15 NBA Players Who Took Their Hardwood Talents To The Booth

lou williams

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The saying goes, rappers want to ball, athletes want to rap, but unfortunately the abilities from the hardwood didn’t carry over to the booth for many of those that tried.

Take a look at 15 current and former NBA superstars that tried to take their talents to the studio.

Lebron James – F*ckwithmeyouknowigotit


Source: FREDERIC J. BROWN / Getty

Lebron tries to get his Hov on in his only freestyle video released. This isn’t as bad as some of the others, but still probably should have kept this for his own ears. He probably won’t be crowned King of the microphone anytime soon.


Kobe Bryant Ft. Tyra Banks – K.O.B.E

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Lakers, Game 2

Source: Lisa Blumenfeld / Getty

Kobe was really feeling himself with this record, appropriately titled K.O.B.E. But again who wouldn’t? He took Brandy to his senior prom, and a few weeks later was the future of the Lakers, so we get it, but again, this would of been better to keep on his and Tyra Banks iPod.


Shaquille O’Neal – I Got Skillz

Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant (L) talks to teamma

Source: Vince Bucci / Getty

Believe it or not, this song was a big hit on the Billboard charts at the time, and the album ended up going platinum, yes a million copies were sold. You know how many artists never accomplish that? Shaq really took advantage of his bigger than life character and cashed in. But believe it or not Shaq definitely has some flow compared to a lot of the other athletes.


Kevin Durant – Worried About Tomorrow

Milwaukee Bucks v Oklahoma City Thunder

Source: Chris Graythen / Getty


Kevin Durant seems to just rap as a hobby, and isn’t terrible. But it seems that he hops on tracks with his artist that he signed, to help give the song some more shine being he’s KD. Can’t get mad at that.


Ron Artest a.k.a Metta WorldPeace – Champions

New York Knicks v Los Angeles Lakers

Source: Victor Decolongon / Getty


Metta WorldPeace, aka Ron Artest, always had hip-hop in his blood since he grew up in NYC in its height of hip-hop dominance. And after winning his first championship with the Lakers, he let the world know through his song that he is the Champion!


Stephen Jackson – America Da Beautiful ft. Scarface

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Clippers

Source: Lisa Blumenfeld / Getty


Stephen Jackson retired from the hardwood and now lives in the booth. Unlike a lot of the one hitter rapper/ballers, he does it full time for a living now and goes by Stak5 and has collaborated with some big emcees from the south, including the track below with Scarface. His bars and concept behind this song are as real as it gets, but still needs to work on that voice complexion. He even called out his former owner Donald Sterling, for obvious reasons.


Steve Francis – Finer Things

Orlando Magic Steve Francis against Houston Rockets David Wesley

Source: Getty

Steve Francis was once a NBA star, then just disappeared from the league. Last we heard from Stevie Franchise, he was Drunk In Love at the club, and getting his chain snatched on stage in Houston. He sure seems to know how to get caught up in the “hip-hop drama”, just not so much on actually making quality hip-hop music.


Lou Williams ft. Meek Mill – I Want It All

lou williams

Source: Rick Madonik / Getty

6th man like Lou Will. After being name dropped heavy on Drake’s new song 6th Man, (and actually won 6th man of the year in the NBA in 2015). Lou has already been a “veteran” in this rap game. While playing for the Philadelphia 76ers, Lou Williams linked up with Philly’s own Meek Mill for a few collabs.


Tony Parker ft. Fabolous – Top Of The Game


Source: FREDERIC J. BROWN / Getty

I bet a lot of you had no idea about this, because we didn’t. Back in the mid 2000’s Tony Parker took a try in the hip-hop game. His biggest song we could find featured Fabolous, but since TP rapped in French, we can’t tell you if the lyrics were any good, but those clothes, bring back some throwback memories!


Allen Iverson – 40 Barz


Milwaukee Bucks v Philadelphia 76ers

Source: Ezra Shaw / Getty

A.I. was the king of the NBA at the time he released his rap debut. He kept it all the way streets unlike some other athletes, and to hip-hop fans, the content was nothing new, but to many media members it totally caught them off guard, and created quite the controversy in the media.


Iman Shumpert – The Offs

BET Hip Hop Awards 2014 Red Carpet Presented By Sprite

Source: Bennett Raglin/BET / Getty

Iman Shumpert is the reason for this whole post. He does have a few other songs out, and the concept behind a playoff anthem for his team is there. Kind of has a 3-stacks type of feel, in a way.


Chris Webber ft. Kurupt – Gangsta, Gangsta

NBA Playoffs: Pistons Beat Bulls 81-74

Source: Sporting News Archive / Getty

Chris Webber has been a major name in basketball since his freshman year at Michigan. His hip-hop career never really equated to that. Should of called a timeout before the beat dropped.


