NFL Star Von Miller Is Being Extorted Over A Sex Tape

Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports Awards 2016 - Arrivals

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When it comes to sex tapes, it’s usually a man blackmailing a woman, saying he’ll release a video to ruin her reputation and career if she doesn’t pay up – i.e what happened to Iggy Azalea.

But this time around, the shoe is on the other foot for NFL star Von Miller. According to TMZ, Miller is trying to block a woman from releasing a sex tape they shot in Cancun and she’s demanding $2.5 million…or else.

Miller filed legal docs in L.A. County Superior Court under the pseudonym “Doe,” but the documents describe him as “one of the most talented people at his craft in the U.S. and the world,” which led multiple sources to confirm that it was indeed Miller. The Denver Broncos star revealed that he met a woman named Elizabeth Ruiz during a trip to Mexico in June 2016 and the two had sex while they were alone indoors.

The woman reportedly recorded the sex session on her cell phone and when Miller reached out to her after the trip and asked her to destroy the recording, she replied, “Gotcha.” The docs also say that the woman gathered a team and tried to sell the video back to the linebacker for $2.5 million after TMZ declined her offer. However, Miller’s team shot down the request, claiming the woman was trying to extort him and is now asking a judge to block her from releasing the tape.

The judge was definitely on Miller’s side Wednesday: a temporary restraining order was issued against the woman.


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President Obama Frees Demaryius Thomas’ Grandmother From Prison

Denver Broncos training camp 2016 at Dove Valley

Winning a Super Bowl has to be great, but having your grandmother released from prison after serving 16 years is most definitely monumental.

The Denver BroncosDemaryius Thomas‘ grandmother was one of the 214 sentences that President Obama commuted on Tuesday. Demaryius’ grandmother Minnie Pearl Thomas was serving a life sentence for cocaine trafficking.

The wide receiver took to Twitter to thank the president for returning his grandmother to her family:

This isn’t the first time President Obama has pardoned one of Demaryius’ family members, as he also freed his mother from a federal prison where she was serving 20 years on a drug distribution conviction. Demaryius’ grandmother and mother were arrested together on drug charges when the NFL star was only 11 years old, according to the Broncos’ official website.

He spoke to The Post about it shortly after finding out, and called it a blessing.

I just found out right when I came in from weights. I had no idea. I was surprised. I was excited, too, it came this early. I heard 200-plus people get to have a second chance, and for my grandmother to be one of them, it’s a blessing,” he said.

Minnie is scheduled to walk out of the low-security Federal Correctional Institution in Florida on December 1.

During his presidency, President Obama has commuted 562 individuals’ sentences, and according to the White House, that’s more than the last nine presidents combined.

SOURCE: SB Nation, White House | IMAGE CREDIT: Getty, Twitter


Video Surfaces Of NFL Player Aldon Smith Allegedly Smoking Weed On Periscope

Indianapolis Colts Make Andrew Luck Highest Paid Player In The NFL

Former NFL Player Zurlon Tipton Dies After Accidentally Shooting Himself

Peyton Manning Retires After Storied 18-Year NFL Career

Jacksonville Jaguars v Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning, one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, has finally decided to retire.

After a surprising Super Bowl 50 win against the Carolina Panthers, Peyton will ride off into the sunset. The Denver Broncos announced Sunday that the five-time NFL MVP is set to hold a news conference announcing his departure at 1 p.m. Monday.

According to ESPN, Manning called the Broncos on Saturday night to inform the organization of his decision to retire. The press conference was already scheduled for Monday, but no one knew what the QB would say.

Broncos general manager and football legend John Elway released a statement:

When you look at everything Peyton has accomplished as a player and person, it’s easy to see how fortunate we’ve been to have him on our team. Peyton was everything that we thought he was and even more — not only for the football team but in the community. I’m very thankful Peyton chose to play for the Denver Broncos, and I congratulate him on his Hall of Fame career.”

