Emily B’s Dad Reportedly Willing to Testify on Fabolous Behalf If Domestic Violence Case Goes to Trial

State Farm All-Star Saturday Night - NBA All-Star Weekend 2014

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Back in March, a video surfaced of Emily B’s (rapper Fabolous longtime girlfriend) dad and Fabolous arguing. The police were called and charges were filed. The argument allegedly stemmed from a domestic dispute between Emily and Fabolous.

Apparently the next day all was forgiven between the two men.

Fabolous is now facing four felony charges for allegedly assaulting Emily and if the case goes to trial, Emily’s father will testify on Fabolous’ behalf.

Emily B Goes To Court With Fabolous

Dawnie B's Birthday

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According to reports , Emily B accompanied Fab to the  Bergen County Superior Court on Thursday where he waived his first appearance and was scheduled to return next month.

Emily has already asked the courts to dismiss a separate domestic violence case against Fab and dropped her restraining order against him weeks ago, according to Rhymes With Snitch.

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Lil’ Mo Speaks Up For Fabolous and His Alleged Domestic Violence Incident

The Fam, Lil Mo, QuickSilva

Source: Robin Akinwale WERQ FM / Robin Akinwale


“I was just talking to him,” Mo told Revolt on Friday (March 30) at their New York City studio. “He’s good. I hit him up and said ’I love you.’ He hit me back and said ’I love you too and I appreciate you, Mo.’ I don’t know the logistics. Honestly, even though I’m a part of the culture, I don’t get involved in [gossip]. I know a lot of stuff is hype. How did they get this information? People have turned this thing from one thing to another. What the f—k is going on?”

Fabolous May Face Up To 10 Years In Prison For Domestic Violence Charges

Fabolous' Private Birthday Dinner

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Fabolous has been charged with aggravated assault and making a terroristic threat, both in the third degree, according to an April 3 report by Bossip. Each charge can carry three to five years in prison and a maximum fine of $15,000 dollars.

If Fab is found guilty, he could face a combined total of ten years in jail.

Fabolous allegedly texted the mother of his two children and told her he wanted to kill her and hit her in the head with a baseball bat.  According to XXL, Emily B reportedly sent her father and brother to retrieve two handguns from the home she shares with Fab in Englewood, N.J., believing that he might try to use them to harm her.

Fabolous reportedly punched Emily B seven times in the head, causing so much damage to her teeth that two had to be medically removed.

Fabolous Knocked Out Emily B’s Front Teeth

Emily Bustamente Fabolous

Source: Johnny Nunez / Noam Galai / Getty Images

From NJ.Com 

Court documents show the alleged crime stemmed from an earlier incident on March 7, when Fabolous was in Los Angeles and found out via Instagram that Emily was also in Los Angeles.

According to an affidavit, Fab said via text he wanted to hit her in the head with a baseball bat and that he would kill her but he “did not want to go out like that.” Emily told police she was scared because of the March 7 incident.

Fab allegedly punched Emily seven times in the face “causing severe damage to her two front teeth.” She ended up losing her two front teeth, according to court documents.

An affidavit says that Emily called her father and brother to remove the guns that were in the home she shared with the rapper. Fabolous allegedly got home and confronted Emily, father and brother and went looking for the previously removed firearms.

“When he could not locate the guns, the defendant left the house, but not before informing the victim, her father and her brother that he had a bullet for them,” according to court documents.

Rapper Fabolous Arrested For Assaulting Emily B


TMZ is reporting that Fabolous surrendered around 8:30 PM Wednesday, and was booked for 2 felonies … aggravated assault and making a terroristic threat.

Fabolous was arrested Wednesday night after allegedly assaulting his baby mama Emily B.

TMZ is reporting that Emily first contacted police, telling them Fabolous had hit her.

According to TMZ, The rapper was accompanied by his attorney when he went to the police precinct. We’re told he did not spend time in jail … instead, he was cited for the alleged incident and given a ticket for his court appearance.

15 NBA Players Who Took Their Hardwood Talents To The Booth

lou williams

Source: Rick Madonik / Getty

The saying goes, rappers want to ball, athletes want to rap, but unfortunately the abilities from the hardwood didn’t carry over to the booth for many of those that tried.

Take a look at 15 current and former NBA superstars that tried to take their talents to the studio.

Lebron James – F*ckwithmeyouknowigotit


Source: FREDERIC J. BROWN / Getty

Lebron tries to get his Hov on in his only freestyle video released. This isn’t as bad as some of the others, but still probably should have kept this for his own ears. He probably won’t be crowned King of the microphone anytime soon.


Kobe Bryant Ft. Tyra Banks – K.O.B.E

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Lakers, Game 2

Source: Lisa Blumenfeld / Getty

Kobe was really feeling himself with this record, appropriately titled K.O.B.E. But again who wouldn’t? He took Brandy to his senior prom, and a few weeks later was the future of the Lakers, so we get it, but again, this would of been better to keep on his and Tyra Banks iPod.


