Ed Lover Spells Out The Chapters In His New Dating Book For Women [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

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Ed Lover says he’s going to become a scholar and write a book about dating for women. He says he’s got all the real-world experience, as someone who’s gone through divorce and a lot of serious relationships. While the book isn’t finished yet, he spells out some of the chapters and gives a little bit of a preview of the kind of practical advice that his book with include.

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“If you keep getting the same kind of man, it ain’t the man, it’s you,” he says, explaining why some women might need the advice in the book. He even makes a good example out of Monie Love! Click on the audio player to hear more in this funny exclusive clip from the “Ed Lover Show.”

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Erica Dixon On How Her Mother’s Struggle With Addiction Affected Her As A Child [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

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Eric Dixon discusses her departure from Love & Hip Hop and how her children’s book, “Introducing Southern Bell” came to fruition. Plus, opens up about growing up with a parent who suffered with addiction, and how that affected her and inspired her to write the book. Click on the audio player to hear more in this exclusive interview on The Ed Lover Show.



Shut Down: Amber Rose Blasts GQ For Referring To Her As “Kanye’s Ex” & “Wiz’s Baby Mama”

Instagram Photo

Amber Rose is not here to be a name that is only looked at as the ex-significant other of another rapper, and GQ needs to understand that.

The prestigious magazine recently released a blurb about the model’s upcoming book, How To Be A Bad Bitch, where they referred to her as “Kanye’s infamous ex” and “Wiz Khalifa’s baby mama.”

On top of putting her name next to her ex’s, Muva Rosebud was also deemed a “teen stripper turned megalomaniac muse,” much to her displeasure.

She put the blurb on her Instagram, captioning the photo,”Really @gq??? I’m so much more then Kanye’s Ex or Wiz’s baby’s mama. Damn, why the fuck did u guys reach out to me for this article and photoshoot? To dumb me down? I talked about feminism and my Slutwalk… Wtf nice title smh I expected so much more from u guys and I’m so disappointed. I was so excited to be featured in GQ not realizing I was shooting for a tabloid. My slutwalk was for ignorant shit like this. Oh “Her beautiful dark twisted journey to the top”? Nice pun. Negative af. Thx for nothing.”

The blurb comes just after Amber Rose hosted her Slut Walk LA, which was to help women protest being slut-shamed. She even gave a speech on forgiving both of her famous ex’s for their comments about her in interviews and tracks.

What are your thoughts on Amber shutting down GQ?


Sanaa Lathan Set To Star In Film Adaptation Of Omar Tyree’s “Fly Girl”

'The Best Man Holiday' - Los Angeles Premiere

Source: Jason LaVeris / Getty

Actress Sanaa Lathan has maintained a consistent presence on the Hollywood scene over the last decade or so with movies including Love & Basketball, Brown Sugar, Out Of Time, Something New, The Best Man, The Family That Preys and others under her belt, and she will now play a vital part in bringing the adaptation of the “Fly Girl” book trilogy by popular Africa-American author Omar Tyree to the big screen according to Variety.

Sanaa will take on the role of Tracy Ellison, who is characterized in the book series as a successful young and sassy businesswoman with a personal life that’s as multifaceted as her endless quest for the ultimate financial security.

Precious”screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher will be the mastermind behind the script, while Sanaa herself will serve as executive producer of the Lionsgate film in addition to her starring role.


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Mimi Faust Plans to Write a Tell-All Book

BET Hip Hop Awards 2014 Style Stage

”Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star Mimi Faust wants the world to know there’s more to her than meets the eye or the small screen — beyond being a reality star and celebrity porn star.

Faust confirmed she’s working on a tell-all book about her drama-filled life. But what drama is she diving into in the upcoming book?

MUST SEE: ‘Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood’ (Episode 3) [VIDEO]

Everyone knows about her swinging from shower rods only to find out her boyfriend Nikko Smith is married after she sold their so-called “leaked” sex tape.

And everyone knows about her ongoing drama with her daughter’s father Stevie J and how their tumultuous relationship unfolded on “LHHATL.”

So what is she going to tell-all? No one knows for sure quite yet, but being that her past boyfriends and ex-boyfriend’s mistress-turned-wife Joseline Hernandez have caused so much drama in her life, they are bound to part of the tell-all book.

Read the rest at EURWeb.

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Stop Saying Black People Don’t Support Each Other Economically


How often have you heard it said that black Americans don’t support each other economically? It’s a common refrain in conversations around sociopolitical uplift for the black community and many come to the conclusion that blacks just don’t show each other the same kind of financial love that you see in other racial and ethnic groups. Here’s the thing, however: that’s a myth. A new book, Collective Courage: A History of African American Cooperative Economic Thought and Practice, unearths the rich and long history of cooperative economics in the black community.


“In most places I’ve spoken, people think that we didn’t engage in cooperative economics,” says author Jessica Gordon Nembhard, political economist and professor of community justice and social economic development at John Jay College in New York City. “My challenge was to prove that we did.”

Gordon Nembhard says she assumed she’d spend just a few years researching whatever cooperatives she could dig up. Instead, she was met with a history that spanned black Americans’ period of enslavement to the present day and support for cooperatives from almost every major black political leader along the way.

One example of a powerful black economic cooperative was the Colored Farmers National Alliance and Cooperative Union, which  existed from 1886 to 1891. Gordon Nembhard found that the CFNACU was formed to aid Black farmers, particularly with mortgage payments and marketing. The group provided other community services, however. It promoted alliances between farmers and laborers and served as a resource for sharing agricultural techniques and coordinating efforts for planting and harvesting. CFNACU also worked to counter exploitation by white landowners and violence from vigilantes. With more than 1 million members and branches/cooperative stores in the ports of Norfolk, Charleston, Mobile, New Orleans and Houston, it was the largest Black organization of its day.

