Q-Tip Talks Phife, Trump And More With Elliott Wilson

Saturday Night Live - Season 42

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It’s been 18 years since A Tribe Called Quest put out an album, and yet somehow, their new record Thank You For Your Service…We’ve Got It From Here seems right on time. The album represents the best of Tribe, including late member Phife Dawg, and was inspired by despair.
Q-Tip, joined by Jarobi White, Consequence and Busta Rhymes, sat down with veteran journalist Elliott Wilson at Webster Hall in NYC tonight to share it’s origins, as well as muse on the fate of Tribe, the loss of Phife and more.

On Reconciling With Phife: “We’ve known each other longer than anybody. We’ve had our ish. The music is great but it doesn’t come close to the love we have for each other.” 

On Ending the Group Nearly Two Decades Ago: “I felt like the industry was starting to move. Right after [Notorious B.I.G. died, it was real shift.”

On the Decision to Record Again, After An Appearance on Jimmy Fallon: “The Paris bombings happened that night, and Jarobi was just like ‘let’s make an album.’ By the time we got all the business straight, it ballooned from an EP to an album.”

On Busta Rhymes: “Busta is the most versatile out if all of us. I’m talkin bout [Eminem], me, [Jay Z].”

Busta Rhymes, on His Relationship With A Tribe Called Quest: “Tribe helped me get through a lot of shit. When I felt like I wasn’t getting that from my group, I always got it from them.”

On the Election: “Trump was able to galvanize his message clearly. Hillary was all over the place. We elected somebody who never held public office ever before. It’s like a national depression.”

On Politics and Hip-Hop: “Rappers should be more conscious and aware of what’s going on in this world.”

Stream A Tribe Called Quest’s Final Album ‘We Got It from Here… Thank You 4 Your Service’

A Tribe Called Quest In Concert - New York, NY

Source: Dave Kotinsky / Getty

Nearly 20 years since the group’s last album, legendary rap group A Tribe Called Quest has returned with, “We Got It from Here… Thank You 4 Your Service.”

Touted as the New York collective’s final album, it boasts 16 tracks and features Consequence, Kendrick Lamar, and several appearances from Busta Rhymes. The album is also monumental because of the heavy influences of Phife Dawg, who passed away from complications of diabetes this past March.

Q-Tip recently spoke with the NY Times about how much the group’s reuniting meant to Phife, sharing that he would frequently fly from his home in the San Francisco Bay Area to Tip’s state-of-the-art studio in the basement of his New Jersey home. Tip went on to explain that Phife was the driving force behind the group coming back together and that their friendship was more important than a new album. After the group made amends, the project started to come together.

Stream A Tribe Called Quests final album “We Got It from Here… Thank You 4 Your Service” below.

SOURCE: Spotify, NY Times | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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PREVIEW: A Tribe Called Quest: We Got It from Here, Thank You for Your Service Album

7th Annual Rock The Bells Festival

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It’s official! The New York legendary crew have released their 6th album, We Got it From Here, Thank You for Your Service at midnight (Nov. 11.)

Their first official studio release in almost two decades, the new album from Q-Tip, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Jarobi White and the late Phife Dawg arrives a day before ATCQ is slated to be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live.

With verses from the late Phife Dawg recorded in the months before he passed in March, We got it From Here… has understandably been announced as the final album from A Tribe Called Quest.

The project announced first by Q-Tip boasts a stellar lineup of guest stars that includes Busta Rhymes, Andre 3000, Elton John, Kendrick Lamar and Jack White. Considering the album now also serves as an elegy for Phife, Tribe’s bittersweet return is arriving with high expectations.

Preview the album We Got it From Here, Thank You for Your Service; click here. 

2007 VH1 Hip Hop Honors - Show

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You can purchase the final A Tribe Called Quest album We got it from Here… Thank You for Your Service on iTunes now or stream it via Apple Music.

A Tribe Called Quest Announces Final Album

A Tribe Called Quest

Source: Al Pereira / Getty

18 years after The Love Movement was released, A Tribe Called Quest is finally reuniting to release its final album.

The iconic Queens rap group announced the new project with a handwritten note penned in black and gold marker by Q-Tip. The album is due on November 11.

According to the letter, the group was inspired to get back into the studio after performing on The Tonight Show last year. It was their first television appearance in over 18 years.

“As we left 30 Rock I felt the need, we all did, to get back to the studio and start that cookup!!” Q-Tip wrote. “So we got to it!!”

The group began working on the album last November. Though Phife Dawg passed away in March due to complications from diabetes, the group came together and finish the project with the help of Busta Rhymes and Consequence.

The news shouldn’t come as a complete surprise since Epic Records CEO L.A. Reid hinted at the forthcoming album back in August.

“It’s something special. It’s one of the things I’m most excited about over everything we’re working on,” he said on the Rap Radar Podcast.

“We will complete our paths of rhythm,” Q-Tip concluded in his letter. “Join us!”

SOURCE: Twitter | PHOTO CREDIT: Al Pereira / Getty

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L.A. Reid Confirms A New A Tribe Called Quest Album Is Coming ‘Very Soon’

Tribe called quest mural

During an interview on the Rap Radar podcast, Epic Records CEO L.A. Reid revealed that a new A Tribe Called Quest album has been finished.

