Lose One: Menace II Society Vs. Juice [EXCLUSIVE]

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On a Lose One Wednesday, Ed Lover asks listeners to choose between the 1993 film Menace II Society,  and 1992’s Juice. Both insanely popular films undoubtedly had an impact on the film industry and broke down doors for black Hollywood’s future. So which one could be dropped, if we had to pick one?

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Click on the audio player to hear listeners explain their choices in this exclusive clip from the “Ed Lover Show.”

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Part II:

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Part III:

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Part IV:

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Part V:

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Part VI:

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The movie JUICE jump started Jay-Ski’s radio career!

Ok who doesn’t love the movie “JUICE”?! Tupac was amazing in his first official acting role, and a young Omar Epps got launched into stardom as an actor. But as a DJ, I was hype to see this movie for other reasons.

Here’s a classic clip from Juice’s “DJ Battle” scene :

The weekend that “Juice” hit the theaters, I participated in my first DJ battle at Club Mahorn’s (Cherry Hill, NJ) in February of 1992.  Omar Epps was there as a special guest, as well as our very own Ed Lover.  It was hosted by Big Scott and Philly radio legend Colby Colb. I wound up winning the battle, and the prize was a 15 minute guest appearance on the legendary Philadelphia Hip-Hop radio show “Radioactive” with Colby Colb. I’ve been blessed to be working in radio ever since!

One year later I also entered the “Battle for World Supremacy” at the New Music Seminar in New York City and made it to the semi-finals.  Philly is the home of the DJ! Shout out to all my fellow DJ’s, and go watch “Juice” tonight!

‘Juice’ Director Shares How Tupac Got The Role As Bishop

Tupac and Omar Epps in Juice

Source: Archive Photos / Getty

The life of a budding actor can be a real struggle, heading to audition after audition, not knowing when your big break will come. But that wasn’t the case for Tupac, when he got his first major acting role as Bishop in the 1992 classic, Juice

In a interview with Academy Originals, the film’s writer and director Ernest Dickerson shared how Pac joined the film’s cast. It turns out, Pac didn’t mean to audition at all. He was just there as moral support for his friend, Naughty By Nature’s Treach, who auditioned for the flick. Dickerson, who was looking for young unknown talent, asked Tupac if he wanted to read for the role of Q (which eventually went to Omar Epps). He did well, but when he read for Bishop, that’s when casting knew he was their man.

It couldn’t have been a stretch for Tupac at that time, considering he attended Baltimore School for the Arts – the same place he met fellow classmate Jada Pinkett. So it’s no surprise that he nailed his impromptu audition.

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Five Signs You Were a Kid in the 90’s

Omar-Epps-Tupac-Shakur-Juice-wphi-gettyArchive Photos/Getty

Remember what life was like growing up when there were no worries except making sure you got home before the street lights came on? Well, I created a list of topics for you to reminisce on your childhood memories. Consider the time when life’s most devastating problems consisted of teachers assigning homework on the weekends, and parents forcing you to wear clothes that your elementary style just couldn’t agree with.

Check the list below to find out if you were a true 90’s baby, growing up in an era when there was no such thing as smartphones.


Science & Society Picture/Getty

Toys: Growing up in the 90’s you begged your parents for things like the newest Gameboy Nintendo, Sega Genesis or maybe even a Giga Pet or a Furby; because your parents didn’t quite trust you with real pets in the house. Even if you were looking for entertainment in school, a piece of paper was used to determine your future car and spouse during a game of Mash.

 Movies:  Even if you had to sneak and watch movies when your parents weren’t home, some of these classic films should spark a memory or two. Rush hour, Juice, Space Jam, Menace to Society, Jumanji, Scary Movie, The Matrix, Austin Powers, Doctor Doolittle, Jurassic Park and Clueless left their mark during the 90’s.

Cartoons/TV Shows: This is by far my most favorite category to discuss with friends. Networks like Nickelodeon and Disney catered to children, so the list of shows can go on and on. Some of my favorites included Family Matters, Hey Arnold, Recess, Cousin Skeeter, Smart Guy, All That, Power Rangers and Double Dare 2000, when I thought the idea of green “slime” was fun.

Music: If you are a true 90’s music lover, you probably have Boom 107.9 programmed in the car. Of course some of these artists like Nas, Jay-Z, Missy Elliot and Ja Rule are more relevant than others; it’s okay to acknowledge your favorite throwback artist even if it included a track from Chingy or J kwon.

Clothing/Accessories: I had to throw this category in here so we can all laugh at the fashion trends we participated in. When polaroid’s were slowly fading away, people were caught wearing things like jellies, Sean John, Rocawear, butterfly clips, jerseys/jersey dresses, and Reeboks.


By: Jade Thompson

“Lean On Me” Actor Arrested For Buying 200 Pounds Of Marijuana

PHOENIX-Jermaine “Huggy” Hopkins, who played Thomas Sams in the movie “Lean On Me” and Steele in the movie “Juice” was arrested after allegedly trying to buy 200 pounds of marijuana from an undercover officer.

Police say they found $100,000 in his car and an additional 100 pounds of marijuana at his apartment.

TMZ reports:

Police say Hopkins told them he got involved in the drug deal to provide a nice Christmas for his family.

Hopkins is being held on $35,000 bond. If convicted, he faces up to 5 years in prison.

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