Shaquille O’Neal – I Got Skillz

Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant (L) talks to teamma

Source: Vince Bucci / Getty

Believe it or not, this song was a big hit on the Billboard charts at the time, and the album ended up going platinum, yes a million copies were sold. You know how many artists never accomplish that? Shaq really took advantage of his bigger than life character and cashed in. But believe it or not Shaq definitely has some flow compared to a lot of the other athletes.


Kevin Durant – Worried About Tomorrow

Milwaukee Bucks v Oklahoma City Thunder

Source: Chris Graythen / Getty


Kevin Durant seems to just rap as a hobby, and isn’t terrible. But it seems that he hops on tracks with his artist that he signed, to help give the song some more shine being he’s KD. Can’t get mad at that.


Ron Artest a.k.a Metta WorldPeace – Champions

New York Knicks v Los Angeles Lakers

Source: Victor Decolongon / Getty


Metta WorldPeace, aka Ron Artest, always had hip-hop in his blood since he grew up in NYC in its height of hip-hop dominance. And after winning his first championship with the Lakers, he let the world know through his song that he is the Champion!


Stephen Jackson – America Da Beautiful ft. Scarface

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Clippers

Source: Lisa Blumenfeld / Getty


Stephen Jackson retired from the hardwood and now lives in the booth. Unlike a lot of the one hitter rapper/ballers, he does it full time for a living now and goes by Stak5 and has collaborated with some big emcees from the south, including the track below with Scarface. His bars and concept behind this song are as real as it gets, but still needs to work on that voice complexion. He even called out his former owner Donald Sterling, for obvious reasons.


Steve Francis – Finer Things

Orlando Magic Steve Francis against Houston Rockets David Wesley

Source: Getty

Steve Francis was once a NBA star, then just disappeared from the league. Last we heard from Stevie Franchise, he was Drunk In Love at the club, and getting his chain snatched on stage in Houston. He sure seems to know how to get caught up in the “hip-hop drama”, just not so much on actually making quality hip-hop music.


Lou Williams ft. Meek Mill – I Want It All

lou williams

Source: Rick Madonik / Getty

6th man like Lou Will. After being name dropped heavy on Drake’s new song 6th Man, (and actually won 6th man of the year in the NBA in 2015). Lou has already been a “veteran” in this rap game. While playing for the Philadelphia 76ers, Lou Williams linked up with Philly’s own Meek Mill for a few collabs.


Tony Parker ft. Fabolous – Top Of The Game


Source: FREDERIC J. BROWN / Getty

I bet a lot of you had no idea about this, because we didn’t. Back in the mid 2000’s Tony Parker took a try in the hip-hop game. His biggest song we could find featured Fabolous, but since TP rapped in French, we can’t tell you if the lyrics were any good, but those clothes, bring back some throwback memories!


Allen Iverson – 40 Barz


Milwaukee Bucks v Philadelphia 76ers

Source: Ezra Shaw / Getty

A.I. was the king of the NBA at the time he released his rap debut. He kept it all the way streets unlike some other athletes, and to hip-hop fans, the content was nothing new, but to many media members it totally caught them off guard, and created quite the controversy in the media.


Iman Shumpert – The Offs

BET Hip Hop Awards 2014 Red Carpet Presented By Sprite

Source: Bennett Raglin/BET / Getty

Iman Shumpert is the reason for this whole post. He does have a few other songs out, and the concept behind a playoff anthem for his team is there. Kind of has a 3-stacks type of feel, in a way.


Chris Webber ft. Kurupt – Gangsta, Gangsta

NBA Playoffs: Pistons Beat Bulls 81-74

Source: Sporting News Archive / Getty

Chris Webber has been a major name in basketball since his freshman year at Michigan. His hip-hop career never really equated to that. Should of called a timeout before the beat dropped.


Joe Smith aka Joe Beast – The Beginning

Joe Smith

Source: TOM MIHALEK / Getty

Remember Joe Smith, the once first overall pick? Well he is now a full time rapper named Joe Beast. Enough said.


Cedric Ceballos Ft Warren G – Flow On

Cedric Ceballos

Source: PAUL BUCK / Getty

Cedric Ceballos, remember that name? Well back in the day he linked up with West Coast legend Warren G and made himself his own West Coast record.


Delonte West – KFC Freestyle

Delonte West Training For CBA 13/14 Game

Source: ChinaFotoPress / Getty

Delonte West and his cousin got their freestyle on for 5 minutes while waited for some chicken at KFC drive through. This by far, takes the cake with ballers thinking their rappers. “He got that KFC hookup.”

