New Petition Wants Mike Vick Banned From Training Camp


Can we pleaseeeeeeeee get over this people?! The man has served his time, and lost millions of dollars! There is a petition of 3500 signatures  on that hopes to get Vick banned from attending the Jets training camp at SUNY Cortland this summer.  There are far worse people in the world who have done worse but we still give them a pass?! Let this man work & kick rocks to those who are trying to stop him!


Michael Vick Is Bleeding Green With The New York Jets!

Michael Vick Named Most Disliked Athlete (thumbnail)

It’s official, Mike Vick is outta here! Friday afternoon the 33 year old quarterback signed a deal with the New York Jets. The Jets released QB Mark Sanchez & signed Vick. I’m sad to see him go but he served his time here in Philadelphia and he wasn’t going to start here over Nick Foles next season anyway. Good for him & we wish him the best of luck in New York… As long as its not against us! LOL

Michael Vick wrote a farewell letter to Eagles fans:

I would like to thank the Eagles and the entire city of Philadelphia. I was honored to be their quarterback and took the privilege to heart every day. I especially want to thank Jeffrey Lurie and Andy Reid, who gave me the opportunity. I want to thank my teammates, who were not just coworkers, but friends. I also want to thank the millions of fans who cheered and supported our team.People say Philadelphia fans are tough. I say they are fair. A player is not judged solely by his past or promises of the future, but by his actions today, and the next day, and the next.

To read the rest of Michael Vick’s letter click here

Is Michael Vick Taking His Talents To Minnesota?[Video]

Mike Vick Returning to Atlanta on Sunday as the Eagles Starter! [VIDEO]  (thumbnail)

Well it looks as though Michael Vick’s time is up here in Philly. The Philadelphia Eagles reportedly aren’t going to resign the quarterback and after Tuesday he is a Free Agent. Minnesota Vikings Running Back Adrian Peterson tweeted  “@MikeVick would instantly make the vikings a playoff team!”.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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Mike is Vick voted most disliked in The NFL!

mike vick 30 mil

Damn! Seems like Mike can’t catch a break these days! First the hamstring injury & now this! Philadelphia Eagles Quaterback Michael Vick was voted most disliked in the NFL by a poll released by FORBES! According to FORBES, they say that he usually gets a good rep with NFL fans but still lingering is his dreaded link to dog fighting back in the day for which he served his time in prison! I’m not going to go into that one right now but all I can say is ” I don’t hate you Mike! You still got me as a fan!” Check out the enitre list below!

1. Michael Vick- Philadelphia Eagles

2. Manti Te’o- San Diego Chargers

3. Ndamukong Suh- Detroit Lions

4. Ben Roethlisberger- Pittsburgh Steelers

5. Mark Sanchez- New York Jets

6. Jay Cutler- Chicago Bears

7. Tony Romo- Dallas Cowboys

8. Tom Brady- New England Patriots

9. Carson Palmer- Arizona Cardinals

10. Reggie Bush- Detroit Lions


Cowboys Teach Nick Foles & Eagles Fans A Valuable Lesson [Opinion]

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia EaglesDrew Hallowell/Getty Images


There is no such thing as a dumb question.

That’s a lie. Just this past week people we’re asking should the Philadelphia Eagles start Quarterback Nick Foles even if Mike Vick is healthy? Do you see how dumb that question is. The bad thing about it is, it took an unnecessary 17-3 loss to the now 4-3 Dallas Cowboys to show how out of touch people are for even asking this question.

Being a fan of the Eagles means I support every player on the field. There are some fans, based on media portrayal, that only support Foles or any Eagles quarterback other than Vick. This has created a rift it the Eagles fan community and unfortunately it won’t stop until Vick is not on the roster. To these fans I say lets state the facts. Nick Foles is 2-7 as a starter, with both wins coming against the Tampa Bay Bucs. I don’t consider the Giants game a win for Foles because Vick left the game with a comfortable lead for Foles. With a record that dismal can we please stop asking for Foles to be more than what he is, a backup.

It would be acceptable if people would just say “I don’t like, or can’t ever support Mike Vick” that would at least be honest, but this campaign to make Foles seem better equipped than Vick, to lead this Eagles team is a joke.

On Sunday we saw what Nick Foles can do in a game where he has the odds in his favor. The Cowboys came to Philadelphia without their best defensive player, DeMarcus Ware and top running back, DeMarco Murray. Foles did nothing to help win the game for us. The defense even stepped up and held the Cowboys to 3 points in the first half.

The question that we need to ask is, Do you still have faith in Nick Foles or should the Eagles re-sign Mike Vick immediately?