Watch Gordon Nembhard discuss the book below.

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So why is this history relatively lost?

“I’m not sure but there’s a lack of education about co-ops in general in our society,” says Gordon Nembhard. “We teach about capitalism and present capitalism as the only option. Also, often whenever blacks attempted to establish them, their efforts were sabotaged by white competitors and white supremacists. In many cases, it was through violence but in others it could be as simple as having your rent raised, banks denying your loan or even being priced out of insurance.”

Finally, after years of studying black cooperatives and their place in black life,  Gordon Nembhard says she’s taken away just how important economic independence through cooperation has been for black Americans.

“The black cooperative movement has always been parallel to the black liberation and civil rights movements. We’ve mostly heard about the political side of the movement but you can’t name a major black political leader that didn’t point to cooperatives as a pathway to freedom.”

Karrine Steffans Bringing Tell-All Book To Television

Superhead laying downJust when you thought Karrine Steffans was done exploiting her sexcapades with rappers for fame, she announces that she’s working on bringing her tell-all book “Confessions of A Video Vixen” to the small screen.


In case you don’t know, Karrine Steffans is a former hip-hop groupie known as “Superhead.” In 2005, she published a book that exposed all of her exploits with famous men from DMX and Ja Rule to Shaquille O’Neal and Vin Diesel. The book gave birth to the groupie come up via tell-all book and has spawned a few sequels from Steffans herself.

The former groupie announced she was trying to bring “Confessions of A Video Vixen” to television by posting a picture on Instagram. In the photo, Steffans is seen in the offices of Fox Television Studios. The caption of the photo says, “Working hard to bring you the television version of Confessions of a Video Vixen. Meeting with the President and attorneys, getting closer to production. Do the work. No one can deny the work.”

If the show gets approved, will you be watching Karrine Steffans’ “Confessions of A Video Vixen” show or have you gotten enough of that watching “Love and Hip-Hop”?


Jon Stewart Goes Off Over The Megyn Kelly Black Santa Claus Controversy [VIDEO]

SNL Mocks The Fake Sign Language Interpreter From Mandela’s Memorial And Salutes Black Santa Claus

Adebisi Goes To Rome In Gladiator Flick ‘POMPEII’ [EXCLUSIVE]

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Destiny’s Child Cast Off LaTavia Roberson Set To Write Tell-All

LaTavia Roberson Promo Photo It’s been a long journey for LaTavia Roberson since she and LeToya Luckett were unceremoniously kicked out of Destiny’s Child. While Luckett has tasted success as a solo artist, actress, and host, LaTavia fell far away from the limelight. Now Roberson is ready to let the world know about her life after Destiny’s Child. Roberson is set to write a tell-all book.


In an interview with Sister 2 Sister Magazine, LaTavia says the book isn’t just about her experiences in the Grammy Award-winning girl group, but more about her life. Being in Destiny’s Child just happens to be apart of her story. “My book is basically my love letter to everybody who has wondered where I’ve been and what I’ve been going through,” the singer said. “I’ve heard things about me and I’ve heard rumors about myself. I do not mind being someone who will open up my life to any fans that I have about where I’ve really been. I’d rather they get it from the horse’s mouth.”

While many will say she’s just out here trying to make money by telling all of Beyonce and the other girls’ business, LaTavia is adamant that the book will be about her. “I’ll definitely talk about my experiences in Destiny’s Child and everything that happened in my life thereafter. I’ve been through some serious things. It’s a testimony.”

So far, a title or a release date haven’t been announced.



A Tribe Called Quest Marks 20 Years Since The Release Of Midnight Marauders

Drake Is On His “Worst Behavior” In New Video

Is This Kanye West Knocking Out Paparazzi? [VIDEO]

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*Tears* Rapper chokes during freestyle on Live TV [Video]


I know sometimes we all get stagefright but this is crazy!  Please just watch!

Meek Mill Set To Debut First Novel


Philly’s Meek Mill will be dropping his first novel, ‘Tony’s Story’, on paperback and e-book on May 1. The Novel will release five days before the Philly rapper’s “Dreamchasers 3” mixtape.

You can check out HipHopWired’s synopsis below:

“Tony and Ty had big dreams of getting rich. Although they grew up like brothers, once money and envy entered the equation, greed took over and loyalty went out the door.

After a deadly shooting, the streets of Philly were in an uproar and the lives of many people revolved around revenge. Gold digger Kee capitalized on the built-up tension; but before she could really enjoy the fruits of her labor, she was thrust into the middle of a street war with the cost being her life.

Trust was not an option and revenge was the only thing anyone had in common. Paulie wanted revenge for his cousin; LB wanted revenge for his brother. They both had blood in their eyes and murder in mind; names were called while gunners lurked in the shadows. It became bigger than the almighty dollar and no one was safe. Philly won’t be the same after you’re a witness to Tony Story.”

Pre-Order Basketball Wives’ Evelyn Lozada’s First Book!!!

It seems like someone is a truly a business woman and is making sure she cashes in from being one of the most popular Basketball Wives! Rumor has it that Evelyn Lozada signed a six-figure deal with Cash Money Content to develop a book series based on her life experiences. The book doesn’t come out until June but you can pre-order your copy now on Amazon! The book is called, “Inner Circle: The Wives Association.”