Are Terrell Owens & Jennifer Williams The New Ev & Ocho? [EXCLUSIVE]

Terrell Owens & Jennifer Williams

Terrell Owens and Jennifer Williams have been spotted together recently on more than one occasion, and there’s reason to believe that the two are dating. Since Terrell Owens and Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson are former teammates, and Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada are cast mates on VH1′s “Basketball Wives,” are T.O. and Jennifer positioning to be the next Ev & Ocho?

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According to Gary Wit Da Tea, Terrell Owens and Jennifer Williams are shopping for a joint reality show. Is this a couple ready made for reality TV? Listen to Gary’s Tea below for the details, hear him live weekdays at 7:30 & 8:30 am on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show!”

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If She Could, Gloria Govan Would Backhand Shaunie O’Neal

Former original Basketball Wives star and current Basketball Wives: LA cast member Gloria Govan discussed her new acting role and old cast mates in a new interview with EURWeb. Govan is set to play a female assassin on a program called Clean Ops, set to air on the Comedy Shaq Network.

Govan was asked how she’d use her new martial arts moves on the cast of Miami’s Basketball Wives franchise, and well, she certainly answered:

Anyway, keep that whole combat/assassin thing in mind ’cause when Cherise jokingly asked Gloria if she had use her new skills on anybody on “Basketball Wives” … Miami or LA, who would it be? Govan didn’t hesitate.

“I think I’d use my moves on every cast member in Miami. I would wait for Evelyn.

Evelyn would be last.

I’d knock out Shaunie first.

And then … you know Royce apologized to me after the last reunion.So, I wouldn’t knock her out. I’d just smack the sh*t out of her.”

She continued, “[Suzie] I like. Jennifer just gets on my nerves … like her voice irritates me so I would try to take out her voice box.”

Now keep in mind, the chat was done a few days prior to Evelyn allegedly getting head-butted by her soon to be ex-husband, Chad Johnson, and Gloria was just joking … we think.

Anyway, she wasn’t through knocking Evelyn, figuratively that is. And for that, you’ll just have to see the video (if you haven’t already). The imagery (b-roll) as she’s talking is, umm, interesting. Let’s just say our editor was inspired.

You can watch video of the interview at EURWeb.

Based on Gloria’s stint on Basketball Wives, I imagine Royce would smack the hell out of her right back.


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Maxwell Dines With Usher, Rumored To Be Dating Basketball Wife

Maxwell Cancels Tour Due To Throat ProblemsMaxwell seems to be making friends. First, there’s Usher whom he reportedly went out to dinner with the other night. I don’t imagine a tour between these two, but perhaps a song…eventually?

Either way, the story via Page Six:

Usher stepped out in the wake of the tragic death of his stepson Kile Glover. The pop star hit Sons of Essex late Wednesday for a low-key dinner with singer Maxwell and venue owner Matt Levine. A bodyguard stood by to ensure a peaceful meal. Glover, 11, was pronounced brain-dead after a jet-ski accident. He passed away on Saturday and will be buried today. Spies said Usher “was there to eat and wasn’t there for the party. He was very quiet.”

Meanwhile Maxwell has been linked to Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams. Yes, really.

The YBF reports:

The streets are buzzing that Jennifer Williams may be dating R&B crooner Maxwell.  We do know the two have been friends for a while and have hung out on several occassions over the past couple years in group settings.

But things seem to be becoming more about the two of them rather than about their group of friends.

Last week, Jen tweeted a pic of herself and the singer saying, “Me and @_MAXWELL_ last night! Thank u for the bubbly! Fun times.”

It sounds innocent enough.  But Maxwell also recently posted a pic of two bottles of Theraflu and said, “Summercolds #waytoocold.  And Jen tweeted, “I hope my boo feels better soon.”

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Which 3 “Basketball Wives” Just Got The Boot?

basketball wives season 4Shaunie O’Neal has given Jennifer Williams, Royce Reed & Keisha Nichols the pink slip! Word on the street is that Jennifer Williams, Royce Reed and Kesha Nichols got the axe and will be replaced next season.