Joe Smith aka Joe Beast – The Beginning

Joe Smith

Source: TOM MIHALEK / Getty

Remember Joe Smith, the once first overall pick? Well he is now a full time rapper named Joe Beast. Enough said.


Cedric Ceballos Ft Warren G – Flow On

Cedric Ceballos

Source: PAUL BUCK / Getty

Cedric Ceballos, remember that name? Well back in the day he linked up with West Coast legend Warren G and made himself his own West Coast record.


Delonte West – KFC Freestyle

Delonte West Training For CBA 13/14 Game

Source: ChinaFotoPress / Getty

Delonte West and his cousin got their freestyle on for 5 minutes while waited for some chicken at KFC drive through. This by far, takes the cake with ballers thinking their rappers. “He got that KFC hookup.”

Metta World Peace Says He Learned To Cook Crack At 13-Years-Old


ESPN‘s Highly Questionable is having one helluva week.

On Monday, Fat Joe made an appearance on the show and revealed that Anthony Mason was the Knicks player that Biggie was referencing on his classic “I Got a Story to Tell” track. And today, the team got a chance to sit down with Metta World Peace to speak to him about growing up in Queens, New York and joining the NBA.

World Peace, formerly known as Ron Artest, opened about his rough childhood which included living with 17 people in a one bedroom apartment and learning how to cook crack at 13-years-old.

“That was something I’m not proud of, obviously.But it was something that was introduced to me at an early age,” he told hosts Dan Le Batard, Bomani Jones, and Papi.

World Peace even recounts the scariest moment of his life, when he flushed drugs down the toilet upon realizing that the cops were knocking on the door. In addition, he shared how his cousin lived right next door to Mobb Deep.

Watch the the rest of the interview up top as World Peace tells the stark reality of his stint with the Chicago Bulls and other teams.


Metta World Peace Felt “Bitter” Toward Kardashians When He Heard Of Lamar Odom’s Coma

Lamar Odom & Metta World Peace

Master P isn’t the only one who felt salty towards the Kardashians when Lamar Odom was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel last month.

Lamar’s ex-teammate, Metta World Peace, admits that he was upset with the famed family before even really knowing what had happened to his longtime friend. During an interview with VladTV, Metta spoke on his and Kobe’s relationship with Lamar, saying:

“Kobe FaceTimes Lamar. Kobe tried to reach out to Lamar plenty of times before this incident happened. I was reaching out to Lamar.”

He adds: “When Kobe found out Lamar was in the hospital, he was furious … I was in tears.”

Metta goes on to say that he’s been texting Lamar and even though he hasn’t heard back, he’d like him to know he is supported.

As far as the Kardashians go, the L.A. Laker reveals: “I was a little bit bitter towards the Kardashians without even knowing the situation.”

Watch the rest of his candid, heartfelt sit-down above.


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The Most Burning Question About Metta World Artest’s Name Change…


If the chronicles of Solange Knowles (aka the elevator Larry Davis) have taught us anything, it’s that you don’t court the crazy. And any man that wants to fist fight an entire arena at halftime definitely qualifies as a few forties short of a front porch.

But once the word hit the wire that QB’s own bugged out baller Metta World Peace, the wilding out for the night fist-thrower formally known as Ron Artest, was changing his name once again, we foolishly let ourselves assume the NBA champion would be taking it back to the first name to be found on his birth certificate. But when the word came back that he signed up to play for the Chinese Basketball Association’s Sichuan Blue Whale team and was changing his name to “The Panda’s Friend”?


kung fu panda furious five

Negro… you’re from Queensbridge.

And when a man born and raised in the heart of one of the world’s most notorious projects, home of Hip-Hop legends from Nas to Cormega to Mobb Deep to Marley Marl, decides to spend some salary on a name that sounds like a missing Pokemon character, there’s honestly only one question that can be asked:

Fam…. Where were your boys?

It’s been years since the Malice in Palace. There’s no way you’ve managed to spray ‘crazy away’ on everybody you were cool with! Kobe couldn’t tell you the struggle of having to be like Mike to make people forget that his parents named him after a steak? Stephen Jackson couldn’t take time out from writing bars about using Steven Francis’s throat for a hand-warmer to remind you that the only black and white fuzzy things in the hood are cops, pigeons or the occasional Mormon on a bike? If the nut was on another tree, would you really be cool with Jeremy Lin playing for the Brooklyn Nets and changing his name to “The Rottweiler Whisperer”? You might. You know why?

Negro… you’re from Queensbridge.

