Could Destiny’s Child Be Planning A Reunion?

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Its been one week since the end of mercury retrograde and the universe has already blessed us with good news!

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Destiny’s Child is gearing up for an epic return with a reunion tour set for 2020.

Yes, you read that last sentence correctly people!

In honor of the trio’s 20th anniversary, the all-star female group is currently in the planning stages of kicking off a world tour.

If this news hasn’t gotten you excited yet, then the possibility of the ladies dropping a new album should.

According to a reputable music insider, “Beyonce has been desperate to get the girls back together with her in the studio and she can’t think of a better time than 2020 when they will be marking two decades as one of the world’s biggest all-female groups.”

It has been nearly 15 years since the three women have reunited to put together a collective project.

Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle are among one of the many female groups that have recently reunited.

They follow in the footsteps of Xscape and Spice Girls, all of whom have also made a successful return this past year.

Although none of the ladies have confirmed this news, we hope that the return of DC comes to fruition this time around.

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Rumors Swirling of Destiny’s Child Reunion Tour

Destiny's Child /1

Source: ullstein bild / Getty

So there’s a rumor going around that Destiny’s Child is planning to go on tour next year to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

Yep, you heard that right. Rumor has it the tour will travel the U.S. and Europe to celebrate the ladies forming Destiny’s Child 20 years ago.

A source claims that Beyonce has been wanting to find a way to get the girls back together and according to the source, “seeing how well the Spice Girls did on tour she thinks they could be bigger and better.”

Destiny’s Child Will Not Be Reuniting At Coachella

2000 VH1 Vogue Fashion Awards - Arrivals

Source: Ron Galella / Getty

Beyonce is performing at Coachella, but there will not be a Destiny’s Child reunion.

According to sources,  Beyoncé is NOT planning to bring Michelle WilliamsKelly RowlandLaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett on stage with her at Coachella.


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Destiny’s Child Alum LaTavia Roberson Explains Why She’s A Survivor In New Book


Latavia Roberson is proof that there is life after tearing up the charts as a member of one of the greatest girl groups of our time.

The 35-year-old details her bounce back after her departure from Destiny’s Child in her new book, I Am LaTavia.

“There are a lot of things that I’ve gone through — molestation, dealing with alcoholism and drugs,” Roberson told PEOPLE.

And the Houston native doesn’t shy away from speaking candidly about her time with DC.

“We were patient, we worked very hard, and hearing our stuff on the radio? There was nowhere we could go from there but up. We prayed together for the success of the group, and when we started hearing the songs on the radio, started going on tour, we would see how much people really liked Destiny’s Child,” she revealed in the interview.

While reminiscing on their record-breaking rise to fame, LaTavia made one thing clear–she never left the group.

“I never left Destiny’s Child. That is something that people say. But who would leave Destiny’s Child? That’s crazy! I was dismissed from the group,” she explains.

“It was very difficult because of the way that I found out about it. I hate even talking about it, and it’s been 20 years — but it is what it is. We saw the ‘Say My Name’ video on TV, and that’s how I found out I was no longer in the group.”

The not-so-subtle switch up shocked fans worldwide, so it’s unimaginable the devastation Roberson felt.

“It was almost like a bad divorce — you’re no longer with your friends, people that you love so much. So that was hard in itself,” she told the site.  “And then being by myself at that time, when other aspects starting taking ahold of me. It lead me into a depression. And it wasn’t pretty, like at all.”

You can read more about LaTavia’s journey when the memoir drops in Spring of 2017.



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Destiny’s Child Does The #MannequinChallenge

2005 World Music Awards - Show

Source: Kevin Winter / Getty

Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, & Michelle reunited, and no it’s not for a tour (insert crying emoji).

DC3 joined forces to recreate the latest internet craze, #themannequinchallenge.

The group poses in a children’s playroom with toys. We are cracking up at this, but can we get some new music and a tour…please?

Take a look:


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LaTavia Roberson Shares A Tragic Update On Her Health

'The Online Diary Of Latavia Roberson' Private Screening

Just one month after reports surfaced that LaTavia Roberson was hospitalized and in critical condition after dealing with severe complications related to her second pregnancy — things took a turn for the worse for the R&B diva.

The former Destiny’s Child singer took to Instagram to announce the sad news that she lost her baby while hospitalized. She wrote, “I was, in fact, in the hospital. And during that time, unfortunately, I lost my daughter but MY GOD never makes mistakes. Thank you for your ongoing prayers!”

Our prayers are with LaTavia and her family at this time.


