Jay-Z Allegedly Disappointed in Colin Kaepernick’s Handling of NFL Workout

2017 NBA Finals - Game One

Source: Ezra Shaw / Getty

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick may have blown his last chance of being in the NFL after failing to show up to a private workout opportunity held over the weekend.

The workout, which was supposed to have 32 clubs in attendance to scout Kaepernick was said to be put together by Roc Nation founder Jay-Z, who recently entered a partnership with the NFL earlier this year.

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However, it looks like Jay-Z may not be too happy with Kaepernick after he failed to adhere to the NFL’s guidelines regarding Saturday’s workout.

The former NFL quarterback made headlines when he switched locations of the workout last minute.

Media personality Nessa Diab and long-term girlfriend of Kaepernick announced details of the new location via Instagram stating,

Sources close to Jay-Z say he is disappointed in Kaepernick’s decision to turn a “legitimate workout” into a publicity stunt.

However, the 32-year-old free agent said the venue was changed to allow the media to be attendance in efforts to create transparency.

“The NFL has demanded that as a precondition to the workout, Mr. Kaepernick sign an unusual liability waiver that addresses employment-related issues and rejected the standard liability waiver from physical injury proposed by Mr. Kaepernick’s representatives,” Kaepernick’s team said in a statement.

Kaepernick moved his workout to a high school about 44 miles from the Falcons’ training grounds.

The NFL released a statement shortly after deeming him a no show stating, “We are disappointed that Colin did not appear for his workout. Today’s session was designed to give Colin what he has consistently said he wants, an opportunity to show his football readiness and desire to return to the NFL.”

Rap Mogul Jay-Z has been a huge supporter of Kaepernick’s movement in the past and recently received a lot of criticism for working closely with the NFL without attempting to reconcile the differences between Kaepernick and the NFL.

It looks like the former player may have lost yet another useful Ally in his quest for social justice in the NFL.

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Kaepernick, Reid Reportedly Received a Settlement of $60-$80M

San Francisco 49ers v Atlanta Falcons

Source: Scott Cunningham / Getty

It looks like Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid did all right in their collusion case against the NFL. League sources say the duo received a cash settlement between $60 million and $80 million.

Problems between the former 49ers and the NFL began brewing in 2016, when Kaepernick and Reid began kneeling during the National Anthem. Claiming the league sidelined them as a result, they filed a lawsuit against the NFL the following year. Although both sides reached a settlement last month, terms of the truce weren’t disclosed.

The rumored settlement represents a windfall for Kaepernick, who would have earned $14.5 million per season had he continued to play. Kaepernick still hasn’t found a new gig, but Reid has since been recruited by the Carolina Panthers.

Meek Mill’s Next Album Will Have A Song About Colin Kaepernick

Meek Mill

Source: @JustInMyView / R1 Digital

According to Bleacher Report, Meek Mill will have a song dedicated to Colin Kaepernick on his upcoming album. Meek revealed he’s penned a song about Kap, which will be his first album since his release from prison earlier this year.

“They won’t lynch him by hanging from a tree. They lynch his bank account,” Meek told Nikki Schwab of the New York Post.

According to reports, one of the verses goes:

“They told Kap to stand up if you want to play for a team, and most of his teammates said the same thing” and “Back in the ’30s you would be killed if you kneeled. They won’t kill you now, they just take you out of the deal.”

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED 2017 Sportsperson of the Year Show

Source: Slaven Vlasic / Getty

For the past year, Meek has became a face nationwide for criminal justice reform after his sentence for violation of his parole from a case that dates back over 10 years.

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We all know how the city rallied around Meek, from social media posts with #FreeMeek, countless rallies, and others fighting for his release, including 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin.

If you remember, Kaepernick and Meek combined to donate $20,000 to Youth Service Inc. in January as part of Kaepernick’s #10for10 pledge.

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Colin Kaepernick Files Grievance Against NFL, Accuses All 32 Teams Of Collusion

San Francisco 49ers v Atlanta Falcons

Source: Scott Cunningham / Getty

Colin Kaepernick has reportedly filed a grievance under the latest collective bargaining agreement against NFL owners for collusion, according to his attorney, Mark Geragos and ESPN.

ESPN reports, Geragos represented several high-profile clients, including Michael Jackson and Chris Brown.

