Kanye West’s “Jesus Is King” Is Number 1

To not much surprise, Kanye West’s highly anticipated Jesus Is King album is number 1 on the Billboard 200.

The album is Kanye’s ninth consecutive album to land in the top spot.

That ties him with Eminem as the only other artist to do it.

Jesus Is King sold an equivalent of 264,000 album units. That counts streams and sales.

Nicki Minaj Blasts Wendy Williams For Talking About Her New Husband

Nicki Minaj took to Queen Radio to put talk show host, Wendy Williams on blast for talking about her husband, Kenneth Petty.

Minaj blamed Williams’ attack on her recent divorce saying, “There are people who report the news and there are people who do it with evil intent in their heart, viciousness. And I pray for you because I know you’re hurting and I know you must be sick and humiliated.”

Minaj continued saying, “Look at what age you are. You sat up there being vicious all this time and paid for that man’s mistress all these years. You paid for her shopping sprees, you paid for her hotels, you probably even paid for her GYN bills, you paid to have that baby delivered, hoe. How you doin’, stupid?”

Minaj says her husband, Kenneth Petty has moved on from his past. He was convicted of the attempted rape of a 16-year-old when he was still a teenager. He pleaded manslaughter in 2006 and spent seven years in jail.

Frank Ocean Releases Single ‘In My Room’

Frank Ocean has released another single following “DHL.” Ocean released “In My Room” on Apple Music Saturday night, the song debut at his recent PrEP+ clubnight event in New York last Thursday. (October 31)

With the release of “DHL” artwork was paired with the single depicting a man sitting on a chair with one arm raised and his head in a bag. The artwork matched silhouettes that accompanied the release.

“In My Room” was also accompanied by artwork that matched one of the silhouettes which fans believe represent new music coming from Ocean.

Angie Martinez Involved In Serious Car Accident

Radio and television host Angie Martinez is recovering after a severe car accident.

She told the story on social media Monday morning.

Martinez wrote, “I’ve always believed in angels and mine was with me the other morning. I was in a severe car accident and sustained a fractured lumbar and shattered vertebrae.”

She continued, “I’m recovering and will be for some time, but I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to do that. Wanted you all to hear it from me first and know that although this is a different time, I am in the best spirits possible and determined to be back and better than ever!”

Best wishes for a full and quick recovery Angie!

Rapper Cardi B Advises Little Girls Against Smoking Weed and Cigarettes

Cardi B is advising little girls to not smoke weed or cigarettes. The “Wish Wish” rapper took to social media to share pictures of herself at 15, in one picture she’s seen lighting a cigarette.

“15-year-old Cardi…Dear little girls don’t smoke cigarettes or weed trying to look cool for the seniors cause you really gonna grow up and see how dumb you look doing it…Seriously tho what was I thinking? Anyways naaa my mustache was too much,” she captioned the series of pictures.

Beyonce Rumored to Be Filming New Music Video on Thamesmead Estate

London is the backdrop for Beyonce’s new video according to MailOnline.com. The 38-year-old is reportedly filming near Catford and Thamesmead in South East London.

A casting call went out seeking “black and brown people of different cultures, nationalities, ethnicities, genders, and ages.”

Rihanna Is Latest Celebrity to Urge Gov. Abbott to Spare Rodney Reed’s Lifei

Rihanna is joining Kim Kardashian, Dr. Phil McGraw, Susan Sarandon, and the entire European Union in sparing the life of Rodney Reed.

Reed is currently on death row in for the rape and murder of Stacey Stites, of whom he was having an affair with, but Reed’s defense has argued that Stites fiancee, Jimmy Fennell, had a motive and opportunity to kill her.

Fennell, a Georgetown police officer, was jailed for seven years in Stites kidnapping and for having a sexual relationship with an inmate who was in his custody.

“One Click!!! SIGN this petition if you don’t believe the Government should kill an innocent man!!! @GovAbbott” with a link to a petition on FreeRodneyReed.com,” Rihanna tweeted.