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This Former Destiny’s Child Singer Quietly Divorced Her Husband

LeToya Luckett got married back in January, but she and her husband are no longer together, according to new reports.

The former Destiny’s Child member and Single Ladies actress split from Rob Hillman after just two months of wedded bliss, and managed to keep her divorce under wraps until today, despite prying eyes.

It seems LeToya, 35, worried about her husband leaking photos or videos she sent him during their relationship, as there was specific language in their divorce agreement that spoke to such a situation. From TMZ:

The one celebrity difference — the clause about “Social media postings/public statements.” It states neither will make public statements about each other or “provide photos, videos, recordings or other documents” to media outlets and blogs.

That’s not typical divorce petition language, but the translation is clear: No leaked sex tapes here.

Rob Hillman is a well-respected social media sensation best known for posting positive quotes about relationships and self-love. We wish Rob and LeToya the best in their future endeavors.

SOURCE: TMZ | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Getty

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Booze, Booze, Booze: Former Destiny’s Child Member, Farrah Franklin, Arrested Again

Mimi Faust Birthday Party

This woman can’t stay out the pen.

Former Destiny’s Child member, Farrah Franklin, was arrested again, but this time it wasn’t for disorderly conduct. Farrah was busted for hitting the bottle a little too hard.

Georgia’s Dekalb County Police Department arrested the 35-year-old singer for public intoxication, citing “odor of booze” and “slurred speech.”

TMZ reports:

“According to cops … Farrah got into an argument with a male friend around 3 AM Thursday outside a gym in DeKalb County, GA. When officers showed up she said she was not ready to go home, and added … “These n***** won’t leave me alone.”

Cops noticed signs of drunkenness — odor of booze, slurred speech and bloodshot eyes — and asked how much she’d been drinking. She fired back, “Not enough.

In 2014, Farrah was arrested in South Carolina for disorderly conduct. She was also arrested for the same thing in Los Angeles in 2011. Both incidents appeared to be alcohol related.

Hopefully, she’ll strive to be like Beyoncé and get her life together.


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9 Times Beyonce Has Fallen & Recovered Gracefully

Pepsi Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show

There’s no doubt that Beyonce has perfected the art of performing, down to every high note and choreographed step. But even the Queen falls short of grace sometimes.

We live in a time where no one is ***flawless or perfect, except Beyonce. The BeyHive has convinced the world that their favorite heroine can do no wrong, even when she makes mistakes.

But to her credit, Beyonce is a beast at what she does, even when she almost takes a tumble like she did during her Super Bowl halftime performance on Sunday. In honor of Bey’s misstep, we’ve put together a list of all the times she’s fallen and gracefully recovered, figuratively and literally.

Check it out below.

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During the Beyonce Experience Tour in 2007, Bey was swinging her hair around when she tripped on her trench coat and slid down approximately 12 stairs while performing “Ring The Alarm.” She jumped right back up and continued on as if nothing happened.

[ione_embed src= service=youtube width=650 height=360 type=iframe]

In 2013, during the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, Bey attempted to give her fans in Montreal an intimate moment as she sang “Halo,” but it was short-lived. Mid song, her hair got tangled up in a stage fan and the crew scrambled to get it out.

Beyonce IG post

Meanwhile, Beyonce kept singing, hitting every note, unscathed. She even made fun of it, posting a photo on IG saying that her “Virgin Remy and Malaysian got snatched.” Classic!

[ione_embed src= service=youtube width=650 height=360 type=iframe]

While performing on 106 & Park with the other members of Destiny’s Child, Beyonce maintained her elegance as Michelle Williams took an embarrassing fall. Bey barely looked over to see if her group member was OK. She stayed in formation.

[ione_embed src= service=youtube width=650 height=360 type=iframe]

In 2001, Beyonce got a taste of what it must feel like to be on the wrong end of the BeyHive. While performing “Bootylicious” at the All-Star game in Philly, the crowd booed Destiny’s Child because Beyonce and Michelle were rocking LA Laker jerseys. Major throwback.

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During rehearsals for her famous “Single Ladies” video, Bey almost broke her ankle while trying out new dance moves. Of course, she got up and continued.

[ione_embed src= service=youtube width=650 height=360 type=iframe]

After killing the stage during her I Am Tour, Beyonce boarded a yacht to celebrate, only to stumble and fall on her face. The fall was so humorous it even tickled her.

[ione_embed src= service=youtube width=650 height=360 type=iframe]

On the last concert during the Mrs. Carter World Tour in Lisbon, Bey made her graceful grand entrance, only to trip while walking on stage. She followed that up with an awkward dance move (cc: Ashlee Simpson’s lip synching dance) but finished the show with a bang. 

