Dr. King’s Legacy To Be Honored During MLK Now 2017

On April 4, 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood in the pulpit at the Riverside Church in Harlem, New York, and delivered one of his most poignant speeches titled “Beyond Vietnam.” This year on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Blackout for Human Rights and The Campaign for Black Male Achievement will host the MLK Now 2017 event in the same room where Dr. King made those remarks fifty years ago.

During the event, actors, activists, and musicians will pay homage to Dr. King with recitations of his most revered speeches, as well as musical performances. Among those who will participate in the event include David Oyelowo, Andre Holland, La La Anthony, Omari Hardwick, Olivia Wilde, Adepero Oduye, Michelle Williams, and Cleo Wade. There will be performances by gospel songstress Erica Campbell, Samora Pinderhughes, and the IMPACT Repertory Theater. There will also be a panel discussion moderated by Jamilah Lemieux, Vice President, News and Men’s Programming, Interactive One, that will delve into issues surrounding racial, economic, and social justice. Panel participants will include Dante Barry, Executive Director, Million Hoodies and Chicago Youth Activist FM Supreme.

According to the event organizers, MLK Now was designed to use Dr. King’s legacy as an avenue to bring attention to human and civil rights issues that society is confronted with today. “We felt it was essential to bring together all these amazing artists, advocates and organizers and community members to once more show our commitment to help raise awareness and find solutions to ensure that the human and civil rights of all Americans are affirmed and protected,” Rashid Shabazz, Vice President of Communications for the Campaign for Black Male Achievement, and co-founding member of Blackout for Human Rights, told NewsOne.

“This year will mark the 50th Anniversary of Dr. King’s Beyond Vietnam speech at Riverside Church. In that speech, King called for us to ‘move past indecision to action and find new ways to speak for peace,” Shabazz added. “And in no other time in recent history in our country has there been a greater need for all of us to come together to speak for peace, but to also live out the radical and revolutionary spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King who called for us all to build a beloved community, but also encouraged us to end the killing of Black men and women by police, who called for the rights of workers to receive a quality living wage and who called for the end of war and violence.”

Supporting partners for MLK Now 2017 include Color of Change, Black Lives Matter, Million Hoodies, ARRAY, MACRO Ventures, Dream Defenders, and Magnolia Pictures.

MLK Now 2017 will take place on January 16 from 2:00 p.m. through 6:00 p.m. at the Riverside Church. The event will be live-streamed. For more information, visit the Black Out For Human Rights website.


All The King’s Words: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Most Riveting Quotes

From Harry Belafonte To Michael B. Jordan, These Were The Best Moments From #MLKNOW

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What’s Happening In Hip-Pop: Kevin Durant’s Mom Gets Her Own Movie, La La Anthony Named ‘Mom Of The Year,’ & More

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Kevin Durant’s mom Wanda gets her chance to be the real MVP.

Following Durant’s 2014 MVP acceptance speech when the OKC player recalled the sacrifices his mother made for him and his older brother growing up, many were interested in Wanda’s personal story.

“The primary thing that I really wanted to show is life’s ups and downs. Never quitting and always believing that you will succeed for you and your children, that’s the message I want to come across more than anything,” Ms. Durant stated.

The film was produced by Queen Latifah. The Real MVP: The Wanda Durant Story premieres Saturday at 8 p.m. Eastern time on Lifetime.

Lala Anthony

La La Anthony is making major moves these days as a New York Times Bestselling Author and Broadway Producer, all while being a super hands on mom to son Kiyan.

The Residence Inn by Marriott took notice of La La’s ability to balance her time as a brilliant business woman and great mom by honoring her as the 2016 Resident Mom of the Year. Vice president and global brand manager of the Residence Inn, Diane Mayer, stated, “La La exemplifies what it means to be Resident Mom of the Year. She has proven that dedication and hard work can drive success and propel you to reach your goals.”

For the pre-Mother’s Day kick-off, La La partnered with Residence Inn and the American Red Cross Greater New York to host deserving moms for an intimate, inspiring lunch with the star. In addition to mingling amongst each other and lunching with La La, the moms got the glam treatment with GLAMSQUAD mini make-overs using MOTIVES by La La beauty products.

Kit Harington seen arriving at 'Craigs' Restaurant in West Hollywood, CA

Fans of Game of Thrones are super excited for the return of Jon Snow, but many are curious about how his death will change the character.

Entertainment Weekly went behind the scenes of Game of Thrones season 6 with star Kit Harington and asked the big question: How does death change Jon Snow?

Check out their interview here.

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The Nice Guys trailer starring Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe is finally here.

The best buds/private detective comedy takes place in 1970s Los Angeles, when down-on-his-luck private eye Holland March (Gosling) and hired enforcer Jackson Healy (Crowe) must work together to solve the case of a missing girl and the seemingly unrelated death of a porn star. During their investigation, they uncover a shocking conspiracy that reaches up to the highest circles of power.