 According to ESPN, the filing reportedly demands an arbitration hearing on the matter, says the NFL and its owners “have colluded to deprive Mr. Kaepernick of employment rights in retaliation for Mr. Kaepernick’s leadership and advocacy for equality and social justice and his bringing awareness to peculiar institutions still undermining racial equality in the United States”
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Here’s How Colin Kaepernick Is Crapping All Over Trump’s Proposed Budget Plan For 2018

colin Kaepernick

Source: colin Kaepernick / Getty

In the wake of Donald Trump‘s proposed budget plan for 2018, which would cut the federal funding for Meals on Wheels, Colin Kaepernick has donated $50,000 to the program.

The former quarterback, who’s had a problem finding a team after kneeling during the National Anthem, made headlines recently when he joined the campaign to get Somalia food and water and donated $50,000 to the social media campaign #LoveArmyForSomalia. Now he’s back with another great deed.

TIME reports: “Kaepernick and Trump have sparred often since the quarterback began kneeling before football games to protest police brutality and racial oppression. Trump again took a shot at Kaepernick on Monday night, telling a rally in Louisville, Kentucky, that the quarterback’s failure to get signed from a free agency was because NFL owners ‘don’t want to get a nasty tweet from Donald Trump.’”

It doesn’t get more petty than Trump… but when he goes low, we go high.

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Spike Lee Says Colin Kaepernick Not Getting Signed Is ‘Mad Fishy’

Spike Lee

Source: Frederick M. Brown / Getty

Ever since quarterback Colin Kaepernick opted out of his San Francisco 49ers contract, he has struggled to find a new home team. Director Spike Lee has taken notice.

After having brunch with the activist athlete, Lee posted a picture with Kaepernick on Instagram. He vented, “How Is It That There Are 32 NFL Teams And Kap Is Still A Free Agent? WTF. Smells MAD Fishy To Me,Stinks To The High Heavens. The New York J-E-T-S Need A Quarterback. Who Is The J-E-T-S Quarterback? Is My Man Joe Willie Namath Coming Back? Crazy Times We Live In.” Lee concludes, “This Is Some Straight Up Shenanigans,Subterfuge, Skullduggery And BS. Ya-Dig? Sho-Nuff. By Any Means Necessary. And Dat’s Da NoFunLeague Truth,Ruth.” You can check out his full post below.

Lee’s suspicion over Kaepernick not getting signed has merit considering a lot of outrage the quarterback elicited when he protested the national anthem last season. Kaepernick refused to stand for the song as a way to speak out against racial and social injustice in America. His actions were quite divisive and many NFL teams might not want to be impacted by the controversy.

Some folks like Stephen A Smith have argued that Kaepernick isn’t signed because he’s a mediocre player—and controversial. However, according to For The Win, Kaepernick is still a very strong contender compared to other quarterbacks. He finished the season with a passer rating of 90.7, putting him ahead of players like Cam Newton, Eli Manning, Carson Wentz and Ryan Tannehill in QBR.

Kaepernick insisted that he wouldn’t continue protesting the national anthem in 2017 and would focus his activism elsewhere. However, this doesn’t seem to pacify NFL teams. The Bears have been willing to sign an unproven Mike Glennon to a lucrative deal and Brian Hoyer is all lined up to replace Kaepernick for the 49ers. However, Kaepernick is still left without a team for next season. Some smelly stuff indeed.

Here’s How Colin Kaepernick Is Getting Food And Water To Somalia

colin Kaepernick

Source: colin Kaepernick / Getty

The African nation of Somalia is currently going through a famine that could affect over six million civilians. Being the humanitarian he is, Colin Kaepernick joined the ongoing fight to get the country food and water.

He told his Instagram followers, “People are dying in Somalia right now that need our help. There’s an impending famine because of drought politics, in action of NGOs, and lack of media attention. This famine will affect 6.2 million people and 2.9 million people are in need of immediate assistance. We can’t let this happen; we have to help these people.” Colin continued, “We’re asking Turkish Airlines to allow us to use a plane to fly food, water, and aid to these people. We can help create the change. We can help be the change. Let’s make this happen.”

According to a video he posted later, Turkish Airlines agreed to provide a plane for the purposes of flying food, water, and aid to Somalia. “This is a victory for the people,” the super excited athlete relayed to his followers after telling us about a GoFundMe page that was started on the country’s behalf.

Colin is currently going through his own issues, as reports surface that no NFL team will sign the former quarterback after he knelt during the National Anthem. Still, he’s focused on fighting the good fight and helping others.

Watch his call to action videos below.

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Is Colin Kaepernick Being Punished By The NFL For His National Anthem Protest?

