Future’s Thoughts On Jay Z’s Debut Album ‘Reasonable Doubt’ Might Surprise You


If you let Future tell it, Jay Z‘s Reasonable Doubt wasn’t hot until Tupac and Biggie were murdered.

In a recent chat with LeBron James, Steve Stoute, and more, the new school rapper spoke on Hov’s debut album, saying “Jay Z wasn’t great when Tupac and Biggie was alive.” He continued, “It was Biggie, Tupac, Ice Cube. [Reasonable Doubt] wasn’t hot until [Tupac and Biggie] died.”

Clearly, he knew what a controversial statement he’d just made, so he explained a little bit further, adding, “I’m saying at that time, [it wasn’t hot]. They always go back for your classic album. When Nas dropped his first album, it was great then… When I Ruled The World came out, it was the best then. You have to go back and listen to Reasonable Doubt and [think] this the best shit ever.”

Do you think Pac and Big dimmed Jay’s light while they were alive? Tweet us your thoughts.

SOURCE: Complex

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20 Years Of ‘Reasonable Doubt’: NYC Pop-Up Shop Recreates the ’90s In Celebration Of Jay Z’s Classic Debut

RD20 Pop Up Shop

Source: Fancy.com / Fancy.com

Jay Z‘s classic album Reasonable Doubt turned 20 this year and to celebrate, Roc-A-Fella cofounder Kareem “Biggs” Burke partnered with Fancy.com to create a 20th Anniversary Reasonable Doubt pop-up shop and art exhibit in New York City.

RD20 Pop Up Shop

Source: Fancy.com / Fancy.com

The pop-up shop was an interactive experience that took everyone invited back into the past and right into NYC’s D&D Studios, where Jay Z recorded Reasonable Doubt. They had the soundboard on display, old records, and tons of vintage pictures of Hov and other artists who recorded at the legendary studio. This was a star-studded event featuring guests like Dave Chappelle, Christina Milian, Jadakiss, Ebro, Ty-ty, Jim Jones, Jonathan Mannion and many others.

RD20 Pop Up Shop

Source: Fancy.com / Fancy.com

The D’USSÉ was flowing as people purchased items from the ‘Reasonable Doubt Collection with JAY Z,’ a new denim line by Fourth of November and Fancy.com.

RD20 Pop Up Shop

Source: Fancy.com / Fancy.com

One of the coolest items on sale was a custom luxury duffel bag by Moreca Atelier, featuring a tag-line that reads, “Can’t Knock The Hustle.”

RD20 Pop Up Shop

Source: Fancy.com / Fancy.com

The pop-up shop generated a half a million dollars for Biggs. Now, that’s a big time power move.

If you want some of the stuff featured, hit up Roc96.com to get fresh.


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Preview the Documentary: Jay-Z’s ‘Reasonable Doubt’ 20th Anniversary

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Lakers

Source: Harry How / Getty

Twenty years ago, Jay-Z changed the landscape of hip hop with his debut album “Reasonable Doubt.”

To commemorate and celebrate the historic occasion, TIDAL has put together a documentary commemorating the classic named Jaÿ-Z: RD20. The 36-minute black-and-white film features commentary from those who had a hand in making the seminal album including Memphis Bleek, Kareem “Biggs” Burke, Briant “B-High” Biggs, DJ Premier, Clark Kent, and more.

Reasonable Doubt showed the mentality of the bosses versus the runners,” said Tone Hooker. “The irony is, to this day, everybody is a boss or trying to appear like Jay first appeared in that album versus when in the ’90s everybody just wanted to be the best rapper. Now everybody wanna be the best hustler.”



Tidal shared a preview of the short film, which can be seen below. The full documentary is available exclusively to Tidal subscribers.

Throw your diamonds in the air.


A Pop-Up Shop To Open In L.A. For The 20th Anniversary Of Jay Z’s ‘Reasonable Doubt’ Album

Jay Z: Magna Carter World Tour Concert

June 25 marks the 20th anniversary of Jay Z‘s Reasonable Doubt.

Widely recognized as one of Hov’s best albums, a pop-up shop in Los Angeles will honor the amazing album. The store is operated by Kareem “Biggs” Burke, Roc-a-fella‘s silent co-founder. The spot will be open for 30 days at APT.4B on Fairfax in L.A. The store will showcase never-before-seen photos in an apartment modeled after Jay’s Brooklyn home. Fans will have the opportunity to cop cassettes, T-shirts, and limited edition New Era hats.

Reasonable Doubt was the genesis. It’s an album that touched culture and led to different businesses, whether it was a fashion house or a spirits house or movies — it created a blueprint,” Burke said in a statement.

I think it was just him being an open book, being vulnerable and, at the same time, being cool. Even the way Jay’s albums started to be sequenced and put together after that, it was always this roller coaster ride where he talked about a lot of things,” he continued.

The pop-up shop will open to the public on June 25, the same day the album was released, and will run through till July.

Reasonable Doubt Pop-Up Shop

517 S. Fairfax Ave.

Los Angeles, California 90036



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Top 10 Jay Z Albums + Honorable Mention [Poll]

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With it being Jay Z’s birthday, #BoomPhilly took a survey among our staff to find out the top 10 Jay Z albums of all time. Everyone couldn’t deny the fact that Reasonable Doubt was Jay Z’s classic baby. The rest were defiantly hard to rank. Vol.2 Hard Knock Life made it to the top 5 of the list because we agreed, that the album’s leading single Hard Knock Life. Helped Jay Z crossover and still find a way to connect to his core audience. Some may argue that Kingdom Come shouldn’t have made it in the top 10 list but for Jay Z to come out of retirement and still put out classic records and not to forget the trendy song 30s the new 20, which had every person over 30 feel like they were 10 years younger. This is our list but take the poll and tell us what do you think Jay Z top 10 albums are.

1. Reasonable Doubt
2. Vol. 2. Hard Knock Life
3. The Blue Print
4. The Dynasty: Roc La Familia
5. Streets is Watching (soundtrack)
6. American Gangster
7. Watch the Throne
8. Magna Carta Holy Grail
9. The Blueprint 3
10 Kingdom Come

Honorable Mention

The Best of Both Worlds
The Black Album
In My Lifetime Vol 1.
The Blueprint 2 (Gift and the Curse)
Vol. 3 Life and Times of S. Carter
MTV Unplugged
Unfinished Business (jay-z and r Kelly

What’s your favorite Jay Z Album? Take Our Poll Below…

words by: Poe Ellis