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Regal Rapper: Shyne Plans To Run For Prime Minister Of This Central American Country

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Shyne has had many ups and downs in his career, but the rapper seems to have found a peaceful place in his life.

The 37-year-old recently revealed he’s in line to be the prime minister of Belize.

He told Bossip:

“I’m going to be in Parliament in Belize very soon. I’m going to be leading my nation and contributing to my nation with all the capacity that I have. My father is the right honorable prime minister, and he’s retiring and I’m succeeding him and my uncle. So I can continue in the legacy of my father and serve the people.”

He continued:

“I love Belize. I love what I do for Belize. Everyday I change somebody’s life. My father is the right honorable prime minister of Belize for the last three, consecutive terms, and that gives me access to resources, to power and influence to help poor people, to help people with limited income, people that are struggling and suffering the way I used to as a child.”

The former Bad Boy emcee has been living in his home country of Belize since his release from prison on assault and gun charges in October 2009. He’s stayed under the radar until last May, when he performed via video satellite at the Bad Boy Family Reunion show in New York. He also revealed that he’s currently working on new music:

“I’m actually working on a rap/dancehall album right now, which is one of the reasons I’m down here (Belize). So I got this Diamond League rhythm that I just did. Popcaan, I just talked to him, we’re gonna do a record. So we doing it, ten songs, rap/dancehall. I’m working with Universal Studios so that’s going to be the Shyne proper album. So you’re definitely gonna have new music from Shyne over the next 12 months.”

From bad boy to prime minister…can’t stop, won’t stop.


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Shyne Responds To Game’s “Cough Up A Lung” Diss [AUDIO]

When exiled former Bad Boy Shyne expressed his opinion about Compton MC Kendrick Lamar’s debut album, calling it “trash,” The Game was one of the first rappers to come to the neophyte’s defense.  While Kendrick has brushed it off, The Game responded with a diss track called “Cough Up A Lung.”

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On the song Game takes shots at Shyne saying, “N*gga in Belize all into his feelings/because he did 10 years for shootin’ at the ceilin..”

Shyne was recently asked about the song in an interview for StreetKode Radio and insisted that he will safely travel in the West Coast if/when he returns to The United States and that he “helped create The Game.”

However, in an interesting twist, Shyne admits that if he’d known that The Game was cool with Kendrick he wouldn’t have made the disparaging comments about the album.

It’s funny listening to Shyne refer to The Game as a youngster when they’re damn near the same age. Listen to the full interview below. [Spotted]

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HAVE A SEAT: Shyne, Gucci Mane & Soulja Boy Are The Black Donald Trumps

It’s a tried and true formula for a rapper to pick a fight with a peer when they get close to an album release to drum up news.  But sometimes it’s just for lack of attention or trying to get back on the relevant page.

For the most part we have been ignoring the recent desperate pleas of rappers looking for attention, but it’s reaching near epidemic proportions. Each diss is coming off more ridiculous than the last. It’s like when Donald Trump offered President Obama $5 Million to show his papers like a freed slave and continues to pout because no one seems to care–especially the President. The moves reek of desperation and only underline how irrelevant the instigator is.

Shyne was one of the first to put his foot in his mouth calling Kendrick Lamar’s new album, good kid m.A.A.d City “trash.” In a classic case of hating from outside the club, the exiled former Bad Boy has less than a leg to stand on, as no one has given his comeback attempts any real thought. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but he comes off more like a bitter old man with a grudge against the industry than anyone with any credibility.

Here is a recent song from Kendrick’s new album and you tell us if this qualifies as “Trash.”

Kendrick Lamar, “Sing About Me/Dying Of Thirst”

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Gucci Mane has not only be revitalizing his long standing beef with Young Jeezy, he’s taken shots at Nicki Minaj, Nas, Yo Gotti and French Montana. It all seems totally random until you realize that Lefluer has a new Trap God project out to promote. Is this seat taken? No? Please have it.