[ione_embed src= service=youtube width=650 height=360 type=iframe]

An overly excited, shirtless fan almost made Beyonce lose her cool during a performance in Brazil. The fan grabbed her and pulled her into the audience with him. Instead of having the young man escorted out, Bey told the security, “It’s alright, he just got excited,” and shook the guy’s hand. What a woman!

[ione_embed src= service=youtube width=650 height=360 type=iframe]

Although the I Am World Tour was the fourth one for Bey, a lot of mishaps occurred. From earrings falling out to hair faux pas, it didn’t faze the Queen.

Despite a few setbacks, Beyonce hasn’t stopped and is showing no signs of slowing down.


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Mommy Crush Monday: The Best Photos Of Kelly Rowland In Marvelous Mom Mode

Kelly Rowland has been a household name for almost two decades, ever since she stole our hearts as the young short-haired beauty in the ’90s mega group Destiny’s Child.

We’ve watched Miss Kelly grow into a superstar right before our eyes. She’s a GRAMMY award-winning singer, dope actress, and now she can add cool mom to her list of successes. Kelly gave birth to her son, Titan Jewell Weatherspoon, last November, and managed to look even more gorgeous after.

Although baby Titan is the first and only child for Kelz and her husband Tim Weatherspoon, she admitted to E! that she indeed wants to add more to her flock.

“I am almost at my goal weight after this baby. I want to give it another three years. I absolutely want to give him a brother or sister—just one more I will have. Just not right now,” she said. 

In the meantime, Titan can hang with his cousin Blue Ivy, while Kelly and Beyonce slay as hot moms.

Check out our gallery of Kelly Rowland in full on mom mode.


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Mathew Knowles Is Shopping Around The Idea Of A Destiny’s Child TV Series Or Movie

Beyonce Celebrates the Release of Her New Album 'Dangerously in Love' - Arrivals by Galella Ltd

Source: Jim Smeal / Getty

Mathew Knowles is still determined to make more history with Destiny’s Child.

The group’s estranged manager recently revealed that he hopes to be able to finalize plans for a Destiny’s Child tour, television series or movie in the near future. With the ten year anniversary of their last album “Destiny Fulfilled” just around the corner in 2016, Mathew says he’s hopeful that they’ll reunite yet again and hit the road together as well as release another album.

He opened up about his optimistic hopes for the future of Destiny’s Child during a brief interview with the Huffington Post.

“I am extremely hopeful that the ladies will come back with an album and a tour. I’m working on a few Destiny’s Child projects right now.”

He also spoke about his plans to pen a Destiny’s Child autobiography as a prelude to the TV series or biopic he believes will come to life sometime within the next 2-3 years.

“My second book will be the autobiography of Destiny’s Child. I’m talking to the film and TV community right now, regarding a Destiny’s Child movie or TV series of some sort. But I still manage the ladies — Destiny’s Child — and I’m hopeful that within the next two to three years we’ll see something major come from it.”

This isn’t the first time Mathew has spoken about getting the women back together, but much like the last time around, he IS the only one speaking publicly about any plans to move the reunion forward. Looks like we’ll all just have to wait and see!


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MUSIC ROUNDUP: Destiny’s Child Planning Reunion Tour; John Legend’s Musical Romantic Drama & More

Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show

Source: Christopher Polk / Getty

Destiny’s Child might just be getting back together for a tour! The Daily Mail reports that Beyoncé wants to link up with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams for a 10-year reunion tour and an album.

Fans most recently got a little taste of that at the Stellar Awards, where Beyoncé and Kelly showed up to do backup for Michelle. It was their first performance together since Beyoncé’s stunning Super Bowl Half Time Show, and that is supposedly what got them interested in taking the show on the road.

The only hitch is that they may not actually be able to use the name Destiny’s Child since Beyoncé’s father Mathew Knowles still owns a quarter of the group. As it stands, the group would have to work with him in some capacity if they want to call themselves Destiny’s Child for the tour and album they are supposedly planning.

This is all just speculation right now since neither Beyoncé, nor Kelly or Michelle have even hinted at such a project yet. Of course we wouldn’t be mad if this did end up coming together!

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Kelly Rowland Spills Her Raw Thoughts On Destiny’s Child Reunion, The Element Of Surprise In Music, & Being A New Mom

Kelly Rowland kicks off Spring with Claritin in NYC

Spring is finally here, despite the weather taking its time to adjust in some colder areas of the country. And with the new changes coming, the flowers blooming, and some snow fully melting, there are bound to be tons of people across the globe experiencing the wrath of seasonal allergies.