Kim Kardashian Was Fully Caught Listening to Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ in This Instagram Video

Fans of Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift were quick to point out that Swift’s song, Lover was playing in the background during a photoshoot Kardashian posted to her Instagram stories.

Kardashian and Swift have had beef since she released a private phone call between Swift and Kanye West, where Swift was exposed after saying she knew nothing about a song Kanye had done.

Fast forward to the video of a photoshoot where Kim can be heard in the background talking to two of the set staff who seemingly got into an argument, “Don’t worry they never stay mad long.” Kim wrote on the video.

Fans of the reality show star and Swifties think that with “Lover” playing in the background and the two men making up, it signals that her feud with Taylor might be over.

First Look Of Jennifer Hudson As Aretha Franklin

We are seeing the first pictures of Jennifer Hudson as the legendary Aretha Franklin.

Hudson will be portraying Franklin in the upcoming biopic Respect. 

The pictures were captured on Sunday as filming for the movie took place in New York City.

Marlon Wayans was also seen in the photos. Wayans plays Franklin’s husband Ted White in the movie. Respect is due to be released in August 2020.

Ciara & Russell Wilson Transform Into Beyoncé & Jay-Z For Epic Couples’ Halloween Costume

Celebrities are stepping up their costume game this Halloween, including Ciara and Russell Wilson. The couple dressed up as Beyonce and JAY-Z as depicted in their “Apesh*t” video.

“The Carters” even made their own version of Beyonce and JAY’s video and nailed hip-hop’s first couple’s look.

The only difference between Ciara and Russell’s version of the “Apesh*t” video and Beyonce and JAY-Z’s version was the artwork displayed behind the couple, Bey and JAY’s shot their video at the Louvre where the original Mona Lisa is housed and CiCi and Russell stood in front of a portrait of former President Barack and Michelle Obama.

Drake Dresses Up As His Dad For Halloween

Drake pulled off a Halloween look that only he could.

He dressed up like his dapper dad, Dennis Graham.

In the side by side picture posted on Instagram, Drake captioned the photo, “Not planned.”

There are tons of comments approving of Drake’s costume choice.

Drake Gave Raptors Custom OVO Jackets

There’s one thing that is quite evident about Drake, he loves his hometown NBA team the Toronto Raptors.

He showed that love by gifting the 2018-19 team with their very own custom OVO jackets.

The jacket, which looks like a jacket he wore during the season last year, features all the players from the championship squad complete with the Raptor wrapped around the championship trophy.

Meek Mill Wants Police Accountability

Meek Mill was in attendance for a town hall meeting in Philadelphia on policing.

During the forum, the rapper asked that there be “transparency and accountability” as the city searches for the next police commissioner.

He also asked for citizens and law enforcement to work together to find solutions in matters that affect the public.

Forever 21 Closing 200 Stores

Recently, the department store Forever 21 filed for bankruptcy, and now the company has announced that they will be closing 200 stores in order to get back on their feet.

Forever 21 is just another retail chain that’s feeling the effects of more consumers choose to shop online and need to change their sales plan to keep their business afloat.

The company will also leave most international markets to focus more on a smaller stable of stores in the U.S., Mexico, and Latin America.

Travis Scott the #1 Song on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart!

Night One At Palms Casino Resort's KAOS Dayclub & Nightclub With Travis Scott And Skrillex For Grand Opening Weekend

Source: David Becker / Getty

“Im the highest in the room” (Travis Scott voice)

Congratulations on Travis Scott’s single, Highest in The Room tops as the #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100!


Doctor Dre Loses His Sight in Diabetes Battle

It’s been 30 years since the debut of the groundbreaking show “Yo! MTV Raps” and one of its hosts Doctor Dre, is in a battle with type 2 diabetes.

Dre has already lost a toe while fighting the illness, and now it’s reported that the pioneer has also lost his vision.

The hip-hop pioneer is not only known for hosting the groundbreaking show. He’s also known as a host, movie actor, DJ, talent scout, and so much more.