The Nice Guys hits theaters on May 20th. Check out the trailer above.

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly, Washington Post | PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter, Youtube, Getty, Splash 

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Did LaLa Anthony Address The Rumors That She Cheated On Carmelo Anthony?

Instagram Photo

LaLa Anthony isn’t letting some rumor mill tear down her marriage, and she’s making sure that any and all haters know it.

The 32-year-old personality recently was caught in the middle of speculation this week that she was cheating on her husband, Carmelo Anthony, and while the Internet went into a frenzy, she made quite the statement herself.

LaLa took to her Instagram page to post an adorable video of her and her baller hubby imitating Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill‘s “All Eyes On You” video in the comfort of their home.

While Melo went along with his wife’s enthusiasm, LaLa lip-synced Nicki’s verse to the camera, as if to subliminally shut down the rumor mill.

Even though she didn’t directly address the speculation, this is more than enough to let us know that life is good in the Anthony household.

Check out the video from LaLa and Melo above.


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Could You Be Supportive of Your Spouse Doing A Nude Sex Scene? {POLL}

4th Annual Bronx Charter School For The Arts Art Auction Fundraiser

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

Okay, so we all should be caught up on Season 2 of Power by now, and I’m sure everyone saw La La Anthony’s nice perky headlights. Although they looked nice, we had to pause for a few moment when we remembered ‘HEY! that’s a married woman right there!’.  Well, not too long ago TMZ ran into Carmelo Anthony and asked him what he thought about Mrs. Anthony’s sex scene. Melo stated in a calm tone, he was supportive of everything his wife does.

So, now here is where our question sparked for you guys.





‘Power’ Recap: Ghost And Tommy Are Whipped By The Wrong ‘P’


2015 Winter TCA Tour - Day 3

Source: Frederick M. Brown / Getty

Back Like We Never Left

We wondered for months what the heck was up with Ghost’s future, considering that we ended season one with his identity nearly compromised (Angela thinks Tommy is Ghost), and his club shut down. Season two picks up exactly where we let off. The opening scene features the pink sneaker-wearing assassin (in heels this time) running from Truth, and she knows that failing to take out Ghost means big trouble, so she high- tails it out of NYC.

Meanwhile, the police wonder why Ghost isn’t more upset that someone (Tommy’s girlfriend, Holly) was shot right next to him. Holly is in a coma, and it’s questionable whether she’s going to live. Ghost keeps his cool and maintains that he didn’t know about any on-going beef that would have lead to that incident. Instead of calling his wife, he calls his sidepiece, Angela, to let her know that he’s okay, and to cancel their trip to Miami.

Angela Flubs

Things aren’t going so well for Angela at work in the wake of Nomar’s death. As a result, her boss gets reassigned to Michigan, and a new lead, Mike Sandoval, is brought in to oversee the taskforce. Sandoval takes Angela off the case, but you know she’s not about to let this go. She goes incognito to Nomar’s funeral and decides that Isabel, the girl who was involved with Noma (remember the peen picks he sent?), is the one who can help her fill in her half-sketch of whom they believe is Ghost.

Tommy on the Lam

Tommy, knowing that Angela is a federal prosecutor, now believes that Ghost is setting him up to go down. He hides out at his mother’s house. His mom is just as messed up as he is. They do coke together, and Tommy reveals his paranoia about Ghost. However, Mother Tommy refuses to believe that Ghost gets down like that since they grew up together. Eventually Ghost figures out where Tommy is and confronts him. This is when Tommy drops the bomb to Ghost that his mistress is a federal agent. Ghost is stunned by the news because Angie told him that she was a lawyer for the government, but womp womp guess the p—sy whipping got his brain clouded, because he should have known better. There are probably worse lies your significant other could tell you, though, right? In return, Ghost tells Tommy that his girl Holly was shot at the club. Tommy, devastated, visits a still unconscious Holly in the hospital. Meanwhile, there’s coke that needs to be moved, business is slow, manpower is dipping, and we’re just watching thinking how ridiculous these guys are with all their lovey-dovey bullshit, especially since they’re borderline sociopathic criminals.

Ghosts Keeps Quiet

Ghost makes his way to Angela’s apartment, presumably with the intention of telling her that he’s aware that she lied to him, but he gets cold feet once the punany-force gets too strong. Instead, he plays it cool, but still wonders if she had been playing him this entire time. Back at the St. Patrick residence, we find Tasha bragging to Lakeisha that Ghost is going ditch Angela, and you want to choke the daylights out of her for being so naïve. Lakeisha is hip to the game and tries to talk some sense into her, but Tasha, most likely still blinded by her love for Ghost, wants to believe what will make her happy. She’s not that naïve, though. She has been withdrawing and stashing large amounts of money here and there, probably for an inevitable rainy day.

