NEWS ROUNDUP: Erykah Badu Flaunts Her Natural Gray Strands On Social Media…AND MORE

Erykah Badu is known and praised for her authenticity, but the songstress recently took to Twitter to show us all just how comfortable she really is in her own skin. The 44-year-old posted a photo of her natural gray hair with a caption that reads: “Body and brain have aged. My consciousness has witnessed this, Yet has not aged. This “awareness ‘is who we are.’” The photo got 2.2K retweets and 5K favorites. She also posted a different photo showing off her gray strands on Instagram, which got 16K likes and hundreds of comments praising her for courageously showing her real hair. Gray hair, both natural and dyed, grew to become a popular beauty trend over the course of this year. Read more.

Racial Gaps in College Graduation Rates Persist

When it comes to education, racial disparities are still prevalent. According to a new study conducted by The Education Trust, White students graduate from college at higher rates than students of color. Despite the gap, the graduation rates for Black, Latino, and Native American students at four-year public schools are on the rise. Between the years 2003 and 2013, 77 percent of these schools increased the graduation rate for students that come from underrepresented backgrounds. “As access increases, stratification increases at the same time,” said Anthony Carnevale, Director of Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce. Although overall the graduation rates for students of color have increased, growth has been slower for Black students compared to Latinos and Native Americans. “We caution institutional leaders who celebrate their graduation rate gains to take a good look at their data and ask whether they are doing enough to get more African-American, Latino, and Native students to graduation and to close completion gaps,” said Kimberlee Eberle-Sudré, co-author of the study. Read more.

Tupac Shakur Biopic Moves Forward

A biopic about the life of late rapper Tupac Shakur is moving forward. Filming for the movie, which is being directed by Benny Boom, has begun in Atlanta. New actor Demetrius Shipp, Jr. will play the role of Tupac and Jamal Woolard, who played the role of Biggie in Notorious, will serve as the Notorious B.I.G. in this film as well. “I am blessed with the opportunity of a lifetime. Telling the story of this revolutionary, artist, visionary, genius, soldier! I will make him proud and uphold the legacy,” Boom wrote in an Instagram post. Read more.

Philadelphia Eagles Fire Head Coach

Chip Kelly, head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, has hit a rough patch. After his team missed its chance to secure a playoff spot following a loss to the Washington Redskins, the Eagles franchise held Kelly accountable and fired him. Earlier this week, Jeffrey Lurie, owner of the Eagles, released a statement about Kelly’s release. “We appreciate all the contributions that Chip Kelly made and wish him every success going forward,” he said. This was only Kelly’s second year with the Eagles, but the season has been nothing short of tough for the team. They have a record of 6-9 and are ranked second in the NFC East Division. Read more.


Chip Kelly Isn’t A Racist, He Just Despises Social Media Flexin’ [Opinion]

Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Redskins

Source: The Washington Post / Getty


Let’s get this out the way immediately when it comes to Chip Kelly and the Riley Cooper situation, he in no way shape or form should be on the Philadelphia Eagles. Period. What he said was despicable, and should not be tolerated in any work place in this country. No excuse is plausible enough to even justify using such a vial word in any instance, drunk, angry, anything. If Chip Kelly were to have just released Cooper after the incident, or let him go as a free agent the following year, the comments made by LeSean McCoy couldn’t even be discussed as reasonable. But Chip Kelly did in fact let Cooper stay on the team, and even allowed him to get a new contract to stay around for the next few years. This is something I will never understand and can’t sit here and justify it in any way.

Lets dig deeper into this issue, rather than just look at it on surface alone. The questions still come up frequently in Philadelphia sports talk, what reason does Chip Kelly have to release superstars like LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson? Who is this college coach coming into the NFL thinking he can win on his system alone, when we all know as die hard football fans it takes talent to win championships!

But when you really look at it, yes talent is always needed, but when your at the top of your profession, isn’t everyone talented? What differentiates between dynasty football teams, and constant bottom feeders? It’s a plan, it’s a mind state, it’s a culture, and this is what Chip Kelly is beginning to shape into form as how he see’s it fit.