Kelly Rowland recently became a spokesperson for the allergy medication brand Claritin, and she helped the brand start the spring season at their Kick Off event in NYC a couple of weeks ago.

As a new mother to her baby boy Titan and a new wife of almost a year to her husband Tim Witherspoon, Kelly is ready to take on fresh challenges as the weather changes. She’s even prepping to dive hard back into music, which we saw a preview of at the Stellar Awards when she reunited to perform with former Destiny’s Child members Beyoncé and Michelle Williams.

Check out our exclusive interview with Kelly below, and head over to Claritin’s website for more information on treating your seasonal allergies this spring. Also, peep her full performance at the Claritin Spring Kick Off event at the bottom.

GlobalGrind: How did you come to team up with Claritin to help them kick off spring?

Kelly Rowland: It actually happened organically. Claritin heard that I was a fan of the brand, because I’ve been using it for years. It just happened like that, to be honest. They just chose me to be their spokesperson, and I like when things happen like that. They don’t have to force-feed me any information. I actually take Claritin, and swear by it. I’ve even put my friends onto it.

What are you looking forward to most about the spring season? 

Oh my gosh, I love the change of weather! I remember being a little kid, and my mom and me would take the most beautiful walks outside. They used to always inspire me, whether it was a song that I sing, or singing “This Little Light Of Mine” – spring just has this great feeling of ‘anew.’

You and your husband Tim Witherspoon are coming up on your one-year anniversary in May. Do you guys have any set plans to celebrate?

We just want to spend some great time together! That’s about it.

You gave birth to Titan towards the end of last year. How is he doing currently, and what are you loving the most about being a mother?

He’ll be five months this week…Just the time we’re able to spend together. I love watching him grow. He’s learning about strangers, to crawl, and just all these new things. It’s just life happening right before my eyes. It’s the most beautiful gift.

What’s something you’re excited to teach him when he gets to a certain age?

I’m excited to teach him to hold the door open for ladies. [laughs]

Do you see him being a heartbreaker when he’s older?

He’s a heartbreaker now! He’s so charming even right now.

Did Blue Ivy ask to hold Titan when they first met? What was it like when Titan first came into contact with his peers? 

All my nieces, including my husband’s nieces, like to hold him. All of his cousins just love to hold him…Titan has gotten a chance to hang out with all of his cousins. I remember one of my nieces thought he was kind of like a toy. It was so cute, because she kept saying how she wanted to hold Titan and kiss him. I remember one of my sisters telling her we have to give her some room. It’s really sweet the way they dote on him.

Kelly Rowland kicks off Spring with Claritin in NYC

You, Beyonce, and Michelle all reunited for Michelle’s performance at the Stellar Awards. How did that come about?

Michelle simply asked myself and Bey, and it’s just very simple because we’re sisters, and we support each other. Always.

Can fans expect a Destiny’s Child reunion in the future?

I’m just happy that the reaction has been so great to the Stellar performance. That night was all about Michelle and “Say Yes.” She actually got the Best Video Award for that song, so we were really there to support Michelle.

So what’s coming up next for you this year musically?

I’m in the studio now, and getting excited about that. I actually am on my way to Atlanta to start working as well…I’m loving mystery right now. I don’t feel the need to tell everything about the album this time around. I just love the air of mystery.

How do you feel about more artists using the element of surprise with songs, albums, or release dates themselves?

Well, I’m happy, because I feel like with the Internet and leaking pictures, and this and that, it feels like something is new again. It’s ridiculous when it feels like everybody knows something. It’s nice when you get a surprise. I like surprises!

Who are some of your favorites right now in music?

I’m still enjoying Pharrell’s album G I R L, to be completely honest with you. I just want people who love urban and R&B music to buy it. I feel like we are a community that has to continue to support each other’s music, and not download it or take it. We are so rich in culture that we must not take from each other. We have to continue to uplift each other and support each other.

What are some of your personal goals for the rest of the year?

One is to make a killer album. I want to make a GREAT album, and I don’t want to put a title on it. Some people classify their projects as ’R&B’ or ‘Urban,’ or this or that, but I just want to make a great body of work. I also want to work hard enough to go on a great vacation with my husband and my son. Lastly, I want to get my body back to the way I looked in the “Motivation” video [laughs]. I’m getting there.

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Say What Now: Matthew Knowles Dishes Destiny’s Child Movie & STILL Being Their Manager!



