Russell Wilson Now Highest Paid Player in NFL

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After giving a midnight deadline to the Seahawks, Russell Wilson is staying in Seattle, signing a record-breaking 4-year extension worth $140 million.  Wilson is now the highest paid player in the NFL.  His deal also comes with a $65 million signing bonus.

Wilson made the announcement in a video on Twitter while in bed with his wife, Ciara.  In this video, Wilson said, “Hey, Seattle, we got a deal.”

Marshawn Lynch Goes Beast Mode And Bodies A Kid At His Football Camp

Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch‘s still got it.

Lynch hasn’t touched the turf since he last played for the Seattle Seahawks in January, but he recently took the field at a football camp to show that he’s still in shape.

The former Seahawks’ Fam 1st Family Foundation celebrated its 10th annual football camp this weekend for middle and high school students in Oakland, California.

The 30-year-old jumped in to show the youngins how it’s done. During footwork and tackling drills, Lynch took a kid who has the size and strength to be a defensive guard. At first it looked like the campgoer would demolish the former running back. But the nine-year NFL vet showed he still has the power and easily took the kid to the ground.

You can hear the kid’s friends yelling, “Run him over,” but he just can’t get past Lynch. Remember, there’s a reason they call him “Beast Mode.”

Lynch seems to be enjoying retirement, as he’s opened his own store in California, hosts the football camp, and has even found time to showcase his love for cars in hilarious YouTube videos.

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Marshawn Lynch Steals Fan’s Hat After Asked For Autograph

Marshawn Lynch Schools A TMZ Reporter, And It’s Pretty Epic

The Best Moments From Super Bowl XLIX


Super Bowl XLIX was definitely better than the last. But the bar wasn’t set very high to begin with, so we’ll say that this one certainly lived up to its billing. The Patriots vs. Seahawks was one of the twistiest and exciting editions in recent memory. Seattle played to their strengths with a consistent offense and a smothering defense that made Brady throw two interceptions for the first time in his numerous trips to the big game.

The Patriots were stronger, however. The villains still found themselves down by 10 in the fourth despite Brady’s accurate arm (his 37 completions is a Super Bowl record). New England came back, though, and eventually came out on top despite a weird catch and thanks to a bad play call. Relive it all below.

marshawn lynch

Marshawn Lynch Gets Ready for War – Skittles are Beast Mode’s power pellets.

The Moment When Tom Brady Realized He Was in for the Fight of His Life –

Sadly, this was Jeremy Lane’s final play after he hurt is wrist — badly — on this play.

Marshawn Lynch Ties the Game in the Second Quarter – Beast Mode is always going to get his.

Rob Gronkowski Flies for the Patriots Second Touchdown – You didn’t think he was going to stay quiet this game did you.

“Look for Chris Matthews to Take Over,” Said by No One –  He made a huge catch earlier, but this one before halftime — his second as an NFL player — proved he was no fluke.

Chris Matthews (Reprise) – Matthews finished with four receptions, 109 yards and a lot of extra eyes on him come fantasy football season.

The Second Tom Brady Interception – Consistent pressure makes you do the darndest things. Like throwing into coverage. Doug Baldwin Doug Baldwins Touchdown Catch – Just like that, the Patriots were down 10 and working uphill.

Richard Sherman Being Richard Sherman – If you look closely above, you can see that No. 24 Darrelle Revis — formerly known as the best cornerback in the league — got beat on this play. Sherman trolls appropriately. More on him later.

The Comeback Part I – Although Danny Amendola didn’t get as much touches as the rest of the receivers corps, this huge touchdown shifted the momentum in the Patriots’ favor.

The Comeback Part II – This was one of Julian Edelman’s nine receptions for 109 yards. He was sweet, like Entenmann’s.Tom Brady’s atta boy celebration is a joy, too. Jermaine Kearse Cheats With Wizardry – Not quite sure what happened here. Kearse got lucky, and the ball somehow hit the ball. The game was still on. What Are You Doing!? – What are the pros of giving it to Beast Mode on second down here? A probable touchdown and zero risk for an interception. The cons? None. Bad playcalling. Patriots win 28-24 and…

That Moment You Get Humbled – Poor Sherm got his heart broke.

Calling A Black Man “A Thug” Means Your Actually Calling Him The N-Word

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If you follow NFL football then you’ve seen the meme’s and video clips or Richard Sherman and his post playoff game rant after the Seahawks beat the 49ers in the NFC Championship Game. His loud and brash post game interview has America calling him “A Thug,” and a hoodlum, but how are people justifying calling this Stanford University graduate a Thug?  Well I am here to tell you, if you call a black man “A Thug,” it means your actually calling him a nigger.

The N-word has been highly debated in the media over the past few months. Some using it as a tool to spark conversation about race relations in America. The racist side of America finds ways around the word, by dubbing someone who doesn’t fit there mold of  a normal black man a “Thug” and disgrace to his race. This is evident because black men like Richard Sherman are being called thugs without merit or basis. Twitter trolls attack his account with racism and hatred. The day after the Seahawks’ win, the word “thug” was uttered 625 times on American television.

In a recent interview Sherman was asked about  his critics’ use of the word “thug.”

“The only reason it bothers me is because it seems like it’s the accepted way of calling somebody the N-word nowadays. Because they know.”


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Where  is the defense on this play?! How do you let this guy break 10 tackles?! Well I guess its time to start looking forward to next season! I hope! shout out to for this one.

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