There are two players I want to solely focus on when it comes to this study, and that is Jackson and McCoy. Was it talent, certainly not. Was it race? Well Chip Kelly did just draft 5 black players out of 6 in the 2015 draft. So probably not. Then what else could it be? To me, the answer lies in one place, the Internet, and the infiltration of social media into our everyday lives.

Philadelphia Eagles v Miami Dolphins

Source: Marc Serota / Getty

Culture is defined as “a way of thinking, behaving, or working that exists in a place or organization (such as a business).” This is what Chip Kelly is now establishing. He came into the league, and essentially played his first 2 seasons with the players Andy Reid brought in and developed, his culture. When the Eagles brought in a “new boss”, they knew they were also bringing in a new culture, because the old one wasn’t working (no playoff wins since 2008).

So, in comes Chip Kelly, a man who wants his type of players. Lots of moves have been made and questioned, but I want to compare the two players let go by Chip, with the two players Chip essentially replaced them with, Jordan Mathews and Demarco Murray and why the internet holds those answers  to the questions eagles fans are searching for.

It’s called social media, and it is still in such its early stages of understanding. We are finally starting to see people, places, and things in an all-new light, including celebrities and athletes who garner millions of views from people all over the globe.

Let’s take a look at Jordan Mathews social media accounts compared to DeSean Jackson. First off, it seems Jordan Mathews once had an Instagram, but seemed to delete it sometime while in college or prior to entering the NFL, (smart man). On Mathews Twitter account (@jmattjmattjmatt), you can see the only things he seems concerned about in his social media life are two things, his career/ improving his craft as a NFL wide receiver, and his love for Kanye West (again smart man).

Compared to DeSean, @OneOfOne on IG, Jackson is an infamous Instagram flexor. He does post a lot of pictures and videos of him working out, but then there is also those frequent pictures of DJack in the club, DJack hanging out with so and so, DJack stunting in his Benz, to whatever DJack feels like posting. And if you remember, Jackson posted some subtle shots on social media when a problem arose with him and Kelly (always a bad idea).

Let’s use this past weekend, the biggest day in sports (May 2, 2015) for example. On social media, DeSean is out in Vegas for the fight, and continues to flaunt that lifestyle. Out at a club, living it up. Compared to Kelly’s choice, Mathews.

Just a bunch of encouraging comments to new NFL players during the draft, made one bland statement about the fight, and asked why it feels like I’m about to play Tekken… DeSean on the other hand, two words, Vegas Baby.

Oh and he now has a reality show, well in his words, “a mini-documentary series” coming out this year.

Now lets take a look at Shady McCoy’s replacement, Demarco Murray. If he has an Instagram page, it’s harder to find then Waldo. There may be a page with his name, but has zero posts. Let’s take a look at Twitter. Demarco Murray (@DeMarcoMurray) only has 732 tweets, a few pictures of him and football, and a sprinkling of some off the field activities such as endorsements and family. Let’s look at his “big sports weekend” like we did with Mathews and Jackson. Well Murray hasn’t tweeted since April 7th.

We all know the turmoil Shady has had when it comes to social media and using it in all the wrong ways. As well as the infamous 18-cent tip that went viral.

Let’s take it all back to using last weekend as a “reason” of why Chip Kelly got rid of Jackson and McCoy. How was Shady acting on social media during the NFL draft and the “biggest weekend in sports?” Well, if you didn’t see the username, you probably couldn’t tell the difference between McCoy and Jackson’s social media actions.

Now, is Chip Kelly basing his football culture off of social media? Probably not. But we need to dig deeper then just throwing out terms like “racism” with little to back that claim up, especially when trying to explain Chip Kelly’s decisions on a football field. To imply racism cheapens its meaning of the term in a world and country where real problems truly do lie. I am the same age as DeSean and LeSean, so I do not want to come off as some old guy mad at young men out enjoying there life and sharing their moments on social media like millions of others do everyday. There is also no problem and going out and enjoying your off season. But when you think about it, on average, NFL players at best have 10 seasons to make money for the rest of their lives. You can live it up when its all over, don’t you want players on your Philadelphia Eagles that only care about football at this stage of their life? Did we see Dawkins out at the club? Did we see Brian Westbrook “turnt up” in Vegas? No, and it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, but there was never a medium created at that time that gave access like Instagram and Twitter do today. So whether players were doing that type of stuff or not, it wasn’t thrown in your face like it is today because of the new “TMZ” world we live in.

