Darkwing Duck & Other Throwback Cartoons That Should Return To TV

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Earlier today, the internet erupted with the idea that Disney was bringing back Darkwing Duck to TV with new episodes for the first time since 1992.

Well, Gizmodo reported it was all a hoax, saying they were “tricked by an old April Fool’s post dated April 2, 2015. Sorry about that.”

But this false alarm has us thinking about writing some pointed letters and begging TV execs to bring back our favorite cartoons. Check out which ones we miss most below.


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Every young boy wanted a girlfriend like Patty Mayonnaise. Since she’s currently locked up on the show Orange Is the New Black, we should break her out and get an updated look on life with Doug Funnie.

The Animaniacs

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These rejects who once escaped from a water tower in the Warner Bros Studios have been locked back into their prison, but their impact still runs strong.

Pinky & The Brain

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Who doesn’t want to take over the world? These barely lovable mice are still hilarious. We’d love an up-to-date, more “adult” version of the diabolical duo.


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We have an irrational fear of Reptar because of Tommy Pickles, but need them to make an updated version of Rugrats, in which Tommy Pickles is the father of his own bunch.

Captain Planet

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It was 75 degrees on Christmas Eve in New York City. Captain Planet could show our kids how to save the planet in the process.


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In the video game/cell phone world, we need nothing more than a little bit of recess right now. Let’s go outside and play…or just watch cartoons about kids playing outside.

Hey Arnold!

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One of the most beloved cartoons in the history of cartoons. Arnold, Helga, Gerald, and the gang would be so great for the culture right now.


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18 Childhood Faves From The ’80s That Can Never Be Ruined

Portrait Of Mister Rogers

Source: Fotos International / Getty

Our favorite childhood staples have been crushing our spirits for awhile, and quite frankly, we’re sick of it. Bill Cosby ruined The Cosby Show for us with each bit of news that surfaces about his alleged rape incidents. Most recently, WWE wrestling great Hulk Hogan was caught making racist remarks in leaked footage, and used the N-word several times to prove his point (oh, brother!). And let’s not forget how Kevin Clash almost had us cursing the ever-lovable Elmo and his name.

Well, never fear! There are some childhood favorites that just can’t be tainted no matter what. Seriously, scroll through our list of our favorite childhood joys that will always comfort us, stored in our memory banks.

1. G.I. Joe


Who doesn’t love an American hero?

2. Care Bears


Admit it, your heart is gushy right now.

3. Sonic the Hedgehog

Instagram Photo

We all wished we could run as fast as him.

4. Power Wheels

Instagram Photo


Beep, beep, who got the keys to the jeep?

5. Hi-C Ecto Cooler

Instagram Photo


It was the best Hi-C flavor, hands down.

6. Mister Rogers

FILE PHOTO Fred 'Mister' Rogers Dead At 74

Source: Getty Images / Getty

We just pray there wasn’t one bad thing in his sweater pockets.

7. Fisher Price Tape Recorder

Instagram Photo


We’re sure this inspired many a career.

8. Muppet Babies


Possibly the best cartoon of our generation.

9. PB&J sandwiches

Instagram Photo


The GOAT of sandwiches. We hope nothing EVER comes out about George Washington Carver, man.

10. Rubix cubes

Instagram Photo


Some of us have never solved one, but that never stopped us from trying.

11. View Finder

Instagram Photo


We literally had the world in our hands! (Or in this case, pizza.)

12. Punky Brewster

Instagram Photo


She made it okay to let our imagination loose.

13. Video Soul


Donnie Simpson was too smooth for words.

14. Dragon Ball Z

Yo, Goku saved our asses time after time!

15. Robin Williams

Robin Williams In 'Mrs. Doubtfire'

Source: Archive Photos / Getty

From Hook to Mrs. Doubtfire and Popeye to Aladdin, Williams brought his characters to life, and we loved him for it.

16. Inspector Gadget


He probably wouldn’t have solved many cases if it wasn’t for Penny (voiced by Cree Summer), but who cares? The theme song was enough to get you through the entire show.

17. All That

Instagram Photo


It was our version of Saturday Night Live that we watched week after week.

18. Shari Lewis


How could the woman who brought us Lamb Chop ever do us wrong?


