Lose One: 50 Cent Vs. Cam’ron [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

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On this Lose One Wednesday, the Ed Lover Show cast decides between losing 50 Cent everything associated with him, or Cam’ron and everyone he comes with as well. Overwhelmingly, everyone in the room decided to lose out on Cam’ron, and Ed Lover explained why.

They also went to the polls on social media and on the phones, and there was generally a sweeping victory for one rapper. Plus, Ed explains why he doesn’t trust any of the phoned in votes! Click on the audio player to hear that and more in this hilarious exclusive clip from the Ed Lover Show.

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If The Gov. Enforced Longer Work Hours Would You Mind? [POLL]

Yesterday, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush said  that in order to grow the economy “people should work longer hours”

This is why we MUST get out and VOTE, VOTE ,VOTE people! We MUST pay attention to who we allow to run our country! We have the POWER…just have to use it.

Now, here is where we wanna know would you agree to work longer hours day on top of the hours your already bussin your ass with?


Will The Eagles Make The Playoffs? [Poll]

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The Eagles took a hard lost to the Cowboys on Sunday night, losing 38-27 and giving up 3 touchdowns to Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant. The lost pushes the Eagles out of first place in the division, leaving them fighting for their playoff lives. With only a few games left in the season, this get’s us the thinking….

Will the Eagles make the Playoffs? take our poll below…

Study: 3 of 4 Whites Have No Non-White Friends


The Wonkblog over at the Washington Post has a pretty interesting write-up of new research from the Public Religion Research Institute. In a study of race and friendship, PRRI found that a large majority (75 percent) of whites have “entirely white social networks without any minority presence.” And, for what it’s worth, the same holds true for less than two thirds of Blacks.

The research went on to state that, in a 100-friend scenario, the average white person has 91 white friends; one each of black, Latino, Asian, mixed race, and other races; and three friends of unknown race. On the other hand, the average black person has 83 black friends, in addition eight white friends, two Latino friends, zero Asian friends, three mixed race friends, one other race friend, and four friends of unknown race.

Ultimately, the average black person’s network of friends is 8 percent white.  The average white person’s friend network is just 1 percent black. The Wonkblog illustrated the stats pretty well with this infographic:

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 4.03.30 PM

Do you think the racial background of a person’s friends is important, does it imply something about that person? Does having a diverse friend network provide special insights into racial matters? Finally, if the average white person has so few black friends, how is that so many seem to have a “best” black friend to excuse their questionable behavior in when it comes to race? Things that make you go “hmmmm.”

Big Surprise: Whites Polled Say Race Isn’t A Factor In Ferguson


Racial tensions have grown in the days since unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown was killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. Brown was black. Darren Wilson, the officer who shot him at least six times, is white. Then, almost immediately after Brown’s killing was made public, throngs of mostly black protesters hit the streets of Ferguson to demand justice. They were met by a almost completely white police force. Despite this pretty obvious dynamic, a majority of whites polled recently about the situation in Ferguson seem to think race isn’t a factor.

new HuffPost/YouGov poll found that the majority of whites polled (40%) believe Brown’s killing was an isolated incident. Slightly fewer (35%) said they believe it represents a broader pattern of how police treat Black men. Black Americans, however, agree in large part (76%) that Brown’s killing is part of a broader pattern. It’s important to note, however, that 6% of Blacks polled said they believe it was an isolated incident. 

The survey went a step further in asking if the protests, police response were reasonable and breaking down respondents by political party. Check out the results below.


ferguson1 ferguson2

Heat Vs Spurs Rematch Game 1 Tonight: Who Takes The Victory? [POLL]

Last year was so close it had to come down to these 2 again! Earlier, Tim Duncan said he was glad they got the Heat and this time they’re going to win it all….Lebron responded by saying they’re glad they got the Spurs as well and last year wasn’t about luck! It kicks off in San Antonio tonight, so……who wins Game 1? Vote below!


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Poll: Most Black Voters Support Voter ID Laws


“The right to vote is threatened today in a way that it has not been since the Voting Rights Act was passed in to law nearly five decades ago…The real voter fraud is people trying to deny our rights by making voting harder in the first place.”

President Barack Obama, 2014 National Action Network Convention in New York City.

Though many believe them to be an effort at voter disenfranchisement, a recent poll suggest most Americans are actually in support of voter identification laws, perhaps making them harder to combat.

A total of 31 states have active voter ID laws. Many others have had their attempts to institute the laws stuck down and state court with opponents citing little to no evidence of fraud in past elections and the potential of the laws to disenfranchisement the elderly, young people and many voters of color.

For what it’s worth, A FOX News poll released last week found strong support for voter ID laws in every major demographic, including black respondents and Democrats. The poll asked, “Supporters of these laws say they are necessary to stop ineligible people from voting illegally. Opponents say these laws are unnecessary and mostly discourage legal voters from voting. What do you think?”

How Do Most Americans Feel About Voter ID Laws?

According to the poll, seven in 10 registered voters are in favor of identification laws.

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 2.12.41 PM

How Do Blacks Feel About Voter ID Laws?

Perhaps it’s no surprise but opposition to the laws is highest among black respondents at 46 percent. The poll did find however that a slim majority, 51 percent of black voters, support them.

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 2.12.47 PM

The poll surveyed 1,025 registered voters and margin of error of plus or minus 3 percent. Read more.

Mike is Vick voted most disliked in The NFL!

mike vick 30 mil

Damn! Seems like Mike can’t catch a break these days! First the hamstring injury & now this! Philadelphia Eagles Quaterback Michael Vick was voted most disliked in the NFL by a poll released by FORBES! According to FORBES, they say that he usually gets a good rep with NFL fans but still lingering is his dreaded link to dog fighting back in the day for which he served his time in prison! I’m not going to go into that one right now but all I can say is ” I don’t hate you Mike! You still got me as a fan!” Check out the enitre list below!

1. Michael Vick- Philadelphia Eagles

2. Manti Te’o- San Diego Chargers

3. Ndamukong Suh- Detroit Lions

4. Ben Roethlisberger- Pittsburgh Steelers

5. Mark Sanchez- New York Jets

6. Jay Cutler- Chicago Bears

7. Tony Romo- Dallas Cowboys

8. Tom Brady- New England Patriots

9. Carson Palmer- Arizona Cardinals

10. Reggie Bush- Detroit Lions


Actress Amanda Bynes snaps at Rihanna on Twitter! [Photos]

I don’t think Amanda Bynes knew what she was getting into when she tweeted Rihanna. Maybe she was under the influence of something. You know what, that’s what we’re going to run with because clearly Rihanna is the queen of Instagram/Twitter comebacks! Check out the exchange below! Also take the Amanda Bynes vs Rihanna Poll!







What’s The Best Song On “Take Care” By Drake?

Drake‘s second album Take Care is one of the most highly anticipated projects of the year, and there are a lot of good songs to vibe out to. But we want to know which one is your favorite. Enter your choice in our poll below, and please leave your comments at the bottom of the page.


Drake Goes Into Beyonce’s Lane, Covers “Say My Name” [VIDEO]

Drake Likes Chapstick and Scented Candles [PHOTO]

Is Drake Telling The Truth About “Take Care?” [VIDEO]

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