Simon Stern Won’t Lose

Simon Stern wants to by the now closed Truth from Ghost, but Ghost isn’t interested in selling. That’s when Simon tells Ghost that he already bought the building so, either Ghost comes back to work for him as the owner of Truth or, he opens the club under another name. Ghost, always as cool as a cucumber despite the level of crisis, tells Simon that he will consider the offer. What this really means is war. Simon Stern is more powerful at the moment, but we already know not to sleep on Ghost. He’ll figure this out.

Kanan The Snake

Unbeknownst to nearly everyone, Kanan has a plan in motion to sabotage Ghost and Tommy’s operation. He almost succeeded in pitting Ghost and Tommy against each other but not quite yet—and Ghost is still alive, which means his assassin must be dealt with as soon as he can find her. When he does find her, it’s not going to be good.

Celebrity Nail Art

Celebrity Nail Art

I love nail art-always have. It is funny to me that now it’s “cool” When I saw the Oscars had a “mani cam” for ladies to display their nails I knew Celebrity Nail Art was outta here now! My newest fav is from the Mariah Carey OPI line “liquid sand” It goes on matte and it’s really sandy! Lasted for quite awhile too. Below are photos from some celebrities and nail techs that I follow on Instagram

Via @EvelynLozada Instagram. Nail Tech @kandiyamz

Via @EvelynLozada Instagram. Nail Tech @kandiyamz

Via @KhloeKardashian Instagram

Via @KhloeKardashian Instagram


Via @LaLa Nail Tech @naominailsnyc

Via @LaLa Nail Tech @naominailsnyc

Below are people I follow on Instagram whose work I enjoy.

Philly!!! This is via @Melody_cmynails. She is right here IN Philly!

Philly!!! This is via @Melody_cmynails. She is right here IN Philly!


Via @higasaurus Instagram

Via @higasaurus Instagram





My absolute favorite!!! Via @SilviaLace

My absolute favorite!!! Via @SilviaLace


I love nails!!! What can I say?

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Kevin Garnett tells Carmelo Anthony that his wife LaLa tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios! [RUMOR]

melo and kg

So According to International Business Times, the rumor is that Kevin Garnett said Melo’s wife, LaLa Vasquez, “tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios,” an item posted on Black Sports Online has claimed. Wow if KG really said this to Carmelo then I see why he was waiting outside the team locker room & bus! KG is well known for talking trash & it looks like Melo became just another victim! There are certain lines you don’t cross but if this true KG clearly has no boundaries!

La La Anthony On Being A Wing Woman In “Think Like A Man” [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

La La AnthonyIn the hit film Think Like A Man, La La Anthony plays a character who is best described as a wingwoman. Check out this exclusive interview on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” to hear La La Anthony talk about her role, being the wife of New York Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony and much more!

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LaLa Anthony To Launch Cosmetics Line

lala anthony

Not content to ride on her hubby Carmelo Anthony’s coattails, LaLa Anthony is branching out with her own business hustle.  The reality star has partnered with Motives Makeup to create a line of cosmetics for both vanilla and chocolate beauties.  Products will include foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow in warm, earthy hues to complement all women of color.  LaLa gave her fans a teaser by tweeting a pic of her new “babies”:

The makeup line is expected to drop in February.



LaLa Talks About Stripping Down On Television [VIDEO]

Revealing Photos Of Lala Leak After Carmelo’s Phone Was Stolen

La La Anthony Wants To Be A Pervert [VIDEO]

Lala Talks About Stripping Down On TV

At this weekend’s taping of “Black Girls Rock” LaLa Anthony talked to MSDTV about why it’s important to support other black women and how she was able to strip down on camera for her reality show.

“I wanted to do that for all women. We all go through weight issues.”


LaLa Strips For A Good Cause On “Full Court Life” [VIDEO]

Revealing Photos Of Lala Leak After Carmelo’s Phone Was Stolen

La La Anthony Wants To Be A Pervert [VIDEO]

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LaLa Strips For A Good Cause On “Full Court Life”

It appears that Lala has taken her “Take Back The Perv” gag on FunnyorDie to heart. The TV host and actual basketball wife turned heads on her reality show when she stripped down to her undies to step on a scale. She and her girlfriends are working together to shed some pounds and needed to take initial weights.  The fun starts at the 0:43 mark when Lala steps on the scale to find out she weighs…oh wait…that would be rude…

At the 3:00 mark she does the ill Naked Cowgirl impersonation to cheer her girl up. Once gain..#hifivesMelo


Revealing Photos Of Lala Leak After Carmelo’s Phone Was Stolen

La La Anthony Wants To Be A Pervert [VIDEO]