Cowboys Teach Nick Foles & Eagles Fans A Valuable Lesson [Opinion]

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia EaglesDrew Hallowell/Getty Images


There is no such thing as a dumb question.

That’s a lie. Just this past week people we’re asking should the Philadelphia Eagles start Quarterback Nick Foles even if Mike Vick is healthy? Do you see how dumb that question is. The bad thing about it is, it took an unnecessary 17-3 loss to the now 4-3 Dallas Cowboys to show how out of touch people are for even asking this question.

Being a fan of the Eagles means I support every player on the field. There are some fans, based on media portrayal, that only support Foles or any Eagles quarterback other than Vick. This has created a rift it the Eagles fan community and unfortunately it won’t stop until Vick is not on the roster. To these fans I say lets state the facts. Nick Foles is 2-7 as a starter, with both wins coming against the Tampa Bay Bucs. I don’t consider the Giants game a win for Foles because Vick left the game with a comfortable lead for Foles. With a record that dismal can we please stop asking for Foles to be more than what he is, a backup.

It would be acceptable if people would just say “I don’t like, or can’t ever support Mike Vick” that would at least be honest, but this campaign to make Foles seem better equipped than Vick, to lead this Eagles team is a joke.

On Sunday we saw what Nick Foles can do in a game where he has the odds in his favor. The Cowboys came to Philadelphia without their best defensive player, DeMarcus Ware and top running back, DeMarco Murray. Foles did nothing to help win the game for us. The defense even stepped up and held the Cowboys to 3 points in the first half.

The question that we need to ask is, Do you still have faith in Nick Foles or should the Eagles re-sign Mike Vick immediately?

Your thoughts


On Your Mark, Get Set, Eagle! Eagles Crush Redskins In Season Opener

eagles-redskins-2013photo by: getty images

One up, one down. The Philadelphia Eagles start off 2013 football season with a 33-27 win over last season’s NFC East Champion Washington Redskins.

Going into the game Eagles fans were skeptical of the defense, but not only did Chip Kelly bring a jet stream style offense to our Eagles, so did his defensive coordinator Billy Davis. For the past two seasons defensive turnovers have been close to nonexistent. On Monday night our defense forced Washington into three turnovers, two interceptions and a fumble recovery.

The excitement of the possibility of a resurgent Eagles team that is both potent on offense yet gritty and hard nosed on defense is enough to make many Eagles fans loose their sense of reality. As the Birds savor this win and start to prepare for the San Diego Chargers at the end of the week our team is as good as we showed and also as bad as we looked in the second half. What makes reality so refreshing is that even with all the opportunities we didn’t capitalize on, our Eagles put up 33 points to 7 Redskin points before taking their foot off the gas late in the 3rd quarter. Optimism is a wonderful thing when there is evidence to fuel it. If the Eagles look this good on offense in game one and played dominant defense for three quarters of the first game, a month from now we could be watching one of the best teams in the NFL.

Your thoughts?


The Eagles Look Good In Preseason Opener, But Where’s The Defense?

New England Patriots v Philadelphia Eaglesphoto by: getty images

Friday night brought christmas to south Philadelphia as Philadelphia Eagles fans were treated to a peek of what their 2013 team will look like. For months Eagles fans have anxiously waited to see how the team will play under the leadership of new head coach Chip Kelly. Even with a 31-22 loss to the New England Patriots there was plenty of optimism shared by fans while leaving the game. Here are a few of my observations from Friday nights game.

QB competition – I like the size of Nick Foles, to be honest any 6’5″ or taller QB, but Mike Vick, with the protection of this O-Line is capable of putting together a spectacular year similar to the 2010 season. That potential combined with Vick’s leadership role on the team makes it obvious that he will be named the starter.