According to TMZ, producers will be giving the girls their pink slips as they are “dead weight” and don’t really bring anything to the show!

Royce was cut because can’t spill any tea about Dwight due to a 2009 gag order, blocking her from discussing her ex in any way. The other girls on the show had also decided to ostracize her, so Royce couldn’t shoot scenes with the rest of the cast.

As for the others, producers think Jennifer’s too big a liability after suing Nia Crooks for slapping her on the show. And Kesha was just too boring(watching this chick is like watching paint dry). So I’m not mad about seeing her go bye-bye.

What do you think, did Shaunie fire the right ladies??

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Shaunie O’Neal APOLOGIZES for the WHOLE MESS that “Basketball Wives” Has Become!! [VIDEO + PICS]

Not sure what sparked the sudden change in conscious or growth in producer’s grinched sized hearts (although I’m sure ratings definitely play a part) but Shaunie Oneal has surprisingly apologized for her part in the way the women of “Basketball Wives” have been portrayed.

See Shaunie express her disappointment in the ratings in the negativity below:

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See the ladies in all of their fabulousness at the reunion special below (minus Tami Roman):

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Via: The YBF

Basketball Wives’ Boycotting Reunion Over Jen’s Lawsuit

News of Jennifer Williams’ lawsuit against Nia Crooks—and the pending press conference—has reached her BBW cast members and the ladies aren’t too thrilled. According to TMZ, they’re boycotting the reunion special which is supposed to tape fairly soon.

Sources at VH1 told the site that the castmates are convinced Jen’s lawsuit was “filed out of spite and desperation to dredge up drama around her character — in the vain hope of securing a spot on the show next season.” They also say Jen claiming emotional distress as a result of the slap is complete BS, considering she never missed a day of shooting for season 4.

If Jen attends the reunion show, “several prominent castmembers” have threatened to stay home. They also plan to shun her completely and not speak to her at all. I’m pretty sure she won’t mind that, especially since these “prominent castmembers” are probably Tami and Evelyn.

Beyond these ladies thoughts on her lawsuit, Jen may not have a legal leg to stand on, as the contract signed by the ladies specifically states, “Participant expressly assumes the risk of any physical or emotional injuries participant may suffer as a result of participant’s participation in the project.” In other words, at this point you know what you’re signing up for. Jen doesn’t care though, she wrote this response after the fight aired on her blog:

“After the event took place I felt very violated. I had never been slapped in my face and even though my mind was still trying to process all that went down I knew what I had to do to get some justice. Don’t think because I didn’t physically fight back doesn’t mean I am not doing anything about this incident or I am a punk. I am doing this the right way and using our legal system to seek justice. I am a businesswoman and an entrepreneur; I cannot represent myself fighting in such a manner. Corporate America would never take me serious.”

I’m pretty sure the other ladies are calling VH1′s bluff about not attending the reunion, especially if bonuses like the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” get are involved. I have a feeling this could end up like the “Love and Hip Hop” reunion though, with everybody doing one-on-one interviews instead of being in one room together.

Do you think a reunion will happen?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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Jennifer Williams Speaks On Evelyn’s New Personality: ‘You Wanna Take That Halloween Costume Off?’ [VIDEO]


Jennifer Williams has something to say about Evelyn!!! It starts with phony and ends with fake!!! Catfight!!!

This season of ‘Basketball Wives’ has e’rybody running for cover with folks are getting wine bottles and plates thrown at their heads, people getting slapped across the face, clutch purses to the dome, and women kicking off their shoes and jumping on tables. Except for the slap across Jen’s head, Evelyn has pretty much been responsible for all of the other incidents.

Her ex-BFF/current enemy Jennifer sat down with Shade 45′s Money Team radio show recently to talk about what’s really going on with her former friend of 10+ years. Jenn says she still has no idea why Evelyn is so heated all of the time and that the blog that Evelyn’s so mad about was written before the reunion show and she saw her then without a problem. She also says that Evelyn is “angry” [everyone can see that] and says in all the time she’s known her, she’s never seen her be so “crazy”, so she has no idea what is going on.