With that in mind, just know this. Memorizing the menus at the Chinese spot does NOT make you an ace on Asian culture. Adding Lo Mein to the four chicken wings with French fries isn’t gonna give you any extra pull when you ask where Jackie Chan lives. “Five Deadly Venoms” is probably something you’ll catch if you don’t wear a condom in the wrong massage parlor. And yes, they will arrest the SH*T out of you if you attempt to tag up the Great Wall whether you know The Wu-Tang Clan or not.

tropic thunder panda hat gir

If you have plans to go over there and embarrass us any more than you already have, then I hope you get pissed on by the first Panda you give a pound to and bit by the second. Knowing you as we do, you’ll be at the zoo wearing a black and white fur coat over a white wife beater, black basketball shorts while barefoot to make them feel more comfortable. After all, (sigh)

Negro… You’re from Queensbridge.


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Metta World Not-So Peaceful on Conan O’Brien. Did He Take A Shot At Jalen Rose?

Metta World Not-So-Peaceful was on the Conan O’Brien Show. He took what I believe was a subliminal shot at Jalen Rose.  He said he understood the media coming down on him but he had a problem with people he thought were being hypocritical

When you get a player that you played with, that you were in the same lockeroom  with that’s talking about you on TV because they got this new job, this new gig and he’s talking about you? C’mon man you was in the lockeroom when you asked me to protect you. People I know for a fact that either did or liked the way I played the game and now you on TV bashing me

So who does that sound like he’s talking about? Watch the video below


Metta was on for a large portion of the show. Check out the entire show at TeamCoco

Metta World “Not-So-Peaceful” Throwin Elbows…On Twitter

Looks like someone is very bored during their suspension. If you follow @MettaWorldPeace then you have seen him begging for dates, taking random followers to see Think Like A Man and of course there are the NBA playoffs. Here are a few screen captures of his tweets:

Math isn’t really my strongest suit but if someone could assist me and tell me how he went from $350k to $10 million I would appreciate it. Moving on…

Metta World “Not-S0-Peaceful” better be careful before the Commissioner gets a hold of his tweets. “Throwin elbows” at LeBron via twitter

Here is the video he linked to in his tweet

Seriously, Ron Artest on Twitter ala suspension might be the most entertaining thing happening on social media right now


Metta World Peace Discusses The Elbow


We’ve all seen the infamous and game-ending elbow Metta World Peace laid on Oklahoma City’s 6th man James Harden.   It came following a very good play Metta made overpowering OKC’s star player Kevin Durant and Serge Ibaka.   My question is, was it really intentional.    Personally, looking back on it now I don’t believe it was.   I know firsthand the emotion that comes with basketball, OKC and the Lakers are the two top teams in the NBA’s Western Conference and the entire game was intense.  In that moment, I don’t believe World Peace knew Harden was even there, let alone that he acutally elbowed him.

Recent audio was posted to ESPN with him saying, “I didn’t realize….I didn’t even think that I hit him…. I didn’t even know why Ibaka came towards me. ”   His first reaction after seeing the video was “My goodness…”  The NBA has responded to this incident with a 7 game suspension.  With that being said, do you think the elbow was intentional?

Metta World Peace Discussing The Elbow

Metta World Not-So-Peaceful Suspended

Hell,  let’s just call him Ron Artest for the purpose of talking about this altercation cuz there was nothing peaceful about it. NBA Commissioner David Stern has suspended “Ron” for 7 games which carries into the playoffs. This is a bad time to lose “Ron” because Matt Barnes is also injured. In statement, Stern said

The concussion suffered by James Harden demonstrates the danger posed by violent acts of this kind, particularly when they are directed at one’s head area. We remain committed to taking necessary measures to protect the safety of NBA players, including the imposition of appropiate penalties for players with a history of on-court altercations

To read more on this check out ESPN.com

Ron Artest: “Kimsha Is Not On Facebook, She Loves Shaunie O’Neal”

Ron Artest and KimshaRon Artest aka Metta World Peace is defending his wife Kimsha after she allegedly put Shaunie O’Neal on blast via Facebook yesterday. Metta World Peace (I can’t!!)took to his Twitter page to shut down any rumors it may have started or bad blood it might’ve shed (and trust, it did,because Evelyn went in, but I’ll get to that later).

According to necolebitchie.com, who posted the original story yesterday, Metta said:

My wife is not [on] Facebook The media is reporting. She loves shaunie oneal and all the cast on basketball show. Don’t believe any negative comments you here about Kimsha Artest. She is happy to be working with viacom and vh1.

Kimsha Artest does not like drama so that’s why yal have not seen her on the show. She doesn’t want to be seen representing females falsely. @kimshaartest is happy on the show and is staying out of drama. Follow her here. She has no drama with shaunie or anyone….

Kimsha Artest on Facebook is fake. I will not post her real fb. But that one is fake!!

Now back to Evelyn…

Evelyn took to twitter to respond to Kimsha’s statement, and of course home girl went in!!