Your thoughts


Michael Vick Autograph Signing Event Cancelled Due To Death Threats

Mike Vick Returning to Atlanta on Sunday as the Eagles Starter! [VIDEO]  (thumbnail)

An upcoming Michael Vick autograph signing has been cancelled due to death threats and it is not the first time this has happened. The Philadelphia Eagles, quarterback was to appear at Buffalo Wild Wings in York, PA but the owner received so many death threats that the event was called off for security reasons.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Eagle! Eagles Crush Redskins In Season Opener

eagles-redskins-2013photo by: getty images

One up, one down. The Philadelphia Eagles start off 2013 football season with a 33-27 win over last season’s NFC East Champion Washington Redskins.

Going into the game Eagles fans were skeptical of the defense, but not only did Chip Kelly bring a jet stream style offense to our Eagles, so did his defensive coordinator Billy Davis. For the past two seasons defensive turnovers have been close to nonexistent. On Monday night our defense forced Washington into three turnovers, two interceptions and a fumble recovery.

The excitement of the possibility of a resurgent Eagles team that is both potent on offense yet gritty and hard nosed on defense is enough to make many Eagles fans loose their sense of reality. As the Birds savor this win and start to prepare for the San Diego Chargers at the end of the week our team is as good as we showed and also as bad as we looked in the second half. What makes reality so refreshing is that even with all the opportunities we didn’t capitalize on, our Eagles put up 33 points to 7 Redskin points before taking their foot off the gas late in the 3rd quarter. Optimism is a wonderful thing when there is evidence to fuel it. If the Eagles look this good on offense in game one and played dominant defense for three quarters of the first game, a month from now we could be watching one of the best teams in the NFL.

Your thoughts?


Save it for Monday! Riley Cooper & Cary Williams get into it! [Video]


I thought birds of a feather flocked together?! I guess not! During a Philadelphia Eagles practice today, Riley Cooper & Cary Williams got into a scuffle after a play. It got pretty heated because teammates & coaches had to step in! Check out the video below!

J. Cole Talks Autism, Touring with Jay Z, Graduating College w/The Wall Street Journal


Courtesy of Rap Radar

J. Cole sits down with Wall Street Journal’s Lee Hawkins talking about everything from his lyric comments about autism and comparing it to Michael Vick’s dogfighting, going head to head with Kanye on his album release of Born Sinner, touring with Jay-Z and other things.  Also, J. Cole discusses graduating from St. John’s magna cum laude.  Check out the full interview right here as J. Cole is interviewed by the Wall Street Journal.


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Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal

The Eagles Look Good In Preseason Opener, But Where’s The Defense?

New England Patriots v Philadelphia Eaglesphoto by: getty images

Friday night brought christmas to south Philadelphia as Philadelphia Eagles fans were treated to a peek of what their 2013 team will look like. For months Eagles fans have anxiously waited to see how the team will play under the leadership of new head coach Chip Kelly. Even with a 31-22 loss to the New England Patriots there was plenty of optimism shared by fans while leaving the game. Here are a few of my observations from Friday nights game.

QB competition – I like the size of Nick Foles, to be honest any 6’5″ or taller QB, but Mike Vick, with the protection of this O-Line is capable of putting together a spectacular year similar to the 2010 season. That potential combined with Vick’s leadership role on the team makes it obvious that he will be named the starter.

Tackling – My high school and college coaches always said, “Perfect practice makes perfect.” Knowing how forward thinking it has been reported that Coach Kelly is, how is it possible to think the defense can perform at a professional level if they don’t tackle in practice. It was offensive to the entire city of Philadelphia to have Patriots HB, LaGarrette Blount run a circle around our entire defense on his way to a 51 yard td.

Final thoughts: The Philadelphia Eagles showed promise under the direction of new head coach Chip Kelly. However, football is a game played in three phases, Offense, Defense and Special Teams. The Eagles seem to have the Offense and Special Teams on track but if the Defense doesn’t get up to speed we could be in for a lot of high scoring losses this season. Let’s hope they tighten things up before week 1 of the regular season.

Words By: Philly_Ron

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Mike Vick “I Always Had Remorse For My Actions”


Michael Vick has been having a rough few months. His on the field play has struggled, his book has caused him death threats, he’s even been catching flack about the recent purchase of his new dog. In 2007 Michael Vick served 21 months in prison for an illegal interstate dog fighting ring that had operated for five years, but why does this incident he served his time for still haunt him to this day?

He recently posted a message on his Facebook page showing remorse for his actions:

I always had remorse for my actions – even in the moment when I was doing it… I always felt like man why…why am I even doing this.
My incarceration was bigger than dog fighting. It was done to bring awareness…to that – it was done to show that regardless of who you are, you are not above the law – and for me spiritually don’t lose sight of how you got here and stay humble.

~Michael Vick

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Has Chip Kelly Made The Right Decision Keeping Vick?


Just as Philadelphia Eagles fans started to settle into missing the NFL Football season, the Eagles announced the restructuring of Quarterback Michael Vick’s contract. With that move the national and local media went into a frenzy and started to get on their sandbox and talked about how this was the worst move the Eagles could have made.