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell spoke to Manning’s immense talent:

Peyton Manning’s extraordinary career was driven by his talent, an incredible work ethic, and an unwavering desire to be the best and ended so perfectly for him with a Super Bowl victory. Peyton’s competitive fire and love of the game made him a legendary player who thrilled fans for a generation. He has served as a great representative of the NFL both on the field and in his community. We are forever grateful for Peyton’s unmatched contributions to the game and know that his success will continue in the next phase of his life.”

Peyton will go down as the only quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl with two different teams.


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C’Mon Son! Bruno Mars Served Coldplay A Cold Plate At #SB50 [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

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On today’s edition of C’Mon Son! Ed Lover goes in on the Big Game including Lady Gaga’s lace front wig, Cam Newton getting sacked, Peyton Manning’s head and the Bruno and Beyonce halftime takeover!

Click above to hear the full audio and don’t forget to listen to the Ed Lover Show weekdays from 6-10am EST on your local Boom station.

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Peyton Manning Calls Allegations Of HGH Use A “Complete & Total Joke”

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After the Al Jazeera documentary, The Dark Side: The Secret World of Sports Doping, aired on Saturday implicating Peyton Manning as an HGH user, he’s already shot down the allegations.

The report is based on secret recordings made of Charles Sly, a former intern at a Indianapolis treatment center. Al Jazeera sent hurdler Liam Collins undercover to get the information and now the intern has recanted the claims. The report also says that Manning had the performance enhancing drugs sent to his home under his wife Ashley’s name. Manning took to ESPN on Sunday morning to speak on the matter.

I can’t speak for any other athlete. I know what I’ve done, I know how hard I’ve worked in my 18 years of playing in the NFL. There are no shortcuts in the NFL. I’ve done it the long way, I’ve done it the hard way. And to insinuate anything otherwise is a complete and total joke, it’s defamation and it really ticks me off,” Manning told ESPN.

Both the Denver Broncos and his former team, the Indianapolis Colts, have issued statements supporting Manning.

“Knowing Peyton Manning and everything he stands for, the Denver Broncos support him 100 percent,” said the Broncos. “These are false claims made to Al Jazeera, and we don’t believe the report.”

We are thoroughly familiar with Peyton’s tireless work habits, his medical history, and, most importantly, his integrity,” the Colts said, according to the Indy Star.

The report has made little waves around the NFL, with many taking up for Manning – including fellow quarterback Tom Brady, who told WEEI in Boston that he considers Manning a friend and fully supports him.

SOURCE: Indy Star, Mashable, WEEI, ESPN | VIDEO SOURCE: Inform

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NEW MUSIC: Peyton & Eli Manning “Fantasy” (Video)

Peyton Manning and Eli Manning

At this point who else is waiting for them to drop a mixtape?!?! Or Nah? Lol. Just jokes people, just like the 2 Super Bowl winning brother’s New song titled “Fantasy” in which they proclaim their love for Football. Check out the video below! Is it me or did Eli Manning get into it with the whole wardrobe change situation?!

Seahawks Lower The “Boom” On Broncos, Win First Super Bowl

seahawks win super bowl

The Seattle Seahawks embarrassed the Denver Broncos at Metlife Stadium winning Super Bowl XLVII 43 to 8.  The 13-3 Seahawks lead wire to wire never letting the best offense in the NFL, lead by Peyton Manning, ever get settled.

The lauded Seattle defense made things difficult for Peyton right from the jump, forcing a safety in the opening minutes, forced him into two interceptions and held him to one passing touchdown.  Second year QB Russell Wilson put up 206 yards and two touch downs for Seattle.  Defense and special teams were the story for Seattle with an impressive kick return in the third quarter by Percy Harvin and an interception return by Malcolm Smith. Smith was also named Super Bowl MVP.

This is the first NFL championship for the Seahawks. The outspoken Richard Sherman was carted off of the field late in the game after sustaining an ankle injury, but seemed ready to celebrate during the post game press conference. Watch below.