Former San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick is without a team. That is, he’s unemployed. A mere four years ago, Kaepernick started in the Super Bowl, but these days it seems no team wants anything to do with the 29-year-old activist.

Many believe it is just that activism, where Kaepernick refused to stand for the National Anthem in protest of police brutality and for the sanctity of Black lives, is at play here.

Although his jersey remained number one throughout the season, many teams fear that fans will not take kindly to Kaepernick being on their roster.

“ … some teams fear the backlash from fans after getting him,” said an AFC general manager in an interview with Bleacher Report. “They think there might be protests or [President Donald] Trump will tweet about the team.”

Then, there’s just straight punishment for taking a stand as a black man.

“… the rest genuinely hate him and can’t stand what he did [kneeling for the national anthem]. They want nothing to do with him. They won’t move on. They think showing no interest is a form of punishment. I think some teams also want to use Kaepernick as a cautionary tale to stop other players in the future from doing what he did.

Kaepernick’s biggest crime may have been to eschew the plantation mentality in professional football and raise a fist in the face of the so-called patriotism rife in American football.

“It’s hard to emphasize how unusual Kaepernick’s current situation is,” Bleacher Report Mike Freeman writes. “If a Super Bowl quarterback can walk and chew bubble gum simultaneously, he gets opportunities. Those opportunities usually arrive until that player is totally and completely done. That’s not the case with Kaepernick.”

He explains,

Four years ago, he ran for a playoff-record 181 yards and two scores at Green Bay as the 49ers beat the Packers in a divisional playoff game, 45-31. The Niners would then go to Atlanta and upset the Falcons in the NFC title game before losing Super Bowl XLVII to the Ravens when a last-gasp drive fell five yards short. Throughout those playoffs, Kaepernick was more than capable, completing 61.3 percent of his passes, throwing only two interceptions and producing a combined quarterback rating of 100.9.

Guys like that get multiple shots.

Or not. Although sources say that Kaepernick would start standing for the anthem this year, it may be too late.

Did his “political statement” cost him his NFL career?

SOURCE: Bleacher Report


Colin Kaepernick Ends National Anthem Kneeling Protest Against Police Brutality

Colin Kaepernick Donates Massive Sneaker Collection To Homeless Shelters

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Colin Kaepernick Asks Followers To Get Involved In Aid For Somalia

San Francisco 49ers v San Diego Chargers

Source: Harry How / Getty

Colin Kaepernick keeps warming our hearts, noble act after noble act.

The San Francisco 49ers player who is known for not standing for the pledge allegiance after Donald Trump was elected into office, is raising awareness about another issue.

According to the United Nations, more than half of Somalia’s population —6.2 million people— need humanitarian assistance and protection, while 2.9 million of them need urgent help “to save or sustain their lives”.

In an effort to provide vital help in a quick manner, celebrities like Kaepernick and Ben Stiller asked Turkish Airlines to get involved, since they’re the only airline to fly directly to the East African nation.

And they obliged.

“Amazing news,” Kaepernick begins the video posted to Twitter. “Turkish Airlines granted us an airplane to fly to Somalia. A 60 ton cargo plane so we can fly there with food, with water for these people. Now we’ve started a GoFundMe page to allow anyone to help us donate food, donate water. We’ll make sure every cent goes to helping these people. This is a victory for the people, this is a victory for the people of Somalia.”

He also adds a way people can share their giving on social media, to raise awareness.

“It was done out of love, out of respect for these people. We wanted to bring structure to this, so now we’re going to use the name Love Army for Somalia. So use the hashtag #LoveArmyForSomalia and this is amazing, Let’s keep building, let’s keep going.”

As of today the $1 million goal for support has been made, but people can continue to give.

To find out more of give to the Love Army campaign, go here.


#BlackBoyJoy: Colin Kaepernick Donates Massive Shoe Collection To Bay Area Homeless Shelters

AM BUZZ: Colin Kaepernick Faces Backlash For Fidel Castro Remarks; Nick Cannon Says Planned Parenthood Responsible For Genocide

10 Powerful Photos Of Colin Kaepernick Looking Like Black Excellence

Colin Kaepernick’s Parents Break Their Silence: “Colin Is Carrying A Heavy Load”

colin Kaepernick

Source: colin Kaepernick / Getty

Colin Kaepernick‘s parents have remained silent throughout most of their son’s protest of the national anthem. “It’s not in our best interest or Colin’s best interest,” his mother previously said when asked to comment.