Let’s make this as simple as possible. If you have groups of young 20 year old players every year coming into the Philadelphia Eagles locker room each season, a whole bunch of wide eyed college students who just received more money then they have ever seen in their entire lives, need veterans to look to and mold how they are going to go about there career. In a nut shell, do you want the players looking up to guys like Mathews and Murray, who solely based on their social media accounts, care about two things, football and family, and in Jordan’s case, Kanye West.

Comparing that scenario to LeSean and DeSean, who clearly are about that superstar, look at me, celebrity lifestyle. They love being famous, and can be questioned based off of their social media accounts, maybe as much as football. And this is a culture Kelly isn’t going to allow to be established.

Does it mean he will win because of this so called “culture”? No, of course it doesn’t, and this may completely backfire in his face. And if that does happen, fans will brutalize him. But until that happens, insinuating racism in a culture that is festered monthly by tragic tails riddled in racist acts just isn’t fare.

Now some of this article is slightly written in tongue and cheek, do I know if Chip Kelly even pays attention to social media for a fact? Of course not, but I want people to look at this situation in a deeper magnitude rather than just pointing fingers and saying, 2 black players were released, Chip must have a problem with black people, making him a racist, which to me, is a shallow way of thinking, especially when it comes to the importance of dealing with racism.

I used the social media aspect as an example because today, for right or wrong, it seems sometimes the way people see others and their lifestyles is through their social media accounts. When it comes to the two players released, it’s clear they enjoy football, but seem to love themselves and the outside privileges that come with being in the NFL. Equated to their replacements, Mathews and Murray, who are all football all the time, and live a much more simplistic life based off their social media accounts, just like the head honcho, Chip Kelly, who eats and sleeps football 24/7.

Is Chip Kelly a perfect GM and football coach so far, nope, but is he a racist, no, does he despise the new societal norm of social media and flexin’ on the gram with the millennial culture, that answer appears to be very apparent. The Chip Kelly saga continues on, and only time will tell, which is the right way to handle the new era of football players and the power of a brand new outlet that coaches, bosses, corporations, etc. are continuing to learn and adapt with during a new technological era that we live in, and because of its infancy, we continue to try and learn the proper ways of using such a powerful outlet, and that, is where the problem lies. Sometimes it goes beyond the surface, and isn’t as simple as saying something is just black and white.

words by Justin Engelhardt @justinthomasmedia 

Eagles Can’t Land Mariota In Draft, Acquire Wide Receiver

Nelson Agholor

Source: Winslow Townson / Getty

Eagles fans alike sat in anticipation at 8 pm Thursday night, impatiently waiting to hear if Eagles coach Chip Kelly can pull another move out his back pocket and acquire his quarterback from his prior coaching gig, Oregon’s Marcus Mariota. Rumors were swirling, twitter opinions coming every second. Approximately 25 minutes later, the dream was crushed.

The Tennessee Titans held on to their 2nd overall pick in the NFL draft and selected Mariota, and the dreams of Kelly & Mariota vanished just like that. After months of speculation, rumors on rumors on rumors, and a complete change of the Eagles roster, Chip Kelly couldn’t make a lot of Eagles fans fantasies come true.

But as much as Eagles fans alike wanted the quarterback, either the Titans held him for ransom, or the Eagles couldn’t generate enough assets to give to move up.

The Eagles stuck to their 20th overall pick and went with wide receiver Nelson Agholor out of University of Southern California. A versatile wide receiver who can play inside or outside (over 100 catches last season) and a menace punt returner. To compare him to a former Eagles player, it would be for the player he is replacing, Jeremy Maclin (same exact size coming out of college).

Now we sit back and over analyze, and wait to see if Mariota is a good as Chip Kelly claimed, and hold our breathe every snap when watching the new injury prone quarterback Sam Bradford. This is year 3 out of 5 for Chip Kelly’s contract, and this moment can define his era. If Mariota turns out to be what he’s expected, Eagles fans will rant for years that they didn’t do enough to get him. If Bradford crumbles, then we are going into year 4 without a quarterback, which could be the determining factor to whether Kelly’s experiment in the NFL continues, or he packs up and heads back to college.