Reid was speaking on the future of the label and a few major upcoming projects when he broke the news.

You know what I’m excited about, though: A Tribe Called Quest. We have a Tribe Called Quest album coming. I’m really excited about that … I’m really happy about it. It’s really something special. It’s one of the things I’m most excited about over everything we’re working on,” he said.

Reid also confirmed the project was completed before Phife‘s death in March, so he will be featured on the project and so will the group’s “sometimes Y” member, Jarobi.

Phife is there,” he added. “The whole group: Jarobi, the entire group, everybody. It’s great too.”

The upcoming album will be the group’s first since 1998’s The Love Movement.

Their ups and downs were later chronicled in the documentary Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest which was released in 2011.

You can listen to the podcast here. The album talk starts around the 14:45 mark.

SOURCE: Rolling Stone | IMAGE CREDIT: Rolling Stone


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Swizz Beatz & Alicia Keys’ 5-Year-Old Son Egypt Is Making Beats With Q-Tip

This kid’s got talent.

Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys’ son Egypt is following in the footsteps of his musically inclined parents. Back in March, Egypt made headlines when it was revealed he co-produced “untitled 07” on Kendrick Lamar’s untitled unmastered album.

The five-year-old producer is back in the studio and this time, A Tribe Called Quest legend Q-Tip is teaching him all the essentials of beat production. Swizz posted a video of Egypt making a beat on a drum pad as Q-Tip works alongside him.

No word on if Egypt is working on his own material or helping out his mommy and daddy’s famous friends. Check out Egypt in action above.


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Watch The Live Stream Of Phife Dawg’s Tribute Now!

Univision Radio's H2O Music Festival

Over the last few weeks, there has been an uncountable number of stories regarding the legacy Phife Dawg left behind. Those who feel for his passing can join others in celebration of his life because Revolt is currently airing a live stream of the Apollo Theater performance in his honor. As the event was kept strictly under wraps, there’s very few details to share. The live stream started at 6pm and there’s no telling how much longer the concert will last.

Click here to watch the concert now!

SOURCE: Okayplayer | PHOTO: Getty

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Q-Tip Named Artistic Director At Kennedy Center

Exclusive Listening Event at The Hayden Planetarium for the Highly-Anticipated Release By Jay-Z and Kanye West,'Watch The Throne' (Available August 8th)

Q-Tip made history on this week by becoming the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts’ first artistic director for its upcoming Hip Hop Culture series.

The legendary rapper, producer and DJ will create the series, exploring the culture across deejaying, emceeing, breakdancing, graffiti writing, and knowledge of self.

In a press release, the Tribe Called Quest member said, “With Hip Hop constantly changing and evolving, it is easy to forget the history and legacy that precede it. I want to begin at the beginning of the Culture to help people see its roots, better understand its present, and responsibly create its future.

Here are the dates you can catch the 2016-2017 Hip Hop Culture series located in Washington D.C:

July 12-16, 2016 — Family Theater, Concert Hall — Brave New Voices Youth Summit

October 12-16, 2016 — Family Theater — All the Way Live!

November 3-5, 2016 — Terrace Gallery — Words, Beats & Life Teach-In

November 5, 2016 — Grand Foyer — Top Notch

May 23, 2017 — Eisenhower Theater — DJ Spooky: Rebirth of a Nation

June 5-11, 2017 — Family Theater — /peh-LO-tah/

SOURCE: Billboard | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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A Tribe Called Quest Will Reunite On “The Tonight Show”

7th Annual Rock The Bells Festival

It’s been years since Q-Tip, Phife Dawg, and Ali Shaheed Muhammad performed on stage together, but the legendary hip-hop group is reuniting once again for a performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

In an effort to promote the 25th anniversary of A Tribe Called Quest’s debut album, the group will perform a medley of their biggest hits. People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths Of Rhythm also features three remixes by J. Cole, Pharrell Williams, and Cee-Lo Green.

Tribe will hit the stage on Friday, November 13, the same day the re-release of People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm will hit iTunes


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A Tribe Called Quest Celebrates 25 Years with Re-Release of Debut Album

7th Annual Rock The Bells Festival

Source: Taylor Hill / Getty

One of the greatest debut albums in Hip Hop gets a fresh new 2015 facelift.

A Tribe Called Quest is re-releasing their debut album, People’s Instinctive Travels And The Paths of Rhythm, to commemorate the album’s 25th anniversary, according to a press release. ATCQ fans will be able to enjoy new remastered tracks and remixes by some of today’s hit makers in hip-hop.

It is slated to hits stores again on Nov. 13th.

I had this album in my head for years before I did it. Looking at it overall, to see the thoughts of a 16-year-old gain any kind of acknowledgement makes me feel like I have arrived… But to see it in this incarnation. I’m humbled,Q-Tip said via press release.

Ali Shaheed Muhammad says to re-release their debut album “means a lot.