Now, Rick and Teresa Kaepernick are finally opening up.

“Colin is carrying a heavy load and following a difficult path that he truly believes in,” they told ESPN’s The Undefeated on Friday (December 9). “He is putting his entire future and possibly his life on the line for those beliefs. As his parents, it pains us to read articles and tweets saying that his family does not support him; this could not be further from the truth. We want people to know that we are very proud of our son and admire his strength and courage in kneeling for the rights of others.”

His mother went on to add, “I just want to be on the record that we absolutely do support him.”

From VIBE:

“The Kaepernick’s, who are both white, adopted Colin when he was just five weeks old after his biological mother could not care for him. The 49er quarterback told reporters earlier this year, that his parents ‘agree with what I’m standing for.’ The couple lost two children at birth due to congenital heart failure.”


Colin Kaepernick Explains Why He Decided Not To Vote

Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers

Source: Thearon W. Henderson / Getty

Colin Kaepernick‘s stand against the constant mistreatment of Blacks in the United States has raised awareness for his movement, but his latest decision threatens to derail it all.

Kaepernick decided not to vote in Tuesday’s election. He explained in a conference call from Arizona that the reason for his decision was because he felt it didn’t really matter who won.

“I’ve been very disconnected from the systematic oppression as a whole,” he said. “So for me, it’s another face that’s going to be the face of that system of oppression. And to me, it didn’t really matter who went in there. The system remains intact that oppresses people of color,” he said.

Earlier this year, Donald Trump responded to Kaepernick’s protest by saying that if he isn’t happy with America, he should find a country that better suits him.

Kaepernick would later respond, saying, “That’s a very ignorant statement, that if you don’t agree with what’s going on here, that if you want justice and liberty and freedom for all, that you should leave the country. He always says, ‘Make America great again.’ Well, America has never been great for people of color, and that’s something that needs to be addressed. Let’s make America great for the first time.”

Kaepernick is sure to catch a lot of flack in the coming days for deciding not to vote.

SOURCE: ESPN | PHOTO CREDIT: Thearon W. Henderson / Getty

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Colin Kaepernick Starts Bay Area Youth Program With Plans For Expansion In Other Cities

Colin Kaepernick, unarguably one of 2016’s most “woke” celebrities, has added another platform to his activism. He is now forming a San Francisco youth program that is teaching local kids to know and exercise their rights.

San Francisco 49ers v San Diego Chargers

Source: Harry How / Getty

The Huffington Post has further details on Kaepernick’s Bay Area youth program and the plans to take it across the country.

Via Huffington Post:

The San Fransisco 49ers quarterback hosted a free youth camp in Oakland on Saturday called Know Your Rights. The program aims to teach kids about various important issues, including higher education, self-empowerment and interacting with law enforcement. Hundreds of black and Latino children from the Bay Area attended, according to the New York Daily News. “We’re here today to fight back and give you all lessons to combat the oppressive issues that our people face on a daily basis. We’re here to give you tools to help you succeed,” he told the attendees, according to the Daily News. “We’re going to give you knowledge on policing history, what the systems of policing in America were based on, and we’re also going to teach you skills to make sure you always make it home safely.”

The camp staff, which consists of Kaepernick and a small group of volunteers, also highlighted 10 basic rights they believe each child should know they have, including the right to be free, healthy, safe and educated. The day was constructed around these rights, which were inspired by the 10-point plan created by the Black Panther Party. 

Kaepernick sees this as reaching beyond San Francisco. According to Huffington Post, he said, “What we’ve done here today in Oakland, we want to do all over the country, in cities all over this country, by bringing together local leaders, local activists and local youth, and not only giving them the skills and lessons they need, but we want to show them how much we love and value them.”

Kaepernick is consistently proving that he doesn’t just talk about it, he is about it.


Check out more Colin Kaepernick here:



Listen To Eminem’s Scathingly Unrepentant “Campaign Speech”

“Jumped out of the second floor of a record store/ With a Treacherous Four cassette and a cassette recorder,” Eminem rhymes at the start of his brand-new track. “In Ecuador with Edward Norton/ Witness the metamorphosis of a legend growing/ Like an expert swordsman from the Hessian war and/ Hence the origin of the Headless Horseman/ Born with the endorphins of a pathetic orphan.”

Scathing and unrepentant, “Campaign Speech” is as much of an appetizer for his fans as it is a reminder that Marshall Mathers is alive and well. The rapper shared the 8-minute track on Wednesday, telling followers, “Don’t worry I’m working on an album!”