On Her Fight With Evelyn She actually is very angry. When she jumped on the table…that wasn’t…I don’t know what was going on. We were actually filming at a horse track. We were in the presidential suite okay. We were all dressed up and it just got real ghetto and I’m thinking like, ‘is this really happening? This is crazy’. Evelyn is really angry and really, I don’t know why. I’m going to be honest with you, I’ve known Evelyn for a really long time and she’s always been somewhat of a hothead, but I’ve never seen her to this extend, all angry and doing all kinds of crazy s–t.

I don’t know if it’s for TV or if she’s real angry. I feel like this: you’re supposed to be so happy, you’re supposed to be getting married, you should not be letting little bulls–t phase you. If you’re really, really happy, then you don’t let little petty s–t phase you. I don’t know what’s really going on with her but that person jumping on top of tables and doing all that is not the person I know. I would never be friends with someone like that. It’s not even my personality. So I’m just looking at her like, ‘You wanna take that Halloween costume off? What’s really going on?’

I really don’t know what the issue is. My thing is this, let me just say this about the blog — when that blog came out I was in Italy and then we filmed the reunion show. So the blog was already out when I saw her in L.A. at the reunion show. I had spoke to her when I was in Italy, nothing, okay. That was in July. Now, we start filming in November and all of a sudden she’s mad about this blog and I’m like, ‘Hold up, I know for a fact this blog came out before the reunion.’

On Getting Slapped It’s crazy because I’m from the suburbs and I’ve never had a fight in my life. This is not normal. We’re like in our 30s, why are we going around fighting?

On If There Are Any Married & Happy Basketball Couples People put on a front to the outside world. You never know what’s going on inside someone’s home. It’s like a lot of times, yeah, I do see people that are married and they may look happy but I know some inside s–t going on and I’m like, ‘Okay girl.’ The thing about it is, like these wives, I think they know but they’re kind of in denial. They’re comfortable with their lives and no one wants to shake it up so it’s like, go with the flow.

On Her Divorce From Eric We are still technically married, we are going through a divorce. We don’t have a pre-nup and it’s funny you said that because I hadn’t really spoke to Eric since he threw a drink in my face and I had a conversation with him for the first time I think it was about a week ago. He apologized over text but I think something like that you should pick up the phone and apologize. It was actually a cool conversation. He said, ‘You know, money was never an issue for me. I want you to be comfortable.’ We’ll see.

On if Eric Tried to Reconcile Yes and No. One minute it’s like he loves me and the next minute he hates me. It just depends on the way the wind blows that day. I’m definitely over it. We were together for a long time. We had a lot of memories.[…]I’ll always have love for him but I’m not in love with him and that’s two very different things

Jenn def kept it classy!

Watch the interview below:

via TheWordEyeHeard

Who Rocked The Look Best? Nicki VS Jennifer VS Amber Vote Inside Now!

Who Rocked The Look Best? Nicki VS Jennifer VS Amber Vote Inside Now!

Jennifer Williams Talks Getting SMACKED In The Face On Basketball Wives


Jennifer Williams called into iPower 92.1 to chat with TT Torrez where she got into the juicy details about her getting smacked around on “Basketball Wives.

On Evelyn’s assistant smacking her in the face:

“She wants her 15 minutes of fame because ‘I hit Jennifer in the face.’”

Jennifer says she and Evelyn’s assistant, Nia Cooks, were actually friends at one point. Jennifer said once she began working for Evelyn she fell back since she and Evelyn had their issues. She said Nia use to stay at her house in Miami and that she did have her keys at one time but doesn’t have them now.
Nia filed a police report saying Jennifer stole her house keys after she learned Jennifer filed a police report on her after she smacked her.

“It’s so stupid, but unfortunately you can go to the cops and you can allege that someone did anything. I’m not going to tolerate abuse from anyone, whether it’s a man or a woman, so I’m taking the necessary steps to do what I have to do because I don’t think it’s right that people go around hitting people and think that it’s ok and there’s no repercussions. That’s crazy!”

How Over-The-Top Is This “Basketball Wives” Season 4 Promo Clip?

basketball wives season 4 promoWith season four of “Basketball Wives,” being chopped and screwed for our enjoyment, the ladies have released a very outrageous, over-the-top promo video.