Tackling – My high school and college coaches always said, “Perfect practice makes perfect.” Knowing how forward thinking it has been reported that Coach Kelly is, how is it possible to think the defense can perform at a professional level if they don’t tackle in practice. It was offensive to the entire city of Philadelphia to have Patriots HB, LaGarrette Blount run a circle around our entire defense on his way to a 51 yard td.

Final thoughts: The Philadelphia Eagles showed promise under the direction of new head coach Chip Kelly. However, football is a game played in three phases, Offense, Defense and Special Teams. The Eagles seem to have the Offense and Special Teams on track but if the Defense doesn’t get up to speed we could be in for a lot of high scoring losses this season. Let’s hope they tighten things up before week 1 of the regular season.

Words By: Philly_Ron

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Eagles Defense Saves The Day Once Again [Original]

There is something special about this Philadelphia Eagles team. They have that intangible that great teams seam to carry in their back pocket and aspiring team fight to get. Is there one thing we can spotlight and say “this is the reason they’re winning,” no. I can assure that the get it done characteristic of this team is molding a Championship caliber team right in front of our eyes.

When was the last time we’ve seen our Eagles defense hold teams down in crucial situation and then our offense drive down the field to score the game winning touchdown. I can’t remember. The relationship between a defense and an offense is like that classic James Brown song, “This is a Mans world” but it’s nothing without a woman. I’m not implying that either group of the team is feminine, just merely painting the picture of the importance that each group has on the other.

You know the buzz phrase, defense wins championships, well two weeks in a row the Eagles defense delivered outstanding performances. Both times disrupting the opposing teams offense to give our team the ball for the go ahead score. In both weeks our Eagles offense, led by Quarterback, Mike Vick have methodically marched down the field and delivered the game winning touchdown.

Many Eagles fans are starting to trust that this team can overcome anything, so imagine how the players feel. If the offense and defense can continue to have each other’s back this Eagles team will be unstoppable. There is so much more than physical play that goes into winning a football game and we are witnessing a team that wins the mental and physical game. Keep it up and we’ll be talking Super Bowl at the end of this season.

Congratulations to our 2-0 Philadelphia Eagles. Next up the Arizona Cardinals.

words by: Philly_Ron

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Sixers Still A Work In Progress

Whats more surprising than the awesome 20-9 record of the Philadelphia 76ers. After beating the woeful Charlotte Bobcats the 76ers reached a preseason goal of head coach Doug Collins of getting to twenty wins before reaching ten losses. That’s still not the biggest surprise.

Over the past few games, going back to last week versus the San Antonio Spurs and the Los Angeles Clippers, the Sixers have found a way to continuously shoot themselves in the foot. It’s not because of sloppy play, or a bunch turnovers but because they can’t seem to make free throws.

The little things are what separate the good teams from the bad. Attention to details is what elevates a mediocre player to and above average or all star type player. Last week was extremely frustrating for 76ers fans as they watched a loss to the Clippers come by our own lack of free throw makes.

In this condensed NBA season the lack of timing between games has sacrificed both rest and time for professional basketball players to work on fine tuning certain aspects of their game. Is this a legitimate excuse for missing free throws, not at all, but it is understandable that free throws could be impacted by tired legs.

It’s obvious that Head Coach Doug Collins made mention to his team of their horrible performance at the free throw line before last nights game versus the Charlotte Bobcats. Instead of another 78% or lower performance from the free throw line, the Sixers went 20-24 versus the Bobcats, shooting 83%.

Fans of the Sixers are finding ways to go all in with their support for the team, but with that support comes expectations. If the 76ers plan on making a serious run in the playoffs they need to start perfecting the little things that can become the difference in meaningful games.

words by: Philly_Ron

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Talkin’ Philly: Joe Frazier Fans Reflect On His Life

Joe Frazier was a staple in the Philadelphia community and his presence will surely be missed. @Philly_Ron hit the streets to let Joe Frazier fans pay tribute to the champ and give their last farewell to a hall of fame boxing legend.