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Eagles Get Embarrassed By Broncos, But We Will Rise: Open Letter From Eagles Fan [Original]

Denver Broncos v Philadelphia EaglesDrew Hallowell/Philadelphia Eagles/Getty Images)

Isn’t that what the commercial says. “No matter how hard they try to knock us down….we will rise.” I know it’s hard to believe especially when our beloved Birds are coming off an embarrassing 52-20 loss to the Denver Broncos, but so what.  This is Philadelphia, birthplace of Rocky. A character that embodies our never say die attitude, a character that routinely took his lumps, only to fight through the odds and become a champion.

So as much as this is an open statement to all the fans that may be a little distraught it’s also a wake up call to those players that visit the website and are routinely on social media.

Your skill has earned you the right to be a pro, and fate has brought you to Philadelphia.   We aren’t the only ones that expect you to fight through adversity and overcome any obstacle that is placed in front of you, the world does. The history of our fandom, the players that came before you that gave everything they had are the reason we stand in support of you.  We love our team and because of that tuff love we can say “fight harder for us” if the outcome isn’t a win, so be it. This game is over, throw it out and let’s get back on track.

There couldn’t be a better gift than having the New York Giants on the schedule this week. The Giants are the only winless team left in the NFC East and if we come out confident and play like we did versus Washington and San Diego we’ll have a shot at getting off this losing streak.

I believe, what about you?


Orton Era Over in Denver, To No One’s Surprise

Yesterday the Denver Broncos solidified Tim Tebow’s long awaited position of starting quarterback official as they released their former starter from the Jay Cutler sweepstakes deal, Kyle Orton.

The move looked promising for the first six games of he and rookie head coach Josh McDaniels’ stint in Denver. It would take Orton another 27 games and another head coach amidst a flurry of disappointed fans to get his next six wins. No doubt the monumental collapse two seasons ago was pretty bad. But it’s safe to say that many of us were surprised the Broncos used their first round pick before last season on college legend Tim Tebow. From the moment the highly touted Florida quarterback arrived, it was evident that Orton’s days were numbered.

Tebow’s rookie year was filled with phrases such as “retooling his release”, or “not yet ready to be an NFL quarterback”. Orton’s job should have been safe with a player as unprepared for the big leagues as Tebow was supposed to be. He had all the support in the world from his coaches and two-time world champion owner, John Elway. But what he didn’t have is support from the fans that immediately fell in love with Tebow’s charm and disposition. And who couldn’t? The man is a saint who you can’t help but root for.

Is it really of any advantage to be supported by your coaching staff, yet be an after-thought to your fan base? Orton has proved not. But winning changes minds. Orton’s 12-21 record over two and a half seasons wasn’t nearly high enough to satisfy the Mile High faithful, especially with a looming potential star behind him. Make no mistake. The recent promotion of Tim Tebow was not entirely a coaches or owner decision. The fans had a lot to do with this. Remember back to training camp when Orton was booed as chants of “TEBOW!” erupted from the crowd. Not exactly the thing you’d like to hear before the season. But that’s the life of a QB that preceded a future superstar with as much promise as Tebow.

Don’t feel too bad, Orton will be OK. In fact he couldn’t have been waived at a better time, as four teams have lost QB’s to regular season ending injuries including Chicago where he most likely will end up.  In Denver, Orton’s name will be remembered as but a preamble to the career Tim Tebow. With a 4-1 start and the whole city behind him (with the exception of John Fox and John Elway, of course), Tebow will be fine too.

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NFL Players Caught Kissing After Game

Tim Tebow and Demaryius Thomas kiss after beating the Miami DolphinsAfter an overtime victory against the Miami Dolphins, Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow was spotted kissing his teammate wide receiver Demaryius Thomas! The win came after a field goal was kicked, so it’s even more surprising to see them kiss each other since their affection was showed after the two had connected on a big play.

The City Of “Brokeback Mountain”?

Is it just us, or does it look like this isn’t the first kiss shared between these two Broncos. See for yourself in the video below, and be sure to vote in our poll.


Denver Broncos Jason Hunter Stabbed By Girlfriend

Broncos WR Kenny McKinley Found Dead


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