DNA Test Results Are In: “Flo-Rida, You Are The Father!”


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Rapper Flo-Rida was sued last year by a video vixen model claiming that he fathered her child.  Well, fast foward to now and the dna tests are in allegedly suggesting that Flo-Rida is indeed the father of the child….queue Maury!  Anyways, the woman was trying to file for a special support called “good fortune” child support.  This is a type of support in Florida that your children should live the same lavish lifestyle as their rich parents.  The judge has not officially ruled that Flo-Rida is the parent, but if the DNA results are correct as reported, just a matter of time.


Woman Sues Flo Rida For Child Support Before Baby Is Born

Flo Rida & Natasha GeorgetteUrban pop artist Flo Rida is in a strange predicament. He’s being sued for child support and the baby has even been born yet to establish if he’s actually the father of the child in question.


Flo Rida is being sued by video model Natasha Georgette Williams. Although she hasn’t given birth yet, she filed legal documents in Miami seeking money from the “Low” rapper for pre-natal medical care and other expenses related to the birth of her child. But that’s not all. Williams is also asking the court to put in place a child support order so that it covers medical insurance, daycare, private school tuition, and summer camp costs.

On top of that, the model is asking for “good fortune” child support. “Good Fortune” child support is a special type of child support in the state of Florida just for rich people’s children. In a nutshell, filing for “good fortune” child support allows Williams to ask for more money than she really needs to raise her child simply because Flo Rida has some money.

Flo Rida hasn’t commented on the situation as of yet. He’s most likely waiting to see if he’s actually the father of the child before proceeding.



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Flo Rida: I Could Never Boycott Florida [Exclusive Interview]


Flo Rida came through The Philly Morning Show to show Shamara & Laiya some good ol’ Florida Love. During the interview Flo Rida talked about his new smash single “Can’t Believe It,” featuring Pit Bull. Check out the video below as Flo gives his condolences to the Travyon Martin family and explains why he could never boycott his state of Florida.

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Top Hip-Hop Songs of 2013 … So Far

Kendrick LamarThe top hip-hop songs of 2013 are a diverse bunch of tunes. The list of the year’s biggest rap hits so far includes everyone from Seattle indie rapper Macklemore to South Korean phenom Psy, with some venerable favorites—Drake, Pitbull, Flo Rida—thrown in for good measure.

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The top hip-hop songs of 2013 list was compiled using the Billboard Rap Songs chart—and a bit of creative license. Billboard doesn’t keep a year-to-date tally of the top hip-hop songs, so we started the inventory with the three rap hits that have reached No. 1 in 2013. We filled the other seven slots with tunes that have been in the charts for much of 2013, flirting with the top spot.

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Check out the top hip-hop songs of 2013 list and let us know if you agree with these selections. If not, holler in the comments and give us your picks for the best rap songs of the year—so far.

1. “Thrift Shop,” Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis ft. Wanz

2. “I Cry,” Flo Rida

3. “Gangnam Style,” Psy

4. “F—ing Problems,” A$AP Rocky ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar

5. “Swimming Pools (Drank),” Kendrick Lamar

6. “I’m Different,” 2 Chainz

7. “Love Me,” Lil Wayne Ft. Drake & Future

8. “Feel This Moment,” Pitbull ft. Christina Aguilera

9. “Poetic Justice,” Kendrick Lamar ft. Drake

10. “All Gold Everything,” Trinidad James

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Flo Rida Busted For DUI In $1.7 Million Bugatti

flo rida mug shotFlo Rida was pulled over last night in a $1.7 million Bugatti for DUI. The rapper was said to be swerving in his lane and was stopped at about 3:30 am. Flo Rida was given a sobriety test in which he failed. “Cops say Flo’s blood alcohol level was .185 … more than twice the legal limit.” He looks drunk as a skunk in his mugshot!

The Bugatti:

florida bugatti

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Caption This: Flo Rida Gets A Piggy Back Ride On A Dude’s Back?!

flo rida crowd surfingFlo Rida performed in Vegas shirtless on the back of a man…seem suspect enough for you? While my co-worker comes to his defense asking “Well is he supposed to be on a woman’s back?” I say no, he’s not supposed to be on any-one’s back. Flo Rida is easily 200+ pounds and most importantly a man. What man would want his genitalia on the neck of another man? By the way, why is there only one black person in the crowd?

New Couple: Flo Rida And Eva Marcille [PICTURES]

Flo-Rida Tells Us How He Went Pop [INTERVIEW]

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Flo Rida Reveals How He Snagged Eva Marcille

In a recent interview with Global Grind, Flo Rida revealed how he and model Eva Marcille began dating.After months of are-they-or-aren’t-they?, the two finally confirmed they were a couple after walking the red carpet at Flo Rida’s album release party in Hollywood. See the pics here: Eva Marcille & Flo Rida Couple Up At Listening Party [PHOTOS]

Back in August, Flo Rida appeared on the Wendy Williams Show and put an end to the rumors that he and Brandy were dating. See that clip here: Flo-Rida Confirms Dating Eva: “I’m A Lucky Guy” [VIDEO]

Flo Rida on How He Got Eva Marcille: “I’ve always been a fan of her doing her modeling thing. She’s a beautiful individual. Meeting her I realized she had a beautiful heart. Initially it was seeing her out and about while I was working and she was working. So we got each other’s contact, I pursued and we kept talking to each other. Right now we are talking and I’m definitely feeling her and vice versa.”

Eva’s ex-fiance Lance Gross recently talked about his current dating status, too: Lance Gross Talks About His Soul Mate In Edge Magazine [PHOTOS]

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Flo-Rida Tells Us How He Went Pop [INTERVIEW]



In an interview with KYSDC.COM, rapper Flo-Rida talks about why he’s been able to bypass the urban route and go straight to Top 40, he also talks about his upcoming double album, gives us his workout secrets and talks about Brandy.

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Flo-Rida Confirms Dating Eva: "I'm A Lucky Guy"


Leave it to Wendy Williams to get the truth out.

We’ve suspected it all along: Did Flo-Rida Leave Brandy For Eva Marcille?

When Flo-Rida appeared on her show recently, she – very straightforwardly – asked whether or not he was dating Brandy and/or Eva.

He quickly nixed the idea of one, but gushed about the other.

Brandy & Flo-Rida Get “Friendly” In Miami [PHOTOS]

Lance Gross Will “Never Have A Public Relationship” Again [PHOTOS]

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