Only time will tell, and a lot of Eagles fans are tired of that (60 years without ever winning a Super Bowl). But until the rest of it unfolds, and Kelly’s direction is more defined, check out some highlights from the newest edition to your 2015 Philadelphia Eagles, Nelson Agholor!

Eagles Trade LeSean McCoy To Buffalo

Eagles-shady-mccoy-wphi-gettyElsa/Getty Images

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, in a shocking turn of events, the Philadelphia Eagles trade their star running back LeSean McCoy to Buffalo for young talented linebacker Kiko Alonso. Alonso who played for Chip Kelly at Oregon, was out for all of 2014 because of a torn ACL, but had a very good rookie season.



Former NFL Player Goes In On ESPN About Desean Jackson!

Derrick Ward Do You Think DeSean Jackson Is Worth 9.4million A Year? (thumbnail)

Retired NFL Player Derrick Ward went capital HAM on ESPN Analysts over how they handled the Desean Jackson situation. Former Philadelphia Eagle Desean Jackson was released by the team on Friday and sparked a huge onslaught of speculation that he was a “Gangbanger”. So coming to Desean’s defense was Derrick Ward! Below are all of his tweets to The ESPN Analyst. Damn, Tell em how you really feel son!

“These ESPN analyst sound real dumb right now talking about @DeseanJackson10 They think they know what they’re talking about but they don’t. @espn stop trying to discuss a conversation you know nothing about. U guys are assuming every single thing your talking about right now. Im sorry but has @DeseanJackson10 ever been arrested? Suspended? DUI? Drugs? No so why are these dumb asses on @espn trying to make him seem Like he’s a horrible person. The NFL is so Contridictive I swear. Especially these punk ESPN Analyst. and @RonJaworski_BFL shut the F**k up. You sound so dumb right now. and fake ass Teddy Bruschi for someone who use to play in the league recently you sure are trying your hardest to act like you where Gods gift to football. I know almost everyone of your old teammates hated u because you where that one guy that everyone had on there team that goes and snitches to the head coach about other players.

Bottom line I know @DeseanJackson10 very very very well. If the Eagles where so concerned about his “Gang Ties” they wouldnt had drafted him 6 years ago Mark Dominik is the last person that should be talking about anyone with the way he handled players in @TBBuccaneers when he was the GM The @Eagles gonna cut @DeseanJackson10 because they “Think” he might know gang members but they’ll keep and resign a well known Racist? I’m born and raised in South Central LA. I have uncles who are still gang bangin cousins who still gang bang. But what does that have to do with someone playing football and ballin out for your team? I’m sorry but Every NFL team knows what there players are doing who there hangin out with. In 6 years has he had 1 single incident? 1 single crime? The NFL is a bunch of BS Im so glad I’m done with that joke of a league

Mark my words there won’t be an NFL in the next 20 years watch and see There so worried about who a player knows and a player dunking on the goal post than actually worry about whats really important. And the funny thing about it Chip Kelly coached@t Oregon which recruited players From Crenshaw HS. He knows for damn sure who’s gang banging and who’s not. A lil bro @DeseanJackson10 keep your head up. Keep doing you don’t let any of these fake no talent ass analyst on ESPN deter you from doing what you do. Keep working hard like you do everyday and when you do get on a squad and play against the sack ass @Eagles burn they ass for 10 catches 150yds 3td’s. sorry twitter for ranting but I just hate when these so called sports channels start talking about crap they have no idea about.”

Eagles Get Embarrassed By Broncos, But We Will Rise: Open Letter From Eagles Fan [Original]

Denver Broncos v Philadelphia EaglesDrew Hallowell/Philadelphia Eagles/Getty Images)

Isn’t that what the commercial says. “No matter how hard they try to knock us down….we will rise.” I know it’s hard to believe especially when our beloved Birds are coming off an embarrassing 52-20 loss to the Denver Broncos, but so what.  This is Philadelphia, birthplace of Rocky. A character that embodies our never say die attitude, a character that routinely took his lumps, only to fight through the odds and become a champion.