Jennifer, Shaunie, Royce, Evelyn and the rest of the crew are stranded on a yacht with Reed coincidentally in a bikini.

We understand that “Basketball Wives,” kind of reinvigorated reality television but who directed this clip, Martin Scorsese?

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Who’s The Hottest Basketball Wife? [Promo Pics]

Jennifer Williams Hit By Evelyn Lozada’s Assistant, Police Called

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Jennifer Williams Confirms She & Evelyn Lozada Are No Longer Friends

We all saw it coming. “Basketball Wives” stars Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada are no longer friends. The first signs of the BFF split happened on camera when Jen badmouthed Evelyn’s fiance Ochocinco during a radio interview.

Many months – and several subliminal tweets – later, Jen has confirmed our suspicions. She told radio host TT Torrez:

On her relationship with Evelyn Lozada
I don’t think it;s any surprise that we don’t speak. If you follow me on Twitter, I don’t do subliminal tweets. I don’t throw jabs at my friends. I just kind of feel like even if we’re not speaking or whatever the case is, if you have my phone number, just text me or whatever. I don’t feel the need to put stuff on Twitter. I kind of use Twitter for whats it’s supposed to be for like networking, but it is what it is. Yeah, she threw a couple of jabs at me on Twitter and I’m not entertaining it because I don’t feel like that’s the arena to do so. I don’t have a problem with her. She has one with me. I definitely think there’s a bigger issue, but you guys will have to tune into Season 4 to figure it out.

On whether she sees herself being friends with Evelyn ever again
Anything is possible, to be honest with you. The whole reason why we’re not speaking, I think is really trivial. And I feel like there’s a bigger issue, but honestly, I don’t have a problem with Evelyn, she has a problem with me and at this point I’m like, Listen, whatever your problem is, I can’t be bothered. I’m trying to do bigger and better things. I am at a point in my life where I’m getting rid of all the negative energy in my life, including my soon-to-be ex. So my thing is like, nobody is exempt at this point and if you bring some negative energy and drama in my life, I am good.

Read more about their beef by clicking the links below:

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Evelyn Lozada & Jennifer Williams Fighting Again On Twitter?!

Shaunie O’Neal Speaks On Evelyn & Jen’s Friendship

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Celebs Come Out For Smooth Magazine’s 10 Year Anniversary

omarion and mashondaSmooth Magazine celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary with a star-studded event! Mashonda, 50 Cent, Omarion, Jennifer Williams, Maino, Tony Yayo, Tahiry and Dolcia Bryant were all in attendance to support the Mag and “Warrior Princess issue, which is currently on newsstands.” It “was shot entirely by 50 Cent over four days, with 50 working 10-12 hour days behind the lens.”

Mashonda Celebrated The 4th Of July With Vibe [SEXY PHOTOS]

50 Cent Gets Post-Fight Present From Floyd Mayweather [PHOTO]

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Jennifer Williams & CEO of WSHH Are BFFs, Did She Leak Photos?

Jennifer Williams appeared to be very upset during the reunion of Basketball Wives season 2 about her nude photos being leaked on World Star Hip Hop. She ended her friendship with Royce Reed, who made it very clear she felt  Jennifer leaked the photos herself.

Evelyn Lozada was first to pull the someone leaked my nude photos act. Now her name is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Could it be Jennifer wanted the same fame her best-friend obtained? We have reason to believe she did.

Jennifer and Q, CEO of World Star Hip Hip are good friends. Would you be friends with the CEO of the site that debut your nude photos to the world?  Q even refers to Jennifer as sis. Yeah I know, things that make you go hmm. After getting the exclusive from Fred the CEO of MediaTakeout. I think it is safe to say that Jennifer just may have leaked her own nude photos and so have many other celebrities. Celebrity nude photos are searched on google by millions everyday. A celebrity can get more views from leaked photos than posing for Playboy these days.

Below is a conversation the two had on twitter over 4th of July weekend.