And now Soulja Boy has crawled out from the far reaches of Twitter to kick his former brother in shirtlessness Bow Wow while he’s down. He wrote, “Keep it trill, bow wow can’t f*ck wit me no more…I ain’t trying to go broke like (Bow Wow)..”

The online snap referring to Bow Wow’s financial troubles came just hours before Soulja released a new song called “There Goes Soulja.”

In the two years since his last hit, Souja Boy has made more headlines for picking up Lil Scrappy’s sloppy seconds and crying at awards shows than any music he’s put out. So he also needs to have a seat.

From this point on we implore all rap fans to push the “Ignore” button when these requests for attention come through your inbox.

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Shyne Drops Tracklist & Cover Art To Latest Mixtape “Gangland’

shyne-jerusalem-mixtapeFormer Bad Boy Shyne hasn’t dropped new solo material in a little over a decade. His 10 year bid in prison had a little something to do with that. Shyne finally delivers some new songs in the form of his upcoming mixtape Gangland.

The 18 song collection boasts no features and is strictly Shyne’s reintroduction to new hip-hop fans. Dropping on September 26th, Shyne will offer this mixtape up as a free download. September 26th holds a special meaning for the rapper. It is the twelfth anniversary of his debut album. Despite releasing this free mixtape, expect to see a full length album via Def Jam coming in March of 2013. This will be after he drops a free project in November.

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Check out the artwork and tracklist for Shyne’s Gangland below.




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Shyne Takes Aim At Diddy On Diss Track “You’re Welcome” [NEW MUSIC]

shyne diddy paris fashion weekHip-Hop fans scratched their heads when photos of Diddy and fall guy former Bad Boy artist Shyne at a Paris fashion show surfaced online earlier in the year. The reconciliation lasted only a few months because Shyne has released a diss track called “You’re Welcome.”

According to Shyne, the diss track came about because Diddy failed to make good on promises he made to Shyne when they reconciled in Paris. Diddy told Shyne he would lobby for him to get back into the United States by way of a visa. Shyne was deported in to Belize immediately after being released from prison. Diddy also ignored Shyne’s requests for him to tweet about a White House petition which would have allowed Shyne to get back into the United States. Diddy did offer Shyne some money to help his cause, but Shyne rebuffed the offer.

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The “Bad Boyz” rapper has another issue with his former boss. Shyne alleges Diddy neglected to look after the mother of Diddy’s slain bodyguard Anthony “Wolf” Jones. Jones was killed in 2003. Shyne spoke to Miss Info about his gripes with Diddy, saying, “Don’t give me any money. take care of Ms. Jones.[Diddy] gave her $10k when I started talking to him, but that was it. But while we were in Paris, he spent half a million on his chick, Cassie.. If it weren’t for Wolf, if it weren’t for me, things would be very different. There would be no Ciroc deal, he wouldn’t be worth close to a billion.”

Shyne is operating with good intent, but writing Diddy diss tracks is so played out. Shyne, you used to be a super dope rapper. I understand prison changes people and robs them of some happiness, but you have got to find something better to do than dissing Sean Combs.

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Shyne Is Celibate & No Longer Cursing In His Raps

The hip hop community is well aware of Shyne converting to Chasidism. He has lived in Isreal under the name Michael Levi for the past nine months. He spends 12 hours day studying religion. Shyne says  he will no longer swear in his music and will not allow female dancers in his shows and music videos. He also has adopted a life of celibacy.

“You know what? You know how much I love women, I’m going to be shomer habris [refrain from all sexual activity unless married] until this record comes out.”

Shyne plans on releasing two albums by the top of 2012.

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NEW VIDEO: Shyne “The Original”

shyne official video the originalAfter being deported back to his native country, Shyne’s music has yet to move audiences or reflect the Shyne we knew and loved before prison. He has a new single out with a new flow entitled “The Original.” Set in what appears to be Jerusalem, violent uproars take place around the Jewish rapper…

Still waiting on something that sounds something like “Bonnie & Shyne”

Shyne Apologizes To L.A. Reid

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