, rapper and football player out to talk about the concerns of the community? Because that’s the positions you’re used to seeing us in. You’d rather have Black people as comedians, football players and rappers than the President. You’d rather see us run the ball than run the country. F*ck you now and f*ck you forever.”

Well, to all that Harvey posted a iPhone notes statement on Instagram addressing the backlash.

“Our president (Obama) asked that all of us sot down and talk to one another in order to move our county forward…” he said. Adding, “I walked away feeling like I had just talked with a man who genuinely wants to make a difference in this area.”

As you’ll recall Trump is the same White man who made “inner city” synonymous with the Black American experience and referred to them as a “living hell”. So… somehow we doubt he has the best interest for Black folk.


#FixItLord: Jennifer Holliday Will Perform At Donald Trump’s Inauguration

Donald Trump Gets Into Heated Shouting Match With CNN Reporter During Press Conference

Bloop! Twitter Blasts Donald Trump For Using Nonword ‘Unpresidented’ In Complaint About China

First Lady Michelle Obama Goes In Full Fashion Circle, Wears Jason Wu For POTUS’ Final Address

First Lady Michelle Obama is in a style class of her own. Her ability to take small scale designers and made them household names or paying homage to specific countries through their fashion designers, is something to be commended and appreciated within the fashion industry.


Source: NICHOLAS KAMM / Getty

Last night, came full circle, in almost a nostalgic nod to the early days of the campaign, and wore Jason Wu, who’s rise to a mainstream household name is undoubtedly due to FLOTUS. She looked dignified, in a tea length black dress with lace overlay and black pumps. This is a tailored, longer, version from Jason Wu’s Fall 2016 collection, represented below.

Jason Wu - Runway - Fall/Winter 2016 New York Fashion Week

Source: Victor VIRGILE / Getty

She beautifully made a stylish statement, finishing how she started, wearing the same designer that she wore for the 2009 Inaugural Ball and well as the 2013 Inaugural Ball.

US President Barack Obama and First Lady

Source: SAUL LOEB / Getty

Jason Wu is one of the four designers she has worn the most over the past eight years in the White House, with nods to Naeem Khan, Michael Kors, and Thakoon. Jason told The Telegraph in August of 2016, “As a designer, you want to be in fashion magazines, you want to have great shows. But to be a part of history, and that particular moment, that was a once in a lifetime.


Source: JEWEL SAMAD / Getty

Her nod to diversity and statements through her thoughtful fashion choices are designers are unprecedented. Jason Wu is a fashion designer born in Taiwan, raised in Canada and currently living in New York, a true representation of America and the multiplicity of our people. In her early days of First Lady, she democratically wore attainable American brands, like J.Crew (which would result in the piece being sold out, almost immediately). Her desire to champion lesser known brands and designers, seemed to have been passed on to her eldest daughter, Malia Obama, who championed a black and white dress with bell sleeves, by Cinq a Sept and available for $395.00.


Source: JOSHUA LOTT / Getty

Michelle Obama’s fashion nostalgia might come full circle next week and I predict she will wear Isabel Toledo.

Barack Obama Is Sworn In As 44th President Of The United States

Source: Pool / Getty

Isabel Toledo, the Cuban-American fashion designer, is the same designer who created her creamy yellow dress with a matching coat to inauguration, which she paired with green gloves and shoes.

We will miss Michelle Obama as our First Lady, her grace and poise in the way she champions diversity and acknowledgement through fashion and style.

Shop Jason Wu, here.


All The Details On First Lady Michelle Obama’s Outfit For Her Exclusive Oprah Interview

Designer Who Dressed First Lady Michelle Obama Refuses To Do Same For Melania Trump

First Lady Michelle Obama On Being Labeled An ‘Angry Black Woman’: ‘Dang, You Don’t Even Know Me’

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