So as much as this is an open statement to all the fans that may be a little distraught it’s also a wake up call to those players that visit the website and are routinely on social media.

Your skill has earned you the right to be a pro, and fate has brought you to Philadelphia.   We aren’t the only ones that expect you to fight through adversity and overcome any obstacle that is placed in front of you, the world does. The history of our fandom, the players that came before you that gave everything they had are the reason we stand in support of you.  We love our team and because of that tuff love we can say “fight harder for us” if the outcome isn’t a win, so be it. This game is over, throw it out and let’s get back on track.

There couldn’t be a better gift than having the New York Giants on the schedule this week. The Giants are the only winless team left in the NFC East and if we come out confident and play like we did versus Washington and San Diego we’ll have a shot at getting off this losing streak.

I believe, what about you?


On Your Mark, Get Set, Eagle! Eagles Crush Redskins In Season Opener

eagles-redskins-2013photo by: getty images

One up, one down. The Philadelphia Eagles start off 2013 football season with a 33-27 win over last season’s NFC East Champion Washington Redskins.

Going into the game Eagles fans were skeptical of the defense, but not only did Chip Kelly bring a jet stream style offense to our Eagles, so did his defensive coordinator Billy Davis. For the past two seasons defensive turnovers have been close to nonexistent. On Monday night our defense forced Washington into three turnovers, two interceptions and a fumble recovery.

The excitement of the possibility of a resurgent Eagles team that is both potent on offense yet gritty and hard nosed on defense is enough to make many Eagles fans loose their sense of reality. As the Birds savor this win and start to prepare for the San Diego Chargers at the end of the week our team is as good as we showed and also as bad as we looked in the second half. What makes reality so refreshing is that even with all the opportunities we didn’t capitalize on, our Eagles put up 33 points to 7 Redskin points before taking their foot off the gas late in the 3rd quarter. Optimism is a wonderful thing when there is evidence to fuel it. If the Eagles look this good on offense in game one and played dominant defense for three quarters of the first game, a month from now we could be watching one of the best teams in the NFL.

Your thoughts?


Chip Kelly Says Vick Will Start Opening Day Against The Redskins

vick-starting-qbphoto by: Getty Images/Drew Hallowell

According to NFL insider and ESPN’s reporter Adam Schefter Chip Kelly says after evaluation, Michael Vick will be the teams starting quarterback for the Monday Night Football opening game against the Washington Redskins.

The decision comes after a very competitive QB competition during the preseason, in which Vick showed a little more promise than back up Nick Foles.

The Eagles look to rebound this season, after a horrible 4-12 record and the firing of former head coach Andy Reid. Chip Kelly looks to take the birds in a new direction and Mike Vick seems to be the captain of his ship…for now.

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The Eagles Look Good In Preseason Opener, But Where’s The Defense?

New England Patriots v Philadelphia Eaglesphoto by: getty images

Friday night brought christmas to south Philadelphia as Philadelphia Eagles fans were treated to a peek of what their 2013 team will look like. For months Eagles fans have anxiously waited to see how the team will play under the leadership of new head coach Chip Kelly. Even with a 31-22 loss to the New England Patriots there was plenty of optimism shared by fans while leaving the game. Here are a few of my observations from Friday nights game.

QB competition – I like the size of Nick Foles, to be honest any 6’5″ or taller QB, but Mike Vick, with the protection of this O-Line is capable of putting together a spectacular year similar to the 2010 season. That potential combined with Vick’s leadership role on the team makes it obvious that he will be named the starter.

Tackling – My high school and college coaches always said, “Perfect practice makes perfect.” Knowing how forward thinking it has been reported that Coach Kelly is, how is it possible to think the defense can perform at a professional level if they don’t tackle in practice. It was offensive to the entire city of Philadelphia to have Patriots HB, LaGarrette Blount run a circle around our entire defense on his way to a 51 yard td.

Final thoughts: The Philadelphia Eagles showed promise under the direction of new head coach Chip Kelly. However, football is a game played in three phases, Offense, Defense and Special Teams. The Eagles seem to have the Offense and Special Teams on track but if the Defense doesn’t get up to speed we could be in for a lot of high scoring losses this season. Let’s hope they tighten things up before week 1 of the regular season.