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Royce Reed’s “Basketball Wives” Boyfriend Gets Another Woman Pregnant

Royce ReedRoyce Reed’s “boyfriend” may not be the catch she claimed him to be on “Basketball Wives” this season. And Jennifer Williams is happy to tell us all about his lowlife ways.

Jen wrote a blog for HollywoodLife about Monday night’s reunion episode and cleared up details about the infamous drink-throwing incident, her dating life, and Meeka & Royce’s “irrelevancy.”

On Royce:
Let me just get this topic out the way! Royce is irrelevant! I refuse to waste another ounce of breath on her. She just doesn’t get it! Royce is always starting some drama and I am at a point in my life where I am trying to get rid of drama and any negative influences. It boils down to myself, Shaunie and Evelyn not wanting to film with her because she is so full of drama. Other than her “movie role” with Eric, she doesn’t have much of a story line. I am certain she doesn’t want to talk about her new boyfriend that just had a baby with another woman while we were filming and we all know Dwight Howard has a gag order on her! Ok moving on…

On Meeka:
As far as Meeka goes she just needs to shut the hell up! Her mouth is what got her in trouble in the first place. She claims she doesn’t want to be in “the circle” but isn’t that the very reason she came on the show? She should start thinking and choose her words more carefully so she can stop putting her foot in her mouth!

On Eric’s drink-throwing incident:
The incident with Eric is very unfortunate, however it was just a firm confirmation that I am moving in the right direction. Everyone wants to say, “Well I would have done this or what took you so long?” No one can really say what he or she is going to do and/or react until they are in your shoes. I feel Eric ended our relationship with a coward move. Yes, yes I did throw a drink first. I was frustrated our discussion didn’t resolve anything about our impending divorce but I never hit him with the drink nor did I intend to hit him with the drink. The manner and forcefulness in which he threw that drink at me, not to mention hit my chin surprised the hell out of me! Again, another negative aspect and chapter of my life I am ready to close. I could have retaliated and threw a chair or flipped a table but I prefer to bow out gracefully.

On dating:
Closing one chapter and opening up another one, DATING!!!! I am having fun dating. Will and I had fun at my divorce/independence party but that is where it started and ended. He is a friend, nothing more. I don’t have a boyfriend at the moment. My main priority is business and myself! I am focusing most of my attention on my new lip gloss line, Lucid Cosmetics available at But a girl deserves to play a little bit and go on a few dates.

The 5 Most Hilarious Moments From Last Night’s “Basketball Wives” Reunion [RECAP]

Drink Throwing & Divorce Parties: “Basketball Wives” Season Finale! [RECAP]

Royce Reed Thinks “Basketball Wives” Portrays Black Women In A Negative Way! [EXCLUSIVE]

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Check Out Jennifer & Eric’s Wedding Photos

eric and jennifer williams wedding Jennifer Williams and Eric Williams are filing for divorce but that doesn’t take away from how magical their wedding day was. Photos of the reality star and ex-basketball player’s wedding ceremony surfaced on the net.

Eric Williams Tried To “Cast The Demon” Out Of Jennifer

4 Things Wrong With Eric Williams Throwing A Drink In Jennifer’s Face

Check them out below:

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Drink Throwing & Divorce Parties: “Basketball Wives” Season Finale! [RECAP]

Jennifer basketball wives season finaleIt’s been one wild season for ladies of “Basketball Wives”. Every episode brought intense drama! From the very first punch to the last drink thrown, it’s been quite a journey!

Sadly, the craziness has come to an end as last night was the finale of this season of “Basketball Wives” and definitely didn’t disappoint on the drama tip! In case you missed any of it, here are the best moments from last night’s episode:

  • Evelyn and Chad had there first on-camera fight over Chad’s lunch date with a mysterious woman which ended with Chad being his goofy self and making Ev laugh it off.
  • Jennifer planned her divorce party with a hilarious cake that showed a bride carrying a groom’s chopped off head which resembled Eric perfectly! The cake also had the appearance of “blood” dripping down the sides of it with Eric’s “body” at the bottom of the cake holding a basketball. (Creepy yet clever!)
  • Shaunie got a shoe deal with “Chinese Laundry”.
  • Jennifer got her groove back with her cute blind date from last week’s episode, William, at her divorce party. The two shared an intense kiss during the party and she grinded on him on the dance floor (After having a couple drinks of course). Who knows that went down after the party was over!
  • Royce and Meeka were no where to be found on this episode :-(