Ev tweeted:

Evelyn Kimsha Tweet

Evelyn defends Shaunie tweets


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Gloria: “A Stripper Pole? And Thats How She Made Her Money”, “Basketball Wives LA” [RECAP]

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5 Reasons Ron Artest Was Set Up By “Dancing With The Stars”

Athletes usually have a long run on ABC‘s “Dancing with the Stars,” but Los Angeles Laker Ron Artest (a.k.a. Metta World Peace) was the first to get the boot from the season 13 cast. Yes, Ron is a horrible dancer, but he could have had a longer run if he hadn’t been set up to fail! Here’s what prevented him from going far on “Dancing with the Stars”…

Who’s That Chick?
Instead of pairing Ron Artest with one of the popular professional dancers, he was paired up with new addition Peta Murgatroyd. Maybe this move prevented him from some additional votes?

My Name Is
Ron Artest’s name was officially changed to Metta World Peace before “Dancing with the Stars” premiered on September 19th, but he was more often referred to by his former name. Maybe there was voter confusion?

Up First
Ron Artest was the first to perform on the two-hour show on a competitive night of television. Maybe voters missed his chuckle-worthy performance?

Laker Haters
Either the Los Angeles Lakers are no longer as beloved as they used to be, or the Laker Haters unified and sent their votes to other dancers. Maybe the strength of the Laker Haters was too powerful?

The “Crazy” Factor
Ron Artest has earned a reputation for being a little nutty, but he danced to a song called “Crazy” by Pitbull! Maybe the song subconsciously turned voters against him?

Was Ron Artest robbed by “Dancing With The Stars”? Take a look at his first and last performance on the show, and please leave your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

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“Dancing With The Stars” Season 13 Cast Revealed!

Ricki Lake & Rob Kardashian Dancing With The StarsThe “Dancing With The Stars” cast has been revealed. And though Season 13 doesn’t include Queen Latifah or Evelyn Lozada, as previously reported, it does include a dozen other stars you don’t care about.

Rob Kardashian, 24, Keeping Up With the Kardashians star
Ron Artest, 31, NBA star
Ricki Lake, 42, actress and talk-show host
Kristin Cavallari, 24, former star of Laguna Beach and The Hills
Chynna Phillips, 43, pop singer
David Arquette, 39, actor
Carson Kressley, 41, TV personality and style expert
Nancy Grace, 51, HLN host and legal commentator
J.R. Martinez, 28, Army vet and All My Children star
Hope Solo, U.S. soccer player
Elisabetta Canalis, 32, Italian actress and George Clooney’s ex-girlfriend
Chaz Bono, 42, author and star of Becoming Chaz, son of Cher and Sonny Bono

Otherwise known as, the lamest cast ever.

Enjoy not voting come September 19.

Khloe Kardashian: “My Brother Rob Cannot Keep His D**k In His Pants”

“Basketball Wives: Los Angeles” Cast Revealed!

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Ron Artest Elbows Opponent In Lakers Loss, May Be Suspended

Ron Artest is not helping the L.A. Lakers. The defending NBA champs are down two games to the Dallas Mavericks in their West Coast semi-final match-up and the non-performance of Ron-Ron is part to blame. The Lakers forward has shot 5-for-18 from the floor in this series, including a 1-for-7 mark from long range, and Shawn Marion has been eating his lunch on the other end of the court. But that’s no the worst of it all.

RELATED: Ron Artest Should Be Ejected From The Rap Game

With just 24 seconds remaining on the clock and the Lakers down by eleven points the one-time defensive player of the year inexplicably clotheslined Mavericks player JJ Barea. Artest was ejected from the game and now the league will have to determine if he will be playing in Game 3.  Lakers coach Phil Jackson thinks Artest will be suspended.

The bigger problem for the Lakers is that they are heading to Dallas down two games in the playoffs. The Lakers failed to defend their home court and have given the Mavericks serious momentum heading into American Airlines Center.

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Ron Artest, “Afghan Women” [NEW MUSIC]

Ron Artest Gets Pulled Over In L.A. While Driving A Go-Kart

Ron Artest Gave Chris Brown His Game 7 Jersey

Ron Artest, “Afghan Women”

Lakers forward Ron Artest has recorded a tribute song called “Afghan Women” to shed light on the atrocities suffered by women in Afghanistan. The video is filled with graphic images of physical abuses and interviews with women who have been beaten and burned.

Ron Ron really has a good heart, but I’ve already made it clear how I feel about his musical aspirations. So I’ll let you all tell me what you think of his latest work.

Run my fingers through your hair/ caress your face just to show you that I care...”

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Ron Artest Gets Pulled Over In L.A. While Driving A Go-Kart

Ron Artest On Life After The Brawl

Ron Artest Should Be Ejected From The Rap Game

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