Fabolous Releases “Goyard Bag” Featuring Uzi Vert As New Single

2015 Hot 97 Summer Jam

Source: Manny Carabel / Getty

New heater in the winter from Fab and Uzi Vert titled “Goyard Bag”. YousShould be hearing this soon enough in rotation, with Uzi’s catchy chorus and Fab’s famous flow & punchlines lacing the hard hitting production!

The song was originally featured on Fabolous’s Summertime Shootout 2 project, but is now released as a single.

Sampling André 3000 and Big Boi, Fab and Uzi provide an ode to the life of luxury. What’s a Goyard bag you ask? Well, a very expensive hand bag STARTING at around $700…

Let us know @BoomPhilly what you think of the track!



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Source: Rap Up | Writer: @justinmyview

Fabolous Announces “Summertime Shootout 2: The Level Up”


If you were a fan of Fabolous’  Summertime Shootout mixtape then this is good news for you. The Brooklyn rapper announced last night via Instagram that the sequel to his most recent project is on its way. Although there is no concrete release date, Summertime Shootout 2: The Level Up has already released its first single “My Sh*t” remix, an original by rapper A boogie.

Check out the song below and be on the lookout for the new project.

Flashback Friday: Watch Foxy Brown Get Curved By Fabolous

[ione_embed src=https://www.youtube.com/embed/Q3ynnMjGWDE service=youtube width=650 height=360 type=iframe]

As far as beef goes, Fabolous has done a great job at keeping the drama at bay.

He’s pretty much perfected the art of the curve, and isn’t afraid to use it when necessary. That was the case in this flashback video from December 2014, when Foxy Brown tried to confront Fab backstage at a concert in Pennsylvania.

In the video, Foxy is roaming around the super crowded backstage area with a crew as she calls out Fab’s name. When she finally runs into him, Fab tries to go in for a hug saying, “Give me love first,” as she rambles, “That’s that bt*ch sh*t, Imma see you n*gga.”

We don’t know the reason for the aggressive exchange of words, but Foxy seemed pretty upset, while Fab was clearly unbothered.

Check out the flashback video above.

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MIDNIGHT MUSIC STREAM: The Weeknd’s Gets The ‘House Of Balloons’ Together, Fabolous ‘Panda’ Freestyle, & More!

Drake Performs At O2 Arena In London

The Weeknd is back in the lab with the same team he used to create his project House of Balloons. Balloons proved to be instrumental and served as a launchpad for his career. Weeknd feels very strongly about the project saying “nothing sounded like what we were doing, because R&B was hard to listen to back then,” he explains. “The genre was dying.” Taylor Swift and Naomi Campbell backed up those sentiments. Taylor said the radio is peppered with hints of production elements and vocal stylings that were very likely inspired by The Weeknd.” Naomi said what she loved most about the artist is that “the music speaks for itself.”



To the surprise of no one, Fabolous just let loose a “Panda” freestyle. This is right up Fab’s alley. If there’s a new beat climbing the charts and getting play everywhere, one can bet a couple of “16s” from Fabolous aren’t far behind. If you like Fab, this should be an exciting moment for you. If you don’t, then do whatever it is you normally do when you see his name next to a song.

SOURCE: Miss Info


Even though Prince is dead, his music will still live on. In 2014, Kendrick Lamar was invited to perform with Prince at Paisley Park. The concert was livestreamed because it’s clear the entire world can’t fit inside the performance area. Anybody who managed to miss both the concert AND the livestream is in for a treat, as the above video is a recording of the performance. The two are seen together performing a cover of 1998’s “What’s My Name.” As a great man once said, “legends never die.”

SOURCE: Miss Info

PHOTO: Getty | VIDEO: Facebook

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RISE AND GRIND! Morning Music News: Michael Jackson Trap Spoof Goes Viral, Diddy’s Son Signs To Bad Boy, & More

Ever wonder what Michael Jackson‘s music would sound like if he was still alive? This Jackson impersonator has a clue. YouTuber OG Cano shared a funny video where he impersonates the icon in a mock song “Billie Jean I Dab,” insinuating that this is what Michael’s sound would be. Check out the funny spoof above.

Diddy‘s son, Christian Combs, is now a part of Bad Boy Records. The Hip-Hop mogul shared the big news with his fans on Instagram as his son signs the contract, alongside L.A Reid. Congrats to Diddy’s son! [Vibe]

Fabolous and Jadakiss are getting ready to drop their highly anticipated mixtape Freddy vs Jason. Last night, Fab gave the fans a first taste of the project: a freestyle over Future‘s Purple Reign cut “Wicked.” Listen to the track here. [Complex]

Earlier this week, Pusha T held a 45-minute discussion with students at Harvard University. Pusha discussed his impact on music, his past experiences, and even dissected his lyrics. Check out a few interview excerpts here. [Rap-Up]


Fabolous Spent $34,000 On Rolexes For His 7-Year-Old Son

Start ’em young!