The honeymoon period that many Eagles fans had with newly hired Head Coach Chip Kelly didn’t even make it over the threshold to the house. Fans have already decided to drop Chip at the door and get a divorce. Not so fast. Like marriage we are Eagles fans, for better and worse. I’m sure the latest move may have a lot of fans questing Coach Kelly but let me help calm your heart rate and settle you down a little.

Much of what is being said is the Eagles don’t have a future with Mike Vick and Nick Foles is a better Quarterback. LOL. If you’re saying that you truly have no football sense or you have a personal issue with Mike Vick. There is no way that anyone with common sense can truly say Foles is better than Vick, but then again many of those same people said Kolb was better than Vick. Further proves their lack of knowledge.

Before anyone jumps to conclusions, keep in mind, Andy Reid left detailed player reviews on both Mike Vick and Nick Foles. I’m sure Andy’s analysis along with the game tape gives Coach Kelly all he needs to make the right decision.  What fans are also missing is the obvious fact that a cap friendly Mike Vick contract makes him appealing to other NFL teams in case the Eagles decide to part ways with him.

Instead of running with emotional lead thoughts think about how the restructuring of Vick’s contract put the Eagles in the best possible scenario and give them leverage on other teams because they can now move either Quarterback and get max value.

Personally, I believe Mike Vick gives the Eagles the best chance to win now. I also believe the future Quarterback of the Eagles is not currently on the roster, nor do I believe he is in this years draft class. So don’t panic just yet, it’s still very early and in a months time we could easily be talking about just how great this one decision help jumpstart our road back to having a respected football team.

Let’s Talk


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Find Out How Mike Vick “Blew” 30 Million In 4 Years

Since filing for bankruptcy in 2008, Philly Eagles QB, Michael Vick admits he’s spent nearly 30 million dollars! That’s roughly 95% of his total income. BUT the good news is, the majority of that money was used to pay bills. Gotta give Mike props for having his priorities in order!

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According to TMZ, Vick had to pay a total of $29.6 mil — of that, $10.9 went to taxes, $9.2 mil went to creditors, $2.7 went to lawyers and accountants and the rest is for various things, including child support and living expenses.


Can The Philadelphia Eagles Still Make The Playoffs?

For what’s its worth this weekend in Philadelphia sports was pretty Awesome. Even though the Philadelphia Eagles got Quarterback, Mike Vick, Wide Receiver, Jeremy Maclin and Corner back DRC back on the field many Eagles fans that I converse with we’re still skeptical of the birds chances to win against the Dolphins in Miami.

With questions around how our offense would look with the return of Mike Vick and the first time in five games that Vick, DeSean and Maclin would be on the field together there was plenty to worry about. As usual the Eagles offense seemed to get off to a slow start and put the defense in a short field position. And as usual the defense found a way to give up points early and force a struggling offense to play from behind.

You would think we lost the game from how things started off, but the week 14 Eagles have a clear understanding of their position and started to perform like a team that knows it needs to win its remaining games for a shot at the playoffs.

In past weeks the wide nine defense has been the brunt of much of the complaints for everything that has gone wrong. On Sunday the wide nine produced 9 sacks. The defense finished with nine sacks, an interception and 2 fumbles and a safety. not bad for an underachieving bunch.

With the Eagles 26-10 win over the Miami Dolphins we have another week with playoff hopes. Our chances of winning the NFC East would take nothing less than an act of Tebow. Don’t act like you don’t see what’s going on out in Denver, so anything is possible.

words by: @Philly_Ron

Michael Vick Full Frontal Photos To Surface?

Michael Vick speaking to the pressMichael Vick is the center of a nude photo scandal in the making, now that a woman has tried to sell full frontal naked pictures of the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback. The photos were allegedly taken a year ago, and they were offered to

Get the rest of the story right here.


Michael Vick Says It With His Chest In Uptown Magazine

Can Michael Vick Stay Healthy? [VIDEO]

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Could Vick’s Broken Hand Leave Him Sidelined For A Month?


The Eagles took a huge hit Sunday afternoon as a loss to the Rival Giants left fans with a bitter taste in their mouths. To add insult to injury, Eagles starting QB Micheal Vick suffered a game ending broken right hand, after being hit will trying to complete a pass in the 3rd quarter. After heading to the locker room to x-rays, Vick tried to return to the game, but was unsuccessful.

NBC 10’s Howard Eskin reports, Vick will miss 3-4 weeks if he wants to fully recover from the broken hand he suffered in last week’s loss. Vick who is also battling lingering issues from his concussion in week 2, will be replaced by Vince Young or rookie QB Mike Kafka.

With $100 million sitting on the bench, fans start to worry as they see their “dream team” look more like an infirmary.