It was the beginning of our careers; the beginning of our imprint; the beginning of seeing life the way we saw it, and being able to put it down in words and music,” Ali Shaheed Muhammad said.

People’s Instinctive Travels And The Paths of Rhythm is available for pre-order on Amazon.

The Time When Q-Tip Almost Ended the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival

Yahoo! Wireless Festival - Day 3

Source: Samir Hussein / Getty

The story on how one emcee’s perfectionism almost ended one of the largest Hip Hop festivals’ run.

Four years ago, Q-Tip gave an amazing performance at the 7th annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival with guest performances from Kanye West and Busta Rhymes. The creative forces behind the festival Ebonie Jackson and Wes Jackson told AllHipHop.com the story about Q-Tip’s professionalism was “on one” that year.

[ione_embed src=https://www.youtube.com/embed/1zZv8D3Iseg service=youtube width=560 height=315 type=iframe]
The 11th annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival takes place between July 8th and July 11th. Tickets are available; click here 

Happy Birthday 45th Q-Tip!

Yahoo! Wireless Festival - Day 3

Source: Samir Hussein / Getty

Help us wishing legendary Rapper Q-Tip a happy 45th Birthday!

Q-Tip, is an American rapper and record producer from St. Albans, Queens, New York. He embarked on his music career as part of the critically acclaimed East Coast hip hop group A Tribe Called Quest.

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Meme Of The Week: Tell Your Friend About BoomPhilly [Exclusive Photo]

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Q-Tip had some interesting words for Iggy Azalea this week on twitter and we wanted to show him love with the Meme Of The Week! When you tell your best friend about that great music on #BOOMPhilly.


Meme Of The Week: Wake Up Christmas Morning Like [Photo]

Meme Of The Week: Let’s Link Up [Exclusive Photo]

Igggy Azalea FINALLY Responds To Criticism On Hip-Hop Culture & We’re Like, Really Girl?


Iggy Azalea is finally answering critics back over her claims she lacks the education in hip-hop. Over the weekend, hip-hop legend Q-Tip gave the Australian rapper a good history lesson on the genre and explained why it was so important in today’s society. the former A Tribe Called Quest rapper’s tutilage came after Azalea’s nemesis Azealia Banks read her for filth in an interview last week accusing her of  the “scrubbing” and appropriation of of black culture. Now after staying mute over the entire affair, Azalea is firing back against the naysayers.

MUST READ: Q-Tip Takes Iggy Azalea To School On Hip-Hop’s History

Azalea jumped on Twitter to respond to the critiques and insisted she deserved her spot in hip-hop. In a series of tweets, Azalea stated:

Earlier on, Will.I.Am defended Azlea’s role in hip-hop and showed her some love on Twitter. The Black Eyed Peas  frontman remarked:

Rapper Lupe Fiasco also donned his cape to support Azalea’s spot in rap.


Azealia Banks Drags Iggy Azalea & We’re Like, Well… She’s Got A Point

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T.I. Defends Iggy Azalea After Q-Tip’s Hip-Hop Lesson

Q-TIp T.I.

Iggy Azalea had a rough week between her escalated feud with Azealia Banks and the heated white appropriation claims. It didn’t get much better when Q-Tip — who’s pretty much a hip-hop untouchable — decided to give Azalea a truncated hip-hop lesson on Twitter.

In an effort to perhaps avoid catching any more fire, Azalea kept her mouth shut and didn’t respond to Q-Tip. However, T.I., her mentor, again came to her defense.

Tip agreed with what Q-Tip had to say, but added that not all white people are looking to exploit the hip-hop culture. He noted that Eminem was an example. T.I. also added that being apprehensive toward white interest in the culture isn’t just wrong, it’s hypocritical.

Check out his tweets below and note that he isn’t the only hip-hop personality to defend Azalea. Back in July, Questlove told Time magazine that “Fancy” was a “game-changer.” “You know, we as black people have to come to grips that hip-hop is a contagious culture,” he said. “If you love something, you gotta set it free.”

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Round One: Iggy Azalea Fires Back At Eminem Azealia Banks on Iggy Azalea: ‘Black Culture Is Cool, But Black Issues aren’t

T.I.: Snoop Apologized To Iggy ‘Out Of The Goodness Of His Heart”

Q-Tip Takes Iggy Azalea To School On Hip-Hop’s History

Q-Tip & Iggy

Iggy Azalea has been catching it from all sides lately. Last week, the “Black Widow” rapper’s rival Azealia Banks snatched her edges in an interview accusing her of the “scrubbing” and appropriation of of black culture. Soon afterwards, hacking group Anonymous threatened to release an alleged sex tape featuring the Australian rapper, unless she apologized to Banks and for comments on Eric Garner’s death and insulting nationwide protesters against violence towards minorities involving racist police officers. Now, hip-hop innovator Q-Tip gave Azalea a serious lesson of the genre on Twitter.

MUST READ: Azealia Banks Drags Iggy Azalea & We’re Like, Well… She’s Got A Point

In a series of tweets, the A Tribe Called Quest MC broke down the origins of hip-hop and why they are so relevant in today’s society.  According to Q-Tip:

Class dismissed…


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