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The 5 Times Susie Carmichael Gave Us Life On The “Rugrats”

susie charmichael (1)

As little girls watching TV, it was a riot seeing Susie Carmichael because she looked just like us: brown skin and her black hair in braids, swinging about with barrettes on the end. We had already adored viewing the world through the curious minds of the babies on Rugrats. With the addition of Susie, the optimistic heroine against Angelica Pickles‘ antagonistic girl-child wrath (though we loved her too), the increased diversification of the program also felt natural.

Susie and her family first appeared during the second half of episode 18 on season 2 in 1993. She was voiced for the entire run of the Emmy Award-winning cartoon by actress Cree Summer (whose voice overs are incredibly recognizable. You’ve also heard her as Penny on Inspector Gadget, Elmyra on Tiny Toon Adventures, and Cleo the Poodle on Clifford the Big Red Dog, amongst her 100+ credits in voicing fun characters in animation).

Well into adulthood, we could still learn a thing or two about confidence and taking chances from Susie! To celebrate, here are five of her greatest lines and words of wisdom on Rugrats!

Five Signs You Were a Kid in the 90’s

Omar-Epps-Tupac-Shakur-Juice-wphi-gettyArchive Photos/Getty

Remember what life was like growing up when there were no worries except making sure you got home before the street lights came on? Well, I created a list of topics for you to reminisce on your childhood memories. Consider the time when life’s most devastating problems consisted of teachers assigning homework on the weekends, and parents forcing you to wear clothes that your elementary style just couldn’t agree with.

Check the list below to find out if you were a true 90’s baby, growing up in an era when there was no such thing as smartphones.


Science & Society Picture/Getty

Toys: Growing up in the 90’s you begged your parents for things like the newest Gameboy Nintendo, Sega Genesis or maybe even a Giga Pet or a Furby; because your parents didn’t quite trust you with real pets in the house. Even if you were looking for entertainment in school, a piece of paper was used to determine your future car and spouse during a game of Mash.

 Movies:  Even if you had to sneak and watch movies when your parents weren’t home, some of these classic films should spark a memory or two. Rush hour, Juice, Space Jam, Menace to Society, Jumanji, Scary Movie, The Matrix, Austin Powers, Doctor Doolittle, Jurassic Park and Clueless left their mark during the 90’s.

Cartoons/TV Shows: This is by far my most favorite category to discuss with friends. Networks like Nickelodeon and Disney catered to children, so the list of shows can go on and on. Some of my favorites included Family Matters, Hey Arnold, Recess, Cousin Skeeter, Smart Guy, All That, Power Rangers and Double Dare 2000, when I thought the idea of green “slime” was fun.

Music: If you are a true 90’s music lover, you probably have Boom 107.9 programmed in the car. Of course some of these artists like Nas, Jay-Z, Missy Elliot and Ja Rule are more relevant than others; it’s okay to acknowledge your favorite throwback artist even if it included a track from Chingy or J kwon.

Clothing/Accessories: I had to throw this category in here so we can all laugh at the fashion trends we participated in. When polaroid’s were slowly fading away, people were caught wearing things like jellies, Sean John, Rocawear, butterfly clips, jerseys/jersey dresses, and Reeboks.


By: Jade Thompson

5 Things Right With The ‘Mike Tyson Mysteries’ Trailer

mike tyson mysteries

If there’s anything you need to do with your life today, it’s watch the trailer for the upcoming fall Adult Swim show, “Mike Tyson Mysteries.”


MUST SEE: 8 Things We Learned From Mike Tyson’s Ask Me Anything

Mike Tyson has been doing this thing lately (Broadway and memoir release), so the next step is to debut the trailer at the San Diego Comic Con, right?

The ‘toon will most certainly fill the void of “Scooby Soo” being gone. With voices by Tyson, Norm McDonald (of “SNL” fame), Jim Rash (“Community”), and cartoon voiceover vet Rachel Ramras, this is sure to be a win. Here’s 5 reasons we’re totally here for “Mike Tyson Mysteries.”

They have a van to rival the Mystery Machine

mike tyson mysteries van

He does what he does best — fight

mike tyson mysteries

“Ima use my fists to beat the sh-t out the [chubracabra], the only thing I’ve never beaten the sh-t out of yet!” 

One of his sidekicks is a ghost who sports a cane. A cane!

mike tyson mysteries

Move over, Velma! He has a random adopted Asian child who was left on his doorstep as a baby. And she’s smart!

mike tyson mysteries

And there’s a talking pigeon that drinks beer and lays out in the pool. Could you ask for anything more?

mike tyson mysteries

Watch the trailer below!

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