The track takes a jab at Donald Trump.

“Consider me a dangerous man/ But you should be afraid of this dang candidate,” Em spits over the minimalist instrumental. “You say Trump don’t kiss ass like a puppet?/ ‘Cause he runs his campaign with his own cash for the funding?/ And that’s what you wanted?/ A fuckin’ loose cannon who’s blunt with his hand on the button/ Who doesn’t have to answer to no one?/ Great idea!”

Em also has words for Trump’s supporters. “Run the faucet / I’m a dunk a bunch of Trump supporters underwater/ Snuck up on ’em in Ray-Bans in a gray van with a spray tan.”

Listen to the lyrical assault above.

Keep your ears open for references to Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, Colin Kaepernick, and more.

SOURCE: Twitter, YouTube | PHOTO CREDIT: C Flanigan / Getty

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Afternoon Minute: Lil Jon Responds To Donald Trump Calling Him An ‘Uncle Tom’ During ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

Lil Jon Responds To Donald Trump Calling Him An ‘Uncle Tom’ During Celebrity Apprentice


Source: KENA BETANCUR / Getty

After The Daily Beast reported that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump called contestant Lil Jon an “Uncle Tom” while filming The Celebrity Apprentice, the rapper released a statement on Friday.  

On Twitter he wrote: “When this ‘Uncle Tom’ incident happened on Celebrity Apprentice in the boardroom several of my cast mates and I addressed Mr. Trump immediately when we heard the comment. I can’t say if he knew what he was actually saying or not but he did stop using that term once we explained it’s offensiveness.”

I also want to be clear that I don’t agree with many of the statements Mr. Trump has said during his current run for President,” the “Turn Down for What” singer added.

According to the report, former staffers claimed that they asked Trump to repeatedly stop using the epithet on he 2013 season of the show, which he refused to do.

We kept trying to explain to [Trump] that that’s not a word you can use, that it’s offensive,” another Apprentice employee told The Daily Beast.

One of the executive producers had to call him up directly to [plead with] him not to say it, and Trump was like, ‘No, that’s a saying, it’s Uncle Tom.’ There are several takes in the footage of the dailies that has him trying to figure out the difference between ‘Uncle Tom’ and Uncle Sam. He just couldn’t grasp that it was offensive… When [Trump] decides he wants to do something, that’s his way.”

Trump’s campaign denies these allegations.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Regrets Criticizing Colin Kaepernick

San Francisco 49ers v San Diego Chargers

Source: Michael Zagaris / Getty

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is dialing back her recent comments about Niners quarterback Colin Kaepernick and his national anthem protest.

According to the Los Angeles Times, in a statement she gave on Friday, Ginsburg said she shouldn’t have waded into that territory when asked her thoughts on the issue.

Barely aware of the incident or its purpose, my comments were inappropriately dismissive and harsh,” she said. “I should have declined to respond.

As previously reported, during a recent interview with Katy Couric, the 83-year-old said that not standing for the anthem is “dumb and disrespectful,” but she “wouldn’t lock a person up for doing it.”

I would have the same answer if you asked me about flag burning. I think it’s a terrible thing to do, but I wouldn’t lock a person up for doing it. I would point out how ridiculous it seems to me to do such an act,“ the liberal judge and feminist icon said.

Kaepernick recently told the San Jose Mercury News that he was “disappointing to hear a Supreme Court justice call a protest against injustice and oppression ‘stupid, dumb.’”

Bystander Calls Cops On Diverse News Crew And Their ‘Suspicious White Truck’

Earlier this week, a Texas news crew was shocked when police were called on them for looking “suspicious” while reporting on a story near a Plano elementary school.

According to the Dallas News, NBC 5 News reporter Homa Bash tweeted that she and photographer C.J. Johnson were approached by authorities responding to a call that a “Hispanic-looking woman and black man with a suspicious white truck and camera” were near a school. (Bash is actually of South Asian decent.)

Bash said the police officer recognized her from the television and let them finish doing their job of reporting on a story about a proposal to ban dogs from Plano ISD campuses, the newspaper noted.

NBC5 said in a statement that “the police officer and our crew were doing their jobs. Everyone acted professionally.”

Meanwhile Bash’s tweet “struck a nerve” with people being retweeted nearly 70,000 times and received more than 140,000 likes as people apologized to her and talked about their own encounters with racial profiling and police, the Dallas Star said.




A mess.