Words By: Philly_Ron

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Has Chip Kelly Made The Right Decision Keeping Vick?


Just as Philadelphia Eagles fans started to settle into missing the NFL Football season, the Eagles announced the restructuring of Quarterback Michael Vick’s contract. With that move the national and local media went into a frenzy and started to get on their sandbox and talked about how this was the worst move the Eagles could have made.

The honeymoon period that many Eagles fans had with newly hired Head Coach Chip Kelly didn’t even make it over the threshold to the house. Fans have already decided to drop Chip at the door and get a divorce. Not so fast. Like marriage we are Eagles fans, for better and worse. I’m sure the latest move may have a lot of fans questing Coach Kelly but let me help calm your heart rate and settle you down a little.

Much of what is being said is the Eagles don’t have a future with Mike Vick and Nick Foles is a better Quarterback. LOL. If you’re saying that you truly have no football sense or you have a personal issue with Mike Vick. There is no way that anyone with common sense can truly say Foles is better than Vick, but then again many of those same people said Kolb was better than Vick. Further proves their lack of knowledge.

Before anyone jumps to conclusions, keep in mind, Andy Reid left detailed player reviews on both Mike Vick and Nick Foles. I’m sure Andy’s analysis along with the game tape gives Coach Kelly all he needs to make the right decision.  What fans are also missing is the obvious fact that a cap friendly Mike Vick contract makes him appealing to other NFL teams in case the Eagles decide to part ways with him.

Instead of running with emotional lead thoughts think about how the restructuring of Vick’s contract put the Eagles in the best possible scenario and give them leverage on other teams because they can now move either Quarterback and get max value.

Personally, I believe Mike Vick gives the Eagles the best chance to win now. I also believe the future Quarterback of the Eagles is not currently on the roster, nor do I believe he is in this years draft class. So don’t panic just yet, it’s still very early and in a months time we could easily be talking about just how great this one decision help jumpstart our road back to having a respected football team.

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Can Chip Win The Chip? [Original]

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl - Oregon v Kansas State

The Philadelphia Eagles hiring of Offensive Guru Chip Kelly lead to a range of emotions by Eagles fans and sports commentators throughout the country. Just one week ago Eagles fans learned that the Eagles had lost out on Chip Kelly and he would be returning to the University of Oregon. Following that news many people were led to believeEagles actually benefited by not hiring Chip.

The madness that followed is what had the entire Eagles fanbase scratching their heads and wondering if Jeff Lurie and Howie Roseman knew what they were doing. Looking at the Eagles from a fans perspective and not from a business perspective made due diligence by the Eagkes seem like a parade of interviews of potential head coaches with no real vision of what they were truly looking for. It seened that all hope was lost yesterday morning when it was reported that Gus Bradley left Philadelphia in route of Jacksonville with no deal in hand. Littke did we know Chip Kelky was on his way to crash the party.

Right around 12pm est the news broje that Chip Kelly would keave Oregon and become the head coach if the Philadelphia Eagles. The news took everyone by surprise, however, history should have told us that Chip was the Eagles guy all the time.

When Jeff Lurie purchased the Eagles his selection of head coaches showed how much he respected the Championship tradition of the San Francisco 49ers and their West Coast Offense. That offensive philosophy also led Green Bay to a championship. The NFL is now trending to an offensive game that mimics Chip Kelly’s spread/read attack and with the immediate success of RG3, Russel Wilson and Colin Kaepernick it makes sense for Lurie to want Chip as the new head coach.

Im interested in your thoughts on the hiring if Chip Kelly. I believe he is an offensive genius, but im concerned that he seemed to need to be coaxed into excepting the position as head coach of the Eagles. Lord knows he better not turn into a Bobby Petrino.

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Eagles To Hire Former Oregon Coach Chip Kelly


Former Oregon coach Chip Kelly is now the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. In a surprising move the Eagles signed Chip Kelly even with rumors about the coach staying at Oregon for at least one more year. According to ESPN, the Eagles had interviewed Kelly early in their search and finally landed the man that thought right for the job. No contract figures as of yet, but rest assure Chip Kelly will be your Eagles coach for a while..

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