The real shocker however, was the last few seconds of the show when Jennifer met up with her ex-husband, Eric, in attempts to smooth things over. Things were calm for about five seconds before ish really hit the fan. Every other word was bleeped out as things got really intense between the two once they started talking about their past issues with each other. Eric attempted to put Jenn down many times saying that she was nothing without him before getting up to leave the restaurant. As he was walking out, Jenn threw her glass at him only for him to return the favor and throw a drink in her face! SMH, INTENSE! I’m never an advocate for the drink throwing ESPECIALLY when its a man vs. a woman!

I’m always watching “Basketball Wives” while on Twitter (tweet me during the show! @xoxoSHAR) and, cracking up at the commentary from my followers!

I’ve chosen some of the top Tweets which started an intense discussion from last’s night’s show and posted them here. Take a look:

@jessicasofancy Lmao!! RT @_JRockObama: Words cant even express how messed up eric williams is…id be pissed at my whole ancestry if i was him

@nothingbutnat Why the hell does Jen think this divorce party is such a brilliant idea?! Smh

@Ms_Janisa Jen deserved that drink poured on her…don’t dish out what u can’t take back!

@CarlGeezy Girls: CHAD FEELS THE SAME ALL GUYS DO. it shudnt matter what people think just what YOU know!

@__iDEAL Suzie wack,.late and bop #basketballwives

@TRizzleComedian: Dear #BasketballWives praising Divorce is not hott! U should feel bad u have to resort to divorce. Not party about it to the world..

@LolatheBunni would that scare a man off?? she is like killing the mess out that cake & pinata! lol #basketballwives

@French_Kisses I like it when the bball wives get along…this is fun!! rather watch this than arguing & drama

@itsJazzyFBaby Ayo!! They got the knot on the head and everything on the cake!!!!

@YPCoopCity Lmao I swear Jennifer was jus drowning. Yall aint see that??

The “Basketball Wives” cast members even joined in on the action!

@EvelynLozada My alter ego Ginger came out at the divorce party LMAO #BasketballWives

What do you think about these tweets?

Did Jenn deserve to get the drink thrown in her face since she threw one at Eric first? Was Chad wrong for going out to lunch with an old  female friend without talking to Evelyn first? Was Jenn’s divorce party out of line? Do you enjoy the “wives” getting along more so than them fighting with each other? Is Eric really all that wrong?

Let me hear it!

I can’t wait to watch the “Basketball Wives Reunion” next Monday! Watch it with me on Twitter!

Watch the full season finale here!

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[ione_media_gallery legacy_id=”2015525″ src=””%5D

“Basketball Wives” Meeka Claxton On Tami Roman: “She’s Just A Negative Nancy”

Royce Reed Suffers Seizure At Charity Event

Shaunie O’Neal Defends “Basketball Wives” Franchise [EXCLUSIVE]

Eric Williams Tried To “Cast The Demon” Out Of Jennifer

eric williams jennifer williams drink throw“I have exercised the demon” at least that’s what Eric Williams claims he was trying to do to Jennifer Williams on last week’s preview of the Basketball Wive’s final episode. Eric threw a drink in Jenn’s face before making a dramatic- movie scene exit. He took to Twitter to respond to the negative press he has been receiving:

“Shiddd!! Jesus had 2 cast out 7 Demons from that One Hoe Mary!! She turned out fine, So why u Hoes Mad at Me… LMAO!!”

“Ahh. I [see] things [are] back to normal on my page. Hoes Hating cause I through HOE-LY Water on a Woman who had a Demon in her. I tried 2 Cast it out!”

I hope Eric realizes how much cornier he has become!

4 Things Wrong With Eric Williams Throwing A Drink In Jennifer’s Face

Royce Reed Says She Brings Balance To Basketball Wives [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

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