Farewell Smokin’ Joe!

filmed by: @Philly_Ron

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Top 5 Philadelphia Born Athletes


We have been doing things big around here and the city has taken a liking to it. To stay in uniform with the most talked about topic in the city, No, not the Occupy Philly stuff in the news, but the 5K at 5 contest that we launched two weeks ago we want to take a look at some of the best athletic talent that came from Philly.

Lets take a look at Hot’s Top 5 Athletes from Philadelphia.

#5. Dawn Staley – Any listing of top athletes always seem to leave out the ladies, but make no mistake about it, this Philadelphia born and raised point guard was one of the best talents to come from within our city. Dawn Staleys had a storied career but her biggest stage as a representative of the city was being selected to carry Olympic torch, not to mention being a member of 3 Olympic Gold Medal teams.

#4. Bernard Hopkins – Philadelphia is all about grit and determination. If you know anything about boxing you could almost announce the previous adjectives and everyone would know who was coming to the ring. Bernard is considered one of the greatest middleweight champions of all times and had a record 20-title defense streak at the weight.

#3. Joe Frazier – A lot of the younger generation didn’t get a chance to see Joe Frazier fight, but the mere fact that he beat the ICONIC Muhammad Ali when they both were in their prime makes him worthy of the #3 spot.

#2. Kobe Bryant – Many residents of the city are turned off by Kobe but his basketball skills are remarkable. Kobe is a five time NBA Champion and currently seen as the most dominant and best all around player in the game.

#1. Wilt Chamberlain – At 7’1” Wilt towers over everyone on our list, just like he did the competition in the NBA. To this day Wilt Chamberlain still holds the season scoring average record of 40 and 50pts and is the only player to ever score 100 points in a single game.

Philadelphia has been the birthplace of greatness in athletics. Our list of Philadelphia’s top five provides evidence to all who call this city home, that not only can we achieve greatness but we can set the standard for how greatness is defined.

words by: @Philly_Ron

The Biggest Sports Choke In Philadelphia History


This isn’t how it’s supposed to happen. This isn’t your favorite hip-hop song, that when you hear the beat you immediately prepare to start versing the lyrics. This isn’t your favorite movie where you get built up to the climax, knowing that the good folks will win. Naw, this is Philadelphia and as fans of the Philadelphia Eagles we get built up just to get a foot in our back, kicking us off the edge of the cliff.Each week we hear from Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid, telling us he will do a better job preparing his team. And each week we sit around Sunday afternoon scratching our heads trying to figure out what the heck just happened.


With the city on life support because of a heart breaking loss by our Phillies in the NLDS, we clung to the Eagles to help jumpstart our pulse. Instead the Eagles treated us to a lack luster performance, setting the tone early with three turnovers and a 21-7 deficit going into halftime.

But this is Philadelphia, and a blowout isn’t dramatic enough. After all we love to channel our inner Rocky so our Eagles fought back. We started to see it right there in front of us, as Jason Avant continued to make catch after catch. Desean Jackson started to drip swagoo all over the Buffalo Bills defense. And then our defense started to get stop after stop. Is it really going to happen? Are our Eagles going to come back and win this game? Are we witnessing a comeback similar to the Giants game from last season?

I started to get hype, and my twitter timeline started poppin. I could see our inner Rocky trading blows and staggering Drago. Ironically I started to hear the music playing in the background of my room Jay-Z “Ignorant Sh*t” Head nodding hard and talking mad smack to the TV. How foolish of me. Just as Jay, freed Beans on the track, Avant fumbles, followed by Juqua Parker jumping off side and now we are all scratching our heads like WTF just happened.

I refuse to have this be our story. Philly isn’t about working hard and failing. Hell Naw!! We put that work in and earn victory. There isn’t any city in this country that outworks us, or has more hustle, drive and determination than us. Help send a message to our Eagles of what we expect from them on game day. Comment below, your voice will be heard.

Words by: @Philly_Ron