While your timeline was full of kids getting mad at their less-than-stellar Christmas gifts, Fabolousseven-year-old son Johan is busy stunting in his new watch. The Brooklyn MC gifted his son two Rolexes this holiday season. The 18K gold Presidential Rolex with a diamond dial is worth $21,500, and the yellow gold Datejust Rolex is worth $12,500. That brings the grand total to a jaw-dropping $34,000.

According to a spokesperson for Rafaello & Co., where Fab bought the watches, the rapper got two because he “wanted the young king to know he has options,” noted Us Weekly. Johan was pictured rocking his new timepieces on Fabolous’ Instagram this past Saturday while wearing a Bape hoodie and dabbing with the caption, “These kids wear crowns over here..Dab.”

The pricey shopping spree also ended with Fab getting a few Rolexes for himself, but he only spent around $19,000 on his pair.

How will Fabolous top this next year?

SOURCE: Complex, Us Weekly | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram

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Catchphrase Connoisseur: 5 Times Social Media Inspired Fabolous’ Lyrics

Angels With Heart Foundation Shopping Benefit Hosted By Versace And Trey Songz

The man, the myth, the Twitter legend that is Fabolous celebrates his 38th birthday today.

It’s hard to believe his hit song “Breathe” was over 10 years ago, but the rapper, born John David Jackson, has remained relevant ever since. He’s done so by infiltrating the millennial lexicon of equally ingenious and silly terms that are all over Twitter and Instagram. At this point, we can’t even say his name without spelling it out in our heads.

Here are five times social media inspired some of Fab’s catchiest rap moments.


[ione_embed src=https://www.youtube.com/embed/eS32MqVZVWM service=youtube width=650 height=360 type=iframe]

No one is quite sure where the term “Lit” came from. Perhaps it was the SlowBucks’ “This Sh-t Is Lit” hit back in 2013, or it may have just been the evolution from “hot” to “fire.” No matter where a term originates, social media will have its way with it, molding the term into something as catchy as possible. But it only makes sense. What else would you call a situation that’s lit? Save yourself a syllable and mesh the two.


[ione_embed src=https://www.youtube.com/embed/U6ylAN6pKdA service=youtube width=650 height=360 type=iframe]

Weird relationships have been around forever, well, at least since Facebook created the “It’s Complicated” relationship option. But with the emergence of Twitter and $200 dates, everyone knows everyone’s business and walks of shame turn into DMs-you-sent-your-whole-timeline-by-accident. The term goes back as far 2006, according to the reliable source, Urban Dictionary. As Fabolous tends to do, he turned a pop culture reference into a hot song. Besides, friends with benefits is so… 2005?


[ione_embed src=https://www.youtube.com/embed/NUzh-9PyD4E service=youtube width=650 height=360 type=iframe]

Fabolous’ song “Cuffin’ Season” is littered with Internet gems, starting with Instagram. Instagram filters have allowed many women to prosper for whom it may be a little more difficult in real life. Once women caught wind of this, it became a sign of pride to not use a filter, or at least claim not to use one. Fab also took the time to address women getting paid to do hostings, and constantly being spotted at Dyckman hotspot La Marina. Fab even mentioned the emergence of Budweiser Limearita’s (which he claims is made for thots) and Cyn Santana’s obsession with Chipotle, which became a running joke on Twitter after her season of Love & Hip-Hop. The last line of the song, “Your captions be deep, but you shallow as a puddle,” explains so very much.

Instagram Deception

[ione_embed src=https://www.youtube.com/embed/G2iy1483gLU service=youtube width=650 height=360 type=iframe]

Hate to see a thick chick on Instagram (follow)/ And the chick show up looking like a Teddy Graham (unfollow)

As mentioned before, Instagram has led to deception-filled pictures, and this time Fab gets explicitly clear by what he means on Ty Dolla $ign’s “Type Of Sh-t I Hate.” In the age of social media, everyone has seen someone in public that looked different on the Internet – whether it be a person from Tinder, or a thirst-trapping Instagram model. Dudes are also definitely guilty of taking pictures to make things appear smaller….or bigger.

BBM Pose

[ione_embed src=https://www.youtube.com/embed/z8Nmip4sPHM service=youtube width=650 height=360 type=iframe]

Before we used Twitter and Instagram to waste time, there was BBM. With tons of group chats and status messages filled with lyrics, dare I say it was lit? Fabolous knew this and during the outro to “You Be Killin Em” he said, “Camera in the mirror, BBM Pose.” Now, you’d be hard-pressed to find a Blackberry in 2015 outside of email addicts and physical keyboard lovers, but the phrase has remained relevant. A quick search on Twitter yields women taking pictures in the mirror with their iPhones. We may have graduated to selfies, but the ability to get your entire outfit in a photo should never be taken for granted.


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