Matthew Knowles is back in the spotlight and this time it isn’t about his baby mamas and their court battles. A few weeks ago Sony e-mail hackers, “Guardians of Peace” revealed Knowles reached out to studio executives about making a movie focusing on Destiny’s Child. While the Screen Gems executive Clint Culpepper and Sony Pictures Entertainment’s co-chairwoman Amy Pascal seemed interested in the project based on e-mails, nothing came to pass.  Recently, Knowles spoke with The Wall Street Journal where he stated he was still trying to get the movie off the ground.

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Knowles revealed:

Their story, which starts when they were nine or 10 years old in Houston, it’s a story that really engages you. It talks about their challenges, their successes, their failures. One of the great aspects of a Destiny’s Child movie … is the empowerment of the songs and the empowerment that Destiny’s Child has given to women… I would also want the ladies of Destiny’s Child to be involved and engaged with it and get their support. That would be important as well. That story is very special to us and we want to make sure and ensure that we get the right screenwriter, that we build the right team around it and that we have the right network.

Meanwhile Knowles also claimed another album by the popular R&B group is possibly in the works and revealed he still manages Destiny’s Child! Knowles stated:

Most people don’t know that I still officially manage Destiny’s Child. Destiny’s Child. Some people use the words ‘broke up.’ Destiny’s Child has never broken up officially. So don’t be surprised one day if there’s a new record or a tour because the group never officially broke up.

Papa Knowles better not be getting our hopes up about that new album! Watch the interview below


Destiny’s Child Reunites For ‘Say Yes’ Video & We’re Like Yasss! [VIDEO]

Mathew Knowles Hawking Beyonce & Solange’s Items In Garage Sale

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Sony Hackers Reveal Kanye West and Destiny’s Child Movies

Kanye and Destiny's Child


Could a Destiny’s Child movie be coming to a theater near you? If Matthew Knowles has anything to say it will. Sony hackers once again released a new round of e-mails featuring studio executives but this time with some of the music world’s biggest names. In an e-mail dated on Dec. 4, 2013 former Destiny’s Child manager Matthew Knowles approached Sony big wigs on creating a biopic surrounding the popular R&B group. Screen Gems exec Clint Culpepper corresponded with Sony Pictures Entertainment’s co-chairwoman Amy Pascal about Beyoncé and Solange’s father shopping a movie around according to The Daily Beast. Culpepper wrote:

Matthew Knowles, Beyonce’s Father wants to make the film of Destiny’s Child and came to me first. He’s going to Universal next. Do we think it would be a successful film? They’re on Sony label. I’m just not sure that it’s not too soon.

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The Sony executives appear to be excited about the possibility of creating the movie, but nothing came about. Meanwhile, Lifetime is releasing a movie about Destiny’s Child in Feb. 2015, but there is no word if papa Knowles is behind it.

The Sony hackers calling themselves, “Guardians of Peace” also revealed Kanye West’s camp approached Pascal to create a feature film. West’s creative assistant Elon Rutberg reached out to Pascal on Aug. 4, 2014 about a possible flick involving the rapper and heavy duty cinematography. Rutberg wrote:

I supervise all of Kanye’s film and media projects, and we have a major film project coming up that involves both cinematic and technological innovation, so I naturally thought Sony and wanted to reach out. We premiered a multi-screen cinema experience to great response at Cannes 2012, and are looking to take the storytelling to the next level with a feature length film, shot for an immersive cinema experience.

We can only imagine what this type of Yeezy project would entail.


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Ex-Destiny’s Child Member Arrested For WHAT?!

[ione_embed src= service=bpnext name=”bpnext_embed_script” type=script]
“Girl, I can tell you been crying and need somebody to talk to!”

Former Destiny’s Child member Farrah Franklin (you know…the DC member who didn’t make it past “Independent Woman Part 1″) was arrested for disorderly conduct this weekend in South Carolina. According to reports, Farrah was found laying in a random front yard and allegedly told cops she planned on sleeping in the woods. You guess it… She was drunk!

But the plot thickens…

NFL player Da’Quan Bowers flew Farrah to Myrtle Beach where they enjoyed a day of booze with player Ricky Sapp. TMZ reports, Farrah appeared to be doing drugs as she would spend extended periods of time in the bathroom.

Bowers and Sapp called the cops after Farrah after she threw a drunken fit, screaming and slamming doors. She then fled the scene. Farrah told authorities, that she had no where to go.

We’re waiting on comment from Beyonce’s team…just Kidding. She doesn’t care.


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