Eli Manning Talks About Mistake That Allowed Season Opener’s Breakdown

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants

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Yes, the Cowboys straight up crippled the Giants defense during that final seconds-long drive. But to do so, Cowboys needed a lot more seconds than they would’ve gotten had Eli Manning decided not to throw the ball away and halt to clock in the drive before. The heat he got right after is warranted.

Manning finally answered for himself. He revealed that he told running back Rashad Jennings not to score (to run out the time, which is just bizarrely ironic) and that he’s at fault for what happened on that fatal mistake on third down.

“I’ve got to do a better job understanding that if they’re not wide open,” Manning said, according to NFL.com. “That I got to take a sack. I have to be smarter in that scenario.”

Uh, yeah!


Cowboys Break The Giants In The Final Drive To Take Season Opener

NEW MUSIC: Peyton & Eli Manning “Fantasy” (Video)

Peyton Manning and Eli Manning

At this point who else is waiting for them to drop a mixtape?!?! Or Nah? Lol. Just jokes people, just like the 2 Super Bowl winning brother’s New song titled “Fantasy” in which they proclaim their love for Football. Check out the video below! Is it me or did Eli Manning get into it with the whole wardrobe change situation?!

Rihanna and Eli Manning on Saturday Night Live

Saturday May 5th Rihanna will be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live hosted by Superbowl Champion quaterback Eli Manning. Let’s hope she does her Shy Ronnie skit….that never gets old. Below is a skit for tonights show

CLICK TO WATCH Rihanna and Eli Manning on Saturday Night Live


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Is Eli One Of The Greatest QBs Of All Time?

There are those that believe Peyton Manning will go down in history as the best quarterback of all time. That would be like saying Dan Marino is a better Quarterback than Joe Montana or John Elway.

Eli Manning may never be considered the best quarterback of all time, but he is the best Manning to play in the NFL and has the hardware to prove. With a second Super Bowl victory over the New England Patriots, Eli Manning has entered his name in the conversation of the best quarterbacks currently playing.

Filling up stat sheets is what gets the average fan to say a player is great or not. However; history looks at performance. In the game of professional football performance is ultimately measured by Super Bowl victories. In families, sibling rivalries are measured in championships.

As happy as Eli Manning and the New York Giants are for beating the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI with as score of 21-17, you know big brother Peyton is dying inside. Of course he’s happy that his younger brother won but as a competitor an older siblings does everything they can to keep that upper hand. Trust me when I tell you, I’m the oldest of four boys and I work tirelessly to keep my younger brothers from having that opportunity to say that beat me in anything.

Eli Manning has won the Super Bowl twice, but I can almost promise you he is more proud of the position he holds over big brother Peyton now. It’s just the way siblings are.

words by: @Philly_Ron